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  1. Random (I) Tactical Zone, RITZ! Dynamic missions orchestrated by HETMAN artificial leader. You will be leading your assigned squad throughout pitched battles. Comes in two flavors on different maps and factions: Battle Generator - Take role on either side and fight over central point. Campaign mode - Progress throughout the map in multiple part scenario. Units can be recruited with action > "Recruit". If you "Recruit" the commander unit at flag marker, YOU become the commander! Access High Command module with "ctrl + spacebar". ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Place .pbo in missions folder. Requires Combined Operations. No addons required. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modifying Battle generator can be played on different map by changing .pbo name e.g SP_RITZ.Zargabad.pbo -> SP_RITZ.Takistan.pbo Campaign mode works on trigger locations in editor. Arrays for units can be changed in UnitSpawning.sqf ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Google drive moddb ------------------------------------------------------------------------ credits: HETMAN ARTIFICIAL COMMANDER by Rydygier BI wiki for information and various script snippets from bi forum posts, thanks a ton everyone! ^^