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  1. Thanks for the support, more updates coming soon
  2. Sometimes I feel that! Although, I absolutely cannot wait to see what people do with it.
  3. Some more sneak peaks and state of affairs.
  4. Great environment!
  5. Don't worry, project isn't dead. I'm just quietly working on a pretty big update, but for now, I'll give a sneak peak of the west wing pictured here. Will post more when large amount of progress is complete.
  6. Texture updates to the sidewalks
  7. It's definitely quite the process, but I'm also sharing any buildings that have not been ported properly with JBAD so there's a dual benefit there. Here's h18 (hut 18), which is one of the residential buildings that I spent today working on and getting fixed up. Fully enterable with doors and destructible windows and AI path lods. Was a learning experience. 9 more to go.
  8. Been a while since I've actually posted anything, but I've just been working on a lot of stuff that isn't really presentable per-say. Milkman and the JBAD crew, along with Opteryx, allowed me to use their work for this terrain (buildings primarily), that being said, I've had to go in and re-config them all so that they're in working order. This is an active process, and the configuration is extensive (100k lines of code), so it's taking a bit of time. Some assets also need to be actually completed, so that's all a part of the process. In the mean time, I've been working on chunks of farmland little by little. Additionally, I've been considering making a companion terrain, it doesn't really have a title beyond "Sa'hatra Outskirts" with the premise of representing a very dry and basic looking desert area that's meant to present south-eastern Iraq. It's very much in it's infancy, but the data has been ported and assembled. It'll feature some farmland and a single village, along with a very long stretch of highway at a map size of 6km. I thought it could be of some use for tank battles, or convoy missions, or capture the town or etc. Anyhow, as always, if I have anything to show, I'll show it, thanks for the support so far, work is continuing.
  9. Still quietly working on the farmlands/outskirts.
  10. More farmlands stuff and worked on a model for irrigation channels.
  11. More misc farmland testbed stuff.
  12. I've never released multiple versions of the same map packed into a PBO, so I wouldn't know what the precise process would be for having separate WRPs and configs, I'd have to look into it, but what I'd probably do is cull basic detail objects (I know their classnames) such as the trash, garbage cans, and misc stuff that isn't necessarily 'essential' to people who have a preference to having something that is primarily focused on just delivering simulation than eye candy. Realistically, I try to build all of my terrains by balancing both of these ideas/visions, but obviously with a city it can get performance intensive. I don't believe vegetation density is a problem (per the apex update), but for buildings and misc objects perhaps yes. Every building beyond sheds are enterable in Sa'hatra at the moment, so it adds up. It's something I'll perhaps think about in the future if I start to see that performance is very intense towards the end of release. Thanks E: I did see that @swurvin made a module for his terrains recently that remove garbage and etc, so perhaps that's something I could perhaps try to implement myself for a wide variety of objects that I suppose would fall primarily under detail.
  13. I personally average around 40 on ultra settings with view distance set reasonably high. (That's staring into the main city and having stuff going on). Outside of the city, I have no issues getting around 60. It's unfortunate because I really only think there's so much I can do, with the limitations of the engine and how it processes occluding and stuff. I'm also just one guy doing all of this, so it probably won't be perfect. However, most of the buildings are in a currently unfinished state; some models aren't as optimized as they could be, and that's something I'm definitely planning on working on towards release. I imagine there will be a performance boost then. How significant I'm not sure. I think all cities in arma ultimately run like shit. But, if it makes you feel better, it's something I've been very conscious about. I've had to sacrifice things I wanted to do for the sake of gameplay purposes with the AI and for optimization. I hope Enfusion can handle cities better?