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  1. Update: 19 June 2019 - Added USMC webbings with m41 suspenders - Replaced Faces of War gear on USMC units with new marine gear - Added M6 gas bags - Adjusted colours of OD7 webbings - Added Transitional (OD7-OD3 mix) cartridge and bar belts - Added usmc musette bags - Added m1910 and M2 First Aid Kits on webbings - Fixed some musette bags accidentally having bandoliers included - Fixed weighting issues on leggings - Fixed broken ambient occlusions on usmc uniforms Download (Requires FoW and IFA3): Steam Workshop
  2. simcardo

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hey I wonder if it's possible for you guys to consider reverting the m1 helmet textures to the ones before the latest update that look more somewhay grey-ish? https://imgur.com/a/pCV9x https://i.imgur.com/KgCVNsf.png Because the ones in the current version looks more like a postwar OG107 green than a ww2 one; thanks anyway
  3. Thanks! I do hope those 10 hours were worth it haha
  4. Update 6 June 2019 Edit - added m1 helmets by motta and ethridge, units now wear these new helmets instead of IFA3 ones - added webbings, combined work of Justin N., Tannenbaum, and brainfag, therefore units (except usmc) are no longer using FoW webbings - added m44 packs - added m36 packs/suspenders - updated most existing models/textures (at least to some extent) to some extent - Added Jeep cap Variants - Added USN Deck Jackets - Added Kapok Life Vest - Added Paratrooper M1942 Uniform - Added Rolled sleeve M43s w/ buckle boots - added C47 retextures - Added CC2 M41s - Added M7 Gas Bags (worn on legs and chest) and brassards (worn on right arm) as glass/nvg item aside from that, this mod changes most of the classnames of all the units, uniforms, packs, everything in the mod, therefore it is likely to break any mission that uses this pack (you have been warned tho!) Download (Requires FoW and IFA3): Steam Workshop P.S. I just realised that it has been a year + 3 days since this thing is first released; so much has changed hmmm.... hmm
  5. warning! this pack will be updated (hopefuly) some time before 6/6 and all classnames are changed (for several reasons), therefore all missions that are using this thing will be broken just in case, get ur mission unbinerised so u can remove dependencies
  6. Still no, because I'd like to have my uniforms remain compatible with fow gear as well. I already hate the fact that ifa3 and fow each have different uncompatible proportions. Therefore, I refuse to make an entirely new proportion that wont be compatible with anything but my own. And tbh, if it was up to me (which isn't), I'd want all factions (and possibly of both mods) to have the same proportions so they can interchange gear and stuff, for example so i can wear british web gear with american uniform, something like in vanilla A3. But oh well Although in a way it isn't necessary, like, why would I wear a german web gear along with an american uniform? I guess it's just some kind of OCD that i have
  7. Im not sure if this is a rigging issue tbh, it might end up looking even weirder to make the cuffs follow the hands, i might just have to make them shorter, but now i dont want to for now Wouldn't say they are because those are rigger modified I get that they look tight but it looks this way to avoid clipping, so no I wont because so far this is as bulky as they get, any bigger they'll start to clip
  8. simcardo

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Interesting, I didn't know that so i went for the shape of ww2 untrimmed covers for the helmet without band; i've made some adjustments to the helmets recently, they should be more accurately sized. I'll update the thing when I can
  9. 1. Dolls, what? 2. Yes paratroopers do receive those buckle boots along with m43 uniforms before market garden. some worn it while some other chose to keep their jump boots
  10. About that, I do have an M45 pack modelled, but not textured :(:
  11. Thanks (; and luckily a rolled regular m43 wont be so hard to do, however next updatum will take a while because i'm working on my own web gear and helmets
  12. I'm working on my own web gear now, so yes, however at the time being its still only suspenders and few stuff, nothing that can match fow/ifa3 However they'll still depend on both ifa3 nd fow for helmets and weapons, buti can reduce the dependency if i managed to get helmets at least