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  1. PROJECT BLUFOR Project BLUFOR aims to retexture already existing models within Arma 3, along with some big mods like RHS and smaller weapon mods; with the aim to create more playable factions for different types of scenarios and terrains. Most of our work focus is around infantry, but when possible we branch out to expand factions with vehicle reskins as well. BLUFOR REVITALIZED Some people may have seen this mod before on the workshop, and this is of course an older mod. However, i have now taken over updating and adding new content. Last update before me being in 2021. CURRENT FACTIONS AND CONFIGS: THE FOLLOWING ITEMS HAVE BEEN DONE SINCE I TOOK OVER: UPCOMING: RANDOM SCREENSHOTS LINKS ETC: Steam Workshop (Main Mod) Recommendations: To make full use of Project BLUFOR we highly recommend the usage of: Task Force Arrowhead Radio: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894678801 3CB Vehicles: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=893349825 FAQ:
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2856874816 November, 1969. A 5-man SASR patrol is inserted into the fortified May Tao mountains to gather intel ahead of a full-scale operation by 6RAR/NZ. Put your mastery of jungle warfare to the test. FEATURES A single player (co-op friendly up to 5 players) scenario designed to match the quality of the S.O.G. Prairie Fire co-op campaign! Over a dozen detailed random sites, random patrols, VC tunnels, and more random elements for higher replayability - you will not experience everything this scenario has to offer in a single, or even two playthroughs! Thousands of hand-placed props and set pieces you can only experience in this scenario for maximum immersion - from a thrilling helicopter insertion sequence to a dangerous emergency extraction! Range of day/night play scenarios supported at your patrol's "laager" (the SASR equivalent of the SOG remain overnight site or RON), creep around at night or patrol by day! Compatible with SOG AI (recommended for even deeper single player immersion), or optional AI revive script and player always leads scripts! Dynamic Simulation and Show/Hide used for optimized CPU-friendly performance! AUTHOR'S NOTES This is my fifth release for the S.O.G. Prairie Fire CDLC and the first since the jaw-dropping 1.2 update that added ANZAC and SASR units and equipment (among a host of others). This scenario was created in collaboration with Johnnyboy, author of the excellent SOG AI addon that offers an improved experience for single player. INTENDED FOR SINGLEPLAYER, should work in co-op for up to 5, NOT INTENDED FOR PUBLIC SERVER Although I have a lot of learning to do, elements in this scenario are inspired and informed by historical sources related to the ANZACs and SASR/NZSAS in Vietnam, including books, film/documentary, internet articles, and historical insights graciously provided by members of the SOG PF discord's history channel. This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people, units, or events is purely coincidental. Some elements in this scenario are entirely fabricated and are intended purely for entertainment purposes. The author and this mission is not affiliated with Savage Game Design. This is a beta release, some bugs may exist. Also, it's Arma, so there are bound to be things that will affect your playthrough. Reloading the mission can solve some issues. Please let me know if you run into any game-breaking bugs. NOT RESPONSIBLE for any game-breaking bugs or issues playing with any addons in addition to the required ones listed here and I can't be held responsible if things don't work because of another modder's addon. I'm interested to hear about your playthrough! If you enjoyed playing, please leave a comment, give a thumbs-up, or add it to your faves! KNOWN ISSUES The intro sequence featuring helicopter insertion is not entirely stable - most frequent issues are either the helicopter rotates to obstruct your shot (for SP, just switch units), and the helicopter takes fire, pulls up and flys over the insertion LZ and takes a long time to insert. Sorry about these issues, try restarting or just be patient as the helicopter should eventually insert your patrol. There are sometimes issues where the units will speak in an American or other accent and it breaks immersion - sorry about this as well, but it's due to the artful but different way Australian/NZ accents are included in the CDLC. Some issues with switching units while in the laager and the action not carrying over - the actions are always removed when the full team exits the immediate area of the laager and the group leader (or switchable unit you have selected in running the player always group leader script) will get the action. Can't figure out how to complete the primary objectives - read the damn briefing and refer to the attachments included in the briefing for more details! CREDITS Thanks to FUBAR, Johnnyboy, and Kju for testing and providing feedback Johnnyboy custom script solution for player detection by opfor and SOG AI testing AIF_Infantrymen and Crazy Earl for reviewing dialog and briefing for cultural/historical tweaks Veteran29 for sharing a quick fix to one of the modules Savage Game Design Uses Kronzky's UPS for some of the random patrols Uses Grumpy Old Man's carpet bombing script Uses pierreMGI's AI revive script (optional DO NOT run if you are running SOG AI) Shout out to the SOG PF Discord and the helpful folks and vets there BI forums and BI wiki as always Post processing effects created using Recolor addon
  3. "Courage, Mateship and Honour" ACOM is an ArmA 3 Military simulation unit which in its 5 years has always aimed to produce not only realistic training, deployments and atmosphere but also a welcoming and enjoyable community. While doing so, we also do our best to make sure that all members feel comfortable, safe and accounted for. If you are interested in taking up arms with your fellow larrikin Aussies, within an organised militaristic unit and also a chance to make new friends then ACOM is for you. We also accept people outside of the Oceanic region as long as you cater to our start and finish times. People under 15 who wish to sign up will be reviewed by our HQ Staff. Advanced Individual Trainings: (AIT) -------------------------Infantry------------------------- Auto Riflemen/Machine Gunner Missile Specialist Combat First Responder Combat Engineer Marksman Mortarman -------------------------Aviation------------------------- JTAC MERT (Avn Only) Pilot Weekly Schedule Scheduled Deployment Days: Friday: 6:30pm AEST* Saturday: 6:30pm AEST* Scheduled Basic Combat Trainings Days: Tuesday: 7:00pm AEST* Thursday: 7:00 PM AEST* *Time are subject to changes during daylight savings in 2nd half of the year You can even find our more information on our discord @ https://discord.gg/NZW5UkaUCw in our FAQ channel. Otherwise if you would like to get started you're more than welcome to come on our TeamSpeak 3 server (ts.acomilsim.com) and ask questions as well as get to know the current members. Some of the mods we use: Advanced Combat Environment 3 Red Hammer Studios JSRS Soundmod VSM Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 cTab ALiVE and many more!
  4. Straya is a fictional modern terrain based loosely on the Australian Outback setting. About: Straya is a terrain inspired mainly by the Australian Outback regions, part of the inspiration also originally emerged from the Rainbow Six Siege "Outback" map. This map is by no means an exact representation of Australia, but I tried to replicate the vibes as closely as I could with what's available in the game and to the best of my efforts. I tried to keep an emphasis in both extremes of the spectrum, having very dense green forest areas, with very urban city areas, while also having some wilderness, deserts, and spacious towns. The outback was a theme that immediately captured me as it's a pretty unique sight, and to my knowledge, it has not been very explored in Arma terrains, so as I usually do, I wanted to make something unique and different. As always, it's another project I learned from to make and do better in the future. I hope you will enjoy! IMAGES Features: Dense urban CQB city areas mixed in with spacious towns. Vast outback deserts with a savannah-like setting. Cities, towns, farms, military bases and factories among other landmarks (and easter eggs too!). Custom billboards, signs, and cranes! Miscellaneous areas going from forests, to outback, to a mixture of the two. Support the creator If you like my work, please consider donating! My computer is very budget / entry level (GFX: Radeon RX560, and it was very expensive here!) and electronics are very expensive where I live, I don't have all the means nor the money to afford better hardware, I would appreciate having a more powerful computer for making more complex terrains in the future, not to mention work in a plethora of other projects I'm passionate about, all the things I make are passion projects of mine that I work on during my free time. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helpful. If you like what I do, this would help me a lot. Stats: 10km size 2.5m cell size License: APL-SA: https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike Credits: The Majestic Seagull for making some awesome australian-themed road signs for the terrain! Rachid Hinton for making and designing plus object placement of the town of Allison & the farm settlement south of it. Bohemia Interactive for the Arma 2 Samples I retextured for the cranes and billboards. Special thanks: Jakerod, HorribleGoat, Ice, Adanteh, Arma 3's #terrain_makers Discord Channel, Bohemia Interactive DOWNLOAD STEAM Workshop
  5. All what you need to run Australia Exile Server , Trader , Mission.sqm , Australia Building Position https://github.com/ThomasTKO/Australia Impression
  6. Hi V.5 Altis Life - Ported to the Australia map. I have ported to the Australia map i have it running on my PC through TADST for testing. Everything runs fine. I have transfered the mission.pbo (AU_Remastered_AU.australia) and the Life_server.Pbo to the server. Added all the keys to the server key folder. Mod setup on the server as follows - @extDB3;@JSRS SOUNDMOD;@life_server;@Australia 5.0.9;@D3S Cars pack;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@ace;@CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon - Weapons; The game loads - but it just stays on a black screen. looking at the logs it does not seem to be loading the required mods - I have added a custom difficulty (see file below) I have changed the config file to - Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Don't know about you, but I'm tired of running around with a US flag on my Shoulder.... A W.I.P FICTIONAL Custom re-texture of Vanilla ARMA 3 Gear with Custom CAMO's Using Color Pallettes from Altis and Tanoa + Some other classics. It's not my purpose to perfectly recreate the current ADF, this is a futiristic, fictional retexture. Content:Units, Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, Light Armor, Heavy Armour, Planes and much more! taking requests!7 Total Different Infantry Cams now :)Requires... NOTHING! External Dependencies All removed :) This is W.I.P, any constructive Feedback Welcomed and encouraged. Available on Steam Workshop :) & Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32817
  8. Timezone/location : Worldwide Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): all, but focused on coop Language: English Website address: www.tacticalgaming.net Short description: Tactical Gaming Background and Introduction: TacticalGaming.net has been established since 2004, has registered players over every platform in both Tactical Sport and Tactical Warfare. Dedicated Servers and TS in North America and Europe. Multi cultural - all with English as their first language. TG ArmA Division are a Tactical Simulation Gaming Unit, consisting of organized squads under command of a staff structure based on that of real life military. We aim to establish a realistic gaming experience that is enjoyable but at the same time fulfills the environment of a professional military approach to combat. We included the use of Mods' to enhance the experience 'in game' all having been tried tested and approved to make the game more enjoyable: TFAR (radio), RHS (units , uniforms and weaponry), CBA and ACE (medical, sniper , spotter, jtac and artillery improvements) SOP Purpose: We incorporate modified Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P's) based on military doctrine to enhance our Unit game play and tactics in ArmA. These SOP's are used to train throughout our Squads to enable Unit cohesion. Before being released onto the battleground as an ultimate warrior you will be enrolled into the (IN) Squad to enhance your abilities of teamwork and tactics. This will teach everything a new recruit needs to know to be an effective member of the team. We incorporate modified Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P's) based on military doctrine to enhance our Unit game play and tactics in ArmA. These SOP's are used to train throughout our Squads to enable Unit cohesion and Knowledge expansion The important thing to remember is to enjoy your time and learn as you progress from raw recruit onto your Graduation as a COOP Platoon Squad member. If you are interested, please visit http://www.tacticalgaming.net and sign up!
  9. 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Milsim Unit The 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Relaxed Mil-Sim Unit is looking for members who are looking for an Australian Military Simulation experience, you will learn the basics of infantry combat on a section level to a Platoon level and we offer leadership roles and specialty roles. The roles we offer are as follows: Roles: • Infantry (Rifleman, LSW, Grenadier, NCO) • Combat Engineer • Artillery Light Gunner • Artillery Observer • Armoured Vehicle Crew (Driver, Gunner etc) • Helicopter Pilot • Commando Requirments: • 16 years old (minimum age) • have a working mic • be on reguraly for operations and training Who are we? 7th Bat, Royal Australian Regiment also known as 7th Bat, RAR is a ArmA 3 Relaxed MILSIM group that prides itself at giving players a fun, serious and realistic way of playing ArmA 3. 7th Bat Has core values that keep the unit together, these core values include; • Teamwork - The ability to work together to achieve a common goal, • Resolve - to overcome a task and challenge no matter of hard or dire the situation is, • Respect - To treat others how you want to be treated and to acknowledge their ideas, • Train ability - the ability to be trained in any environment/situation and to have to drive to learn, • Adaptability - the ability to be familiar and adjust to a unfamiliar situation and, • Initiative - to take appropriate action into your own hands without being told by anyone. What does Training involve? NOTE: Recruits CAN Participate in Operations and Campaigns! 7th Battalion's training program is simple yet challenging this so we can get players on to the field as fast as we can, 7th Bat tries to simulate the training process so once an application has been submitted jump on teamspeak and a officer or a sergeant with a "J-1" Tag will do a interview with you and you will be placed in to the "School Of Infantry" for basic training, for training training includes; PHASE 1: FIELD • Basic weapons (small arms, launchers eg) • Strategies • Field movements • Engagement • Interpreting orders (tested in crucible) • Field craft *trenches, cam conceal, base building* • Navigation PHASE 2: RAITEL & FIRST AID • Loc stats • Operating a short range and long range radio • Proper ratel procedures • Treating wounds • Treating others wounds PHASE 3: Crucible • 7 checkpoints • Constant ambushes • Civil Welfare • Radios • Fieldcraft • Defensive position 5 minutes prep • Self first-aid • Weather change PHASE 4 IETs (Initial Employment Training) • Specialized training for different roles Interested? If you are interested, Fill out the application form in the link below and join our TeamSpeak server and Message/Poke SGT Pearce and/or CPL Tiernan and we will assess the application: Website: https://7thbattalion-milsim.weebly.com/application-form.html TeamSpeak: ts3.syd.wombatserve.rs:10103
  10. Who are we? The 160th SOR is one of Oceania’s largest, Arma 3 MilSim unit that prides itself on our sense of community and dedication to the game and each other. We have 3 main regiments that recruits can join they are; 28th Infantry Regiment, 69th Armored Regiment and finally the 101st Air regiment. Each regiment has a team of dedicated leaders and trainers to help ensure that everyone gets the best experience and advice as possible. What do we do? Every week, the 160th run two major operations. The official operations are held on a Wednesday and on a Sunday, both at 18:30 Sydney time (AEST/AEDT depending) with an average turnout of over 40 players. The 160th use a wide range of mods, including assets from ArmA 3 Apex, to enhance the gameplay experience. Favorite mods such as RHS, ACE3 and TFAR are in our pack, as well as some custom mods. To help grow and improve our members, weekly training is held to teach various in-game skills that help players to become a more effective member of the 160th, as well as growing their potential. Each training is lead by hand-picked and highly skilled trainers that have run their specific training course multiple times. In between major Operations and training sessions, various community members run their own unofficial operations, as well as play other games such as Eco, Factorio, Squad, etc. The 160th is primarily a MilSim Unit but we still function as a gaming community. Requirements to join. The 160th does have a few requirements for new members to join, these are: - All applicants must be 17 years or older to be successfully accepted. - You must have prior experience with the ArmA series. - Arma 3 Apex DLC is needed to play on the 160th - Applicants need to be able to take part in Official ops when possible - Applicants can not have a ping of 285 ms or higher - You must have a clear microphone. - You must have TeamSpeak 3. - You must read the rules before applying. - You will require ArmA3Sync and roughly 25Gb of hard disk capacity in order to download the modset. Still interested? If you are still interested in joining one of Oceania's best MilSim units, come visit our website at www.160th.net for more information and the join application. Alternatively, join our teamspeak at ts.160th.net and speak to one of the recruitment team today. Regards, Support Specialist Stacks
  11. MAD MAX Fury Road for A3 (road combat in Australia map) [sP/COOP/PVP] up to 32 players WHAT A DAY! WHAT A LOVELY DAY! Imperator Furiosa managed to smugle out all Immortan Joe´s wives (We are not objects no more!) and with the help of brave road warrior Max Rockatansky (aka MAD MAX), is trying to lead them to the promissed land, a land of the free, full of shoppings, polls and glamour restaurants: Perth! You can play as either Furiosa, Max, Immortan fighting wives or the War Kids (AFF soldiers), on SP or MP(PvPvE)/COOP(PvE), there is room for 32 players on all sides! (on SP, just hit the U key and you can switch between all the playable units) Playing as Furiosa: order everyone to board the vehicles, get as driver on the Battlebus and drive all the way South, following the waypoints till downtown Perth (safezone on the Perths PD) Download links: Steamworkshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=619600691 Dropbox - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6382845/MADMAX_ArmA3.rar Armaholic - MAD MAX Fury Road PvP-32 (@) Disclaimer: it needs a helluva amount of mods, but mostly on steam, so just subscribe to them and dl the external when marked! As AI is terrible at driving, this mission plays better on MP, but you may enjoy it on SP as well (plenty of bots to shoot at or drive over lol) Dependancies: Australia 4.04 map by Aussie(map)/Mattaust(custom buildings) - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28882&highlight=AUSTRALIA Mad Max mod by in005 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32034 Zee Identity Packs (aka Femal3) by Zeealex - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26170&highlight=IDENTIZEE CBA_A3 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 CUP terrains core - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30044&highlight=CUP%2BTERRAINS%2BCORE Battlebus by HCpookie - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30281&highlight=BATTLEBUS at last but not least: Sandstorm script by Austin_Medic (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27610 but you don´t need to download it, it´s a script, it is included on this mission) Media: Acknowledgements (Thanks to/Inspired by): George Miller masterpiece movie franchise Zee for her outstanding Femal3 units HCpookie for the amazing Battlebus (or else this mission wouldn´t happen) in005 for the Mad Max mod and all we could... WITNESSSSS!!!!! Austin_Medic for the sandstorm script and at last but not least: Aussie (map creator) and Mattaust (custom buildings) for the uncanny Australia map (other must have for this Fury Road recreation) so.... spray metallic ink over your mounth and: WITNESS!!!! (and have your post-apocaliptic fun ;)
  12. Hello, I am looking to make a combat Alts life RPG. I would like to do most of the placing of objects myself and a bit of coding but ill need quite a bit of help if anyone knows scripting and functions inside and out contact me through bohemia interactive messages. What I am looking for is someone who can code all the essentials for a very militarised Altis Life RPG. Some of the jobs include; Jobs; truck missions, drug runs, bounties, police/rebel/army/civs and many items such as spike strips etc.
  13. Taskforce AusCorp TIMEZONE- Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST]ORIGIN- AustraliaDAYS OF OPERATION- Every Saturday 8pm (Required) And Once Or Twice Mid Weekly (Optional Missions) The AusCorp Mission AusCorp strives to achieve a realistic and fun environment for all members no matter the situation. Who are we? Taskforce AusCorp is an ArmA III community focusing on a realistic but fun approach to the Realism scene. Members of AusCorp are not expected to address senior members by “sir”. Our unit structure and current strength can be found on the ORBAT. What do we do? AusCorp focuses on applying a diverse range of tactics and roles during each operation. AusCorp operates under an Australian Army structure. AusCorp utilizes a custom repository with hand-picked and custom made content. Whether you enjoy assaulting hostile fortifications alongside friendly infantry, flanking hostile fortifications with motorized vehicles or deploying support weapons and engaging contacts from afar, Taskforce AusCorp has a place for you. With operations custom made each weekend for official missions and optional quick operations during the week, there is plenty to do each week in our community. AusCorp applies a firm but fun approach to realism. Don’t expect to be shouted at gratuitously by somebody of higher rank than you, however, if the situation requires it, officers will discipline members who are stepping out of line or bringing down the experience other members are having. How do you become a part? To become a member of AusCorp and begin your journey in our unit, you must first apply on our Enlistment Page. After applying to join, your application will be moderated by a member of J1 staff. If your application is accepted you will be approached via steam or email to hop on our Teamspeak and begin a short interview. If accepted, you will be given access to our mod repository. After you have downloaded the required content you will be trained in the basics and assigned to a fire team. After you’ve been trained and have a section, the rest of your journey is up to you! Website: https://www.taskforceauscorp.com
  14. The 9th Royal Queensland Regiment (9RQR) is a small military/realism simulator in Australia. We are looking to have a fun time while being realistic. Our Unit is currently deployed in Chernarus aiding the Russian Government regain control from the Chernarus Defence Force. Requirements: 14+ (Exceptions can be made) Can attend at least 3/4 ops a month. Operations are held at 8pm AEST on Friday nights. Understand English and have a working mic. Willingness to download our mods in order to play our servers Legitimate copy of ARMA III How to apply? Head over to our website to apply https://milsim.nrgnetwork.org Post Application Acceptance After you application is accepted one of our recruiters (should have a | 9RQR name) will add you on steam to further discuss your application and give you the appropriate information. Roles: We are currently filling Infantry roles, in the future we are hoping to expand to Aviation, Recon and Engineering. Teamspeak: ts3.nrgnetwork.org Lt. Macoy Johnston
  15. Welcome Welcome to the 39th Battalion, an Arma 3 military simulation Clan. Our Identity Established in early 2013, the 39th Battalion Arma Clan fosters the memory of Australian Infantry soldiers who famously defended against the advance of the Japanese Imperial Army over the Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea during World War 2. Our Legacy In observance of their sacrifice, the 39th Battalion Arma Clan pursues all available Arma 3 and community wide resources, in concurrence with historical and modern military procedures in order to model ourselves on the proud men and women who serve in Australia’s Defence Forces. The quintessential Australian Infantry experience starts by clicking here! The "Fine Print" While we welcome all enthusiastic ARMA 3 players to join our clan we do have conditions attached to membership. If it saves you some time: You must be a minimum of 18 years of age, Be prepared to play Sundays from 1830hrs AEST; Conform to a rank system during play.
  16. APAC GAMING. ASIA PACIFIC GAMING Like realism? Like organized gameplay? But you hate the yes sir no sir nonsense? Well, APAC Gaming is for you! We’re an Asia Pacific community founded in 2015. With members from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia. Our goal is to offer realistic missions and avoid following military doctrines for the sake of following it. Rather, we’re trying to get a group of mature people to play together tactically but we’re not trying to start a new military unit for people around the region. Here are some of the mods we use: + ALIVE + Arma3Sync + ACE + BAF stuff + RHS + TFR .... and many more! Here are some of the servers we have: - Liberation on Public - Unsung server (Vietnam War mod) - Training Server (To test out realism mods and also test certain vehicles out) - Alive Server (Where realism mission takes place) What we offer: + Our website: https://www.apac-gaming.com + Teamspeak server ts.apac-gaming.com + ALIVE Realism Missions: Dynamic Realism Missions on huge maps like Isla Duala, Sahrani etc. + Community Missions: End Game (PVP), Organized Liberation. + TS Support for other games: + Comprehensive Mod Pack and supporting mods for ArmA 3 + We don’t expect commitment every single week. + Stability and prestige + No military rank structure. We only use it to keep track of new recruitments. + We use brotherhood of steel ranks. Scribes, Knights and Paladins! + Tactical and organized gameplay OUR ENLISTMENT REQUIREMENTS: + Must have a working copy of Arma 3 + Must have Teamspeak + Working Microphone + Age 17+ (Can be considered if you are younger, just apply) + Must be active once every 2 weeks! (If you are busy with work, we understand!) + 100% Maturity So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to salute anymore or cringe at milsim groups. Apply here @ https://apac-gaming.com/index.php?/forms/&%2Fforms%2F= Or send a message to Keith at https://www.apac-gaming.com Media: https://youtu.be/JmiLcVXkcdo