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  1. I haven't seen that since the 90's!
  2. I believe with animateSource and animateSourcePhase. There are plenty of attempts to hand calculate artillery. This is one (I have not tested): If you look into fn_firemission.sqf, there's some explanation of how it calculates the 'firing solution'. There are other scripts, but often the download links are no longer valid. You can also choose to reverse-engineer this spreadsheet: Or use someone else's mod:
  3. Awesome stuff sir! @_foley Did the server or client FPS dip noticeably?
  4. Hi there @Jurika96, welcome to the forums! So if I understand correctly, you want to manually fire multiple artillery units at the same time? Of course, because each artillery/mortar is on a different spot, and none are sitting 100% flat, each needs its' own elevation and rotation. Easy way: If you want to fire several artillery shots at once, then I would recommend the Support Modules. See YouTube for a tutorial: Hard way: If you insist on the no artillery computer/no map clicking, then you can probably script something with animateSource and animateSourcePhase, where the other turrets copy the movement of yours. I'm not behind a PC, will look into it if I have time later.
  5. Admittedly I am getting somewhat off-topic. In various PVP games, such as the Halo and Battlefield series and Planetside 2, the design emphasizes spaces where vehicles and infantry interact, but neither dominate. Arma 3 shows this in Tanoa. The roads and paths do not end in neat loops and crossways, but have entrances to rainforests and hills. Conversely, buildings are spaced unevenly, and sight lines are often blocked from the larger entrances. This way players can sneak in easily from hills and forests, but (smaller) vehicles can also chase players somewhat. More exciting than driving to an area, parking the vehicle at the end of a base/neighborhood, and only walking. This is different to how real urban planning works: A road links places of interest, and either stops, or passes them. Roads are also made to be safe and efficient; eg flat and far removed from pedestrian walkways. Based on the screenshots, I'm just getting the impression that this is becoming a very beautiful(!) and realistic looking island. But maybe not an optimal space for gameplay with all of Arma's assets. Regardless of my unasked "feedback", this looks awesome, and I hope you keep at it and finish it however you wish!
  6. Yup; OP would have to manually place (copy+paste) the triggers. But that might be less work than figuring out the scripting. Not pretending this is the most elegant solution 😬..
  7. A lazy, less robust, solution would be to place a small (2x2x2m sized) trigger over the door, and split up your condition and action. Condition: "ar_things_key_chain" in items player; onActivation: building1 setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_1",1,true]; Where you give your building variable name and pick a door. Remember to set the trigger to local.
  8. You can also solve it with an event handler, which may save performance every so slightly. player addEventHandler ["WeaponAssembled", { params ["_unit", "_staticWeapon"]; if (typeOf _staticWeapon == "B_UAV_01_F") then { _tskUAV setTaskState "Succeeded"; }; }]; See syntax examples Event Handlers and setTaskState. Note that I typed this on phone... Errors likely...
  9. Melody_Mike

    Countdown Script Help

    Hi there @laststanding6, welcome to the forums There's an existing scripting command that covers your needs: BIS_fnc_countdown . Take a look at and play with the examples, and you will find the solution. If you're completely new to programming, head on over to the Introduction to Scripting page. Have fun!
  10. Hey there, I am a bit confused on your use case. If you let the mortar be manned by AI, and use doArtilleryFire, then it will automate the aiming for you for (any) given target. This can be triggered by radio command, for instance.
  11. I like that the built up areas are very non-standard. Question: is it easy for vehicles and infantry to "meet"/shoot at each other in these spaces?
  12. Melody_Mike

    Disable Vehicle Panels

    I am not behind a computer, but this seems pretty straightforward to implement using the "getInMan" and "getOutMan" event handlers, in the initplayerlocal.sqf. See: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#GetInMan
  13. Melody_Mike

    Script Blackfish Firing

    Thus forum has plenty of posts on this subject. Here's one: Tell us if you had to modify it to get it to work 🙂. Good luck!
  14. This particular script notices if the player has dropped their backpack, then gives them the option of creating a spawn point.
  15. Sure. There's several missions on the workshop that have this feature in various forms. I am copy+pasting one that user Leopard20 made. Create an initplayerlocal.sqf (see https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Event_Scripts for details) in your mission folder and paste this: player addEventHandler ["Put", { params ["_unit", "_cont", "_item"]; if (getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _item >> "isBackpack") == 1) then { if (_cont getVariable ["hasRespawnAction", false]) exitWith {}; _cont addAction ["Deploy Respawn",{[west, _this#0, "Camp"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition;},nil,1.5,true,false,"","true",3,false,""]; _cont setVariable ["hasRespawnAction", true, true]; }; }];