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  1. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this before I throw my keyboard out the window. I'm modifying a script that saves data using: profileNamespace setVariable I'm going to use the database to store and retrieve data instead. I can't get the script to communicate with the DB though. I've never had an issue doing this so I assume that I'm missing something simple. For now I'm just using the code snippet needed to test the connections, running them from the infiStar admin console. I've tried using the [] span and omitting it, populating the variable with simple data instead of extrapolated data, and many other things to simplify and get down to the root. My results in the InfoTitleAndText used for testing the variable show with either nothing, "ANY", or "scalar NaN", depending on what type of data type I'm using in the DB. I've tried many forms of numerical formats as well as text formats. I have a value of 0.11 in the DB column so that it's not empty. Code: My modified account table (ExtDB3): My exile.ini entries:
  2. I need some input on an issue I'm having with a custom weapon in my mod. The weapon functions as it should. I'm using infiiStar on Exile servers. If I spawn the weapon on the ground with infiStar it spawns with the corresponding ammo. If I try to spawn on my player I get the success message but no weapon appears in inventory. When the weapon is purchased from a trader, the success message shows but no weapon is spawned. Is there something fundamental that I'm missing here? Here's the config: https://pastebin.com/vWTEv0Y4
  3. I'm working on an AI "faction" that will be used as roaming and mission AI on all of our Exile servers. We may include it in our Liberation servers as well. I'm looking for a way to prevent the players from acquiring the uniform that will be used by the AI. I have character classes, uniform classes, and models created and included in our community addon. I want to avoid just stripping the AI and leaving their corpses laying around in their skivvies. One way to accomplish this (I think) is to have the uniform removed when they're killed but have those characters use a custom naked body that is skinned with my uniform model. nakedUniform="NotSoNakedBody"; I haven't done that yet. If that works then I just need to sort out how to remove the uniform. I'll be using either DMS, Occupation (DMS), or A3XAI to generate the AI and so would need to have the strip script included there. If anyone has any input on a better way or can point me in the right direction for what script elements I'll need to modify I would appreciate it.
  4. I'll create a new topic.
  5. Is it possible to prevent the looting of just the uniform? We have a custom uniform for an AI "faction" on our Exile servers that we don't want players to have.
  6. TroyT

    Export problem on blender

    So far with Blender 2.8 and the updated Tools the exports have been flawless. I assign textures in Object Builder but other than that I don't mess with it.
  7. TroyT

    Export problem on blender

    Yes, create all of the LODs and assign the appropriate LOD preset. Make sure that the objects don't violate the requirements of that LOD and you should be good. Also, when you export to P3D make sure that you tick the "Selection Only" box in the save window.
  8. Mine was also in 'ExADClient\cfgfunctions.cpp'.
  9. Thanks guys. I already use ExAD on all of our servers in one form or another. I forgot that it was tucked in there. It's running now. I had a vestige script in one of my mission file sub folders called ExHP which I assume is someone's port of just the ExAD script. It was lacking some key script components though.
  10. I used to have a small script that allowed players to re-enter freefall after opening their chute during a HALO respawn. I can't find anything on that now. It's possible that I removed it a couple of years ago due to conflicts but I have no memory of that. Does anyone have any info on a script that enables this?
  11. but does it have any actual function?
  12. What is the significance of the "_f" at the end of class names and models? I know that "land_xxx" has to appear in the class name referencing a model called "xxx.p3d" for it to function properly when baked into a map. Does the "_f" have a similar function? Are there other naming conventions that we need to be aware of? "i_", 'b_", and "c_" indicate factions. Are these just to easily identify them, or are they script related? I was fighting to get a custom model recognized in an Exile CfgInteractionModels class and tried (I thought) everything until I realized that any random model I used as a test would work as long as its name had the "_f" at the end. I renamed my model and it now works. Now I need to go back and resurrect projects that I had given up on and see if that's all that's needed to make them work.
  13. Yet another lesson learned.
  14. ** SOLVED ** For anyone else running into this problem, it appears to be some sort of difference between the files installed in the game directory vs. the files installed in a dedicated server directory. I was opening the PBO files from our dedicated servers and was running into the problem. I repeated this on 3 separate machines running Win Server 2016, win 10, and Win 7. I used all of the available PBO tools on each machine. It just dawned on me to try the game directory files and it works fine. I use SteamCMD to install the server files but it seems odd that they should behave differently.