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  1. for now, assaultvest is not on the list of items to be worked on @Ahmad Galeev @Yurichenk this would be the newest version http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34397
  2. Faces of War [WW2]

    Lol you realise that a rather large portion of HITP stuff are now in FoW right?
  3. Small Update: 6 September 2018 - Added more decorative E-Tools; t-handles and m1943s both on belt and on suspenders - Added the what-i-see-as-not-so-realistic bros in arms reference: rolled sleeves M1943s known issues: - 17AB and 82AB groups not appearing in zeus, not sure why, Probably cfgpatches definition issue, but i cant seem to figure out whats wrong despite how long i stare at them ): cheers
  4. All Quiet Along The Westwall Q1 1945 Mods Used: IFA3; FoW; US General Equipments and Accessories; Achilles Zeus Extension; Anim Packs: Nikoaton's, Direone's, ZSL, and Rismarck's; Polpox's Artwork Supporter
  5. Update: 2 September 2018 New version of the mod uploaded, which requires both FoW and IFA3: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1496363537 includes: - everything from the previous version, except uniforms are refitted with FoW webbings; and also units in groups has weapons from FoW - IFA3 remains a requirement for certain weapons that are not in FoW, such as M1928s and M1A1 carbines; and also for helmets - M37 Uniforms - 1st Pattern HBT Uniforms - All uniforms have new sculpting, new bump maps - M1928 haversacks, in few versions with different shovels etc - Decorative (glasses/NVG) US Airborne Felt, fits FoW suspenders - Decorative M1943 Folding Shovels (Glasses/NVG), hanging on belt - 92ID unit group - some other things i may forget old version still available here, but no longer supported https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1399447232 credits: - IFA3 team for everything; weapons for units, m1 helmets, rank and unit patches; real awesome stuff, and also Kju for introducing me to mikero's tools and giving me leads on it, helps alot - FoW team for also everythng; making the webbings and packs, and weapons etc - Bohemia Interactive for the arma sample models, made my jeep cap out of one of those beanies - Ethridge for IF M41 textures - Bigstone for advices and ideas, helmet band model, patch textures, and testing - Jaki for advices and ideas, testing, some textures, and additional screenshots - Justin N. for basically teaching me how to sculpt nice normal maps, all the newly sculpted uniforms wont happen if it wasnt for his instructies - Schwienyy for UV-mapping the haversack, advices and ideas, testings, and additional screenshots - Courtland: Garrison cap model - did i miss someone?
  6. oh my bad, if that's the case then it's your mod (; @Jonesy1995 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188498790
  7. oh, read in the first page regarding optional files, most helmets are hidden by default to avoid clutter
  8. uh there is none? but if you're talking of the 77ID helmets, (closest to a yellow triangle), which is of yellow trapezoid on the sides, then you can find the 77th ID on the groups section
  9. new stuff starting from 1942; spot the changes (;
  10. well the 77ID helmets, and other divisions are hidden by default, but the hood one isnt, but the 77ID helmets with yellow stencils was not included in the base mod other than the optional files, which leads to the 77ID yellow stencil group not having helmets at all regardless i've fixed the issue and updated the mod, thanks for noticing it at the first place
  11. ok, found out that i messed up the config for the yellow 77th ID helmets in the base mod, and it was, by accident, only included in the optional file instead. update is under way talking about the m1 helmet with gas hood or the 77ID ones?
  12. Yea helmets with divisional insignias are hidden by default, you have to check and use the optional files to make them show up in the arsenal Tho i'll take a look at the latter issue, thanks
  13. Update - added PTO units - Added mantels - Added Tanker Jackets (or more commonly known as tanker jackets) - Added m41 jackets - Added HBT caps - Added 77ID unit groups - Reskinned I44 US Panzers (thanks to yurichenco for base textures) - Added more HBT variants (unbloused boots, no m37 undershirt, and buckle boots) - Added gas hood headgear - latewar unit sets now have a more mixed uniform, with tanker jackets and mantels - garrison cap model altered