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  1. Yeah, that's what I came up with also.
  2. The textures appear to be cached once loaded. Is there a way of clearing that cache without restarting the game? It would be great if I could modify the texture and just reload it.
  3. Sorry about the repost Dedmen, my sense of urgency and frustration got the better of reason. I'm not having any luck with this. Does this target a selected vehicle? Does "# 0" refer to the entity ID or the hidden selection number? I've tried many versions and most end up throwing "Error, invalid number in expression". On the BI page for SetObjectTexture, there is a texture id shown in the examples: _objectname setObjectTexture [0, "\pboname\texture.paa"]; I've enabled file patching if that matters. The vehicles do have hidden selections and the textures are functioning correctly in-game. I just need to apply them temporarily in the editor.
  4. I'm reposting this in a different forum because it had no response in the A3 Modelling forum. --- Is there a script to define the texture paths in the editor for a specific vehicle for preview and screenshot purposes? I'm developing a lot of custom vehicle skins for our Exile servers and am constantly having to re-pack and re-launch, then spawn the vehicle and apply the skin at the vehicle customs trader. It would be a lot quicker if I could test and update the skins in the editor. It would also allow me to better position the vehicles for greenscreen editing the preview images for our website. The skin textures, when complete, get packed into our community Steam mod but they temporarily are packed into the mission file until they are ready for prime time. Ideally, though this may be a longshot, it would be great if I could point to image files directly on my system during development.
  5. All of the RHS PBO's that I've poked around in have those files. I was using $PREFIX$ at first with no luck because I see it fairly often. As soon as I switched it to $PBOPREFIX$ it worked. In looking around, I see the $PREFIX$ file in 80% of all the different mod PBO's that I look in. I wonder if this is just a case of mass disinformation because we learn from dissecting other mods and copy how they were done. If a few prominent mods do it "wrong", or non-standard, then it becomes common.
  6. Thank Dedmen, that fixed it. I've been curious about those files and now that sheds light on other questions that I've had about script and PBO structure. Is there a difference between $PREFIX$ and $PBOPREFIX$? Also, can you shed light on the use of the following? $MIKERO$ - contents: DePbo.dll I this legacy from before PBO Project? I use the paid version on Mikero's Tools. $VERSION$ - Seems obvious, but where is the data inside reflected? $HASH$ - encryption?
  7. Is there a way to specify the path to an image in a mod addon from within the mission file? As an example, I'm using a mission file script that adds custom vehicle skins. Currently, the skin images are contained within the mission file itself, so the path looks like: hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\BSF\Skins\SDV_Rusty.jpg"}; I'd like to move the images to our community addon to reduce the size of the mission file. Paths to Arma textures work as expected from within the mission file, such as: hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"A3\Air_F_Heli\Heli_Transport_04\Data\Heli_Transport_04_base_01_co.paa"}; I've tried many variations of paths to our mod such as: hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"@BSF\addons\BSF_Skins\data\SDV_Rusty.paa"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\BSF\addons\BSF_Skins\data\SDV_Rusty.paa"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"A3\BSF_Skins\SDV_Rusty.paa"}; I've tried a dozen variations but none seem to work. The mod structure is: ArmA3(root)\@BSF\addons\BSF_Skins\data\SDV_Rusty.paa The vehicle in question appears with no skin. Some versions of the path throw "file not found" errors and others don't. The fact that some don't throw the error leads me to think that maybe something else is amiss, but I can't think of what.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I'd be fine with that. The only reason that I was trying to use an interaction point was that I thought that was how it had to be done. How would I do that?
  9. TroyT

    Uniform Config Help

    One thing that I can see is: model = "P:\yowayowa_equipment_Mod\@yowayowa_equipment\addons\TshirtxAC_AOR1.p3d"; You need to get rid of the "P:" to make the path relative. Those paths look wrong altogether, though. I'd highly suggest using Mikero's PBO Project. It finds those types of things that break your mod and tells you about them. I've learned a lot just by the errors it throws.
  10. <bump> I'm revisiting this and am really hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
  11. I have an issue that just popped up with PBO Project. When I crunch an addon I get the following error: scanning for pbos to make.... preprocessing BSF_Community_Addon\addons\BSF_Misc.pbo <scanning files to pack> ................................................................................ </endscan> creating texheaders.bin 'MakePbo.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. makepbo failed BSF_Misc.pbo not produced due to error(s) Job(s) completed in 0secs on Sun Jul 07 15:44:32 2019 The output log gives me: ""H:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Binarize\Binarize.exe" -texheader "BSF_Community_Addon\addons\BSF_Misc" "BSF_Community_Addon\addons\BSF_Misc"" 15:54:38: Extensions: "</texheaders>" "MakePbo.exe "-PsgFW" "-X=thumbs.db,*.txt,*.h,*.dep,*.cpp,*.bak,*.png,*.log,*.pew,,source,*.tga" "BSF_Community_Addon\addons\BSF_Misc" "D:\Games\ARMA3_Mods\@BSF_Community_Addon\Addons"" "BSF_Misc.pbo not produced due to error(s)" After several attempts, I got this: ""H:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Binarize\Binarize.exe" -texheader "BSF_Community_Addon\addons\BSF_Misc" "BSF_Community_Addon\addons\BSF_Misc"" 15:44:32: Warning: memory usage limited by a page file. Current limit 37241 MB, wanted 43282 MB. 15:44:32: Increasing your page file size might improve game performance. 15:44:32: Extensions: "</texheaders>" "MakePbo.exe "-PsgFW" "-X=thumbs.db,*.txt,*.h,*.dep,*.cpp,*.bak,*.png,*.log,*.pew,,source,*.tga" "BSF_Community_Addon\addons\BSF_Misc" "D:\Games\ARMA3_Mods\@BSF_Community_Addon\Addons"" "BSF_Misc.pbo not produced due to error(s)" I've been using this tool extensively and this just cropped up. Any ideas on how to proceed? I have an active premium subscription if that matters. If there's a better place to ask this question, please let me know.
  12. TroyT

    Odd lines on models

    Ok, thanks. Knowing that is all I need to move on.
  13. Does anybody have an idea why these lines show up on these models? The models have been created in Blender and exported using Arma Toolbox to P3D. These diagonal lines show in Bulldozer, the editor, and in-game. When I make texture overlays in Photoshop, they show through the image.
  14. I'm making a craftable first-aid chest for our Exile servers but am having troubles with the Heal_Player action. I'm pretty sure that it's something missing in my model.cfg. Any insight here would be appreciated. model.cfg: config.cpp: I have a "heal_action" named selection memory point in the model. I've played with selections in the geometry, res, and fire Geometry LODs to see if that mattered (does it?).