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  1. GSTAVO's Weapons

    Fair enough. On the historical sidenote, although M16A2 with A1 handguard never existed, the other way around is very real. M16A1 outfitted with A2 handguard do exist and were even used in small numbers by US military. Factory models, such as Colt Model 711 with A1 upper, A1 sights, 1/7 twist pencil barrel and A2 handguard does exist and was produced for export. The project morfed later into the Diemaco C7, starting the lineage of canadian uber M16s, but that is entirely different story. Regards.
  2. GSTAVO's Weapons

    A1 handguard as an attachment - The What Now? That would be weird franken gun. Anyway, GSTAVO stated many times that He will be happy to implement to Arma anything, if You will donate to him proper 3d model. So, do You have some M16A1 3d model laying somwhere on your hard drive?
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for clarification. I ve asked because I remember that long time ago vehicle mounted Ma Duces had more substantial recoil and I thought that it was something broken for example by Tanks DLC. Regards.
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi. Has anyone else noticed that M2 HMG, espetially vehicle mounted ones pretty much don t have any recoil. Is this bug or a feature? Regards.
  5. US Military Mod

    Again cool photos. I can only speculate but i think that those NVG mounts were started to be issued sometime late 1998 along with the update to PVS7B and new PVS7C/D. By that time Rangers were also using myriad of non standard NVG equipment like for example Litton M937A for SAW gunners and Litton M845 (after concluding that PVS4 scopes were basically useless). BTW. Do I see 16 inch barrel on M4A1 carbine on the second photo?
  6. US Military Mod

    Fascinating photo, Yes it should be from that timeframe - transitional period during the reform when McChrystal was in charge of The Regiment.
  7. US Military Mod

    Yes, You re right. According to Chuck Pressburg on P&S Modcast, even as late as 1998-99 helmet mounted NVGs veren t a thing in Ranger Regiment, so rifle mounted IR laser wasn t a thing either, despite the fact that technology and need existed (and SOPMOD kit with RIS grabbers PAQ4 and PEQ2 was already being introduced to some units). Rangers were still suppoeed to work under flares illumination at night (in theory) and PVS7B didn t have rhino mount so Rangers instead of using head crushers were tying NODs around their neck with bungee cord and 550.
  8. MGM Grips

    Oh Man, KAC Vertical Grip from SOPMOD kit. Thank You, this is fantastic!
  9. Project Zenith/VSM

    Yea The SCAR looks fantastic. I hope that Van will remember to add autorest pivot feature. Cheers.
  10. US Forces 2000s

    I am with NoName Arma Team. We routinely play 20 to 30 people coop and joint ops missions and even bigger ops with other teams (mainly from polish arma scene). But there s one problem. We re polish team with mainly polish native speakers - so language barrier. Oh thanks, that actually clarifies a lot. Now I ve found the same photo in Sean Naylor s book "Relentless Strike". Also, after reading Chris Martin s book and the articles by George Hand IV in which He reminisces abaut his friends from the Unit, it s nice to put some names to faces. Regards.
  11. US Forces 2000s

    I would say, that the majority of the users that this mod is targeting for use squad xml, almost every milsim community use some kind of squad xml. Certainly my team and every other group we re play coops with use one. DCUs with black boots are already included in the mod You can slap the unit insignia in va or using the script. Hey i think that You ve dug up photo of Chuck s old Asymmetric Warfare Group team in A stan. Can You guys confirm or am I seeing things, isn t the guy in the top middle Chuck Pressburg?
  12. US Forces 2000s

    Wow, like that time when attention to detail turns into the OCD haha...... Anyway, in that case I ll add few cents from me. - descriptionShort for M81 and DCU MICH helmets and PASGT helmets is written as "Armour Level III" it should be "Armor Level II" for consistency. Of course those are only descriptionShort captions and even if it would be written as"Fluffy Bunny" it would be OK. Even RHS don t have that kind of attention to detail. Regards.
  13. US Forces 2000s

    In Zabb s mod there are versions of the vests designed for DeltaHawks uniforms and there are also versions of the vests fitted and weighted for standard uniforms. The standard ones fit perfectly your uniforms the CT vests variants too.
  14. US Forces 2000s

    @extracrispi: You know that if You use DeltaHawk units and assets You would get much better representation of Black Hawk Down era units but if You really want You can combine this mod with Zabb s TAC Vests addon that contains things like authentic BHD V1/11 vests black CT vests with AR15 pouches and essentially everything You would need to turn this poor man s BHD units into the rich man s BHD units. The units from your screens don t feel to me like units from BHD era, they look and feel spot on like Delta/ST6 AFO units from Operation Anaconda, Afghanistan circa 2002 and USMC units Iraq 2004. Regards.
  15. US Military Mod

    Squad patches work fine. I just tested it.