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  1. US Forces 2000s

    I guess this is what loadout customisation is for haha but my main reason of not using the (rather objectively superior) RHS model is of course, i do not have access to it, therefore i can't add any variations that i intend to have, like the SWD goggles, the headsets, camo scrims, and having it with/without band, etc; besides the RHS PASGT seem to have a different set of chinstraps similar to that of the LWH, instead of what it originally have ofc its possible to add these addons like goggles and shit thru nvg slots or facewear slot but what the hell i prefer not to lol
  2. US Forces 2000s

    a mix of both, there are some parts that i made myself but for the most part the base helmet shell model like on the pasgt/lwh is from a2 (i added some parts like the band, made new strap models and also SWDGs myself; in my mind, these models do well and are accurate enough so if it aint broke why fix lol)
  3. US Forces 2000s

    oh alright, then it would appear that it was only the BI randomise function that gets automatically disabled when you change loadouts in editor, sadly it only works with headgears (or maybe theres also a function to randomise uniforms/vests without my knowledge??) and nothing else
  4. US Forces 2000s

    thanks, it must be missing the vest proxy (accidentally deleted or something), i'll adress that.
  5. USMC Task Force Tarawa, 2003 Mods Used: US Forces 2000s (WIP, MOPP suits not yet released), CUP (vehicles, terrain), RHS, GSTAVO's M16A2
  6. US Forces 2000s

    Afaik when you edit a unit loadout in editor it automatically disables randomisation on that unit?
  7. US Forces 2000s

    eh i only upload it in steam workshop; the link is in the first page
  8. US Forces 2000s

    Not an impossibility but im gonna improve (adding more variations etc) the existing regular stuff before going for completely new things Gonna add versions with FLCs; hopefully finished soon enough. And believe it or not i changed the model so its no longer based on the arma 1 one haha
  9. US Forces 2000s

    damn nice find there, likely some shitty error from a copy-paste mistake; i'll get it fixed btw the av_indus mod was certainly an inspiration (:
  10. US Forces 2000s

    damn thats quiet alot lel; but some of the things you show are mostly SF stuffs like those fleece jacket mixes (which i found pretty cool as a fan of fleece jackets personally), and FR flightsuits, and honestly i don't really want to focus on SFs as much as on the regular guys at the moment (because really there appears to be way more mods doing SF equipments and shit compared to regular ones; but the 2004-2005 era Deltas got me going so thats an exception lel), so i won't be adding them tho if anything regarding the SFs, is that if i found out how to, i would love to have randomised callsign patches on my SF units. oh and i already do have flightsuit model, OD green and tan, but so far they're only for crewman, and also have a set of marines wearing them (they did in like 2006-2008s), but yea i don't have any bloused and kneepaded versions on them because i never really see regulars wear them that way so far. not saying you don't have any good points tho I can add the DCU with black boots as a separate uniform, i just wish i know how to randomise them (idk how to randomise uniforms, they're different from randomising helmets and probably would need to use a script). and the pasgt helmets with DBDU covers are also interesting. And yea i get the non-frontline units with m16a2s, i guess i'll make some support units (something like engineers and repair specialists) use m16a2s, and later on will make a 2001s era units (i currently based the US army guys off the 2004-2005 period which commonly already have tan boots, and hardly any m16a2s except for logistics etc) tho idk about the ranger body armour, they're available in the us military mod and i don't really feel like making the same thing for this mod, but i still do think it's interesting, i'll have to make the alice gear too and i won't be prioritising this. thanks for the suggestions anyway! Funny that you didn't suggest the Spear body armour with vertical pals webbings or the paraclete RAV vest that were often used by rangers and other SFs; i was expecting something like that haha.
  11. US Forces 2000s

    lol last time i checked it was named that way; i must have renamed it accidentally when adding the new ones
  12. US Forces 2000s

    All done, hotfix on the way (; thanks again
  13. Love the drawings in your sig.

    1. simcardo


      Thanks man! still have alot to learn in that subject

  14. 1st Infantry Division, Aachen 1944 101st Airborne, 502d PIR, clearing Glider LZs in Normandy, 1944 Mods: IFA3_Lite (and my personal retexture of the US uniforms and gear, unreleased), IFA3 US Helmets, Faces of War, CUP Terrains, Rismarck´s WW2 Pose ------------------ USMC 27th MEU working with SOC team in Chernarus Soldiers of 2d Infantry Division patrolling the streets in Chernarus Mods: US Forces 2000s, RHS, CUP, Direone's poses
  15. US Forces 2000s

    Update! Been working on this since last month, mainly improving models and textures but also adding few more goodies image album: https://imgur.com/a/PfL6n changelog: - Added 1Cav (2004, 2007, OEF) - Added 509th Airborne, 25ID (in ACUs) - Added 2nd Infantry Division (2004, 2007 OEF) - Added 2nd ACR (2004, 2007 OEF) - Renamed USMC CLSs to Corpsman - Redid uniform riggings (should fit better with most bis and rhs vests now and stuff) - NVGs are now in clothes instead of attached to helmet - improved most uniform textures (prolly not much visible) - Improved IBA models and textures - added covers for ESS and SWD goggles - PASGT Helmets now have SWDGs instead of ESS - Added Crew helmets with SWDGs - Added Crew helmet with DCU cover (used by marines) - 2003 marines now mostly use GSTAVO's M16A2s (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1193144612) instead of RHS M16A4s (TLs and SLs still have A4s tho) - Added Assault packs as the units' main backpacks (credits to Johannes, from his awesome SF template originally made for Arma 1) - Added generic special forces units wearing raid BDUs in m81 and dcu, ciras vests with chest rigs, and uncovered MICH helmets - added wearable ESS and SWDGs - Added M240 Fireteams to all the units - Added Insignias that are compatible with the insignia slot of the uniforms (standard patch mods would prolly not work, because the insignia slot has to be made larger than it mostly was to accomodate the 1st Cav patch) also special thanks to Bolo861 for scanning and fixing my configs (which typically has loads of errors), and also Bigstone for advices and helped my research, to make these units as accurate as possible, and also provided textures for the unit shoulder patches