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  1. kaject

    3D text and 3D drawing

    Very nice thingy! Thanks! @mandoble
  2. kaject

    "Ruprtova poradna" remastered

    This brings back so many memories. Thank you muchly.
  3. kaject

    No mention of progression in the Roadmap

    First time I hear of this feature called "Progression". What is it, exactly? /s
  4. Has anybody been in contact with Lenyoga in the recent years? It looks like he hasn't been online since COVID began, 2020 April. I'm just worried that something bad might have happened to one of the most talented OFP community members of all time.
  5. Sadly, these Steam stats are wrong because there's also many people playing via custom .exe files because BIS never bothered fixing the official server browser since GameSpy shutdown in 2014 or so.
  6. Is there a community-made mod that brings back the old NVGs and Thermals into the game?
  7. Yeah, sure, any problem can be solved without AI. /s Do you have 1 or more tickets registered on feedback.bistudio.com issues tracker? I don't think the solution is that simple, especially the way you put it. If it was so simple and straightforward (with 100% backwards compatibility etc.), it would've been solved already.
  8. kaject

    [SP] S I R E N S

    THIS, IS, BONKERS! Congrats on a great release, EO!
  9. Isn't it obvious that A3 AI won't be worked on as the new focus is upcoming Arma titles on Enfusion engine? I thought this was pretty obvious since 2018/19 when Arma 3 AI refactoring stopped altogether, all of a sudden (it was going into the correct direction at the time. Oh well).
  10. It is evident that Arma 3 AI C++ core codebase will not be worked on anymore. With A3's 10th anniversary coming, there's no AI roadmap or updates happening. Thus, we can safely assume that we can simply forget about it and stop Now, as for Arma 4 and Arma Reforger, since everything is being rewritten from scratch. And rewriting slowly, with a more thought-out approach for scalability and flexibility, I believe there is hope for extremely modularity in AI configuration, allowing for other people to easily build on top or modify or replace existing AI behaviors with different behavior profiles. So on and so forth. With new modular and more thoughtful gameplay mechanics, Arma Reforger seems to be shaping up real nice. Have you ever worked in software engineering, though? Complex software systems such as game engines, require an immense amount of time, constant rewriting and so on to get it right for the future. I believe BIS is going the right way here, taking the time to perfect the core mechanics. And when you have very strong fundamentals, it's much easier to build further because you no longer have this mental trail of technical debt constantly sitting on your head and possibly making you less productive.
  11. kaject

    [SP] D-Day Paratrooper

    This is awesome! Putting this on my TODO list for this weekend.
  12. @Hammer 1_2 Have you tried asking for help on Arma 3's official Discord server? Spearhead 1944 Creator DLC has a dedicated channel there.
  13. Just an idea, but maybe worth exploring - perhaps it's possible to get a separate, clean version of Sa'hatra (without the trash in the streets etc.) on Steam WS when the final release comes around? I think it'd be pretty handy for mission makers for flexibility of scenarios. Unless it'll be possible to easily remove all the extra props from the terrain? (Like trash in the streets, various small ruins etc.) All in all - congrats on an awesome Alpha release!
  14. Hello @poolpunk ! I'm a great fan of your amazing work! Just wanted to chime in and thank you for creating these numerous assets over the years! If you need any assistance with purchasing some of the models for integration into Arma 3 or Arma Reforger, let me know, I'll gladly help. (I'm a long-time game modder (just not A3) with a shit ton of unexpected $$$ from my stock market investments; looking to bang out some of the cash on something more worthwhile than dining, partying, expensive cars and stuff.)
  15. Your link must include .jpg, .png or any other type of image file extension. How else the browser would know how to load it? That's the fundamental part here. Browsers don't know how to find a the exact image you want to display if you give a generic link to a page without any image file extension in the URL. When a URL has any file extension (img, png, html, whatever), a browser knows how to load it, usually.