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  1. jujurat, post more screens about the progress of the map, they make us look forward to its release
  2. As it is, you can do a lot of missions on it, Six Days in Fallujah, Battle of Nasiriyah and other real missions they had in Iraq. But I look forward to the final release
  3. Wonderful so soon we will have a good surprise
  4. jujurat, I can give you a suggestion, launch it like this and gradually update it, I helped with the tests of the Amazon map made by the Veteran and it was gradually changed, and the community itself helps with feedback on what they think of the map or if any appears bug. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2645922673&searchtext= Sorry for the bad English I'm Brazilian and the native language in Brazil is Portuguese
  5. After I saw this video I was sure that this is the best map ever made for the ArmA series counting the minutes until its release and I run to edit the mission.
  6. Beautiful map, all buildings have interaction or just some, this must be the best map ever made for the ArmA series, congratulations on the beautiful work. My favorite theme in creating missions is based on the invasion of Iraq, but there are few maps that give the realism of how this war was, yours is getting super realistic. I currently use the Al Salman map for missions in Iraq.
  7. firefox1

    Community Factions Project

    Waiting for the Iraqi Army 2003
  8. firefox1

    Community Factions Project

    Waiting for the Iraqi Army 2003
  9. firefox1


    @JD Wang, Thank you very much, this video will help a lot of people.
  10. firefox1


    @JD Wang, Could give an example I do not know much of the 3D editor, since the object is part of the map
  11. firefox1


    @Temppa the possibility of removing the barrier gate, we could put them by trigger and gates. https://imgur.com/VIvgxw0 https://imgur.com/xXNjnS7 https://imgur.com/vz9Ubur https://imgur.com/QiM1zl7
  12. Is there any way to have the player's name on the vest as in this example, but that it is automatically placed by the player ID with a paa file ops - I forgot to mention the insignia with the players name I can put by ID
  13. It's getting a lot like the real Congratulations.
  14. There is some script that can put the nick name of the players automatically by the ID as in the example. The script would have to run on the dedicated server so when a player enters his ID opens a paa with his nick name equal the badges A better form of identification would make it look more real and would not have the name floating on the player's head.
  15. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ace\optionals Copy the files from the optionals folder and paste into the @ace folder ace_compat_rhs_usf3 + bisign ace_compat_rhs_afrf3 + bisign