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    Ex-Technical Coördinator withtin a maritime engineering company, Merchant Marine with a huge love for Arma 3 and the WW2 modifications being made for it

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  1. Hey guys, I dont know exactly how to move or edit this thread to the complete section. But the DEV version of FF has released on steam workshop! Please read the workshop page about what FF "DEV" has in store. Have fun, Justin https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1878095865
  2. Sadly not at this time. We are working towards getting an Ockenburgh Airfield terrain into ArmA to replace the one that was set for release. All other map projects have been scrapped until we have some manpower on the terrains side. If there will be a map at release is hard to tell at the moment.
  3. Hey guys, Due to a recent falling out in the team the dev team has decided to remove Schwienny from the developer role. We're working towards getting new terrains and we are actively training a new terrain designer. In other news, I've updated all posts with outdated content.. including the main thread. go take a look! it's worth it
  4. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Forgotten Fronts has merged with GCE due to a lack of time on the spanish side of things. we're currently giving the GCE assets a quality update and we're planning to include it within FF later on. After we finish our own release goals of course.
  5. That being said. Let me update you all a bit on the project. It has been a while. Work continues with the great input of all developers and external helpers. the project is really shaping up to much, much more than i couldve ever hoped and learning along the way i myself, and some of our modelers often re-do items for the sake of quality. Wich means it takes some time for us to have something we are happy with to show you guys. Most of our updates have been on discord. However allow me to show you guys some more stuff. The Dutch Faction The dutch faction has had some upgrades since the last time i showed them. More work will be done on variation and ranks for the dutch. But i havent found the time to do so yet. They are still the main focus of this mod. Dutch soldiers in combat (Image by schwienny, other mods used for props etc. the houses will be in Forgotten Fronts however) WIP Fokker D.xxi in flight. Model by FWW2 and Forgotten Fronts team. (In cooperation with Northern Fronts) Dutch NBS in combat configuration Other Stuff/ Etc. For other stuff we have been working on some buildings togheter with lennard from faces of war. We have also taken on some Spanish Civil War assets from our spanish brothers from GCE. Wich will be worked on alongside the content for Forgotten Fronts: Holland. Interior of a dutch pub. Spanish Nationalist Forces (Spanish Civil War) Other than that plans and guidelines have been set for a release, and plans are being made for after said release. We really just want this to be as polished and purrrfect when we release it. We plan to add more early war factions from the lowlands as we progress in the project. P.S. for the recent spike in developement i really want to thank Simcardo, Petrlach and Rikugun for alot of help on assets and sharing their work, without them this simply wouldnt have been possible.
  6. Hi lsk323941, The retexture pack is just something i made for my unit. Wich shares the same name as this. I also use that to test some things from time to time. But this is not the forum for that particular project. This is for the Forgotten Fronts: Holland mod wich is still being worked on.
  7. Justin N.

    ZSL Animations

    Great bunch of work from a great bunch of chaps to say the least Keep it up.. i'll be following this closely
  8. Justin N.

    C7NLD/C8NLD Weapons for Arma 3

    A much needed weapon for the dutch armed forces. Can't wait to see more of your stuff :)
  9. Justin N.

    Lowlands Warrior

    @Crielaard Amazing stuff! Seeing that little part of Soesterberg on the Leusderheide map makes me very happy! Being born and raised there after all Also nice to see the Vlasakkers! I'll be waiting for this! And help in any way possible if you need it
  10. Clogs, Bicycles and Windmills are something we definitely wont leave out!
  11. Hello again! Thanks for all the likes and comments so far! It really means alot to see so much support for this project. Below some pictures of the NBS. The NBS were ex- resistance fighters whom were turned into an interior fighting force when parts of the country got liberated in 1944. Equipped by the allies the NBS was tasked with helping out the allied forces in any way possible and carry out arrests in the name of the fatherland. These awesome shots were made by Zhivets and feature a sten gun from Faces Of War (We will eventually have our own)
  12. Justin N.

    [ MAP ] St. George Island

    Looks very nice! is this the final state of the satmap? i like it yet a bit more colour would be nice
  13. Justin N.

    ARCTech Accessories

    Interesting project indeed.. love the work so far. Gonna be wearing short sleeves just for this bling
  14. Hello there! Forgotten Fronts: 40-45 is a ww2 modification for Arma 3 mainly focussed on adding the forgotten factions of WW2. We're a team of various modders from across the globe with alot of interest and knowledge on WW2. (denazified for BI formums, In game will have historic symbols) (m40 uniform) (m36 Uniform) (Dutch Soldier holding carbine) (French Uniform in Progress) In Progress: Dutch Army - [NL] French Army - [FR] Dutch Resistance - [NBS] Wehrmacht and Waffen SS - [DE] American Army - [US] Civillian faction [CIV] Various map assets Ockenburgh Airfield Terrain Planned: Luchtstrijdkrachten faction - [LSK] KNIL faction - [KNIL] Korps Mariniers faction - [KM] Russian Army - [USSR] We eventually hope to tackle all of the above in a well functioning Arma mod for all to enjoy! Any help, tips and comments are very much welcome we're a relatively new bunch of chaps when it comes to Arma modding.. slowly piecing togheter this immense project. The Team: Justin (Importer, config coder, texture artist) Motta (Importer, modeler) Simcardo (Importer, Config coder, Modeler) Rikugun (Modeler, Texture artist) ItsJustCat (Texture Artist) Lakarak (Importer, modeler) Zhivets (Reference Aid) Lennard (Terrain Objects) GP-5 (Terrain Team) Jenkins (Terrain Team) (Discord: https://discord.gg/uaBfN7s) Other (Ex)Members: Ivan [7Pz.Div] (Spanish Project) Loki (Spanish Project) WelshStalker (Spanish Project) Xeno (Ex- Team member) PtrcK (Ex- Team member) Schwienny (Ex- Team member) Special Thanks To: Waxbutter (Assets, Information and overall support) (CSA38)Petrtlach (Assets, Information and many learning oppertunities) Scott Delbressine (3D Scan Developement) BraveSirCharge and Northern Fronts (Assets and enduring Support) Dutcheeseblend & Northern Fronts (Fokker Dxxi) Landrik (Historical Advising) Tomolyons (Amazing Music) Felix (Enduring support) Basher (Enduring support) Adami (Enduring Support) Rismarck (Assets and support) You (For taking the time to read this) Hope you all like the idea. There's more to come soon FF DEV has released on Steam workshop! Check it out here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1878095865