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  1. bolo861

    3CB Factions

    Yes, of course We know that. Regarding magazine compatibility and assuming that generally metric and inch pattern FAL magazines are one way compatible (You can use metric pattern FAL mag in SLR, although reliability is not guarantieed, but You can not use SLR mag in metric pattern FAL) You can stick SLR/FAL mag into L4 Bren and the LMG will shoot. This solution was only for emergencies (not unlike feeding M249 from STANAG 30 rounders), FAL mags were not designed for top feeding and because of forces acting on magazine spring and feed angle this could cause stoppages, especially during sustained fire and especially regarding last rounds in the magazine. Also SLR mags can be a little wobbly in Bren magwell. But as a general rule You can feed L4 Bren from SLR/FAL mags. Thank God that Arma 3 CBA does not distinguish between inch and metric pattern FAL magwell, that would be a headache. Regards.
  2. bolo861

    3CB Factions

    Hi. Few bugs/suggestions. - G3 s Magazines and magazinewell should be assigned to proper CBA magwell class to be compatible with Niarms ones. (You should not be able to jam M14 magazine to G3 magwell). - HK33 s Magazines and magazinewell should be assigned to proper CBA magwell class to be compatible with Niarms ones. (You should not be able to jam STANAG 556 magazine to HK33 magwell). - MG3 s Magazines and magazinewell should be assigned to proper CBA magwell class to be compatible with Niarms ones. Additionally: PVS-5 NVG UI picture not found (probably wrong texture name) Warning Message: Picture equip\w\w_uk3cb_factions\addons\uk3cb_factions_equipment\nvgs\pvs5a\data\icona.paa.paa not found Thanks and Regards.
  3. bolo861

    SJB Weapons Pack(s)

    Screens look fantastic. Aside from variant with Magpull Stock have You also considered doing variant with LMT SOPMOD stock, this was very popular mod during GWOT era and You already have SOPMOD stock on Your 416s. Regards.
  4. Quick question, because i havn t got time to check dev branch. Will the new FALs include 50.41/42 FALO squad automatic rifle variant with heavy barrel and bipod? Thanks and regards.
  5. Russian units in RHS don t need new gear, althrough that is always welcomed. RHS AFRF doesn t represent modern russian military faction, it represents russian forces from roughly 2009-2013 timeframe with some newer bits and pieces. The same goes for RHS USAF mod.
  6. Hello, Do You guys have plans to update suspension physics and geo LODs on aircraft like CH-53, MV-22 Osprey, Harrier etc? I flicked through bug tracker, but haven t found any open tickets regarding that deficiency. Thanks and regards.
  7. bolo861

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Sorry for the delay, I ve responded to PM, config template in attachment. Thanks and regards.
  8. bolo861

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Hell yes, Orzeszek helmets, moro uniforms and Spychalski s revenge load bearing harness, LWP for the win! And I kidd you not Spychalski s kit isn t named choking suspenders "szelki dusicielki" just for giggles, try to low crawl with it and you ll see.
  9. bolo861

    3CB Factions

    Could You guys maby add native config CBA JAM mags and ammo compatibility not only for M16s like it is right now but also for FN FALs, MP5s , M14s and RPK. You don t even have to add your native magazines compat to the list, just add CBA magazinewell entries to the weapons config. Thanks and regards.
  10. bolo861

    3CB Factions

    I wouldn t be worked up abaut A4 flat top uppers on M16 rifles, after all 3CB guys can only work with 3d models they have access to, this is supposed to be only approximation of cold war era units. Please make note that even Colt carbine isn t period correct because it has modern buffer tube, receiver extension and 4 position modern M4 carbine gen 4 waffle stock, indicating that it s a post 2001 production carbine (or export carbine, or US AIr Force mixmaster one). Regards.
  11. bolo861

    3CB Factions

    When You split it, it would still require weapons and assets, so You ll end up loading two additional mods instead of one and when You start to separate and double on everything needed, then You ll end up with redundant and double assets, this will result in even bigger clutter in arsenal and editor then right now. In my oppinion it doesn t make sense.
  12. bolo861

    3CB Factions

    Great thanks for the info also best regards and speedy recovery to Evrik. When I finish and test with my guys the first two missions of Seven Days to River Rhine series I probably publish it on Steam Workshop to be available for public use. It would require Rosche, Germany map. The subsequent missions will also require Global Mobilization DLC and LEN Cold War Aircraft mod.
  13. bolo861

    3CB Factions

    Yep, can confirm this the M151 MUTT M2 HMG passenger/commander is invisible in third person external view, also regarding M151 MUTTs judging from this screenshots and my testing ingame I think that side mirrors in external view lack rvmat or texture material or is it supposed to look that white and non reflecting? I ve also noticed that MaxxPro M2 HMG Pivot point for M2 reload top cover feed tray opening animation is set to high so it looks broken. Anyway great thanks for the fantastic update, love all the Cold War stuff. Great job. You Guys are simply fantastic. I wanted to get my hands on M151 MUTT for Arma 3 for years, to make use of it in my Cold War Fulda Gap scenarios. Cheers.
  14. HI. Could You maby set scope for standard medium ILBE backpacks without radio and anthenas to be available also in arsenal? Thanks and regards.
  15. bolo861

    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    Your distinction is too simplistic, it depends what type of mission you re designing. SAT - maritime special operations raiding force with counter terrorism capability (think like US Navy SEALs). OKK - special operations command branch with limited counter terrorism capability (think like cross between US SOCOM US Army Rangers and US SF).