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  1. Hi W0lle. I've been a fan of your work and Arma in general for over a decade now. However in May 21, when Armaholic was shut down by Foxhound it came as a shock to me. I was in hospital at the time fighting Covid. Took me a while to recover. And then Boom!. Lighting struck me after returning home. Suddenly Armaholic is gone. I have been trying to search for all the old mods and missions now for 2 years, but there is very few that is actually available. I saw in a thread post that you said you properly know Foxhound. Recently I reached out to him, but he deleted his account. Can you maybe please try to convince him to restore Armaholic, even temporarily so that ppl like me can download all of that treasure in it ?? Please. 



    1. W0lle


      Foxhound and his "administrator" darkxess can rot for all I care where the sun never shines. Especially the latter who deleted all hosted addons with a grin.

    2. ak47-su


      They should've been sued for this. Selfish people.

    3. VastGameMaster


      Foxhound always was an asshole. I've had interactions with him in the past he acted like a miserable sack of shit. I hope I never see his ass around any Arma forums again along with some other toxic people that I'll save for later. So, fuck'em.

  2. ak47-su

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Island Thunder 2 Campaign

    Can you please post a non-Steam link like G Drive or OneDrive ??
  3. ak47-su

    [CAMP/SP] Campaign: Desert Storm

    Oh, actually I didn't find any remake of the Conflict DS by anyone , so I thought of asking this guy. But it seems like this guy's a ghost now. Recently, I messaged Foxhound regarding why he suddenly closed Armaholic without warning as it was the only source of pure Arma download without any hassle. I was going to request him to revive the site again, but before I could, he just said "sorry" and deleted his account.
  4. ak47-su

    [CAMP/SP] Campaign: Desert Storm

    Hey brothers, I played the hell out of this campaign. Its an amazing work, especially the Scud Avenue mission. Do you have anything similar for Arma 3 ??
  5. ak47-su

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    Thanks a ton man...😀😀 I love you brother😂😂
  6. ak47-su

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    No bro Steam Workshop downloader doesn't work anymore, neither does SteamCmd. I don't know what to do anymore.
  7. ak47-su

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    Thanks for replying man. Actually Steam Workshop missions are not showing up in my game, don't know why, tried uninstalling and installing many times, still no progress. Thats why I keep asking ppl if they have any other link like Google Drive, Mega, multiupload, Dropbox, anything other than Steam.😁 Would be really great if you have any of these accounts or if you could just attach the mission files here if size permits. Would really love to play Evil's Last Will, just seems perfect for me..
  8. Funny how the rules do not enforce that false and unjustified criticism of the forum's main game should not be pampered in any way. That is allowed. But if someone has the courage to speak against it, then that guy is breaking rules. I am sure you have other better thing to do than teach me rules like a school principal.
  9. If you're so good (better than the devs as you say), why don't you release something of your own, like that mod you say , or any other AI mod. Even the AI modders have built their stuff upon everything that the AI offered, but weren't set to do, not from scratch. Its very easy to loath and criticize someone else(in this case the devs), but extremely hard to come up with something original. Making a game as ambitious as Arma needs money, lots of it, which I don't think the devs make bcoz of haters like you. Every game has faults in AI, no game has perfect AI, and in Arma the AI actually chooses from a wide array of tactics themselves, nothing is set here, which is why every playthrough is different. About military routines you say they don't know when to crouch , lean ,move away from kill zones. Well I totally disagree. When fired upon from an unknown location they go prone and try to minimize their silhouette. This is a very widely used tactic and you can verify this from several actual war footages and military documentaries. After that some of them try to shoot back while others try to flank your last known position. Sometimes if you manage to take out the majority of their group they throw smoke and fall back, otherwise if the battle draws for longer period of time, they manage to flank you successfully. When engaged in crossfire with you several times they crouch and peak from behind cover to shoot you. Sometimes they utilize thin cover and shoot through them to get you. Arma AI is based on a morale system. Sometimes you may see some last stand behavior from them, at other times they decide to fall back. If you take out Team leaders the tactics also get haphazard. Just in a multiplayer mode called Combat Patrol I've often seen them either call for vehicular backup, drone backup or both or no back up at all after you are discovered. If you haven't come across these then I believe you've never really tested anything. Now for the building part, the reason why the devs use the old buildings and pathways are because till Arma 3 they were building upon the original Flashpoint engine, they were reusing the old base codes. Devs do that to save money, every dev does that, its nothing new, its also totally normal in the Software Industry to reuse old codes and build upon them until nothing newer is possible and the time comes which demands a total overhaul. But ppl like you would have them build everything from scratch for every game, won't you, then kindly finance them the next time alongside providing your advice too. And please, I hardly doubt you have understood anything substantial about Arma AI during all these years. If anything your absurd lack of knowledge is making my head spin in circles. And based on your depth of understanding I am having trouble believing you even know the meaning of the word "irony".
  10. Please repost a G-Drive link too. Thanks.
  11. Please repost the G-Drive link
  12. Mocking someone by their username just shows how pathetic you are. Putting the skill to 1 , improves all their subskills like pathfinding, flank tactics and reaction times, but the simple fact you don't know about that shows how biased you are. Just watch some of the trailers and gameplay vids of ppl who actually know how to use the editor(otherwise they couldn't have published such great DLCs). AI was massively improved after the Tanks update, but you don't seem to know about it either and yet you say you have been involved with the franchise. The getting stuck in buildings happen because of engine limitation not AI, dumbass, know the difference first and then speak . Also rewatch a tutorial about the editor, might change your views too, that is if you even manage to learn something given your state of mind. Also remember, this is a franchise created by actual military personnel so they would obviously program tactics as per their own experience and military doctrine and not how Call of Duty players like yourself would use tactics in a battlefield. Now I know where this hate comes from . Its simply from your lack of understanding and the inability to put your teeth in these kind of games with high learning curves. This is why you spit on the game, just to satisfy your little ego. But kindly do it somewhere else, this is a place for people who genuinely share their love for a brilliant game. edit: your username isn't too bright either dumbass.
  13. ak47-su

    Hitman | Contract Killer

    No they don't. Please set AI skill to 1 and then see.
  14. AI is pretty good, better than any other game on the market infact. If you just put the AI skill and precision to 100 and have a decent computer, you'll see the AI do wonders. Kindly change your computer first which seems to have trouble with Arma engine before ignorantly blaming the AI and all.
  15. Hey bro can you please provide a separate link than Armaholic and Steam, like maybe G-Drive or something. Please.