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  1. Yes: !(isNull (objectParent npc1))
  2. Schatten

    Spawn a group as cargo

    _boat1 is not object (the boat), but array, see BIKI.
  3. @twistking, use select command.
  4. Schatten

    Problem with getVariable

    Maybe, it depends on what you want.
  5. Schatten

    Problem with getVariable

    You can use either database or profile namespace (profileNamespace, missionProfileNamespace).
  6. Schatten

    Problem with getVariable

    Your code work's fine for me, but returns empty string, because the last line returns it (_text remoteExec ['systemChat',-2,FALSE];). It also won't systemChat of player's rankRating, because systemChat will be executed on each client, but not the server (in singleplayer or hosted game admin's computer is server).
  7. @DMFalke, configs in SQF files won't work. You should include notifications.sqf (BTW, I recommend to change extension to cpp) into Description.ext.
  8. @DMFalke, publish a code where CfgNotifications class is included.
  9. Schatten

    Problem with getVariable

    Where this code is placed?
  10. Schatten

    Problem with getVariable

    @Vadym Mazur, you use wrong syntax of getVariable command.
  11. Schatten

    Problem with getVariable

    @Vadym Mazur, you set rankRating variable in mission namespace, but get it's value from unit's namespace. Set value in unit's namespace, and, if it's multiplayer mission, make it public.
  12. Schatten

    Marker Names

    Good luck! By the way, you don't have to use preprocessor commands: private ["_captureMarker1", "_captureMarker2"]; for "_n" from 1 to 19 do { _captureMarker1 = format ["capture_%1", _n]; _captureMarker2 = format ["capture_%1", _n + 1]; ... };
  13. Schatten

    Marker Names

    You can use for-loop: #define CAPTURE_MARKER_FORMAT "capture_%1" private ["_captureMarker1", "_captureMarker2"]; for "_n" from 1 to 19 do { _captureMarker1 = format [CAPTURE_FORMAT_MARKER, _n]; _captureMarker2 = format [CAPTURE_FORMAT_MARKER, _n + 1]; ... };
  14. Schatten

    Delay to unit when drop plane

    @Casio91Fin, spawn your code as a new script, where using suspensions is allowed.