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  1. @gc8, BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd returns action ID. I'm sure you can use it to change the title using setUserActionText command.
  2. Schatten

    1 person view in town

    @Casio91Fin, condition: this && { (vehicle player) in thisList } && { cameraView == "EXTERNAL" } On activation: (vehicle player) switchCamera "INTERNAL"; titleText ["You are\nIN\n1stPV Area!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3];
  3. @pSiKO, if you kill someone from a vehicle, _killer will be the vehicle. You can use this workaround: params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator"]; if (!(isNull _instigator)) then { _killer = _instigator; } else { if (!(_killer isKindOf "CAManBase")) then { _killer = effectiveCommander _killer; }; };
  4. _spawn isn't available inside "On deact." field, but you can save action ID in the trigger object: - On act.: thisTrigger setVariable ["actionId", player addAction ["Spawn Units", "spawn.sqf"]]; - On deact.: _actionId = thisTrigger getVariable ["actionId", -1]; if (_actionId >= 0) then { player removeAction _actionId; };
  5. @redarmy, unfortunately, you need to write a script that will monitor each unit in a group and order those of them to return to initial position. Here is example: https://github.com/A3Wasteland/ArmA3_Wasteland.Altis/blob/0554cc7aabc300d2a92a85df361ad5e1dba140db/server/functions/defendArea.sqf#L78
  6. @Alert23, OR has lower priority than AND, so you should use brackets to increase priority: this && vehicle player in thislist && ((a1 inArea trg1) or (b1 inArea trg1)) I recommend to use curly brackets for lazy evaluation: this && { (vehicle player) in thislist } && { (a1 inArea trg1) or { b1 inArea trg1 } }
  7. @SOVIET_IDIOT, strange -- I've just checked it in simple SP mission and it works fine. In the mission I enabled GC, place 2 enemy units, removed the one from GC and kill them -- the one disappeared, but the second didn't. Seems you made mistake somewhere. Try to use isInRemainsCollector command to check.
  8. @redarmy, try this: for "_i" from 1 to 6 do { art1 doArtilleryFire [[["hj"], []] call BIS_fnc_randomPos, "32Rnd_155mm_Mo_shells", 1]; sleep 5; };
  9. @SOVIET_IDIOT, use removeFromRemainsCollector command.
  10. @ziptlytical, try this condition: this and { !(alive officer1) }
  11. @snakeplissken, try this: "Flashdrive" in (magazineCargo SUV)
  12. It's difficult to explain short. I recommend you read about dialogs here. Also there are nice tutorials written by @killzone_kid, first part here.
  13. Schatten

    Kill units inside a trigger

    @Dj Rolnik, if you set that trigger can be activated by any, thisList array will contain entities that are inside trigger area. Then you can write in "On act." field something like this: { if ((_x isKindOf "CAManBase") and { alive _x } and { (side (group _x)) == blufor }) then { _x setDamage 1; }; } forEach thisList;
  14. @sagent54, to add a picture to a control, use 0 as it's type, 48 as it's style and set path to picture to text property, e.g.: class ctrlPicture { style = 48; text = "path/to/picture.hpp"; type = 0; };
  15. @SlovakianLynx, also it's not allowed to use quotes inside quotes and apostrophes inside apostrophes. This code should work: hint parseText "<img image='pics\slynx_WW2_SAS_Objfail.paa'/><br/><br/><t size='1.2'>You failed to find Schumman</t>";