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  1. Did you get it to work? Because I did not. I might even consider sending cash via Paypal if you have got an example mission where it works!
  2. Ok thanks. But it seems like we've come full circle in a way. I am not seeing the practical difference between your code: And the code from my opening post: Which keeps the sound on only 1 location. I appreciate the demonstration of a "while" loop. Can't immediately think of an elegant use for repeatedly creating and deleting new sound sources, whenever a sound has played. Unless someone has experience with the command, or a new suggestion, I think I'm going to leave it here, and stick to workarounds. Thanks for the help gents.
  3. Okay; we're on the same page. But what kind of conditional looping did you have in mind back there, that would be easier than creating separate sound sources and giving them each their own marker? I was hoping you already had your sounds defined and were testing this. No hope necessary :-). My declared CfgSFX and CfgVehicles work as intended. I asked, because we're moving away from my original question (how to use last two arguments of createSoundSource), and I hoped you might know a potential mission I could check out for inspiration.
  4. OK, because I was confused about your proposed solutions. Please correct me if I'm wrong here... _mkr = selectRandom ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"]; As I understand variable declaration in sqf, the above code will chose ONE marker. From here on out, variable _mrk will always be this ONE marker; never change. Unless you have some sort of conditional loop intended to repeat the variable declaration.. To extend the point: envsound = createSoundSource ["hissing", getMarkerPos (selectRandom ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"]), [], 0]; Even if I got the syntax to work, the result would be that the sound source will still come from ONE marker position. It seemed, therefore, a little unnecessary to try out random parentheses placement. Do you know a user mission with environmental sounds I could pull apart, by any chance?
  5. Argh ! To clarify the aim: I am trying to get random factory noises to play inside of a building. The origin should change, in order to confuse players a bit. Which means I don't want them all to play from a single location that's pre-selected beforehand. Regardless of the syntax suggested before, it seems that the marker selection will only occur once if I execute createSoundSource only once. I suppose the most straightforward solution is to create several markers and run createSoundSource on each of them, with a long delay specified. Damned shame nobody on this forum knows how the last two arguments of the command work. Thanks for the help guys!
  6. Oh bother. I think we are talking past each other. The sounds are playing fine. Locally and Globally. It's the (not) random positioning feature that has me stumped. ^ This is what I meant. I have tried your suggestion: _envsound = createSoundSource ["hissing", getMarkerPos [selectRandom ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"], true] , [], 0]; But the sounds still only play at the trigger location. How do you implement it?
  7. @engima I'm sorry; I don't understand your suggestion . Did as you suggested: kept everything the same, except changed the variable name to a local one (_envsound = ... instead of envsound =). Obviously I had to cut the code from my trigger to an external script file, and execute the external script file using null = execVM "scriptfile.sqf"; from the trigger. There was no change, unfortunately. As I understand things, the sound was always being created locally at least; I can hear it in singleplayer during my mission at the position mytrigger when it is intended. The markers ("hissmarker_1" et cetera) are created globally at mission start, before the script is executed. My question has to do with a step earlier: the input arguments of createSoundSource. Two of them do work (the chosen CfgSFX sound and position), and the other two do not (array of markers for random placement, and the placement radius around the position the sound may originate from). I have set one or the other argument blank. Both arguments are always ignored. So I guess my first question is: how would making the resulting variable local, change how it accepts (global objects as) arguments? And the second question: Do you perhaps know an example in a BI mission (preferably a showcase) with a special environmental sound? Perhaps then I could pull it apart to see how they do it... I mean they coded this command with it's syntax for a purpose, I'm sure! (ps pardon if I seem ungrateful; this puzzle has been keeping me for several evenings!)
  8. I appreciate the link! It seems someone scripted their own createSoundSource using playSound3D. If necessary I will use that. But, doesn't anyone in these forums have experience with using createSoundSource? And could they explain the syntax of the markers and placement?
  9. Hello everyone! Aim: I wish to create randomly located environmental noises within a large space. Attempt: The createSoundSource command works fine on a given marker or trigger. In this example, "mytrigger": envsound = createSoundSource ["hissing", position mytrigger, ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"], 0]; But you'll see I've also included an array of (earlier created) markers. According to the BIKI: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createSoundSource These can be used to create random locations for the sound. There's also an argument for "placement". However, regardless of what amount of placement radius or marker arrays I enter, the sounds all exclusively originate from the second argument (above example: position mytrigger ). Question: What's a good way to randomize the location of createSoundSource sounds within a given space?
  10. Melody_Mike

    Ambient Light Source

    Thank you. Will take a look at this.
  11. Melody_Mike

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Thank you for the info. As much as I (complete laymen) noticed in-game, both seats had the same day/night/white-hot/black-hot vision modes. Or is there something else different about the viewing screens?
  12. Melody_Mike

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Hi everyone! I have an ignorant question about the AC-130 (which is still in beta; I understand). I am absolutely floored by the combination of gameplay features AND attention to detail here. But this is all very intimidating, even by Arma standards! Having browsed the Discord, asked the users, seen the Dev tutorial pictures https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/504013109158084628/744332935112687636/Sensor_Operator_Manual.png - Didn't find out exactly what the different crew roles were for. At least in-game. It could just be for mil-sim type roleplaying. But I am just curious. Again; thanks! Don't want to imagine how many man-hours went into the graphical details and PROGRAMMING of the plane's systems.
  13. Melody_Mike

    Ambient Light Source

    I'd like to second this. I've noticed that vehicle lights and lamp posts, for instance, are rendered as far as any other objects. But certain item lights (eg, camp lights) are not. How can you force this? Is there a mission setting (like terrain distance) that you can change?
  14. Just an aside.. I'm reading a lot about how the Finite State Machine can override the set waypoint behavior. Would it be an idea to set- _heli disableAI "FSM"; For the AI pilot?
  15. Melody_Mike

    Close the Aircraft Canopy

    Alright! .. Where do I sign up for such a question to the BI devs (knowing they are obviously busy)?