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Found 16 results

  1. For a small multiplayer mission I want the players to destroy 4 pumps via hold action. When its done there should be smoke emerging from the trigger which i moved into the pump. smoke = "test_EmptyObjectForSmoke" createVehicle (getPos this); I tried this command in the "on activation" box but it doesn't work. I'm not big on scripting so if someone knows a way to overcome this issue i'd be thankful for answers.
  2. Okay so im currently building a mission which involves an oil rig. There are some things the players have to destroy which trigger some smoke. But everytime the action is complete the smoke is under the rig on the surface of the sea. I dont know what to do. I'm not outside the map and they are placed on a solid surface but still get forced onto the water.
  3. LesterJJJ


    Hello all, please help me find a mod, I need to when I say fired from a rocket launcher bm-21 with Blastcore Edited (standalone version) mod, the smoke that remains after the explosion (not after the explosion of a technique, but just after the explosion on the ground) I want the smoke after the explosion remained for a long time!
  4. Hi there. Not sure what I'm missing but the smoke sources (from Wiki) is not spawn on Dedicated Server. It should be called multiple times to create a fake artillery impact zone. As a hosted server, it works well. On the dedicated server, the shell craters and debris are fine, but the smoke is not shown. In the first file, I am: spawn { //<lot of code> [_kzPos, _kzRadius] spawn THY_fnc_ETH_cosmetic_UXO_impact_area; //<lot of code> }; And here is the function supposed to create the smoke sources through a radius: Down below, same block but editable if you want to copy lines: THY_fnc_ETH_cosmetic_UXO_impact_area = { // This function just creates a fake bomb impact area in a limited area pre-configured. Smoke templates: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Particles_Tutorial#Full_examples // Returns nothing. params ["_kzPos", "_kzRadius"]; private ["_smokePos", "_smokePosASL", "_smoke", "_grassRemover", "_terrainObjects"]; // Generate a random position inside a circle: _smokePos = _kzPos getPos [_kzRadius * sqrt random 1, random 360]; _smokePosASL = ATLToASL _smokePos; // if the smoke position is in the water, the current impact area creation is canceled: if ( (_smokePosASL select 2) < 0.2 ) exitWith {}; // 'select 2' = Z axis. // This remove the grass around: [_smokePos] spawn THY_fnc_ETH_cosmetic_grass_remover; // Crater decoration: //"Land_Decal_ScorchMark_01_small_F" createVehicle _smokePos; "Land_ShellCrater_01_F" createVehicle _smokePos; "Land_ShellCrater_02_debris_F" createVehicle _smokePos; // Remove all selected terrain objects from around the impact area: _terrainObjects = nearestTerrainObjects [_smokePosASL, ["FENCE", "TREE", "SMALL TREE", "BUSH", "WALL"], 2, false]; // [position ASL, [types], radius, sort, 2Dmode] { // forEach _terrainObjects: if ( isMultiplayer ) then { _x hideObjectGlobal true } else { _x hideObject true }; } forEach _terrainObjects; // Creating the smoke source: _smoke = "#particlesource" createVehicle _smokePos; _smoke setParticleParams [ ["\A3\Data_F\ParticleEffects\Universal\Universal", 16, 9, 16, 0], "", "Billboard", 1, 8, [0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 1.5], 0, 10, 7.9, 0.066, [1, 3, 6], [[0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0], [0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.15], [0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.15], [0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.1], [0.75, 0.75, 0.75, 0.075], [1, 1, 1, 0]], [0.25], 1, 0, "", "", _smoke]; _smoke setParticleRandom [0, [0.25, 0.25, 0], [0.2, 0.2, 0], 0, 0.25, [0, 0, 0, 0.1], 0, 0]; _smoke setDropInterval 0.05; // Return: true; }; 🤕
  5. Hello ! I was wondering if someone know how a simulate the explosion of a smoke shell from a trigger or even a mortar. Conventional smokes are too small or even ineffective... I'm making several missions with Vanilla assets where this would be very useful, like a tank which just suddenly appears from the smoke, or even several huge smoke fired from mortars to allow some soldiers to advance covered etc. I have been looking for this command/script for some time but I haven't found any solution yet. Here is a command i tried but which doesn't work: bomb="8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white" createVehicle (getPos this); So if any of you have any ideas, don’t hesitate. 🙂
  6. Here's a couple fire related functions, you_createFire, *Updated you_fnc_houseFire (demo), Burn buildings to the ground! Spawn one central fire with smoke and a number of FX fires (performance) in the building. The building takes damage over time. Once the building is destroyed the performance fires are deleted and later the main fire. Fire will spread based on the distance supplied to the function ("_dist"). Use the parameter "_damage" (default true) to make persistent fire that does not damage the building over time or spread to other buildings.* Use parameter "_time" to determine how long each building will burn (default: 10, demo: 1). 1 second is equal to 20 seconds total burn (each iteration is %10 damage) and the main fire burns for the same amount of time again (1x10x2). The default value is 10 or 200 seconds (100 to collapse and 100 more to extinguish). 1) create a helper object on/near the building(s) ** 2) paste the function in init.sqf (or wherever) 3) see call methods in demo init.sqf * keep track of effects in the supplied array ** editor placed buildings may be "_caller" Have fun!
  7. Hey, The missile I have modelled isn't showing effects when in flight (i.e. burning rear, smoke trail). At the moment I'm using the effect from the Titan: effectsMissile = "missile2"; The effect works fine when the model is that of the titan, but when changed to my new model it does not appear. Hence I'm guessing the effect is generated from a memory point, which I do not have in my model. Trouble is...what's the memory point called? I can't find it in any references. Cheers, Law
  8. Looking for a script to remove all AI smokes from OPFOR at the Init level. I've been digging for ages and have only found failed scripts and not much else to go off of. I'd like to remove all smokes from all OPFOR AI at mission start. They are very smoke happy and it causes FPS issues, Lag, and it's just annoying to stop a firefight for 2 or 3 minutes for enemy smoke to clear. I was happy removing them all by hand via the edit load-out option in the right click menu when we were working with a smaller squad with smaller missions. But we have grown enough for there to be 60-100 enemy's at a time and doing it by hand just isn't an option anymore. I've given it a whack, but I'm not sure what the smokes ID is for each one. Or how to find them. There must be a better way to remove all than to name each smoke ID and remove it. If there isn't, if one of you wonderful people over here would like to set me up with a basic script with 2 or 3 vanilla names, and the knowledge on how to find all the other IDs, I'll gladly add the rest of them myself. Thanks in advance!
  9. Splendid Smoke > reworked smoke effects 1. What does it do? 2. Features 3. Troubleshooting 4. Source 5. Changelog 6. Download What does it do? The mod reworks the smoke effects of various weapons and events. In the initial version this includes much bigger smoke clouds created by all types of smoke grenades. The main aspect is the improvement of the visual experience while not decreasing the performance compared to vanilla. In general this means that the amount of spawned particles remains unchanged. Features The following list presents all added/changed features: reworked effects of smoke grenades and smoke shells double the size more volume due to increased spreading blocks the sight of AI same particle amount than in vanilla (performant, particle limit is not reached faster) compatible with common mods like ACE small and compact, no overhead perfomant Troubleshooting The smoke effect does not look like in the video? If you use any mods, try again without (vanilla). If the problem still persists, locate the problematic mod. Ensure that SplendidSmoke is loaded after this mod, this should fix the issue. In either case contact us here or at GitHub so we can fix the issue also for others. The smoke effects do not apply to a modded smoke grenade? The modded grenade probably does not inherit from the vanilla grenades. Contact us here or at GitHub so we can add support for this mod Source The source of this mod is available at GitHub, it is published under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Changelog 1.1: - fixed signature keys not working 1.0: - initial release Download Download here (no other addons required) or via Steam Workshop
  10. Simple test: In vanilla Arma, place an ammo bearer at salt lake on Altis (not too much objects, here). In Editor, change its loadout for a bunch of smoke grenades. Preview and throw grenades. Before throwing, I got something like 90 FPS Throwing 2 grenades, not too far, FPS drop to 70, Continue throwing up to 6 grenades, FPS drop to 40 Walking inside the smoke, FPS fall down to 10 !! Config: CPU i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz video : NVidia GTX 970 Arma on SSD, 8 GB RAM All video settings to ultra or max and: AO: HBAO + medium FSAA: 8x ATOC: all trees + grass PPAA: CMAA
  11. hi all! i've a problem with fire....seems i cant stop it form working ! i've a script that uses " test_EmptyObjectForFireBig " effect and smoke too with "test_EmptyObjectForSmokeBig ", the problem is that i wish it to end after 1 minute (or a selectable time around 1 to 5 minutes). any idea how do this ? there is another fire/smoke that auto-ends after some time? thanks guys !
  12. Hi, I'm trying to attach a smoke grenade to the player while parachuting. I think it can be boiled down to ("SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (position player)) attachto [player]; but this doesn't works as expected. While running on the ground it works totally perfect but while flying in the air the smoke shell just spawns beside the character and falls down to the ground. Expected effect would be something like https://youtu.be/4nMvx33BZ1k?t=22. Any ideas what is missing? Thx in advance!
  13. Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated. I have added some new M203 smoke colors and they all work fine. The issue I'm having is when I reload one of my new colors in the upper right HUD it shows as White. I've tried adding names to cfgs but no luck so I'm clearly doing something wrong If anyone has any ideas on this to send me in the right direction would be a great help. I've added a image below with a red arrow pointing to the word White that I would like to change as I have the Orange M203 loaded but it shows as White. https://imgur.com/XXlxc6z
  14. How would I be able to detect if a player throws a purple smoke and then have CAS fire on the target?
  15. Salutations, basement dwellers. Tired of lackluster, lifeless Altis Life communities that are part and parcel clones of previously established mission files? Have you been experiencing any mild gastrointestinal discomfort related to IBS? Do 14 year old austitic-screeching home bodies have you contemplating suicide by cyanide capsule? If you answered "I'm not comfortable responding you obnoxious prick," then we have a 10% success rate solution for you. Hardly Gaming Altis Life RPG. Features include but are not limited to: Overhauled map; heavily tweaked mission file; custom npcs; 1 million dollar start with properly paced money making; active administrators; custom meshes/textures, and so much more that I might just spontaneously combust. If you're interested, check out our newly christened website at Hardlygaming.net - Or our Teamspeak 3 server at hardlygaming.voip.pub
  16. Hi, I am working on my first mod which is supposed to add a new support module for zeus that works like the mortar or howitzer one but drop a huge smoke for cover purpose. My idea was to pop a first particle effect above the module placed (40 or 20 meters above) to simulate the shell detonating and the smoke falling to the ground. Then pop up a second particle effect on the ground to simulate the smoke coming back up and creating an effective cover (a wall of smoke). I used this mission and this wiki to test the different particles effects and then writing the correct "ParticleArray" in my script : I have the first part ready, I can place the module with zeus and the script is executed without any error but no smoke is displayed at all and I can't figure out why. Can anybody please take a look at my code? Config.cpp class CfgPatches { class rcdc_SmokeBarrage { name = "Smoke Barrage"; author = "Redleouf"; url = "https://github.com/boulayb/"; // author[] = { "Redleouf" }; // authorUrl = "https://github.com/boulayb/"; // version = 1.0.0; // versionStr = "1.0.0"; // versionAr[] = {1,0,0}; requiredVersion = 1.60; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Modules_F", "A3_Modules_F_Curator" }; weapons[] = {}; units[] = { "rcdc_Module_SmokeBarrage" }; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Logic; class Module_F : Logic { class ModuleDescription { class Anything; class EmptyDetector; }; }; class rcdc_Module_SmokeBarrage : Module_F { scope = 1; scopeCurator = 2; category = "Supports"; displayName = "Smoke Barrage"; // icon = "\rcdc_SmokeBarrage\data\iconBarrage.paa"; function = "rcdc_fnc_moduleSmokeBarrage"; functionPriority = 1; isGlobal = 1; isTriggerActivated = 1; isDisposable = 1; is3DEN = 0; side = 7; class ModuleDescription: ModuleDescription { description = "Smoke Barrage"; }; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class rcdc { class Supports { tag = "rcdc"; file = "\rcdc_SmokeBarrage\functions"; class moduleSmokeBarrage {}; }; }; }; fn_moduleSmokeBarrage.sqf _logic = param[0, objNull, [objNull]]; _activated = param[2, true, [true]]; if (_activated) then { hint "smoke dropped"; _pos = [position _logic select 0, position _logic select 1, 40]; _source = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal _pos; _source setParticleCircle [ 0, // circle radius [0, 0, 0] // x y z velocity ]; _source setParticleRandom [ 0, // lifetime 0 for no random [0.25, 0.25, 0], // x y z position [0.175, 0.175, 0], // x y z velocity 0, // rotation velocity 0.5, // scale [0, 0, 0, 0], // r g b a color 0, // direction period 0, // direction intensity 0 // angle ]; _source setParticleParams [ ["\A3\data_f\cl_basic.p3d", 1, 0, 1, 1], // sprite, scale, anim start, nb of frames to play, loop "", // deprecated anim name "Billboard", // particle type 1, // timer period for onTimer script 5, // particle lifetime _pos, // x y z position [0, 0, 0], // x y z velocity 0, // rotation velocity 1, // weight -1, // volume (-1 makes the smoke go down without velocity) 0.1, // rubbing (bigger value makes the smoke move more) [2, 10, 4], // scale [[1, 1, 1, 1]], // r g b a color changing along the lifetime [0.08], // animation speed for each anim state 1, // random direction period 0, // random direction intensity "", // onTimerScript "", // DestroyScript _logic, // follow 0, // angle true, // on surface -1, // bounce on surface (disabled to save performance) [[0, 0, 0, 0]] // emissive color ]; _source setDropInterval 0.05; _source attachto [_logic, [0,0,0]]; hint "done"; }; true