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  1. NIArms Release Thread

    From where all of the NiArms weapons live: https://t.co/9hiZDbZYJy RHS compat in optional folder. Regards.
  2. NIArms Release Thread

    What? If I am not mistaken this was already fixed in last patch. You sure You have most recent build of the compat files from 11.01.18 or the old file from steam workshop from 21.11.17 that was never updated?
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There were Mk 18 Mod 0 built by Crane on M16A1 lowers, factory new M4 lowers and everything inbetween.
  4. US Forces 2000s

    Yes, I also have doughts if randomisation script in this particular case is a good idea. Regards.
  5. Project Zenith

    This actually is very cool idea. Hey, why I havn t come up with this haha. You know that in theory, You can do something similar with vests that have hidden sellections, pre configured pouches, mag holders and even singular sets of equipment.
  6. @jarrad96: False advertising! haha, no just kidding. But seriously when I saw this today on SW: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1300954018 I thought that it s some new faction of US Army Green Berets because name United States Special Forces Groups implies that. I think that name like United States Special Operations Forces on Special Mission Units would be better and help to avoid confusion. Regards.
  7. US Forces 2000s

    @extracrispi: Yes, US Navy VBSS vests are actually cool. And thanks for the link to the randomisation script.
  8. US Forces 2000s

    @extracrispi: Remember that when Simcardo started this mod it s scope was US Military 2004/2005 onwards, so black boots, tan boots it doesn t matter right now, because there is lask of major personal equipment to make high fidelity us military units from 2001, for example Eagle Industries MOLLE mag pouches on IBAs are to modern and non existant back them, only big M81 colored SDS utility carriers and M16 mag holders were issued at that time, supplemented by old ALICE mag pouches, besides that majority of Soldiers/Marines carried their fighting load using mix of old ILBV and new FLC vests on top of their IBA armors.
  9. US Forces 2000s

    @extracrispi: I was thinking the same thing. We probably looked through the same source materials. My theory is that it was COTS urgent operational buy from unit budget or early US Army NSN ed A4 Modular Weapon System upgrade kits for A2 (A3/4 upper, F marked sight post, early KAC RAS and carry handle in a box to assemble by unit level armorers). @simcardo: Actually, making 8 men Armored Combat Engineer Squads with some guys with M16s and M113A3 Engineer Squad Vehicles for selected units is a very nice idea in my oppinion. I know only script method for randomising uniforms but maby I will experiment for some applicable way to turn it into a config entry. Damm I havn t noticed it either. Bad...bad beta testing haha...
  10. US Forces 2000s

    @extracrispi: - In my oppinion USMC 2003 units are already mismatched enough. - M16A2 is already dominant weapon for USMC 2003 units. - Most US Army shock troops deployed to Afghanistan in late 2001, early 2002 and OIF 2003 were for the most part at that time equiped with M4 carbines (both light infantry, airborne infantry, mech infantry, cavalry). M16A2 and M16A4 (MWS kits) were secondary standard for frontline MOS es and 2nd line troops. (I ve checked reference books and photographic material).
  11. US Forces 2000s

    Thanks for the update. New uniforms with kneepads are very cool. You could also rename BDU (USMC) and BDU (USMC, Kneepads) for Battledress Uniform (USMC) and Battledress Uniform (USMC, Kneepads) for consistency. Regards.
  12. US Forces 2000s

    Thanks for the great update. Good job. I ve sent You something via PM. Regards.
  13. Project Zenith

    @vanschmoozin: Thank You for the great update. Love the ACUs and camo M4s. Still no weapons autorest pivot proxies though but that s a detail.. Regards.
  14. Yes, Yes, Yes, Fantastic. First Dimmer and Jolly Green Superbirds and now Bronco. A Lonely Kind of War Intensifies!
  15. Project Zenith

    WOW, the camo variations on that M4s look fantastic!