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Found 61 results

  1. Hello everyone I have done a few smaller mods (mainly retextures) and am looking to get into bringing my own vehicle into the game. Things have been going well so far looking at tutorials and reading up on materials that people have shared in that regard. But I have one thing that i currently can't wrap my head around and could use some advice on. I can't quite figure out where or how the points for entering a certain seat in a vehicle is defined? I am using the Test Tank that is provided in the Arma 3 Samples and the different seats/positions work just fine, but I cannot from let's say the gunner seat switch to the driver. My problem is with the driver seat specifically, if i spawn in it everything is fine, but if i leave the vehicle I can't seem to be able to get back into it. I assume that the positions for entering and exiting certain seats are defined by memory points in the vehicle model. But I'm a little bit unsure what to look for. Anyways, for those curious I have chosen a T-90A model that was free as a sort of first project to see if i could get things working. It drives, it shoots, the turret rotates etc 🙂 so im pretty happy so far. (Obviously no textures yet) I also have a short clip here: https://i.imgur.com/kEfYGRt.mp4 Anyways, all help is greatly appreciated even if you can simply point me in the right direction. I don't mind reading through guides or tutorials, I just can't seem to find one that explains what i'm looking for.
  2. Hi all. Could you help me with the right format for finding UXO's near the player?? i like to find these in a 10m radius of the player: uxoType = ["rhsusf_uxo_blu97","BombCluster_03_UXO1_F","BombCluster_02_UXO1_F","BombCluster_01_UXO1_F","BombCluster_03_UXO4_F", "BombCluster_02_UXO4_F","BombCluster_01_UXO4_F","BombCluster_03_UXO2_F","BombCluster_02_UXO2_F","BombCluster_01_UXO2_F", "BombCluster_03_UXO3_F","BombCluster_02_UXO3_F","BombCluster_01_UXO3_F","rhs_uxo_ao1_1","rhs_uxo_ao1_2", "rhs_uxo_ao1_3","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_1","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_2","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_3","rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_1","rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_2", "rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_3","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_1","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_2","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_3" ]; I have tryed: Nuxos = position player nearObjects [uxoType,10]; ->> no luck nObject = position player nearObjects [(iskindOf uxoType),500]; ->> no luck nObject = getPos player nearestObject uxoType; ->> no luck and a bunch of other combos, but I'm not sure of the format. i also noticed that there are other names for the objects like: "rhs_uxo_ptab25m_2" ->> "rhs_ammo_uxo_ptab25m_2" and "rhs_uxo_ao1_2" ->> "rhs_ammo_uxo_ao1_2" if I use this in Debug Console I see them and myself nObject = player nearObjects 10; hint str nObject; please help. thx.
  3. Hi guys, I need a little script that makes hat or helmet fly off when unit shot in head. I know I saw a video of this once, so somebody has scripted it. But I just did a search and can't find anything. I can write one, but if one exists already that will save me an hour or so (and I'm putting all my time into polishing up new Razing Cane mission).
  4. Hi! I have custom HUD, whose resource is placed in RscTitles class in description.ext. The problem is that the HUD is continues displaying when, for example, pause menu is open, but unit info, stance indicator, GPS, etc. isn't. Is there a way to implement the same logic? The easiest way I think is to add checking for existence of pause menu display. But it's not elegant way, because my HUD is displaying when Splendid Camera is launched too, so I also need to check for existence of the Camera display too.
  5. I have a related but not exact topic going on in scripting but this may be better suited here. While using "hiddenSelectionsMaterials" instead of assigning the rvmat inside the model, the textures referenced in the rvmat don't load. The rvmat is loaded as I can get visible changes in specularity by adjusting those values but the _NOHQ, _SMDI, and _AS textures don't load. They work fine when the rvmat is assigned in the model. Is there something that needs to be done in the model or its model.cfg itself for these textures to load externally?
  6. I've seen a few topics regarding this but none of them solve the issue so I'm starting from scratch. I'm attempting to use hidden selections to assign textures and rvmat's to several models. The textures assign as they should but the rvmat files do not. I've confirmed that the rvmat's work by assigning them within the p3d. I've combed through dozens of BI and 3rd party mods to see how they use "hiddenSelectionsMaterials[]=" but see no difference in how I'm doing it. A test item looks like this: model.cfg: config.bin rvmat: The p3d has a camo selection on a single res LOD. Download p3d HERE Object when using hidden selections: With texture and rvmat assigned in p3d: Is there something in the model.cfg file that needs to be added for the material selection?
  7. Hey Guys, Does anyone know if you can delete the Main Command Menu bind, the default bind is grave (~/`) key (key next to 1 key on US keyboard). I can't find where this bind is located.. Thanks, Fisher
  8. I've created a Prairie Fire mission in Editor an placed the Radio Support module. All units in player group are playable. When I run the mission, the Radio Support action is available to player and works perfectly. When player killed, I team switch or group respawn into next playable unit. The Radio Support action is now no longer available to player. How do make the Radio Support module available to player if he team switches or group respawns into a different playable unit?"
  9. Hey guys, Im trying to create my very first little addon. It just should execute a function on mission start. If I load the mod with arma then I get the error: .rpt config.cpp
  10. NOTE: This is for the STEAM EDITION. After playing Arma 3 for a while (quite long), i wanted to go back to Arma 2 and also I44 for a while, but I was having problems getting the DLCs to show properly, and a few error messages to go away. After trial and error, I manage to find the problems. Problem that I got and was solved(Can't remembered the exact message but the gist of it): Application Load error 5:00000065434 (If I remembered the error properly) MISSING STRING!!! Application/Game cannot be found. You installed the DLC, but it shows the LITE version of the DLC in your expansions menu. (This is actually due to though you installed the game in Steam, the content itself has not been integrated in Arma 2 directory which is why you need to run the DLC itself from Steam) Here Goes: 01. Install Arma 2 02. Run Game 03. Install Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead 04. Run Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead 05. Army of Czech Republic should start installing to A2OA. 06. Install Arma 2 British Armed Forces 07. Run Arma 2 British Armed Forces 08. British Armed Forces should start installing to A2OA. 09. Run Arma 2 Private Military Company 10. Private Military Company should start installing to A2OA. 11. Game should run with all DLCs properly. (Sequence of DLCs no longer matters after OA installation; Just make sure that you run the DLC from Steam first before running with other lanuchers or even OA itself. That means running the game British Armed Forces on Steam and not the Arma 2 or Arma 2 OA from Steam, for e.g.) For me, I use withSix to run my mods after that. Running the game first is just a way to initialize the running of some of the required installations. Hope this is useful to anyone having any problems on Arma 2 Steam. PS: If you manage to solve your problem from my instructions, do drop a reply so I can see that this topic is being useful. Thanks! :D
  11. My giants can destroy buildings by pounding on them with a big club. I'd like to calculate how many strikes it takes to destroy a building, i.e., a tent should be one, a tin shack should be 2 or 3, a wood house maybe 10, and large buildings more (or maybe giant decides they are too big and strong so he will not attack it). I'm looking for a building config property that I can use to drive my logic, and don't see what I need. Anybody know? Its not the "Damage" property...as this command... configProperties [configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> ("Land_House_Small_03_F") >> "Damage"]; ... returns this (which is useless for my purpose): [bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Land_House_Small_03_F/Damage/tex,bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Land_House_Small_03_F/Damage/mat]
  12. Holy Moly, a plane has been shoot down and we need to recover the flight recorder!!,, so I made a trigger with the condition : ({_x isKindOf "rhs_flightrecorder"} count thisList) > 0 and it works if I spawn a rhs_flightrecorder in the area, but if I pick it up and go in the trigger and drop it nothing happens. I also tried a box using: {_x =="rhs_flightrecorder"} count ItemCargo FLR_box >0 how do i detect the flight recorder? thx.
  13. Hi All, I have a question regarding the status of reading in variables into a Description.ext file for a mission, specifically a profileNamespace variable that a player will have saved in the mission previous. What I am trying to do is have a dynamically updating ORABT class/module system that illustrates vehicles based upon if they were destroyed in a previous mission. During the first mission, the play can choose to destroy or leave enemy vehicles alive, and at the end of the mission a variable is created that saves all existing vehicle entities into an array. This array is then filtered (using joinString) to remove the "" (String elements) and essentially make it into an array of objects (plain class names) each separated by a single comma (,) mark. In the next mission, the Description.ext file pulls in this variable and attempts to pass the variable in place inside the CfgORBAT class - specially for the assets[] array in a sub-class. This is what the Description file looks like, explaining what i mean by passing a variable. I want it to illustrate the passed in vehicle classes int he ORBAT viewer, however it just displays NO vehicles instead. I don't even know if this is allowed, which is basically why im posting it here. Edit: LINK https://imgur.com/a/PinvUcN Am i just wasting my time? Hopefully someone can help me here. Cheers, Tom.
  14. Hallo arma coders, i have an issue. I have plane Caled Valk_1, with driver called Valk_1D, i have trigger on radio foxtrot and markers "WPM_1 - WPM_3 . I have code in On act field of the trigger: WPV_1 = Valk_1D addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPM_1",0]; WPV_1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; WPV_1 setWaypointCompletionRadius 30; WPV_2 = Valk_1D addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPM_2",1]; WPV_2 setWaypointType "TR UNLOAD"; WPV_2 setWaypointCompletionRadius 30; WPV_3 = Valk_1D addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPM_3",2]; WPV_3 setWaypointType "MOVE"; WPV_3 setWaypointCompletionRadius 300; WPV_3 setWaypointStatements ["true", "{ deleteVehicle _x }forEach units Valk_1D;"]; But when i fire the trigger i get error in expression, wich doesnt make sense cause i have the code correct or at least i cannot see any problem in my code. It is exactly as in the wiki. "_wp =_grp addWaypoint [position player, 0];" i tried to have all zeroes at the end and i tried to have 0-2 as seen above. doesnt work. Maybe iam just tired, it is after midnight here, but i cannot see what the hell is wrong.
  15. The syntax for addAction is: object addAction [title, script, arguments, priority, showWindow, hideOnUse, shortcut, condition, radius, unconscious, selection, memoryPoint] The script of the addAction command will run in scheduled environment. I made a mod, where I added the action to a mortar. It's purpose is to rearm the mortar. The action is available to any unit assigned as gunner of that mortar. Now, when I command the gunner to rearm the mortar, rearming will take some time. But the AI gunner unit will tell "READY" immediately after ordering him to rearm. Because of the scheduled environment, which comports as if it was spawned, and not called. How am I able to delay that "READY" radio message until after reloading is finished?
  16. I am attempting to set up a vanilla arma 3 server on my windows 10 desktop. I have followed this guide. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Instructions_.28Windows_o.2Fs.29 When I launch my server, this is the error I receive: Warning: preNLOD format in object a3\data_f\tetrahedron.p3d Here is a link to the image of the window that gives me this error: http://imgur.com/a/x2t0S Please note that this error occurs after arma 3 creates the dedicated host. Here is a link to the .rpt file that was created when I started the dedicated server. https://gist.github.com/robbyjj/c7b6bfaeebc4088f9221f418a61dac2b
  17. Hi all, hope everyone is well. I don't really know whats going on here, so i'll explain it as best i can. Essentially, in game on my custom backpack whenever a unit equips it or the backpack moves, the main component of the pack works fine, as normal and as expected, the backpack config is fine, and everything other than the model is working. However, the physical clips that i use on the pack do not align with the bag correctly, and instead stay at ground level when a unit wears the pack. I'll have an image to show what i mean. Images (in-game screenshots) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2186054963 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2186054813 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2186054762 I'm just not sure why this is happening and what the fix is for this problem, and if anyone has any ideas, i'd be very grateful for help. I should also say i made the pack in blender, and made the clip as an individual object, than joined/merge it with the main bag object once i liked how it looked, so they should be considered all 'one big object' in the file - they are at least in blender, but it seems not in game?
  18. I am sure this has come up quite a bit but the examples I am finding aren't really helping much. The task I am trying to complete is when a player triggers the addAction, it changes the value of a local variable to true and then fires a hint if the value is true. For some reason, I just cannot get the hint inside the if to fire. I have tried changing the value of "activefob" from 0 to 1 and also currently false to true but to no avail. Is anybody able to lend a hand or tell me where I am going wrong? Much appreciated! _spawnPoleFnc = { //These comments are just for my own methodical thinking _pole = "Flag_UK_F" createVehicle getMarkerPos "marker_5"; //Spawns Flag _pole setVariable ["activefob", false]; //Sets variable to flag _pole addAction["Activate FOB", { [west, "HQ"] sideChat "FOB Activated!"; (_this select 0) setVariable ["activefob", true]; //Changes variable value }]; if ((_pole getVariable "activefob")) then { hint "It works!"; }; }; call _spawnPoleFnc;
  19. Has anyone experienced "stopped" or "moving" labels that Identify AI?? 😒 (Note "stopped" in the picture below. If so...how did you get rid of these labels??? Aside from being annoying & making game play not at all realistic, it is dropping my frame rates something fierce! Thanks in advance! Cheers
  20. It shows in game as a black opaque plane. As far as i can tell, it is configured the same way the antiwater in the test boat in official BI Samples for Arma 3. I only set the texture to PAA instead of TGA, but that makes no difference, and even if i copy the antiwater from the sample boat, it shows black as well. What is wrong? The actual antiwater from my p3d: http://www.filedropper.com/antiwater
  21. Hey Guys, So im trying to setup a dedicated server also to play on with my group. I use Ubuntu server and get the following problem when i load the mission: Even tho the mods are loaded: I made all files small letters already (removed capitals) and this is my startup line: ./arma3server -mod="mods\@cba_a3;mods\@cupterrainscore;mods\@cupterrainscwa;mods\@cupterrainsmaps;mods\@lingordingorisland;mods\@rhsafrf;mods\@rhsgref;mods\@rhssaf;mods\@rhsusaf;mods\@task_force_radio;" -port=2302 -name="FisherServer" -config="server.cfg" The folders contain the PBO files that are in the error, I tried to fix it for 5 hours already :/ Anyone have an idea where this is going wrong?
  22. I have a layer that I can hide which has a ton of trees I've added to the map. I don't want to have to hide them but their yellow indicator icons on the map make a huge mess. Is there a way to disable/hide those in the editor?
  23. Hello guys. As stated in the title, I would like to make a rearm script for MK6 mortars. I know these can be rearmed, when an ammo truck or another similar service vehicle is in vicinity. But I would like to be able to rearm the mortar from an ACE 82 mm ammo crate. These crates contain a limited number of rounds. My idea: Add an action menu entry, where you can rearm the mortar from these crates. Now the mortar is counted as a vehicle, and vehicle magazines cannot be refilled with an exact amount of rounds. So, I thought I would define my own magazines for the mortars in the config. Problem: I cannot reload the mortar with these magazines. So, there must be a flaw inside the config. Here is my config. Can you guys point me where the error might be? class CfgPatches { class NIC_MK6_mortar { units[] = {}; weapons[]= {"NIC_mortar_82mm"}; requiredVersion = 1; requiredAddons[] = {}; magazines[]= { "NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum" }; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class NIC { class base { class InitFlightHeight { preInit = 1; file="\NIC_rearm_MK6\scripts\init.sqf"; }; }; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class CannonCore; class mortar_82mm: CannonCore {}; class NIC_mortar_82mm: mortar_82mm { author="NIC"; magazines[]= { "ACE_1Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "ACE_1Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "ACE_1Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE", "NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke", "NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum", "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells", "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white", "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Flare_white" }; }; }; class cfgMagazines { class 8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells; class NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE: 8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells { count=2; author="NIC"; }; class NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE { count=3; }; class NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE { count=4; }; class NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE { count=5; }; class NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE { count=6; }; class NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_HE { count=7; }; class 8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white; class NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke: 8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white { count=2; author="NIC"; }; class NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke { count=3; }; class NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke { count=4; }; class NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke { count=5; }; class NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke { count=6; }; class NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke { count=7; }; class 8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Flare_white; class NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum: 8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Flare_white { count=2; author="NIC"; }; class NIC_3Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum { count=3; }; class NIC_4Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum { count=4; }; class NIC_5Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum { count=5; }; class NIC_6Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum { count=6; }; class NIC_7Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum: NIC_2Rnd_82mm_Mo_Illum { count=7; }; }; Regards EDIT NVM, Solved the issue. Config is correct. I just interchanged 'weapon' with 'vehicle' I tried to create the weapon, while you have to create the vehicle, then change the weapon ON the vehicle. Sorry for inconvenience.
  24. I'm building a water feature above sea level for my own nefarious purposes (soon to be revealed). I need to be able to create a splash effect when something falls in it. This will be above sea level so I can't use my spawn a bullet to hit water trick. The splash size should be visually nice for when a man-sized object falls into water. I'm guessing it involves the Drop command which will take me forever to figure out how to do. Normally I'm a do-it-yourself guy, but the Drop command has a big learning curve. So I'm hoping there is a Drop command guru out there. Somebody may have already made this for another purpose and can share...? Or maybe there is a way to dig the splash effect out of the configs somehow? I will be eternally grateful and credit you on this project (it will be worth it!) 😉
  25. I need to calculate a position in 3d space that is 40 meters from a unit based on eyeDirection. If unit is looking at the sky then the position is 40 meters in the sky. If looking down at ground, then position should be under ground. Input: - eyeDirection unit - meters Output: Position I'm not a math guy, and struggle with vectors. I also googled the crap out of this and couldn't find an answer. Thanks!