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Found 28 results

  1. Hi guys. I am trying to add a new option to the mouse wheel menu, but I want it to be activated only if I have any handgun and if I do not have any the option does not shows at all. Everything works well, but I need it to only works if I have the handgun. This is what i have now: And of course at this moment works with or with out the handgun. player addaction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Shoot as Rich Texan</t>","AirShoot.sqf"]; Te script on "AirShoot.sqf" file works great. Please help. Thanks.
  2. All-In-One AI Command Menu A "WW AI Menu" Patch By Leopard20 & WindWalking Hello everyone. As you know, the WW AI Menu was one of the first and best AI mods released in the early days of ARMA 3 release. It addressed a lot of issues and shortcomings with the vanilla ARMA commanding system, and packed a lot of handy features including: - Infantry commands such as healing, garrisoning & clearing building, rearming, .... - Vehicle commands such as engine on and off, horn and eject with parachute. - Waypoint system with the ability to assign multiple waypoints to your squad members. - Weapon accessories (silencers, flashlights, ...) - Unsticking units. and .... Read more about the mod: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/153621-ww-aimenu-complimentary-commands/ Unfortunately, when Windwalking left the community some of the features ended up broken, and due to the community rule forbidding people from taking over and/or changing an author's work without their permission, nobody has stepped up to bring this mod back to life. Until now. I decided to bring this mod back to life in a way that respects the community rule and the author's work. Namely, "patching" the original mod by adding features and fixing broken ones. As a result, you will need the original mod installed for my mod to work. You can activate the menu by pressing Y .If you use the "Y" key for Zeus or anything else you can either change the keybinding for those features (I personally use "Ctrl+Y" for Zeus) or change the keybinding for the menu by navigating to: "OPTIONS > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS > (dropdown menu) All-In-One Command Menu". I've also included a userconfig file where you can add support for your mods (if they are not supported already). Currently you can add support for: Resupply vehicles, AT soldiers (used in the rearming script) and the Handgun suppressors. Note that you might need to enable "file patching" for the config file to work (either add the -filepatching commandline or enable it in the launcher parameters). This mod is compatible with other commanding mods (such as C2). Although I don't recommend using both for issuing the same command at the same time (e.g when you use C2 to order your units to mount a vehicle, don't use the same command in this mod, as it may cause conflicts and unforeseen consequences) I also recommend this mod as it makes issuing regular and frequent commands a lot easier: (you may need to change the default keys used by the mod, keys 1, 2, 3 , 4, as these keys are used for switching weapons) Advanced Command System (ACS) All features were tested using the vanilla ARMA vehicles/weapons (including all DLCs up to the time of release), and work as intended. However some features (the most important of which being weapon accessories) may not work in other mods (such as RHS or CUP). Edit: As of version 0.50 Beta most features should work with other mods without issues. If they don't please post your feedback in this thread. Here's a quick overview of what is changed: Unchanged: Fixed/Modified/Removed: Added: Screenshots: Notes: Special thanks to: - @Windwalking for his awesome mod. - @Muzzleflash for helping me with showing objects on the map and also teaching me a lot about scripting. He's one of the best guys on this forum. - @mad_cheese for allowing me to use the "Bounding Box" function used in his legendary mod, C2. - and everyone else who kindly answered all my questions on the forum. Disclaimer: I can't guarantee this mod is completely harmless. Please back up your ARMA 3 directory located in the "Documents" folder (C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\) prior to using this mod (especially the file *.vars.Arma3Profile and the "saved" folder because they are the only files that may be affected). Multiplayer support is in alpha state and not fully tested yet. Dear Moderators, The current release still uses the scripts from the original version. Also, to avoid some conflicts, I had to rename the global variables. If you think this mod is still not in compliance with forum rules please let me know to come up with a solution (you can PM me or post it here). By installing this patch, the original mod will be disabled (If you want me to leave it enabled please leave a feedback and I'll re-enable it). Download Link (Current Version: v1.2.1): GitHub (always up-to-date) DropBox Armaholic (updates with a slight delay) How to Install: Future Plans: Changelog: Requirements: CBA: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 WW AI Menu by Windwalking: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22380 Since v1.0.0, WW AI Menu mod is not required anymore. It's because some users reported they had trouble setting up WW AI Menu (mostly because of FilePatching used in WW AI Menu, which complicated things), so I decided not to make it necessary to have this mod. A couple of such reports:
  3. Hello everyone, I need some help with basic scripting since I really have no experience in it. So, I want to have setAccTime in my scroll menu, under some basic name of course, 'Slow-mo', or whatever. What should I do and how? Do I need to create a sqf file and call it in playerinit file?
  4. I want to add to my mod a setting using the CBA Setting Menu. I have followed the Wiki and so far I have done everything, but the Menu is not showing up. On my config.cpp class Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers { class my_preInit { init="call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers 'myAddon\XEH_preInit.sqf'"; }; }; And on my XEH_preInit.sqf: [ "My_ViewDistance", "SLIDER", "View Distance", "My Settings", [200, 15000, 5000, 0], true, {} ] call cba_settings_fnc_init; Settings are just for testing that the menu is showing up. What am I missing? I have been checking other mods that use the CBA, and I don't see nothing different. In Eden Editor CBA Settings Menu is empty. There no error showing up when starting arma or editor. EDIT: I have been following this wiki: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/wiki/CBA-Settings-System#create-a-custom-setting-for-mission-or-mod
  5. ZLoadOut

    Description : Small ingame loadout cheanger for planes and helicopters, save and load custom presets In game '?' is only in english, if some one know english and russian perfectly any help will be accepted How to import it in your map/scenario? Just add following text in files, and obviously files downloaded -description.ext class CfgFunctions { #include "ZLoad\functions.hpp" }; #include "Zload\defines.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogLoadout.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogHelp.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogSave.hpp" -initPlayerLocal.sqf [player,"MarkerNameFromEDITOR",20] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;//[PLAYER,MARKERNAME,RADIUS] -onPlayerRespawn.sqf [player,"MarkerNameFromEDITOR",20] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;//[PLAYER,MARKERNAME,RADIUS] -stringtable.xml just add all from file in mission to your stringable.xml(if exists, else just put in your mission folder) -in editor add marker to use in scripts, it will be the marker near the menu will apear (ps:sorry for my bad english) Exemple : _Radius_From_center = 20; [_OBJ_TO_ADD_ACTION,"Zone_Center",_Radius_From_center] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone; #v1.0 First Release Download <-> Steam Workshop
  6. Mod the Arma 3 main menu center spotlight button to join a specific server with 1 click. Based on KK's work. See it in action. GitHub Main components: config.cpp class CfgPatches { class amp_spotlight { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.6; requiredAddons[] = {}; version = 2.0; versionStr = 2.0; versionAr[] = {2, 0}; author = "Ampersand"; }; }; class RscStandardDisplay; class RscDisplayMain: RscStandardDisplay { class Spotlight { class AwesomeServer { text = "[ OFFICIAL ] Arma 3 Zeus by Bohemia Interactive (EU) #15"; // Text displayed on the square button, converted to upper-case textIsQuote = 0; // 1 to add quotation marks around the text picture = "\amp_spotlight\button.paa"; // Square picture, ideally 512x512 //video = "\a3\Ui_f\Video\spotlight_1_Apex.ogv"; // Video played on mouse hover //action = "0 = [_this, 'your.domain.here', '2302', 'yourpasshere'] execVM '\amp_spotlight\joinServer.sqf';"; action = "0 = [_this, '', '2302', ''] execVM '\amp_spotlight\joinServer.sqf';"; actionText = "Join server: [ OFFICIAL ] Arma 3 Zeus by Bohemia Interactive (EU) #15"; // Text displayed in top left corner of on-hover white frame condition = "true"; // Condition for showing the spotlight }; }; }; joinServer.sqf #include "\A3\Ui_f\hpp\defineResincl.inc" params [ ["_buttons", []], ["_IP", ""], ["_PORT", "2302"], ["_PASS", ""], ["_TIMEOUT", 30] ]; ctrlactivate ((ctrlparent (_buttons # 0)) displayctrl 105); /* 1 _IP 2 _PORT 3 _PASS 4 IDC_CANCEL 5 IDD_MISSION 6 IDD_DEBRIEFING 7 IDD_MP_SETUP 8 IDD_MULTIPLAYER 9 IDC_MULTI_TAB_DIRECT_CONNECT 10 IDD_IP_ADDRESS 11 IDC_IP_ADDRESS 12 IDC_IP_PORT 13 IDC_MULTI_SESSIONS 14 IDC_OK 15 IDC_MULTI_JOIN 16 IDD_PASSWORD 17 IDC_PASSWORD 18 diag_tickTime + _TIMEOUT */ onEachFrame format [ " onEachFrame { ctrlActivate (findDisplay %8 displayCtrl %9); onEachFrame { private _ctrlServerAddress = findDisplay %10 displayCtrl 2300; _ctrlServerAddress controlsGroupCtrl %11 ctrlSetText ""%1""; _ctrlServerAddress controlsGroupCtrl %12 ctrlSetText ""%2""; ctrlActivate (_ctrlServerAddress controlsGroupCtrl %14); onEachFrame { ((findDisplay %8 displayCtrl %13) lbData 0) call { if (diag_tickTime > %18) then { diag_log ""RCTS Timeout (no server)""; onEachFrame {}; }; if !(_this isEqualTo '') then { findDisplay %8 displayCtrl %13 lbSetCurSel 0; onEachFrame { ctrlActivate (findDisplay %8 displayCtrl %15); onEachFrame { if (diag_tickTime > %18) then { diag_log ""RCTS Timeout (cannot join)""; onEachFrame {}; }; if (!isNull findDisplay %16) then { private _ctrlPassword = findDisplay %16 displayCtrl %17; _ctrlPassword ctrlSetTextColor [0,0,0,0]; _ctrlPassword ctrlSetText ""%3""; ctrlActivate (findDisplay %16 displayCtrl %14); }; if (getClientStateNumber >= 3) then { diag_log ""RCTS Success""; onEachFrame {}; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; ", _IP, _PORT, _PASS, IDC_CANCEL, IDD_MISSION, IDD_DEBRIEFING, IDD_MP_SETUP, IDD_MULTIPLAYER, IDC_MULTI_TAB_DIRECT_CONNECT, IDD_IP_ADDRESS, IDC_IP_ADDRESS, IDC_IP_PORT, IDC_MULTI_SESSIONS, IDC_OK, IDC_MULTI_JOIN, IDD_PASSWORD, IDC_PASSWORD, diag_tickTime + _TIMEOUT];
  7. ADS Settings

    First off, I want to say how unique of a game this is. I love that it has kind of a feel of its own, and it is definitely fun to play! Of that uniqueness, there is a MYRIAD of ADS sensitivity settings. I'm a seasoned FPS player, but a lot of these options I've never heard of (i.e. exponent, ramp up, delay time, etc.). My issue is it's hard to find a guide anywhere online highlighting how to use said options. So maybe to resolve this issue for people like me, add some sort of "Key" or "Info" for these functions. Also a major immersion-breaker I've run into... I have to re-enter these parameters every-time I log back into the game after leaving. It adds another 15 minutes of me fiddling through the menu before a match. Like I said, loving what I'm playing so far! I love early-access because I can really see the game grow from the foundation up. Let me know if you have had any similar problems, and hopefully it get resolved soon. Cheers to Bohemia!!
  8. Hello. Anyone know if there is a "correct" way to execute pause menu? (Escape menu. When you press Esc button). You can open it with createdialog "RscDisplayInterrupt", but there are no scripts which set functions to it. So it's useless. Maybe there is some way to execute it correctly..?
  9. Is it possible to open a settings menu like a custom CBA one from a billboard with the hold space bar action? I have code that can open a field manual with a hold action, but I have a custom menu that allows setting view dist and sound volume, and I would like to be able to have players open it from a billboard or a laptop item. Surely I could modify the code to get this to work, but how would I get the path to a custom menu? Thanks. This is the code to open a field manual, I could possibly use this? BIS_holdActionSFX = (getArray (configFile >> "CfgSounds" >> "Orange_Action_Wheel" >> "sound")) param [0, ""]; BIS_holdActionSFX = BIS_holdActionSFX + ".wss"; BIS_holdActionProgress = { private _progressTick = _this select 4; if ((_progressTick % 2) == 0) exitwith {}; private _coef = _progressTick / 24; playSound3D [BIS_holdActionSFX, player, false, getPosASL player, 1, 0.9 + 0.2 * _coef]; }; [BIS_TV1, localize "STR_A3_Orange_Faction_IDAP_action_FM", "\a3\Missions_F_Orange\Data\Img\Showcase_LawsOfWar\action_access_fm_ca", "\a3\Missions_F_Orange\Data\Img\Showcase_LawsOfWar\action_access_fm_ca", "(_this distance _target < 3) && (isNull (findDisplay 162))", "isNull (findDisplay 162)", {}, BIS_holdActionProgress, {BIS_TV1 say3D "Orange_Access_FM"; ["InternationalHumanitarianLaw", "Overview", findDisplay 46, localize "STR_A3_Orange_Faction_IDAP_FM_filter_LoW"] call BIS_fnc_openFieldManual}, {}, [], 0.5, nil, false] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd;
  10. Dialog Menu

    How do I get my dialog menu to pop up for every new person that joins the mission?
  11. Hi, I discovered recently a weird behavior, with addAction on a crate (or any object), while you're leader of a group. With any of your AI team mate (so local to your PC), you can order him the addAction on the crate (if conditions are met), with the action menu (6). That means the code will run locally even if you are away from the object. Just test: write an addAction for a crate: myCrate addAction ["Arsenal", { ["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal },nil,10,false,true,"","vehicle _this == _this"]; Here is for arsenal opening, but any code will run a well. Place the crate or any object named myCrate. Place a squad with leader as player. Run the preview. You can see your added action when closing the crate (within 15m as hard coded). Move away then order an AI o close the crate on his turn. Now, you have an added line in commanding action menu (6) for this unit! You can even ask him to open arsenal. The unit will start an animation to come closer to the crate but at arrival, you will open arsenal for yourself. So, the conclusion is that the hard coded condition is checking the distance from object, not only for player but for all subordinates (not tested with several players in same group). The working filter seems to be: vehicle _this == player but this remains a waste of code and performance, imho, because the hard coded distance condition should check only for player's distance. As you can see, with no filter on player, you can open arsenal on crate, even if on the other side of the map. This occurred for me while an AI respawn point was too close from the crate.
  12. I have a menu I am working on for a version of AW Invade and Annex, it allows the player to select various options when the right Windows key is pressed, but I cannot work out how to add more than one option. co60_AW_Invade_Annex_2_85C_fnc_Earplugs = { if (soundVolume == 1) then { 1 fadeSound 0.2; } else { 1 fadeSound 1; }; }; test_flex = { [ ["Testing", "Action", "CBA_flexiMenu_rscRose"], [ ["Earplugs", { _this call co60_AW_Invade_Annex_2_85C_fnc_Earplugs; true }, "", "", [], 0x12, true, true] ] ]; }; ["Test Mod", "Open Menu", ["player", [], -100, "_this call test_flex"], [0xDC, false, false, false] ] call CBA_fnc_registerKeybindToFleximenu; There is not much documentation on this feature, but it would be very good, as instead of having a few obscure keybinds, I can have this instead. Has anyone else tried this and got it to work? The one option I added works, but some others are needed. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  13. What I'm trying to do is show current load out/gear information like guns/equipment ect though dialogs on respawn, so people can make a informed choice. I already have a system in place but I feel there is a better way that's cleaner or more modular or a way to refine it? Would be cool if you could customise from a pool of items and each of those items has a value attached to them to balance them out. I think that's out of my reach, but if you have something I could look at to learn, that is very appreciated. Any ideas? I'm all ears. These are all listboxes and the items change based on the class selection, also when you click the uniform/vest/backpack the Capacity value ect will show. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I'm currently working on converting a series of tools I made as script into a mod. I'd like to create a configure addon menu that would allow the user to select some options. (as well as server owners/ mission makers). I'd also like to give the user the option to change the keybinds for the mod. ACE3 and ACRE2 have such implementations for example, I have had a look at their files but I'm not sure how to do this, I guess they are using CBA to do this but have no idea how. Could anyone here point me in the right direction?
  15. Hello, Scripting question here. I've done several Googling sessions and haven't found anything. In a mission framework I am creating, I have added a button to the escape menu using the onPauseScript setting in my description.ext to run this code to add a button: _menu = _this select 0; _adminButton = _menu ctrlCreate ["RscButton",9998]; // Move it to the position _adminButton ctrlSetPosition [0,0]; // Set the text _adminButton ctrlSetText "Console"; // Add the event handler to execute the console script. TODO: Close the escape menu before opening _adminButton ctrlAddEventHandler ["buttonClick", {_menu closeDisplay 0; player spawn wmc_fnc_openConsole}]; This works, as far as it creates the dialog, but it leaves the escape menu open, which in turn causes problems with VCOM's menu, plus it's just annoying. I have tried several things in place of "_menu closeDisplay 0;" including closeDialog. I don't know if I'm doing it right, but I haven't been able to find much documentation on this. Is there a way to close the escape menu through scripting, or even just simulate the key press of the ESC key to close it? Thanks, Nightwolf
  16. hi guys! i've been plagued for many months now, by a really strange problem, that happens just sometimes, apparently at random times. here is what happens usually: i start the game, join a server, and when it should show the respawn menu, where you can select respawn position, the whole menu is not there! even tapping ESC key does nothing (usually it should show the game menu), and only way to exit from that situation is to ALT+F4 or if server close (being my dedicated, i tried shut it down, at that point i got an error aabout "connection lost" and from there i could open menu again). now after many months, for the first time, i got an error while in editor MP test, and the same symptoms as the ones usually happening on dedicated! i cant understand what that mean, but maybe someone can cast some light on this! thanks ! here is the error: https://ibb.co/fCh1XF
  17. Toni's Barrier Menu v1.0 Alpha Q: What is it? A: It is a Small script contained within an Addon that allows users to spawn barriers. Its good for anything from Milsim to Roleplay to just messing around in the Editor. Q: Didn't Someone Already Make a Script Similar to this? A: Yes, Warnerm14 did for Altis Life Framework but his was based on AddActions. Mine is A full GUI based solution and its modular (Can be used as a standalone addon or ported into a mission framework) Features: Inventory button for easy access, Simple to use GUI, Fully customizable, Portable to a mission file if the addon is not what you need. Download/View Source Code From Github Download From Google Drive Lemme know what you all think and feel free to leave a reply with opinions. Please Report issues on Github! :)
  18. Howdy, as described in the topic title, within the editor a drop-down menu is malfunctioning in my marker attributes menu. It is persistent between fresh and loaded missions, and while it wasn't affecting markers I had placed for other missions (I could still change their color despite not being able to do so for new markers), as of writing this post it is now universally not functioning. I recorded a bit of video so you could see the issue exactly: It sounds as though this chap is having similar issues with a different drop down too?
  19. Hello, I am having trouble wrapping my mind around this today. Help would be awesome. I would like to disable and option use for 300 seconds. I want a condition for active, but not quite sure what to use or if I have been looking at it the whole time. My idea was on use set 0 sleep for 300 sec then set it back to 1 (Example: Heli Insertion). Is this even possible if not I can disable the entire addaction did not want to? dub aka Travis //support menu _onUseCondition = ""; MENU_support = [ ["610 Options",true], ["Infantry Supplies", [2], "", -5, [["expression", "_thread = 1 spawn dub_fnc_Support610; "]], "1", "1"], ["Vehicle Ammo", [3], "", -5, [["expression", "_thread = 1 spawn dub_fnc_VDropVehAmmo;"]], "1", "1"], ["Vehicle Drop", [4], "", -5, [["expression", "_thread = 1 spawn dub_fnc_VDrop; "]], "1", "1"], ["Heli Insertion", [5], "", -5, [["expression", "_thread = 1 spawn dub_fnc_heliinsertion; "]], "1", _onUseCondition] ]; //Open menu action player addAction [("<t color=""#00ff1d"">" + ("610 Support") + "</t>"), {showCommandingMenu "#USER:MENU_support";}, [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; player addEventHandler [ "Respawn", { player addAction [("<t color=""#00ff1d"">" + ("610 Support")+ "</t>"), {showCommandingMenu "#USER:MENU_support";}, [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; }];
  20. Hi all, I experienced recently, playing on an Exile server, and choosing an action (added by a mod), the result was something totally different. Say, as example, trying to "open" a door, and obtaining a "GPS on" (toggling action in addon). It seems to me all addAction can be melt in many loaded mods, with a weird result. And i guess some reason is to be found in the way actions are handled. Let me try to explain. Please, consider this as a "feeling" more than a demonstration. Some mods like Exile, or other ones, are deeply managing the scrolling menus. Arma allows a lot of loaded mods at a time, some of them obviously using the same commands like addAction... The problem seems to me that, if each addon is consistent for its own purpose, the mix of them can be weird due to the ordinal handle (number, global variable) easy to override with another ordinal handle coming from another called addon. So, you could have the action menu "open door" ending by an "ejection" or any available action in the "alternate" context. Once again, it's just an example. (The winner is the last loaded?). One sure thing, BI improved recently the rsc Displays for their "layer". I guess these layers, as they were also ordinal handled, were too often overridden by the last similar ordinal one. Now, the layers can return strings, far more easy two differentiate when multiplying them. Perhaps, a same improvement could be done for other ordinal handles (addAction, addEvenHandler..) Not too critical for EHs as they are "stackable",... but actions aren't.
  21. Hi, I tried the new key binding in one of my Arma (laptop). Just to compare the 2 versions. Finally I prefer my old version (before 1.66). Is there any way to have my action menu back, at least for weapons toggle? I don't like the key 1,2,3 instead of scrolling menu. Thanks
  22. Before buying it, I used to play Arma 3 (pirate version) and it was all fine. Then I bought it on Steam and I can't play it, I launch it, get in the menu, set all settings as usual but when I begin a match (single or multiplayer) all I can see is a grey screen, however I can hear all the sounds. My specs are these (I set details to the minimum) Windows 10 Ram 8 gb Processor i3-4000M 2.4 GHz Video Intel HD Graphics 4600 I know the video card is very low, but I used to play Arma 3 smoothly with very low details, no now I wonder why I can't see anything. I tried many things such as edit the cfg file and other settings in the launcher but nothing so far was good.
  23. I'm trying to make an arma 3 Life admin scroll menu and i'm stuck at trying to spawn in the virtual items. Instead of having 128 block of code to spawn in 64 items I would rather cut that down if there is a way to edit variables with addActions. This is the layout of the admin menu: AdminMenu_19 = player addAction["<t size=""1.1"" font=""TahomaB"" color=""#FFFFFF"">500k Cash</t>", AdminMenu_LifeCash500k, nil,1.5, true, false]; ^ that will call the function AdminMenu_LifeCash500k AdminMenu_LifeCash500k = { _code = { if (!isNil "life_no_injection") then { life_no_injection = true; }; life_cash = life_cash + 542940; if (!isNil "life_no_injection") then { life_no_injection = false; }; }; call _code; hint "$500,000 given"; }; command to add virtual items: [true,"ITEM",AMOUNT OF ITEM] call life_fnc_handleInv; If this could also be done with the amount of item as well that will really help, I have that done now with: AdminMenu_23 = player addAction["<t size=""1.1"" font=""TahomaB"" color=""#FFFFFF"">1</t>",AdminMenu_amount1,nil,1.5, true, false]; AdminMenu_amount1 = { _code = { amount = 1; }; call _code; hint format["%1 has been selected",amount]; }; I need 2 variables called in the addAction, amount and Item.
  24. Hey Guys, Does anyone know if you can delete the Main Command Menu bind, the default bind is grave (~/`) key (key next to 1 key on US keyboard). I can't find where this bind is located.. Thanks, Fisher
  25. Ever since patch Hotfix 1.58 i can no longer open the AI menus. This happens in singleplayer and multiplayer. I do it the way i've always done it. 1: Press F2/F3/Whatever unit i want to select. 2: Press one of the number keys on the keyboard to open the corresponding sub menus, such as stance or fire modes. However, since patch 1.58 pressing one of the number keys simply deselects my AI. It does nothing at all apart from that. Weirdly though, pressing the number keys WITHOUT an AI selected does open the menu. This is of course useless since no AI are selected. Already done: Check all key settings in the "controls" menu. Reinstalled the game, removed all mods and removed all player files. I regularly play on a BECTI server, and i've heard from others there that they have the same issue. Help would be appreciated.