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  1. Still no, because I'd like to have my uniforms remain compatible with fow gear as well. I already hate the fact that ifa3 and fow each have different uncompatible proportions. Therefore, I refuse to make an entirely new proportion that wont be compatible with anything but my own. And tbh, if it was up to me (which isn't), I'd want all factions (and possibly of both mods) to have the same proportions so they can interchange gear and stuff, for example so i can wear british web gear with american uniform, something like in vanilla A3. But oh well Although in a way it isn't necessary, like, why would I wear a german web gear along with an american uniform? I guess it's just some kind of OCD that i have
  2. Im not sure if this is a rigging issue tbh, it might end up looking even weirder to make the cuffs follow the hands, i might just have to make them shorter, but now i dont want to for now Wouldn't say they are because those are rigger modified I get that they look tight but it looks this way to avoid clipping, so no I wont because so far this is as bulky as they get, any bigger they'll start to clip
  3. simcardo

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Interesting, I didn't know that so i went for the shape of ww2 untrimmed covers for the helmet without band; i've made some adjustments to the helmets recently, they should be more accurately sized. I'll update the thing when I can
  4. 1. Dolls, what? 2. Yes paratroopers do receive those buckle boots along with m43 uniforms before market garden. some worn it while some other chose to keep their jump boots
  5. About that, I do have an M45 pack modelled, but not textured :(:
  6. Thanks (; and luckily a rolled regular m43 wont be so hard to do, however next updatum will take a while because i'm working on my own web gear and helmets
  7. I'm working on my own web gear now, so yes, however at the time being its still only suspenders and few stuff, nothing that can match fow/ifa3 However they'll still depend on both ifa3 nd fow for helmets and weapons, buti can reduce the dependency if i managed to get helmets at least
  8. simcardo

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    yea, was exactly what i was going for (;
  9. simcardo

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Update: 02/01/19 - Added Helmets (Note: these helmet models are extremely wip, just a mere experiment, i'm not even sure if i really like the shape of the helmet, maybe it looks awkward idk. oh and the straps are inaccurate for vietnam era) - Added Mitchell Pattern rolls (Thanks @Barden for the suggestion)
  10. simcardo

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Ah thats something cool to add, thanks for the suggestion (:
  11. USMC M41 Packs, in Vietnam Era setup (basically everything is in OD7) Don't mind the picture; i dont have unsung in my disk right now so i tried to make the chars look at least vietnam era even though its just uhh mix-nd-match but yea come on Cheap thing really, originally from the US GEAR pack just modified to become od7 so it fits vietnam. not sure if i plan on adding more to it, maybe camo rolls and stuff but expect nothing Download: Steam Workshop Credits: - Mushroom: sort of making me think of this idea - Justin N. : teaching me how to sculpt in blender - Motta : teaching me how to measure in blender, and giving the data for the sizes of e-tools (for the m43 e-tools u see on this pack) - did i miss someone? ----- If anyone happens to appreciate my work and feel like somewhat helping, (which will help me in a rather significant way) one can try donating to me via paypal; send it to my paypal email adress arkan_ebi@hotmail.com either way, thanks (; Brought to thee by The Simcardo Association: - Simcardo (himself) - Brainfag - TheGrass - Vagineer089 - Casper_TFG - did I miss someone?
  12. Update 30/12/18 happy new year merry christmas and stuff you know but from me here's updatum version idk whichever number Changelog: - added usmc (uniforms, bags, a bunch of) - fixed shovel sizes (credits to motta) - smoothened parts of uniforms (idk how to describe this) - forgot what else - some classname changes oh, beware, tthis updatum might break some missions because classnames are modified, some inheritances are modified, and stuff really i forgot what i have but theres few things oh and this updatum has less than i wanted to because time managment issues and shit, i wish i can have m44 packs and some gas bags done but they're just not done however at least the marines are done haha. glhf If anyone wants to somewhat help me out even more, (which will help me in a rather significant way) one can donate to me via paypal; send it to my paypal email adress arkan_ebi@hotmail.com either way, thanks (;
  13. for now, assaultvest is not on the list of items to be worked on @Ahmad Galeev @Yurichenk this would be the newest version http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34397