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Found 80 results

  1. These files published include: 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content Map Markers Concrete Mixers Bridges to Islands https://www.mediafire.com/file/044bc8rpofj5w84/Exile_Green_Sea_Terrain__files.rar/file
  2. INFO: Custom loadingscreen Spotlight. to join server in arma 3 main screen. Custom sounds. PVP is everywhere PVP area is just double respect. We do have a big selection of vehicle, tanks , aircraft, jets, helicopters, boats, ships. Discord bots: Players Online Top 10 Leaderboard K/D Last 5 kills on server. Base Rights Check Exile Server management bot. START: 250,000 Poptabs 50,000 Respect 5 Free Scratchies. MAP: GreenSea map [20.500x20.500] Radiation zone with highclass loot PVP Zone for Double Respect and unique missions. [only use handweapons you will lose half of your respect if you make a kill with any vehicle GREEN = SAFEZONE ORANGE = TRADER NO SAFEZONE WHITE CIRCLE = NON BUILDING ZONES RED CIRCLE = DO NO PLACE MINES ZONES PLAYER: Select one of our big Selections of loadouts on spawn weaponhud/groupPanel Raise Vanilla 3d Marker distance 5000 Meter. Drag body Burry body Gut body Take box and walk with boxes [load box in vehicle] Rappel require item “Rope” Revive [Changed respawntimer when died to 10 min] Halo-jump – above 35m Wages Killstreak till you die. EXP SYSTEM: Enemy AI Killed Enemy Player Killed died in action Enemy Killed Scavenged Item Salvaged Vehicle Vehicle Hotwired Vehicle Repaired Vehicle Purchased Flag Stolen Flag Hacked Safe Hacked Door Grinded Breaching Completed Construction Repaired Buildable Stolen Recovered Vehicle Harvest Complete Mining Complete Fishing Complete ZCP Complete PERK: Auto Scratchy Better Throwables survivor Beginner Survivalist Expert Survivalist Master Survivalist Recoil Compensation Recoil Compensation 2 Recoil Compensation 3 Grind Time Grind Time 2 Grind Time 3 Hack Time Hack Time 2 Hack Time 3 Lockpick Time Lockpick Time 2 Lockpick Time 3 Repair Time Repair Time 2 Repair Time 3 Flag Stealing Time Flag Stealing Time 2 Flag Stealing Time 3 Breach Time Breach Time 2 Breach Time 3 Novice Fisherman Expert Fisherman Master Fisherman Miner Expert Miner Master Miner Harvester Expert Harvester Master Harvester Harvest Time Nature Langauge Beginner Runner Expert Runner Master Runner Student Wages Speed Worker Wages Speed Banker Wages Speed Student Wages Amount Worker Wages Amount Banker Wages Amount Home sweet home Home sweet home 2 Home sweet home 3 Locker Limit Locker Limit 2 Locker Limit 3 BASE: 350 items on level 10 flags. Max 60 Meter high Maintain your base every 7 days. base decay is on 10 days If your flag is stolen restore it after 2 days codes go to 0000 4 days the base will despawn. Wardrope - buy your loadouts from inside your base ATM - Bank your money and acces playermarket inside base Laptop Camera System and PlayerMarket inside base Vector-build Instant-build Garbage Container with scroll option to remove bugged items inside territory Base paint+/- 1000 textures Base Spawn once every 20 min (Level 3 Territory Flag or higher) 150-meter range Generator to switch on/off base lamps. Lock/Unlock all safes/doors inside territory! [no codes required to open them] Remote gates / drawbridges from inside vehicle. and xm8 Enhanced movement is disabled in territory / traders Remove base script. will pack all items/safes and refund flag money on your bank. make sure you empty your virtual garage the vehicle will be lost.. BASE RAID: Offline raid is disabled. if anyone with buildrights been online in the restart, the raid will be activated till restart. Possible at any time: Thermal Scanner [from the moment the lock is used you can scan with Thermal Scanner for 15 min.] Hack Safes & Containers [Laptop] [always possible] Hack Doors, windows, floorhatch and drawbridges [Laptop] [always possible] Hack Flag (VG) [Laptop] [always possible] Only possible if anyone from territory with buildright been online: Steal Flag Explosives. Wood breaching charge, Metal breaching charge & Big momma charge. Grind doors. Grinder & Battery required. XM8: [To open XM8 press: 6] Boom Commander Private Chat Vehicle Marker Basekit Base Marker Territory Management Remote Recipes Generator Discord Info CCTV Disable Chat Disable HUD Disable Statusbar Notepad Vehicle stats Viewdistance Airdrop Disable Envirmentsound PvP Zone Playerscan Perk Menu Party Family Family Management Territory Virtual Garage Stats Buy Respect Settings Auto Scratchy Play Scratchy Get Price Fix Me Dead Scan Vehicle HP Bars Deploy: Ultra Light Requires Ductape Porsche Requires Ductape Fennek Requires Ductape Lada Requires Ductape Motercycle Requires Ductape Mora Requires Ductape + Engine WaterScooter Requires Ductape Gun Boat Requires Ductape + Engine Plane Requires Ductape Armed Plane Requires Ductape + Main Rotor Mozzie Requires Ductape Hummingbird Requires Ductape AIRCRAFT: [Planes, Helicopters & UAV] BOAT: [Boats, Landingcraft, Ships & Submarine] VEHICLE: [cars, apcs, tanks and Statics] added on: Ducttape repair [on all also in combat] ReArm/Repair/Refuel at: Huron crates ReArm box for scroll option from outside Paint menu Vehicle Tuning Menu on vehicle and tanks. Complety Custom UI Custom pilot hud Custom paint menu on scrol [ get in driver get out lock unlock and scroll paint. ] Custom lisence Plates [only on vehicle with plates] [ get in driver get out lock unlock and scroll paint. ] Reclaim body/loot Save loadout Claim require code Lock Load crates Slingload/tow Boxes/Vehicle lock & unlock vehicle from inside lock pick with a knife Halo-jump – above 35m just eject. Sonar for boats Chop wood directly into the vehicle [base game vehicle only] Artilery Computer KEYS: Get range with binoculars - T R Select next target (targets are prioritized according to the currently selected weapon and the target threat) T Select target under the cursor / center of view to lock on. and get range LCTRL + R Toggle radar on/off [X] and [Z] to ascend and descend. in SDV Alt-U to lock the turret. Only works if player is in the "Gunner" view (using the sights). LCTRL-Alt-U to lock the turret facing forward along hull. Works in any view (1st person, 3rd person, etc.). Z to drive backwards with Jets & Planes. RSHIFT for fishing [you need to be in a boat and have fishing nets on you] LSHIFT + Alt + X this will cut your parashute. Action keybinds (default) [ next module on left panel ] next module on right panel RCTRL + [ toggle submodes on current left panel module RCTRL + ] toggle submodes on current right panel module CUSTOM USERKEYS: User key 1 = Unlock/lock User key 2 = Yellow Team Marker User key 3 = Remove all markers User key 4 = Self healing user key 5 = Enhanced Movement [Read bellow] User key 7 = perk is also in XM8 Enhanced movement: Load all the mods for the server and start-up ARMA 3 go to settings. than press expansions. enhanced movement. only asign a custom user key to Jump/climb remove the other keys, then go back and go to settings put everything off at settings. log back into the game and asign a key to the custom key you set. ESM BOT: Claim Rewards every 30 min Manage territory Territory payment anoucement with esm bot on discord. Territory Raid Notifications with esm bot on discord. Fix your self if you got stuck. MISSIONS & MONEY: DMS Dynamic Mission System: our missions are custom build and give nice reward vehicles. there will be loot in the crates and on the AI bodies too. [don’t forget to loot bodies!] DMS Bank mission: Bank mission will take 2% of all people there money.. logging out wont help ya.. it will still take your money! Capture points with AI waves: You will have to capture the zone for 5 min. rewards are lots of Respect and Poptabs [the more players the more money]. green circle = no one captures blue circle = you capturealone red circle = you capture not alone (enemy players) Assassination MISSIONS: Assassinate the Smuggler/Fisherman/Bankrobber to take his cash! ATM Hack [malfunction ATM] Hack the ATM and the money will be yours! Airdrops: Building Materials Grenade launchers Food&Drinks Drugs Farming ORE: in order to get the option to mine, you will need a pickaxe you can buy in hardware & scuba traders. Drug Missions: (in order to get the option to harvest, you will need a knife) static side missions Green and Yellow dots ( Weed warehouses and Magic forrest ) Shipwrecks: You will need diving clothing to take the box. you can load it in any boat / submarine Blue Circle: Crafting materials Fishing: Get some fishing nets at scuba trader, buy a Boat/Ship/Submarine it's "right shift" to fish! high-loot: Go loot, at our PVP area or Radiationzone. Best gear will be found there! SUGGESTIONS: Do you like to see something getting changed on our server, post it on our forum in discord.
  3. These files published include: 4 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content + some Airstrips Map Markers Concrete Mixers (in Safezone) Napf https://anonymousfiles.io/3MXoUcj5/ NapfWinter https://anonymousfiles.io/P2KlSRrA/
  4. Hi. I want to create a Arma 3 exile server with Sahrani as map. But i cant find mission files to build this server upon. Anyone have any info on how to do this or have the files i need ? Found a link in ``Maps - Mission files`` in this forum but it is outdated and don`t work anymore.
  5. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Aircraft Traders Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zones https://www.mediafire.com/file/zlwe19yy4sn5jh9/Exile_Normandy_Files.rar/file
  6. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zones Loot Positions https://www.mediafire.com/file/2bxbjebn7x2eky0/Exile.Fapovo_files.rar/file New Version https://www.mediafire.com/file/opawxc7muga16c9/Exile_Fapovo_Files_New_Version.rar/file
  7. I found a brand new Exile server called Pimpin Malden Exile. I normally would not be moved to post about another Exile server, but Pimpin Malden Exile is different. First, it's the first Exile server I've played on where I get over 80 fps. On most other servers I get around 40. Second, I've been noticing a trend on other servers where server admins are actively engaged in playing the game. Now I don't mind getting killed, because it's part of the game. BUT, I do mind getting killed by an admin. The admins on Pimpin Malden Exile are ONLY there to administrate - not play. Personally, I find [SG] and Finders Keepers have too many "Premium" players as well as server admins that engage non-admin players. Pimpin Malden Exile does not have donators or "Premium" players. You join. You play. I really don't need any more than that. I just thought it was refreshing to finally see a new server some along that caters to gameplay where the only edge someone may have is their skill level. It's brand new. I've only played Malden on KOTH and I was impressed with how great it is for Exile. Pimpin Malden Exile has missions/cap missions/black market as well as CUP uniforms/weapons/vehicles. Anyway, if you're looking for a new Exile server or a change from the [SG]/Finders Keepers grind, give Pimpin Malden Exile a shot. Peace
  8. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Concrete Mixer Radiation Zone Loot Positions https://easyupload.io/87s2e1
  9. These files published include: 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content + some Airstrips Map Markers Radiation Zone Loot Positions Concrete Mixers https://easyupload.io/i0pan3
  10. Server Name: [MCOPS]HardcoreAI|PylonEdit|Rappel|RHS+MAS+Fems|Raids|Missions|Ranks|More! Direct Connect: arma.mandocabure.net Mod List: Steam Collection Link What sets our server apart: Combat focused, group oriented, hardcore, PVE server. Custom spawns, map locations, and raids. No Zombies, Custom Trader locations, unique economy. Active dev / admins. Mando Cabure's Altis server is a heavily combat focused PVE server. You may knock PVE, but this server will kill you harder than any PVP server will. The server has been custom coded to focus on PVE combat action, utilizing the Exile framework to keep you in combat longer. The following is a more detailed look at what we've done with our server: Exile Traders have been custom coded to provide a variety of NATO ammo & weapons. Trader inventory can be expanded by community cleared events, leading to the developer / admins adding items requested by participants as rewards. Once these are unlocked, they're permanent. Ranks, respect & rank based loadouts, aircraft pylon management, and completely custom spawn areas, help to create an immersive combat oriented environment. There are no safe zones, the AI is ruthless, and you are the invaders. You'll be outnumbered, outgunned, and have limited resources at your disposal. The server difficulty scales with the community QoL updates. Most servers give you (2) hours of grind, then you're endgame. Our server will consistently challenge you, and will always punish the situationally unaware. No sunny, infinite view distance Altis! Our server has unique weather, and an immersive atmosphere reminiscent of the OG hardcore Arma 2 DayZ servers, minus the zombies. Risk and Reward are real on our server. That hard earned vehicle you fought for is paper vs. launchers and gunships. You'll have to be strategic, adaptive, and realize your short comings, especially if you always lone wolf. Group oriented content. We have "raid" areas which are custom created and will never play out the same way. As such, these areas also allow for multiple angles of attack, as well as multiple breach points. Constant updates, active developer, and a global gaming community discord. If you're looking for a challenge, and some cool peeps to Arma with, come check us out!
  11. Dedicated Exile Server Setup Simplified Setting up an Exile server can seem daunting at first, I can assure it is not. I am providing this guide to help you set up a server quickly and efficiently. This guide is not meant to replace other guides out there or undermine other people’s contributions, this is just meant as an additional how to, simplified. Conclusion I hope you found my tutorial useful and you now have a working Exile server you can build upon with various mods and addons to make your server unique. If you found my guide useful stop by my websites and buy me a coffee. https://www.milsim.xyz/, http://www.cadexile.com/ Acknowledgments I would like to thank Bohemia Interactive for providing the platform to learn on and play on. Also I would like to thank the Exile Mod team for making the best mod for Arma III, lastly I would like to thank the Exile and Arma community for bringing us together as friends.
  12. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zone Loot Positions https://www.mediafire.com/file/2k0wszvvy3k5nas/Exile.tembelan_files.rar/file
  13. These files published include: 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zone Loot Positions https://www.mediafire.com/file/4l9dmfit6h1oj6t/Exile.ChernarusRedux_files.rar/file
  14. These files published include: 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zone Loot Positions https://www.mediafire.com/file/1ffqcvfltt18cdd/Exile.cam_lao_nam_files.rar/file
  15. A3_vemf_Re_reloaded Vemf_reloaded was originally made by IT07 and last commit on vemf_reloaded was in 2017.... I really like this mission script, but in my opinion it was missing some essential features compared to other mission systems. So I decided to add and fix some of the stuff for vemf. Check the Changelog for fixes and new stuff. All credit goes to IT07 for coding this and also a big THANK YOU to Ghostrider [GRG] for helping and always being helpfull when needed 🙂 Check readme and how to install.txt Download https://github.com/Porkeld/A3_vemf_re-reloaded If you have any questions/bug reports or ideas for vemf_re_reloaded then find me on discord Porkeld#1506
  16. So, as the title states My unit is hosting its own server through GTX Gaming, and honestly I love it. Upon seeing almost every non-unit player getting turned away I investigated and found that if you use "Setup Mods and Join" it is activating mods from the "additional and Suggested" tab. Our unit has an HTML modlist file so no one inside was having an issue. I've double-checked, and triple-checked and never found these files even installed on the server. I cannot figure out how to remove them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. To sum it up, my question is, is there a way to edit the mods that appear in the Recommended/additional mods tab? PS. I've talked to GTX Gaming and they confirmed I do have my start.bat configured correctly.
  17. Hi! I have issues with some CUP vehicles (CUP_O_T55_TK, CUP_B_Leopard2A6_GER, CUP_O_T90_RU, CUP_B_T72_CZ) that have strange loadout. I use your script - https://github.com/Bones50/Advanced-Vehicle-Service-Centre and it works exellent but he didn't rearm CUP Tanks that have more then 2 types of ammo. (Just reload 1 bullet) Can anybody know how to fix that? Thx a lot
  18. These files published include: 5 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Radiation Zone Loot Positions Concrete Mixers https://easyupload.io/u22w9u
  19. It took me a while to figure this out, if there is a better way, please let me know. This method works for people who wish to delete all of the existing traders within the Exile world. I'm using Altis for my map and will use that directory. You can use this method for any map file. Also create backups of your files incase you screw up. Files you will need: -Exilemod - Copy this folder and past it inside a different folder, rename it to Exilee or whatever. As long as it's named different from the actual mod name. -M3Editor - 3DEN https://github.com/maca134/m3e_3den - Place this in your Arma 3 game directory Start up Arma 3 and add: -@ExileMod -@Exilee (the renamed Exile folder you just copied and renamed) -@m3e_3den 1. Copy your "mission.sqm" located with your map folder under"Yourserver\mpmissions\Exile.Altis" 2. Go to your profile name folder in the documents directory, open the mpmissions folder (create it if you do not have that folder). Then create a folder and name it whatever you'd like. In my case I named it as "myserver". Open up the created folder and paste the missions.sqm into the folder. 3. Start Arma 3 with the above mods enabled, open the editor for your map. To place traders, you must only use the existing Exile units in the Independent faction under the assets tab. You may also place objects around the map, just make sure they are not interactable items (weapons, vehicles, etc.). You will need to save the objects within the "missions.sqm" file (Make sure to save scenario without npc's!). You can also copy and move existing map markers in the map window. For animations you can find them with a quick Google search (Example: Exile trader animations). 4. Once you are satisfied with the placement of your traders, select the "Exile" tab at the top of the editor. Select "Save initServer.sqf" and copy this text to a seperate text document. Do the same for the option "Save initPlayerLocal.sqf". 5. Open up the file "initPlayerLocal.sqf" that is within your server under "Yourserver\mpmissions\Exile.Altis" Delete all the lines after: if (!hasInterface || isServer) exitWith {}; Then open up the saved text file you created, copy and paste everything after the above line. It should look similar to this: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Static Objects /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Taken away for now //#include "initServer.sqf" if (!hasInterface || isServer) exitWith {}; // 4 NPCs private _npcs = [ ["Exile_Trader_SpecialOperations", ["AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Ease"], "Exile_Trader_SpecialOperations", (I did not paste the entirety of it because it would take up this entire page) 6. Now open up the file "initServer.sqf" within your server. Delete All lines before the slashes for the Russian Roulette. Then open up the saved text file you created, copy and paste everything before the slashes. It should look similar to this at the end: } forEach _objects; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Russian Roulette /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 7. The final step is to copy and paste your "missions.sqm" file to your server, and overwrite. Edit: Make sure you delete all the objects you used for the trader areas, otherwise you will end up with duplicate objects clipping. Repack your PBO and enjoy.
  20. These files published include: 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content Map Markers Concrete Mixers https://www.mediafire.com/file/ht8ilru13p10mt6/Exile.cup_chernarus_A3_files.rar/file
  21. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content + some Airstrips Map Markers Radiation Zone Loot Positions Concrete Mixers https://easyupload.io/q62g9y Installation ExileMod CLA_CLAFGHAN CUP Terrains - Core CLA_CLAFGHAN https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2655659921
  22. Hi there, Back in 2016 i had updated Igiload with Apex Vehicles (Blackfish & Y32) and more. Now i have put my work on Github and i will support this Script again. At this time supported Vehicles to load Vehicles and Boxes on/in it are: All Exile_Car_Offroad All Exile_Car_Van & Exile_Car_Van_Box HEMTT Ural Open and Covered Zamak/Kamaz Tempest (only the Exile one, more comes later) Exile_Chopper_Mohawk_FIA Huron Hummingbird (only Creates) V3S Open and Covered Blackfish (Vehicles and Creates) Y32 (Vehicles and Creates) Hunter Ifrit Strider LandRover LandRover Ambulance Exile Vehicles that's can be towed, loaded or lifted: Bicycles Karts HEMTT Zamak/Kamaz Tempest Ural Strider Hunter Ifrid UGV (Vanilla Drones) Van & Van Box Offroad SUV Hatchback Lada Volha UAZ Octavius Tractor & Old Tractor Tow Tractor LandRover & LandRover Ambulance Quadbike B_APC_Wheeled_01_cannon_F O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F I_APC_Wheeled_03_cannon_F Golf V3S BRDM2 BTR40 HMMWV Prowler Qilin MB4WD Rubberboat Motorboat SDV Water Scooter RHIB (at this time only the Exile one) Boxes that can be loaded or lifted: B_supplyCrate_F, IG_supplyCrate_F, O_supplyCrate_F, I_supplyCrate_F, C_supplyCrate_F Box_NATO_AmmoVeh_F, Box_East_AmmoVeh_F, Box_IND_AmmoVeh_F Land_CargoBox_V1_F ASC_B_box I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F, O_CargoNet_01_ammo_F, B_CargoNet_01_ammo_F Box_NATO_Wps_F Box_East_Wps_F Box_IND_Wps_F Box_East_WpsLaunch_F Box_NATO_WpsLaunch_F Box_IND_WpsLaunch_F Box_IND_WpsSpecial_F Box_East_WpsSpecial_F Box_NATO_WpsSpecial_F Box_mas_all_rifle_Wps_F Box_mas_us_rifle_Wps_F Box_mas_ru_rifle_Wps_F Box_mas_mar_NATO_equip_F Box_mas_mar_NATO_Wps_F Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F Box_East_AmmoOrd_F Box_IND_AmmoOrd_F Box_NATO_Grenades_F Box_East_Grenades_F Box_IND_Grenades_F Box_NATO_Ammo_F Box_East_Ammo_F Box_IND_Ammo_F Box_IND_Support_F Box_East_Support_F Box_NATO_Support_F Land_Cargo20_blue_F Land_Cargo20_brick_red_F Land_Cargo20_cyan_F Land_Cargo20_grey_F Land_Cargo20_light_blue_F Land_Cargo20_light_green_F Land_Cargo20_military_green_F Land_Cargo20_orange_F Land_Cargo20_red_F Land_Cargo20_sand_F Land_Cargo20_white_F Land_Cargo20_yellow_F And at last the Pods can be lifted, Slingloaded attached, detached at a Taru (Version without Pods on it) and loaded on a Truck: Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_ammo_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_ammo_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_bench_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_bench_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_box_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_box_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_covered_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_covered_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_fuel_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_fuel_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_medevac_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_medevac_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_repair_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_repair_black_F B_Slingload_01_Ammo_F B_Slingload_01_Medical_F B_Slingload_01_Fuel_F B_Slingload_01_Repair_F B_Slingload_01_Cargo_F More Vehicles will come, inclusive CUP Vehicles. But i will add not all CUP Vehicles. The Vehicles we have in Exile and CUP, the CUP Version will not come. Tested with Exile 1.0.4a and works well. Github: https://github.com/BdMdesigN/Igiload-Reloaded
  23. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zone Loot Positions
  24. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Trader Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zone Loot Positions https://easyupload.io/etseh7
  25. These files published include: 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zone Loot Positions https://easyupload.io/m1f5v8