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  1. Update: 19 June 2020 - added medical web gear - added belts w/ wire cutters - added belts w/ compass pouch - added pistal holster and ammo pouch (nonfunctional, not intended to. made by jujurat) - added leather chin cups (made by Francois1956) to M2 helmets - added type-A5 container (as static ammo box object) - updated materials to use proper DirectX normals format package is now standalone; can be downloaded here units/groups for EDEN/Zeus and ifa3 vehicule retextures are now moved to different page, here (requires FoW/IFA3) Lastly, if you do enjoy my content, please consider supporting me on patreon! (or perhaps if you don't want to or unable to, you can help spread the word around the network about it, thanks so much!)
  2. this workshop item will be updated sometime within 48 hours, mod is restructured entirely to allow complete independency of other mods (ifa3/FoW); it will break some stuff initially
  3. simcardo

    S & S

    Updates for April 2021 - added USMC TCUs - added USMC t-shirts - replaced OG107 mk1 model - replaced OG107 mk3 model - added additional og107 model variants (rollsleeve etc) - added 4cm grenade vest (standalone, w/m56, flak, etc) - added M56 webgear w/ claymore sack - added m56 webgear w/ bandoleer on belt - added marston mat static object - added hot weather cap - added MC utility caps Upcoming content:
  4. simcardo

    S & S

    Might make actual nomex gloves one day so nah
  5. simcardo

    S & S

    im pretty sure theres some vest sets that has it, even tho less than 1961 buttpack im sure theres some, i know one of the webbings that has grenades on it has 56 buttpack, but i might accidentally replaced em with 61 this is good idea tho, and ive also been thinking of it, and also thinking of adding additional stuff like poncho roll or or ERDL poncho liner w/ spaghetti straps on top of buttpack
  6. simcardo

    S & S

    Happy 2nd week of the (still relatively) new year everyone 🙂 Update: 7 Janvier 2021 - added uncovered M1s - added M1923 Cartris belt - added M1937 BAR belt - added chicom mk56 rigs - added PAVN uniforma - added namcom pyjamas - added M67 gear - added M56 LCE w/ frags and M43 e-tool - added M56 LCE w/ sidearm and M43 e-tool - added Tropical Caledonia Rucksack - added illegal canteen (decorative) - added M56 LCE w/ chicom rigs - added mk3 TCU w/ straight nametapes - added TCUs w/ leGGings - added blackened TCUs - added t-shirts w/ highland ERDL trousers - added ARVN tiger stripes - added Amerikanski tigre stripes - added TCUs w/ tiger stripe panties - added BDQ uniforma - added ARVN ERDLs - added ARVN OG107s - added Boonie hats (OG107) - added Boonie hats (El tigre) - added Boonie hats (ERDL) - added Asian conical hat - adjusted helmet cover colours - adjusted postion on some helmets for variative sake - added winston cigs on helmets - added lucky strike cig on helmets - separated KP ranks PBO so that they are removable special thanks to blokes that made screenshots that showcases the update before (Bossman, Joe, Beachhead)! Download: Steam Workshop Lastly, If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon 🙂
  7. simcardo

    S & S

    Update: 5 Desember 2020 - tweaked load capacity for most vests - Updated M1 helmet covers - Added M1C helmets - Added PRC on Frame (withoutt rucksack) - Added additional LW rucksacks - Added LW rucksaks w/ M1 helmets - Updated TCU model and textures Download: Steam Workshop Lastly, If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon 🙂
  8. simcardo

    S & S

    the nametapes can be retextured or u can assign different textures on them using SetObjectTexture on a unit's init file tho i do wish theres a way to make like actual player names appear on it 😕
  9. Forgotten Fronts DEV updated (few times since 31 Agustus, but guess we forgot to put the announcements here!) 31 Agustus: Soviet Update Added New Uniforms: >OBR 35 >OBR 43 >SHINEL >TELOGREIKA + VARIATIONS Added - PPSh-41 Drum Pouch to gear variations Added - RGD-33 Hand Grenade pouch to gear variations Added - Obr. 35 Captain belt with Golden Star insignia Added - Ushanka Folded models Added - Ushanka Folded + SSh-40 models Added - Tanker Helmets (Black and tan) Added - Tankist Furazhka Added - Tankist uniform (Private. Junior Sergeant and Senior Lieutenant Added - Obr. 35 Shinel ranks Added - Obr. 35 Gimnasterka Ranks (Subdued) Added - Obr. 35 Gimnasterka Ranks Added - BN-39PM Gasmask Bag Added - BN-40PM Gasmask Bag (Grey and Khaki) Added - F1 Hand Grenades in NVG Added - Medals and Awards Added - Officer gear! Added - Obr.35 1939 ranks Added - Furazhka with Dust Goggles Added - F1 Hand grenades to webbing and NVG Updated - Pilotkas Updated - SSh40 texture + variants Removed Obr 35 w/ puttees (including telogreika variant) Old gear 21 September: - Fixed Bolt action firing framework (shall no longer conflict with NF! All credits to h- for the framework) - Added new helmet net model - all NVO accessories are now also available in glasses - Added FJ Helmets (also with camos, nets, covers) - Updated M26 Adrian Helmet models - Fixed Burlap cover w/ band being off center - Updated helmet covers 5 Oktober: - added LW fliegerbluse - added LW parkas - added Fallscihrmjager - added LW Webbings (proportion for ystarp still wip, kinda clippy with fallschirmjager smock) - added open parkas - Updated all parka textures - Added WH Smocks for DE - Added WH Smock over M40 Mantel for DE - Added M38 SS Smocks over M40 Mantel - Added more M40 helmet textures - Added SS Smocks with dot 44 trousers - Added M44/M43 feldbluse mix - Added M43 Feldmutze variaties (total 6 modelle) - Added LW and pantser Feldmutzen - Added SS M42 Camo Cap - Updated M38 SS Smock models - updated pants/Jackboots models for DE feldbluse sets - Updated Lewis M20 texture - Updated DE web gear texture - Updated Textures and normals for NL Veldtenues - Updated French gear and uniform models - Fixed inappropriate proxy in obr43 viewpilot LOD - Fixed Uniforms appearing whitewashed in long distances 6 Oktober patch - Fixed broken shadow on reversed M43 feldmutze - Fixed Ersatz MG pouch is canvas instead of Ersatz leather - Fixed missing model.cfg entry for early MG Webbing - Fixed incorrect belt buckle on one of the dot44 uniforms - Fixed strange litzen artefact on M43 and mixed pea dot - Fixed weird selection issue on wehrmacht smocks - Removed Broken Feldgendarmerie kette from arsenal - Added Mantels with SS belt buckles Current issues: - Some uniforms does not have proper insignia slots, smocks missing sleeve ranks slots, etc - some uniforms might still suffer distant whitewashing syndrome - floating breadbag on several vest models Download: Steam Workshop
  10. Mods: Unsung, CUP weapons, RHSPKL, S&S
  11. simcardo

    US Forces 2000s

    if im ever updating this mod, it's not anytime soon so please just consider it as dead
  12. simcardo

    S & S

    Update: 15 August 2020 - added highland ERDL TCUs - added towels (model by Lakarak) - added 11ACR patch, SF, MACV, 196 and 199LIB patches (patch textures by Lackrica and Bigstone) - improved several patch textures (patch textures by Lackrica) - improved TCU textures - several config fixes - groups are now separated to different workshop item ( therefore no more CUP dependency) - Radios are now TFAR compatible (thanks a lot to Joe and ashton324) - added ACRE radio racks to vehicles (thanks to Carrick) - ACRE compatibility patch Download: Steam Workshop - S&S Base mod - S&S Units - S&S ACRE Compatibility patch Lastly, If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon 🙂 Screenshots:
  13. simcardo

    S & S

    eh can u upload it somewhere and DM me the link? that'll be very helpful
  14. simcardo

    S & S

    this sounds awesome 🙂