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  1. simcardo

    S & S

    Update: Decmber 2021 (Both S&S and New Wave) - added beo gam uniforms and boonies - added highland ERDL boonies - added french faction assets by Justin N. (F1 uniforms, M51 helmet, basic MAS webgear) - some bug fixes with misassignd texure paths - added flagged BDUs - added kneepad BDUs - added DCUs - added DBDUs with tan boots and kneepads etc - added raid DCUs and BDUs - added LBVs - added LBVs w/ alice gear - added LBVs on pasgt - added RBA mk1 - added RBAs w/ alice gear - added RBAs w/ LBVs (and alice gear) - added 6cd, dcu, m81 boones by frenchy - added t/mout uniforms nd pasgt and gear by rrrrrrr - added T/G Faust Vests - added AWS chestrig - added pro-tec skate and watersports helmets; w/ ANVIS mount by Lennard and Jefferspang - added Birth control glasses by Lennard - added Oakley tactical glasses (90s type razor blades, sort of) Fixed/Adjusted: - Missing HL selection on low-roll BDUs - Missing facewear proxy on viewpilot on BDUs - Duplicated bayonet models on some PASGT vests - several PASGT vests missing stencil shadows - adjusted colour shading on RDF ERDLs Download: S&S S&S: New Wave
  2. simcardo

    S & S

    I suppose i could copy the proxy from the regular 3pv reslod right?
  3. simcardo

    S & S

    Im aware they dont show in 1pv but im not aware there has to be separate proxy for that, since all the proxies are straight from the samples 😕 and thanks will fix the skintone issue
  4. simcardo

    S & S

    yes, in fact now the new wave addon consists only config files to unhide those; i may move some files out of the base sns mod but it will still have to be dependent due to the large amount of shared assets/textures like for webear parts gas bags whatsoever
  5. simcardo

    S & S

  6. simcardo

    S & S

    update: 5 November 2021 - added nomex gloves (facewear/NV slot) - added TCUs and OG107s with nomex gloves Thanks to Lennard for the gloves 🙂 Also some small updates that weren't listed here, such as - added standaloen M1956 early type buttpack - added poncho rolls w/ buttpack as backpack configuration, and standalone poncho rolls - added tropical rucksacks with PRCs inside - forgot what else but im pretty sure there were something else However, is this it? nope! today marks the release of Expansion pack for S&S: S&S: New Wave This project adds a New wave of uniforms and other equipment from the Post-Vietnam decades, 70s, 80s. This expansion requires the base S&S mod to work, due to the amount of shared assets such as grenade vests, M17 gasmask bag, webgear parts, flak vests, etc Full list of assets: Known Issues - BDU t-shirt textures don't match their blouse counterparts (e.g. green t-shirts for desert/ripstop M81, which otherwise show tan t-shirt under blouse) - M17 gasmask strap clips with RDF uniforma (rigging issues reeee!) - some rollsleeves may clip thru hands (Possible) Upcoming content Disclaimer: No designated ETA - LBV - RBA - Flakvest-fitting Buttpacks If you do enjoy the content, please consider buying Justin a coffee 🙂 or supporting vie patreon, or make a donation to my paypal (address: arkan_ebi@hotmail.com ) Credits - Justin N. : Lead-dev - Bohemia Interactive: arma sample models - Motta: M1 helmet shell and chinstrap, cover shape and texture variation, and Leather combat boots - Jujurat: raw models for ALICE pack - Olmo Potmus: CVC helmet model - Lennard : Nomex gloves, CVC helmet import, additional screenshots, title suggestion - GeorgeRavioli: Temperate BDU - Lyaskavka : camo pattern mafia - Frenchy56: collar rank textures, screenshots - Шоиветс: references and death threats - MachoMan : additional screenshots - Justin : additional screenshots - Remi Mercier : additional screenshots - 🅱orton hears a thot: additional screenshots - Bigminstone99: additional screenshots - John R. Ebay: additional screenshots - Darryl Baskin : additional screenshots - Outwardpanicjoe: WAT - everyone who has done pre-release testing, reporting any issues and adding good advices 🙂 - did I miss anyone? Special thanks to Lackrica, Matt, Barden, Motta, MachoMan, ded pat, GeorgeRavioli , Beachhead, Local_Alcoholic_Tex, and Coldfront for additional support! Additional thanks to Coldfront, Giga-rat/Dusty from the 101st Milsim Unit for kickstarting this project!
  7. simcardo

    S & S

    i did an asset list back in like may 2021, by now it is already outdatted
  8. Update: 19 June 2020 - added medical web gear - added belts w/ wire cutters - added belts w/ compass pouch - added pistal holster and ammo pouch (nonfunctional, not intended to. made by jujurat) - added leather chin cups (made by Francois1956) to M2 helmets - added type-A5 container (as static ammo box object) - updated materials to use proper DirectX normals format package is now standalone; can be downloaded here units/groups for EDEN/Zeus and ifa3 vehicule retextures are now moved to different page, here (requires FoW/IFA3) Lastly, if you do enjoy my content, please consider supporting me on patreon! (or perhaps if you don't want to or unable to, you can help spread the word around the network about it, thanks so much!)
  9. this workshop item will be updated sometime within 48 hours, mod is restructured entirely to allow complete independency of other mods (ifa3/FoW); it will break some stuff initially
  10. simcardo

    S & S

    Updates for April 2021 - added USMC TCUs - added USMC t-shirts - replaced OG107 mk1 model - replaced OG107 mk3 model - added additional og107 model variants (rollsleeve etc) - added 4cm grenade vest (standalone, w/m56, flak, etc) - added M56 webgear w/ claymore sack - added m56 webgear w/ bandoleer on belt - added marston mat static object - added hot weather cap - added MC utility caps Upcoming content:
  11. simcardo

    S & S

    Might make actual nomex gloves one day so nah
  12. simcardo

    S & S

    im pretty sure theres some vest sets that has it, even tho less than 1961 buttpack im sure theres some, i know one of the webbings that has grenades on it has 56 buttpack, but i might accidentally replaced em with 61 this is good idea tho, and ive also been thinking of it, and also thinking of adding additional stuff like poncho roll or or ERDL poncho liner w/ spaghetti straps on top of buttpack
  13. simcardo

    S & S

    Happy 2nd week of the (still relatively) new year everyone 🙂 Update: 7 Janvier 2021 - added uncovered M1s - added M1923 Cartris belt - added M1937 BAR belt - added chicom mk56 rigs - added PAVN uniforma - added namcom pyjamas - added M67 gear - added M56 LCE w/ frags and M43 e-tool - added M56 LCE w/ sidearm and M43 e-tool - added Tropical Caledonia Rucksack - added illegal canteen (decorative) - added M56 LCE w/ chicom rigs - added mk3 TCU w/ straight nametapes - added TCUs w/ leGGings - added blackened TCUs - added t-shirts w/ highland ERDL trousers - added ARVN tiger stripes - added Amerikanski tigre stripes - added TCUs w/ tiger stripe panties - added BDQ uniforma - added ARVN ERDLs - added ARVN OG107s - added Boonie hats (OG107) - added Boonie hats (El tigre) - added Boonie hats (ERDL) - added Asian conical hat - adjusted helmet cover colours - adjusted postion on some helmets for variative sake - added winston cigs on helmets - added lucky strike cig on helmets - separated KP ranks PBO so that they are removable special thanks to blokes that made screenshots that showcases the update before (Bossman, Joe, Beachhead)! Download: Steam Workshop Lastly, If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon 🙂
  14. simcardo

    S & S

    Update: 5 Desember 2020 - tweaked load capacity for most vests - Updated M1 helmet covers - Added M1C helmets - Added PRC on Frame (withoutt rucksack) - Added additional LW rucksacks - Added LW rucksaks w/ M1 helmets - Updated TCU model and textures Download: Steam Workshop Lastly, If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon 🙂