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  1. scottb613

    Formatting a Multiline Hint

    Hi Folks, Works like a champ - I had to make one small edit though and remove my tag line from the header - as that would be pure plagiarism on my part - LOL. 😉 I did split the weapon string (different source) and that worked without the annoying extra quote - odd. Nicely done - sir. I'll try to put it to good use and use your fine example in my other projects. Thank you and everyone that helped me here. Regards, Scott
  2. scottb613

    Formatting a Multiline Hint

    Hi Folks, Thank you again as well. Hah - I know I'm not much of a coder and my solutions aren't very elegant. Seeing better ways of coding is very helpful and appreciated. Let me play with this as well and see if I can grasp all of what you're doing. 🙂 Regards, Scott
  3. scottb613

    Formatting a Multiline Hint

    Hi Folks, Thanks - I'll give that a shot. I've found that when using "heal and revive" scripts the unit numbers and team assignments are lost on occasion - needing me to reevaluate the number assignments periodically. Regards, Scott
  4. scottb613

    S.O.G. Prairie

    Mig Alley was in the Korean War up near the Yalu River - wrong war - buddy. Sometimes it's far better to remain silent... Regards, Scott
  5. scottb613

    Formatting a Multiline Hint

    Hi Folks, I've updated my script based on the help I've gotten here. It's working pretty well from my perspective. Two more questions come to mind. Question: Is there a way to get the unit number assigned to a unit in the HUD (1,2,3,4 for F1, F2, F3, F4 respectively)? Question: I split the "weapon" variable via [splitString] as most of the info I didn't feel was needed in the display. For SOG - I just needed field 1 as their weapon syntax made it pretty easy. The issue is that [splitString] introduced a trailing quote on my status display and I don't know how to remove it. It's not impacting the output very much - just irksome. Updated Script Thanks... Regards, Scott
  6. scottb613

    Having trouble with Controller

  7. scottb613

    Simple Destruct Script

    Hi Folks, Hah - I've gotten a great deal of help lately - thank you. 🙂 I'll work on putting all this great new information to use. Regards, Scott
  8. scottb613

    Formatting a Multiline Hint

    Hi Folks, Hah - now that’s hardcore ArmA… 🙂 Regards, Scott
  9. scottb613

    Formatting a Multiline Hint

    Hi Folks, Thanks again @Larrow - hmm - I must have bungled my test of [format] - I'll go over that again. 🙂 Regards, Scott
  10. scottb613

    Simple Rearm Script

    Hi Folks, Thanks - @Larrow and @Ibragim A really appreciate the help - I have much to play with. I'll post an update after I make some progress. Regards, Scott
  11. scottb613

    Formatting a Multiline Hint

    Hi Folks, Thanks so much as well. I'm a novice - so corrections and critical feedback is ALWAYS most welcome. It's how I learn. Let me go over your posts in detail. I'll see if I can figure out my mistake. I'll have to correct it elsewhere - as I've used that block before. 😉 Regards, Scott
  12. scottb613

    Formatting a Multiline Hint

    Thank you - kindly. I'll take a gander. Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Folks, Working on a routine to display a unit's health and ammo status for the player group - so potentially a 20-line report of text for the largest player groups. I've tested [hint] and it works with 20 lines of text and does support carriage returns - [format] doesn't seem to. So - I've got a loop running to gather all the required information for each unit and I was thinking of putting each line into an array - then outputting in some yet undefined manner. Question: I need to make a 20-line formatted text report with carriage returns for a [hint] - based on the gathered information. Any thoughts on how I can do this? I tried the [sideChat] but that only displays half a dozen lines or so max. Where I'm at: private _unitArr = units player; _unitArr deleteAt 0; private _hintArr = []; if (isnil "kiaCnt") then { kiaCnt = 0; }; { private _unit = _x; private _health = round ((1 - damage _unit) * 100); // health in % from 0 to 100 private _kiaCnt = kiaCnt; //If Dead - Remove From Group - Increment Kill Counter if (_health == 0) then { kiaCnt = _kiaCnt + 1; private _grpDOA = createGroup [west, true]; [_unit] join _grpDOA; }; //Unit Info private _priWeap = primaryWeapon _unit; private _unitMagArr = magazines _unit; private _compMagArr = compatibleMagazines _priWeap; private _cntMag = 0; // Count Primary Weapon Magazines { private _compMag = _x; { private _unitMag = _x; if (_compMag == _unitMag) then {_cntMag = _cntMag + 1}; } foreach _unitMagArr; } foreach _compMagArr; private _logger = format ["%1 || %2 || %3 || Mags: %4", _unit, _health, _priWeap, _cntMag]; _hintArr pushback _logger; _unit groupChat _logger; } foreach _unitArr; _logger = format ["KIA: %1", kiaCnt]; player groupChat _logger; Thanks. Regards, Scott
  14. scottb613

    Simple Rearm Script

    Hi Folks, Consolidated a couple threads into this one - I'll keep post #1 up to date - scripts are updated with progress and functional. I see from how @thy_ did it - I need to delete all magazines - from unit and ammo box - then replace with what I want after I update the quantities - respectively. I think I have it. I'll be working on implementing same. I posted my remaining active questions in post #1. Regards, Scott
  15. Hi Thomas, Thanks so much. Bingo. Bad test units. I had units where I used the ACE Arsenal to empty all containers via the "trashcan" icon for my testing - - - however - - - I knew they didn't have magazines - so I went back into ACE Arsenal and added magazines. Apparently - this doesn't work and these units appear broken. After your feedback - I added a fresh unit to my test - untouched by the ACE Arsenal - works like a champ. Spent hours on this issue. A fresh set of eyes is always helpful - much appreciated. Regards, Scott