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  1. Hi! For a couple of months I have had a problem when I place myself as a helo pilot in Eden editor and give my self waypoints like for example load waypoint 1 km. away and a transport unload waypoint 5 km. away. Then I start the mission and immediately waypoints skip to the last one before I even start the engine. This was not so before. And the problem does not occur in other vehicles like trucks and apc:s. Anyone can help?
  2. Hi! Was there a bridgelaying vehicle planned to Global mobilization when it was "just a mod"? Not in the plans anymore?
  3. Finally had some time to test this out. Just what I was looking for thanks! I had a Marshall as qrf vehicle and on act/deact fields had like this "{_x doMove (getmarkerpos "mk1")} foreach units grp1;". Next thing to do is to put some infantry inside the Marshall to do some quick patrolling at the troublespot before returning to base.
  4. Hello! This is my first post here and sorry if the answer to my question is somewhere here already. Tried to search and did not find a solution. I have a trigger with condition "opfor detected by blufor. My qrf moves to marker2 when opfor is spotted by quards. On the deactivation field i had command to return to marker1(the base) after no opfor spotted in trigger area(they are destroyed by qrf). Doesnt seem to work that way. Any help? 1602tommi