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  1. Hi, will the animated rear sight feature finally apply on M16/CAR-15?
  2. Hi, do AIs also be affected by this mod?
  3. HBAOplus

    3CB Factions

    Hi,please also consider adding M939 Desert and Woodland to RHS USMC Factions.
  4. HBAOplus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    kimi‘s HMD seems to have removed configs for RHS AH64 and AH1
  5. HBAOplus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, is there any way to display the chopper speed and height found in HMDs(for AH-64&AH-1Z), in kph and meter?
  6. Hi jarrad96, is there any plan to make a CSAT faction Overhauled mod that using NIA/SMA/MLO assests?
  7. HBAOplus

    Combat Den

    @ottaviodp For the PMC NVG issue, I double checked the mod list(only workshop CBA, ACE3, CUP( terrain core, units, vehicles(with ace compat), weapons(with ace compat)), but the problem is unchanged. One more thing, in CUP and RHS, there are plenty of combo rail accessorys (laser pointer and flashlight combine together) available, will you please add some of them to the default loadout or arsenal? CUP accessorys can be searched from there(list as CUP_acc_XXX, eg: CUP_acc_ANPEQ_15_Top_Flashlight_Black_L): http://wiki.audiocustoms.info/index.php?title=Arma_3_CfgWeapons_Items
  8. HBAOplus

    Combat Den

    There is something more I want to discuss: 1 in the escape mission, how long will it take before "base provides extraction coordinates"? 2 in the destroy enemy ordnance mission, how to "check enemy units for any intel on ordnance locations"? By killing them to search their body for any document? 3 for the USMC(CUP) faction, in the loadout presets menu, I see you prepare M24 & HK417 D20 for marksman role; to be more realistic, please replace them with M40A3 & M110(of course M110A1 is HK417 modification). You also select glock 17 to be the USMC's standard sidearm, please use M9 instead. 4 for the Russia(CUP), replace their sidearms from CZ 75 to Makarov series(CUP_hgun_Makarov, CUP_hgun_PB6P9, CUP_hgun_PB6P9_snds)? 5 for the Bundeswehr(CUP), replace marksman's rifle from L129A1 to HK417 D20(stand for G28)? 6 I think I may find a bug. When select the PMC(CUP) faction, you can only put on NVG when Binoculars/vector are in your hands then pressing N button, when holding a rifle, it is not working. Same thing happend when you are the gunner in APC in the steal truck mission, you can not cycle through DTV/NV/thermal sight. I checked other CUP factions(USMC, BAF, Russia, Bundeswehr), NVG works as usual.
  9. HBAOplus

    Combat Den

    @ottaviodp 1 There is an US 1991 Army faction in CFP(CFP_B_USARMY_1991_DES, CFP_B_USARMY_1991_WDL), so please have a look. one more request, there is a new faction called Wagner Russian PMC(Arid/Desert, Woodland,Winter) in CFP, please consider adding them to combat den. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369691841 2 ACE tripod and range card should be enough though. 3 your finding is correct, just add bipods to the arsenal for those certain factions. 4 please add ACE clackers to the arsenal for the demonlition mission. Related tools: M26(very long remote range) and M57(short range) firing devices.
  10. HBAOplus

    Combat Den

    Hi ottaviodp, I just got some thoughts: 1 Will you please consider adding US ARMY (RHS, CUP, cold war era, etc) factions to Combat Den? 2 The marksman role in RACS should equip at least some of the sniper tools, since RACS is a regular army. 3 Please add bipods to the arsenal, some rifles can benifit from them. Thanks!
  11. Yes, there is a AI Unconsciousness checkbox in the settings, but it does not work for player in my test, I still fall into unconsciousness when being hit.
  12. Hi everyone, in the new ACE medic system, if I want to totally disable unconsciousness for player, how do I tweak the settings?
  13. Hi, will these detailed faces automatically apply on dynamic generated AI units?
  14. Hi, something went wrong when AAF Overhauled [CUP] and project OPFOR are loaded together. Some factions(LOP_RACS - Royal Army Corp of Sahrani, LOP_NAPA - Chernarussian National Insurgents, LOP_ChDKZ - ChDKZ Insurgents) from the latter are affected by the AAF Overhauled [CUP] mod, too. Soldiers(include crewmen) from these factions are all replaced with your modified AAF ones. Is there anything we can do? project OPFOR: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735566597
  15. HBAOplus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi RHS team, will you guys plan to make detailed gunner's sight for AH64D and AH1Z, just like what you did for KA52 and MI28N? The latter two's sights are very close to real life counterpart, very impressive! But Apache and Viper's sights are just borrowed from vanilla Blackfoot. I have some pics to demonstrate(01 to 05 are ingame sights comparison, 06 to 10 are real life old AH1's sight I got from youtube video, 11 is AH64's sight ): https://imgchr.com/album/YfiuQ/?sort=title_asc&page=1