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  1. Apparently it's been indexed in the ALIVE discord
  2. Hi Steven! I've updated my inheritance structure so people should no longer have issues if they run Splendid Lighting (or other major lighting mods) with my terrain, feel free to publish any lighting overhaul you'd like for Sa'hatra.
  3. Sqf is such a mystery to me, I'm only experienced in lua.. if you'd be interested in helping out, please shoot me a message on Steam or Discord!
  4. I recommend you contact me on discord, or seek the NORBAT discord. My username is the same on discord.
  5. Hi Steven, nothing against lighting mods, I strictly just don't want people to run them with my map (and have issues), so it's something I'm looking into fixing with a restructure of the terrain's inheritance in the config! Once I've got something sorted, I'll update the rest of my legacy terrains so they are compatible with people who want to opt for the (subpar, but I'm biased) Splendid Lighting Modification, etc.
  6. I will be making some changes, there's plenty I need to do yet, both for the terrain and gear. 🙂 Feel free to get in touch if you'd consider making your thing a module.
  7. This is something I wanna do with modules, if someone wants to help with that.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3019928771 Public early access build.
  9. The recent changes have been pretty extensive. A majority of the main city got a major rework and polish, as well as plenty of tidying up in the northern portion of the map, with two new villages and a lot more subtle additions like natural walkways and that sort of thing. I'm keeping an eye on performance, considering the main city is now getting its primarily and likely (soon) final polish before release. No major hits so far. A plethora of buildings are being worked on as far as functionality, as well as additional content (I suppose I'll just spoil it, even though it's not necessarily DIRECTLY related to the thread) such as Iraq infantry gear, and insurgent stuff. This includes the fated Fedayeen helmet, M90 helmets (both with and without rubber rims), and fatigues, web gear and etc. with help from @simcardo and @Trento. Additionally, a multitude of props and useful stuff is being worked on, like new IED models and what not, as well as a M149A2 Water Buffalo by @poolpunk. All gear, props, uniforms, etc, are meant to depict Iraq in the early 2000s. So, forgive me for lack of updates while I work/crunch rather extensively on this terrain, and getting it ready for release, as well as a plethora of other content to hopefully go with it either at time of release or sometime there after. I will try to keep the thread watchers updated. Chances are, I'm busy.. working away otherwise.. Bonus content..
  10. Remade all 7 skybox textures today, up to 4k for fidelity purposes. (It's been on the list for a while, and was 10 hours of work, but totally worth it.)
  11. Wow! Very nice work, looking great!
  12. I'll admit, sometimes I feel like I'm pushing the limitations of the engine here.
  13. Forgot to attach pictures for non-video watching thread lurkers.. Plenty busy, been working on stuff related(?) but unrelated to the thread at hand, primarily some extra Iraqi stuff to go with the terrain. Not gonna say too much since it's still very WIP, but there's some neat additions (imo).