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  1. HBAOplus

    Type 22 Manta UGV

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1793849376&searchtext=type+22+manta+ugv take a look at this one
  2. Hi, after ACE3's latest update, there are some rpt errors regard AIO Command Menu when I order AIs to heal themselves(press Y to open AIO Command Menu, then press 1 infantry commands ---> 1 heal up!): I also enabled these 2 newly introduced settings: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/pull/9362 https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/pull/9458 So by default, AIs will heal themselves by actually using/consuming ACE bandages, but when using your mod's ‘1 infantry commands ---> 1 heal up!’ command, AIs will play heal animation, but their wounds will stay untreated(and not consume ACE bandages). Could you please have a look, thanks!
  3. Hi, does CUP bugtracket went offline? https://dev.cup-arma3.org/ It only says: 503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request.
  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/linkItem this page says " If there is an item in the targeted slot, it gets replaced." I want to find a similar command, so that when an item(called A1) was created, If targeted slot is empyt, A1 will be put in the slot; If there is already an item (call A2) in the targeted slot, A2 will still be there, and A1 be stored in player's inventory. Anyone can help?
  5. Hi, I just found out that the web page found in your first post is not available now. http://ww2ina3.com/wiki/index.php?title=Class_Overview_Weapons Is the any way I can get the full IFA3 classnames list?
  6. HBAOplus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi everyone, I wanna ask: 1 When AIs and players ocupied loader seats for mortars(eg. M252), AAAs(ZU-23), artillerys(D-30), tanks(M1 Abrams), will it speed up ammos' reload speed? 2 Does AI apache pilots effectively use DIRCM to deflect incoming missiles? 3 Is there any downside for 40rnd 556 stanag mags, compared to 30rnd ones?
  7. HBAOplus

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Hi, I found out that for the M1A1s in cold war era IRL, the gunner's primary sight only has 3X and 10X when magnified.
  8. HBAOplus

    SOG AI

    Hi, can I use this mod without SOG PF CDLC?
  9. HI, the massi ww2 units was removed from workshop, and nowhere to find it on the internet. So many of your H&D2 remake missions(mainly involved with Italian force) are unable to play now
  10. HBAOplus

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    Hi, I found out some messages in the rpt file regarding DVS when in single player mode, maybe you can check them out
  11. Hi, does any one have a backup of massi's ww2 units?
  12. Hi, I just wanna konw, what's the real differences between these weapon resting status in the picture(from 1 to 5)? https://imgse.com/i/xcDTR1
  13. Hi, is there any up-to-date mod contain the feature of making regular units better then guerilla but spec ops or snipers a lot better then all, just like ASR AI did? (Advanced skill settings part: ) ASR AI is not updated for a very long time.
  14. HBAOplus

    World War II Units

    Hi, its been taken down from workshop, could you reupload? Several good missions have a dependency on it.
  15. Hi, unsung team, I've been enjoy your mod for a long time, thank you for the efforts! There are some weird issues about unsung I wanna talk about: 1 The weight of M72 rocket launcher's tube is 3.86kg(I use ACE to reveal it), and its rocket round is 2.95kg, so the full M72 system is 6.81kg! I checked wikipedia, it said full system(Complete M72A2) should be 2.3kg. Also unsung M72 can load vanilla RPG42 rounds, weird thing. 2 The XM177E2 GL(XM148/M203) version's weight is 4.99kg, but the XM177E1 counterpart is 2.95kg. 3 Unlike M79 and china-lake, XM148/M203 on rifles(M16/XM177) do not have a working leaf sight, render them not available to engage enemys beyond 50 meters. 4 For the GL versions of M16/XM177, sights can not be mounted on their carrying handles. 5 The M1 garand rifle grenade version can use vanilla GL rounds(M406 type) 6 I've checked so many weapons, then found out that so many of them have a very low FOV(zoom in too much) when aiming down sights, is that intentional? 7 The vehicles labled M151 seem to be real life Willys jeeps. 8 Many of the static and vehicle-mounted machine guns do not have recoil when openning fire. 9 Many machine guns(M60,PK,RPD) have a version labled 'Mg support', do they have any difference compare to their normal versions? 10 would you please use vanilla Starter Pistol's reload animation on unsung revolvers? https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Starter_Pistol