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  1. @Webbzyjr2 You nailed it. Thank you.
  2. Hey @Webbzyjr2! I am afraid I am not familiar with GUI editing. But I am VERY curious how you disabled the map. Seems the solution to a problem of mine: how to make players who have teleported "inside" buildings not have a GPS signal. What script command did you use?
  3. @linkinpunk Thank you! Do you know where I can find a list of the default "classes" of cutRsc effects in Arma? I could not find one in the BIKI.
  4. Whoa, quick reply! Well the solution here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2469948730 -was to place the players extremely high. I will get back to you on how well that works out in an MP situation.
  5. Well I am definitely curious. It seems that the script uses a 0.05 tick rate for the physics simulation: }, 0.05 //Physics update rate. ,[_FNC_turbulence,_vehicle,_dimensions,_surfaceArea]] call CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler; }; But "vanilla" onEachFrame doesn't seem to allow suspension. Mind you I have thus far completely avoided using it because of everyone's warnings about performance. How would you get around this?
  6. I am aware that the new CDLC features tunnels (am away on work on a laptop- no Arma for me coming time). But this so far seems pretty functional for me. The only thing that's missing for me is the GPS/Map element that may throw off players. Do you simply remove the map from the player's inventory when they are underground (and return it via the "exit" addaction)? Or can you spawn and teleport objects and players under the terrain surface via scripting? Or perhaps extremely high- beyond regular view distance (and hopefully without weird ambient wind sounds ).
  7. Melody_Mike

    Help with Orbat Group Script

    Hi @Fluxion, welcome to the forums :) The answer to your question is in the example in the BIKI: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_ORBAT_Viewer#Working_Example So as far as I know: yeah, they basically just make the briefing more interesting.
  8. So what did you end up with?
  9. I disagree. I believe you can use that function to identify which door your script needs to unlock. Then use the correct "bis_disabled_Door_x" variable to unlock the door. Will give it a go when I get home :).
  10. NSFW I assume? :D Now I agree with you on that the lockpicking scripts I know open doors; they don't unlock them. But if you look at the forum post link I sent, in the GitHub, you'll see it's got a pretty nifty door detection based on ray intersects from the player skeleton: https://github.com/NumbNutsJunior/Active-Lockpicking/blob/master/Other Examples/Lockpicking_Doors.Altis/functions/generic/fn_findTargetSelection.sqf
  11. PS @KutPax is your name a reference to a... banana peel eating alien... by any chance?
  12. Heya @KutPax, welcome to the forums! I think you're looking for the lock command. And before someone beats me to it, this is a damned good script I've used in multiplayer: Happy mission making!
  13. Seeing as it would be a pain in the patella to get AI to interact with an object, and I don't know any mission scripting that creates custom orders for AI, I would design around it and place a vehicle (ambulance, APC, helicopter?) that your AI teammates can get into. Then script a healing function or repeatable trigger around that. Curious what you end up with.
  14. Melody_Mike

    Mission Building Help

    NB: If you have a question, you can always ask. But a specific question is more motivating to answer than "please write out a complete guide / script".
  15. Melody_Mike

    Mission Building Help

    Hey @Thundergrunt 09, PierreMGI gives a pretty good overview on what to do in terms of using Arma scripting (the SQF scripting language). Based on your answer, I get that you're not really used to scripting. If you want things to work like you say you do, then you're gonna have to learn a bit on how things work under the hood. lz = landing zone, the starting position of your helicopter. -> Just put a helipad under your helicopter. Here's an article that gives an overview of what triggers can do. Or watch a YouTube tutorial on triggers. Or, just place a trigger in the editor, and read all the subsections. Give your helicopter variable name yourHelo. Copy and paste the code. Here's another article on how waypoints work. You can also look up each command (such as alive ) and read up on that, if you want to know how that line of code works. With that, I would get back to PierreMGI's answer and get each point to work separately. Then together. Good luck!