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  1. HI, the massi ww2 units was removed from workshop, and nowhere to find it on the internet. So many of your H&D2 remake missions(mainly involved with Italian force) are unable to play now
  2. HBAOplus

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    Hi, I found out some messages in the rpt file regarding DVS when in single player mode, maybe you can check them out
  3. Hi, does any one have a backup of massi's ww2 units?
  4. Hi, I just wanna konw, what's the real differences between these weapon resting status in the picture(from 1 to 5)? https://imgse.com/i/xcDTR1
  5. Hi, is there any up-to-date mod contain the feature of making regular units better then guerilla but spec ops or snipers a lot better then all, just like ASR AI did? (Advanced skill settings part: ) ASR AI is not updated for a very long time.
  6. HBAOplus

    World War II Units

    Hi, its been taken down from workshop, could you reupload? Several good missions have a dependency on it.
  7. Hi, unsung team, I've been enjoy your mod for a long time, thank you for the efforts! There are some weird issues about unsung I wanna talk about: 1 The weight of M72 rocket launcher's tube is 3.86kg(I use ACE to reveal it), and its rocket round is 2.95kg, so the full M72 system is 6.81kg! I checked wikipedia, it said full system(Complete M72A2) should be 2.3kg. Also unsung M72 can load vanilla RPG42 rounds, weird thing. 2 The XM177E2 GL(XM148/M203) version's weight is 4.99kg, but the XM177E1 counterpart is 2.95kg. 3 Unlike M79 and china-lake, XM148/M203 on rifles(M16/XM177) do not have a working leaf sight, render them not available to engage enemys beyond 50 meters. 4 For the GL versions of M16/XM177, sights can not be mounted on their carrying handles. 5 The M1 garand rifle grenade version can use vanilla GL rounds(M406 type) 6 I've checked so many weapons, then found out that so many of them have a very low FOV(zoom in too much) when aiming down sights, is that intentional? 7 The vehicles labled M151 seem to be real life Willys jeeps. 8 Many of the static and vehicle-mounted machine guns do not have recoil when openning fire. 9 Many machine guns(M60,PK,RPD) have a version labled 'Mg support', do they have any difference compare to their normal versions? 10 would you please use vanilla Starter Pistol's reload animation on unsung revolvers? https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Starter_Pistol
  8. HBAOplus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    You may use other mods(eg.Tao's folding map rewrite, Ctab Devastator Edition) as alternatives. The ctab mod will auto-add a Tactical Awareness Display to those GPS built-in air vehicles.
  9. HBAOplus

    ACES of the Sky v1.6

    Hi, thank you for the effort! 1 Can you please make your 3rd party terrains(eg. takistan) versions Aces of the Sky singleplayer compatible? 2 Can you add USAF mod and Legends of the USSR mod's planes to be usable in Aces of the Sky? 3 Will ground vehicles from CUP and RHS be Spawnd as live enemies?
  10. Any plan to update your mod to utilize arma3's new IR lighting?
  11. Hi, I may find some issues about the factions overhauled. In RHS NATO overhauled(both ARMY and MARINES versions), some SF operators(eg. Recon Marksman('B_recon_M_F') ) use SR25/MK11, the magazines should be 'rhsusf_20Rnd_762x51_SR25_m118_special_Mag' instead of legacy 'rhsusf_20Rnd_762x51_m118_special_Mag'; In RHS Syndikat overhauled, GP25(mount on AK74M and AK103) is used by some units(eg. Raider (UGL) ('I_C_Soldier_Para_6_F')), their grenades shuld be 'rhs_VOG25', not the vanilla '1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell'.
  12. HBAOplus

    NIArms Release Thread

    Could you please seperate the NIArms Core components from the NIArms All In One (V14 Onwards), so that the latter is requiring NIArms Core? Cause some modded weapons is only depend on NIArms Core, and All In One pack is also needed on my end.
  13. Well, the AI units dispearing from vehicle seats after loading a saved progress bug happend several times on my end, I just can not figure it out which mod cause the problem. My mod preset is too long to do the check😂.
  14. Please consider modifying the legacy IFA3 AIO the same way as ADR-97 Weapon Pack (Official Mod) (Removed: All data except the mod definition), so that other community ww2 mods' dependency not broken. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/669962280