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  1. Could someone help me fix the DSUtils? I am trying to create the keys to sign the addons on the server but when trying to create the key of that error mentioned in the title of the topic. This would be of extreme urgency, I use windows server 2012.
  2. MathiasEAP

    Phycs car bugged

    I'll be testing today and I'll tell you what
  3. MathiasEAP

    Phycs car bugged

    Would it be this?
  4. MathiasEAP

    Phycs car bugged

    landcontact LOD - wheel_1_2_damper_land posun wheel_1_1 Sorry for my ignorance, I'm newbie, I'm creating the addon by videos and the model of the arma. how can i length the size of the damper axis
  5. MathiasEAP

    Phycs car bugged

    I'll try the way you told me, but I did it that way and it did not work, but I'll put the information you told me
  6. MathiasEAP

    Phycs car bugged

    1 - 3090 kg 2 -
  7. Can anyone tell me how to fix this suspension? I have modified with many values the physics but nothing works, always it ends up turning. Below is the video and my configuration of the physics, I tried to modify all the values but still nothing.
  8. MathiasEAP

    [WIP] BOPE Armored Car Caveirão

    Almost ready, it is necessary to correct some problems of suspension, shadowing, driver position. After the corrections will be released an alpha for the public.
  9. Caveirão is the popular name for the armored car used by the battalion of special police operations of the Rio de Janeiro State Military Police in incursions into the favelas in the state capital. Officially, the name of this armored car is, armored personnel carrier. Unlike most people think, it's not a battle car, it's a support car. It is used to support police officers in operations or to rescue police officers and wounded people in the areas where organized crime is involved. Caveirão BOPE Apha Credits - ArmAPoint It's still WIP, some parts are still bugged