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  1. Well, I hope you get something, if you get this besides fixing the neck we will have some coats 100% great (or at least better than those of IFA3 that have not just arrived: /). Some hint of when will the next update be with the new content?
  2. Hey, Simcardo, since you've dared to make a long coat model, could you make one model for the Nazis? I leave you some reference images. Also, if you give me permission, I can make the textures myself and send them to you once you release the updated version of the mod. Second: I will follow you if you can do it so that you put the line of the coat more to the right (left if you look at it from the front), right now it is too centered by what I saw in the photos and the buttons are too far left . PD: Good luck with that, very important! ____________________________________ reference images
  3. Use them as you wish, after all they are the same as IFA3 only to adjust their tonality so they look more like the Sherman M4 of IF
  4. Hey simcardo, I would like to give this to you so you can use it in your mod if you wish, they are textures for the American armor with a more olive color that resembles more those used in the European scenario instead of the current Khaki. M3 Stuart https://www.4shared.com/rar/6-OCkfEoee/M3_Stuart.html Sherman 76mm, Sherman Firefly, Sherman HVSS and the caterpillars https://www.4shared.com/rar/1Sh9Muwfgm/M4_Sherman.html M8 Greyhound https://www.4shared.com/rar/dRNgDMiJee/M8_Greyhound.html
  5. Could you tell me what confuses them? Is it a language problem or do I explain myself well?
  6. Hey Simcardo, would you consider revising your p3d model? You will see one of the most distinctive features of the M43 jackets are their large lapels on the neck, because it is a uniform designed to spend the winter or they offered a lot of coverage to the neck area. Right now these flaps are too short in the current uniform model and I think that this element is one of the most important points that mark the aesthetics and appearance of the M43. PD: You could also create some variants with a darker olive-colored texture of the American gear that combines with the M43 would be great. Something like that is
  7. Hello IFA3 community, I am working on trying to "improve" a bit the uniform textures and equipment of IFA3 that does not bring the GEIST addon with my almost non-existent skills in photoshop so I could use the help in a couple of points of someone. For now I show you: Jacket M43: Recolored Added satin fabric texture Recoloured vests and backpacks Place buttons on the uniform Aspirations: Create variant M42 Create variant M41 Add variants of uniforms with different badges of Divisions My knowledge of creation of addon is scarce. Right now I need help to be able to take my textures to an addon dependent on IFA3. What I want is: Take existing uniforms and equipment in IFA3 and add new variants with the new textures and a name that fits the new model If it is possible to change the emblem of the divinity shown in each new uniform version Finally create two new factions called something like "US Army (Post-Normandy)" and "US Airborne" which have the same soldiers of their original IFA3 homologous only with the difference that they use the news models of uniforms ) For those willing to help me convert this into an addon.
  8. Yurichenco

    Faces of War [WW2]

    And in Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34091&highlight=US%2BGENERAL%2BEQUIPMENT%2BAND%2BACCESSORIES%2B%28WW
  9. Do you consider darkening the army's M 1943 jacket and the 82nd Division more? I believe that they are a bit clear and look a lot like the M1942 jackets of the 101st Division
  10. IFA3 Team, I think you could have an eye on this. The m41 uniforms, in addition to the vests, harnesses and backpacks, seem to me to be oversaturated or too dark in color. Currently they have a very intense brown color which I think is not the right one for that uniform. If you use the FoW or GEIST models of the M41 uniform as reference, they notice what I say. Could clarify a little the camiza and step a little too the pants to see if it is more or less as in this images?
  11. I think I found what I was looking for http://www.armaholic.com/plug.php?e=faq&q=7 Complicated topic, better not even ask. Just stay with those who do not have access to the Internet freely because of our country we are in the need to innovate or find alternatives
  12. Well, it turns out I CAN NOT download steam In fact, you are absolutely right, it is impossible for me to access Steam content because of where I live. Could you provide me with an address by which to contact Foxhound personally?
  13. Please please please!!! Upload it to Armaholic, please!
  14. Yurichenco

    Faces of War [WW2]

    hey guys, you could take a look at the download site on armaholic, I've been trying to download from there for weeks and the download always fails at 160 mb. I can not use steam that's why I use armaholic