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  1. Mods: Unsung, CUP weapons, RHSPKL, S&S
  2. simcardo

    US Forces 2000s

    if im ever updating this mod, it's not anytime soon so please just consider it as dead
  3. simcardo

    S & S

    Update: 15 August 2020 - added highland ERDL TCUs - added towels (model by Lakarak) - added 11ACR patch, SF, MACV, 196 and 199LIB patches (patch textures by Lackrica and Bigstone) - improved several patch textures (patch textures by Lackrica) - improved TCU textures - several config fixes - groups are now separated to different workshop item ( therefore no more CUP dependency) - Radios are now TFAR compatible (thanks a lot to Joe and ashton324) - added ACRE radio racks to vehicles (thanks to Carrick) - ACRE compatibility patch Download: Steam Workshop - S&S Base mod - S&S Units - S&S ACRE Compatibility patch Lastly, If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon 🙂 Screenshots:
  4. simcardo

    S & S

    eh can u upload it somewhere and DM me the link? that'll be very helpful
  5. simcardo

    S & S

    this sounds awesome 🙂
  6. simcardo

    S & S

    does it require tfar dependency? if it doesnt require it then i can integrate it to the base mod
  7. simcardo

    S & S

    that'll be great! i haven't actually played arma in about a year so i dont have anything like tfar or acre or ace anymore, hence i've no idea how they work. if you guys want to release a compatibility patch it is more than welcome!
  8. simcardo

    S & S

    Ah so the soft shadows are, basically arma has 2 types of shadows, one being soft and stencil shadows. They are defined in a property in the geometry LOD; "prefershadowvolume = 0" IMO it looks better on characters tho i understand why ppl might not like it bcs it might look inconsistent with other items like guns or headgear
  9. simcardo

    S & S

    Update: 09 August 2020: - Added PRC25/77 Radios - Added Flakvest-fitting versions of LW rucksacks - tweaked armour values, weights, and load capacity for vests and rearpacks - added M60 Ammo box bandoleer - adjusted subdued rank patch colours Credits: - Jujurat for original m60 ammo bandoleer - Petr Švenda for PRC-77 model all thanks to him for making his model available to download. (model is slightly modified for game use, and recoloured to be more appropriate for the era) Download: Steam Workshop
  10. simcardo

    S & S

    oh the jeep float was fixed in a hotfix, forgot to change it in the frontpage but thanks! and indeed the issue was geometry buoyancy in the model
  11. simcardo

    S & S

    Garry, Garry, and Garry assembling for a garry prank call session
  12. simcardo

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Everything in this pack has been included and improved in S & S Therefore to avoid useless duplicates this one will be removed from workshop within around 10 days. Think it is best for this thread to be locked. Thank you everyone 🙂
  13. simcardo

    S & S

    Sus and Sus Service and Supply For you bunch of hippies to chew on. utilisable pieces of wearables from the Cold War, primarily 60s-era US military. (and some bonus like the Nederlanders and possibly more to come!) This addon is composed of 20% cotton, 40% synthetic polymer, 40% Spastic nylon Blend, OG-107 Ranked Uniforms S&S includes a modified version of KP Ranks, which (currently) only works for S&S Uniforms. in an MP game, the host can assign ranks to players via the KP ranks menu which is accessible through the in-game context menu. All credits to Wyqer for the original KP ranks code Source code : github Download: Steam Workshop Units/Groups S&S includes no units/groups by default as these and only has arsenal items. groups/units that are insertible via eden/zeus however can be found here: S & S: Units (Armed with CUP weapons, therefore requires it) Additionally, Radios in S&S are compatible to TFAR. For ACRE2 compatibility, please use this workshop entity: S & S: ACRE Compatibility Files This pack has been configured to be rather modular so that you can remove certain files if you wish to not play with certain things. - simc_uaf_67: US army assets - simc_uaf_67_preview: icons for arsenal and editor etc (do not remove) - simc_mc_67: USMC assets - GR_Medium_Utility_Helicopters: modified version of Medium Utility Helicopters by Grumpy Rhino which includes a set of UH1Ds and Hs - sns_dutch: Cold war era Dutch Army - sns_vehicles: M38A1/Nekaf Jeep - simc_uaf_67_cfg: config files for US army gear, requires simc_uaf_67 - simc_mc_67_cfg: config files for USMC gear, requires simc_mc_67 and simc_uaf_67 - simc_uaf_67_gruppe: config files for all the groups. requires CUP Weapons Known Issues - M38A1/NEKAF Jeep is currently missing proper backlight - Dutch Faction is still WIP and does not have its own webgear, however, we recommend using SPEARPOINT's british webgear for now 🙂 Included contents: Full Changelog: (Possible) Upcoming content Disclaimer: No designated ETA - Dutch Web gear - US Field Jackets - ARVN assets - SF and VC assets - PRC25/77 w/ harness - latewar - 70s gear If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon or make a donation to my paypal (address: arkan_ebi@hotmail.com ) Credits - Justin N. : Lead-dev; assets such as Machete, 3D scanned compass pouch and mitchell pattern covers, Dutch uniforms and helmets, importing vehicles - Grumpy Rhino: Hueys that are included, originally from Medium Utility Helicopters - Wyqer: original KP Ranks script - Bohemia Interactive: arma sample models - Motta: providing M1 helmet shell and chinstrap, M61 grenade model, and Leather combat boots - Ethridge: M1 Helmet shell texture - Lakarak: M1 Helmet cover, Towels - Jujurat: M56 pouch, 100rnd box bandoleer, and ALICE pack model (converted to an LW rucksack) - Petr Švenda: PRC-77 model - Olmo Potmus: M1974 SWDG model; part of the CVC helmet model - Pandemic: making eden/zeus group configurations - Frenchy56: collar rank textures, screenshots - Lackrica: Unit patch textures - Bigstone: Unit patch textures - Schwienyy: helmet accesories texture, screenshots - Toney: USMC advisor - Шоиветс: references and death threats - Carrick: ACRE racks config for vehicles - ashton324 and Joe: TFAR compatibility for radios - did I miss anyone? S&S: Service and Supply title was coined by Motta and Ethridge Brought to thee by Justin N. along with the Simcardo Association: - Simcardo (himself) - Brainfag - TheGrass - Vagineer089 - Casper_TFG - did I miss someone? Additional screenshots : (Disclaimer: S&S only includes uniforms, gear, and M38A1 Jeep and the hueys, every other thing u see in the screenshots (such as guns) are from other mods such as CUP Weapons or UNSUNG.
  14. it was mentioned before that optional files no longer work; theyr no longer compatible with the mod after idk which version, theres no longer any ranks above S/Sgt for all uniforms. remove the optional file or just delete the mod and resubscribe. right now i cant be bothered to reconfigure those so if u want higher-ranked uniforms you are free to config them thyself
  15. Update: 19 June 2020 (Changes since May 2020) - changed net rvmats; they should no longer shine when shaded but they tend to look pretty bad when zoomed out - added USN N3 (utilities nd jackets) - added new drop models for panzer jacket and mantel and some other uniforms - updated some icons - fixed wonk vert riggings in several models - updated USMC cover texture - added USMC mosQTo nets - added tucked in HBTs (43 patterns and MC P41s) - updated net textures (colours to blend better) - updated paratrooper FAK textures - added P41s w/o MC stencil for KMNL - darkened NCO nd Officer bars on helmets so that it shines less - added Polaroids No. 1021 Goggles (made by Jujurat) - added M1 Eyeshields (made by Jujurat) - M1944 goggle model replaced with a new model (original model is a 1974 SWDG by Olmo Potmus, part of the CVC helmet model ) - added LandContact LODs to rearpack so that they no longer float 1m above ground This update was made possible thanks to both Jujurat and Substance Painter, therefore this update was also made possible thanks to my mates ItsJustCat, Lakarak, Schwienyy, and Ethridge for providing me information regarding usage of Painter d'substansi Screenshots by Frenchy56 and Schwienyy Download (Requires FoW and IFA3): Steam Workshop Or Armaholic Alternate Version (Requires only IFA3): Steam Workshop Or Armaholic Lastly, if you do enjoy my content, please consider supporting me on patreon! (or perhaps if you don't want to or unable to, you can help spread the word around the network about it, thanks so much!) Additional Images: