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  1. description.ext: onPauseScript = "onPause.sqf"; onPause.sqf: params ["_display"]; (_display displayCtrl 1010) ctrlEnable false;
  2. Correct. Set that the trigger is activated by BLUFOR.
  3. @janchezs, try this condition (assuming the units are already inside the trigger): _unitsCount = count thisList; _unitsCountMin = thisTrigger getVariable ["unitsCountMin", -1]; if (_unitsCountMin < 0) then { _unitsCountMin = ceil (0.3 * _unitsCount); thisTrigger setVariable ["unitsCountMin", _unitsCountMin]; }; _unitsCount <= _unitsCountMin
  4. By the way, find is case-sensitive, so if you need case-insensitive, you can use, for example, toLowerANSI: ((toLowerANSI _x) find "mark_") == 0
  5. Aware of this, but in our cases isEqualTo is used to compare numbers, and in this context I prefer to use == because it's shorter.
  6. Another one with lazy evaluation: _markersToReview = allMapMarkers select { ((_x find "mark_") == 0) and { (markerShape _x) in ["ELLIPSE", "RECTANGLE"] } };
  7. Hey! Is there a way to detect which sub-mode of Nav custom info panel is used? There were such questions (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/200468-jets-custom-panels-gps-camera-feeds/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-3195212, https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/200468-jets-custom-panels-gps-camera-feeds/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-3286577), but they remained unanswered. Maybe someone knows the answer? Or maybe someone knows where is the script used to draw Nav custom info panel icons? Thanks in advance.
  8. Schatten

    Changing friendly tags

    @mrcurry, sure: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1056241369787674774/1064619349933043772/2023-01-16_215709359.png.
  9. Hey! Is there a way to change friendly tags shown when you point mouse cursor to friendly units, say by changing control text got by IDC? Of course, I can disable showing these tags in difficulty options menu and implement my own solution using, for example, drawIcon3D. Is there a better way to implement the same functionality? This is the second option. I would prefer to change the one the game offers. Thanks in advance.
  10. @Ganvai84, insert a trigger, make it repeatable, change activation condition to !(player inArea thisTrigger) and on act. code to removeAllWeapons player;
  11. Yes: !(isNull (objectParent npc1))
  12. Schatten

    Spawn a group as cargo

    _boat1 is not object (the boat), but array, see BIKI.
  13. @twistking, use select command.
  14. Schatten

    Problem with getVariable

    Maybe, it depends on what you want.
  15. Schatten

    Problem with getVariable

    You can use either database or profile namespace (profileNamespace, missionProfileNamespace).