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  1. Thanks. Converted structure to multi-mat for higher fidelity and updated some road stuff because bludclot inspires me
  2. made some new fence objects
  3. felt like making a cursed freya radar, not sure where i'll put it yet.
  4. This all looks really well put together and clean in a good way. Great job, can't wait to see the final product
  5. Some concrete power/telephone poles at dusk.
  6. I've kinda went for a best of both worlds in that regard. Dull and hazy is good for temperate European weather in the summer/fall. The main issue with overcast lighting in Arma 3, as far as I can tell, is that the sun is basically flicked off at 50% overcast. What I mean by that is the sun or global lighting no longer casts shadows, and most of the lighting is ambient or w/e (I can't remember the exact names for the different lighting configuration parameters, so someone can correct me). Either way, even in total overcast, objects should always at least cast some sort of shadow, and the engine doesn't very well do that at all without the sun giving some help. That doesn't mean you can see the sun at 100% overcast or anything, but it's just some lighting config jargon.
  7. Well, I basically made a custom lighting config for it and setup the old skyboxes from A2, however, the main difference between Visual Upgrade lighting and Pre-Visual Upgrade is really the tone mapping. Old lighting mostly uses Reinhard lighting and etc. It's something I played around with, but I'd have to go back in and adjust the lighting config to look correct with that tonemapping method, and that's just something I didn't feel like spending time doing. I feel like what I did with the overcast lighting and etc, along with the help with Cre8or was enough for me to be satisfied with. Maybe in the future I could do an additional addon that overwrites the lighting values/tone mapping as an optional thing, but it'd be on the backburner. As far as total VINTAGE Arma 2 lighting, it's not really technically feasible with the way the engine is setup now, and that's something me and Cre8or talked about (he had all of the information on it, well, a good amount anyways)
  8. plus some tests with mud.
  9. misc structure work
  10. lighting stuff
  11. Thanks, I appreciate that Here's some rough test footage also.
  12. Still.. mining away at bocage
  13. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/753424102345277540/856300277979414528/aa4ab14ca6c9800428fd7878e269d50b.mp4 Current updates.
  14. Working on a complete rebuild from the ground up. Terrain size boosted from 4km to 5km, cell size lowered from 4 to 2.5. New foliage, bocage design, buildings, lighting, etc. Coming.. soonish (tm).
  15. About [RATS.ins] jujurat presents Heilstein, a 2km terrain that seeks to provide a playable, atmospheric, and engaging take on German countryside in WW2. Heilstein is an area that is south of Simmerath, and was briefly occupied and fought in during the end of the Allied invasion of WW2. It is also south of the Hurtgen Forest. This terrain attempts to recreate Heilstein, and the areas around it in the approximate time period using geographical data, and of course some fictional liberties taken to make the map playable for Arma. Features 2km terrain that recreates winter German countryside in WW2. Serves as a winter alternative to my upcoming Hurtgen terrain. Extensive forest/atmosphere detail. Rolling hills, farms, villages, forests, and valleys. Custom lighting configuration. Ambient crows. Fighting positions and and trenches, as well as small terrain detail for fighting maneuvers. Breath fog; courtesy of haleks. Working snowflake precipitation, courtesy of CUP. Snow objects on the ground around forests to simulate build-up. Planned Features Continued support and improvement based on community feedback. Notes The breath fog script should be running clientside. You can remove it or disable it in the event of sudden performance drops or mod conflictions by simply dragging out the 'test' pbo from the addon's directory. It was created by Haleks, thank you very much! Stats for Nerds 2km Cell Size 2 Credits and Thanks For providing great information and help at times of need: Mondkalb Ice Adanteh Temppa Icebreakr EO haleks A3 Discord Terrain Channel HorribleGoat Bohemia Interactive DOWNLOAD