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  1. @MrSydney, Try something like, this setUnconscious true; this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { params ["_unit"]; if (lifeState _unit isEqualTo "INCAPACITATED") then {0}; }]; Have fun!
  2. changeLog MMF_vX_test.altis (dev) Mission Configuration, Player Configuration, *added version readMe and many inline functions instructions! Have fun!
  3. @Rich_R, The "Bo_GBU12_LGB" is loud and casts light ~ 500 m. "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle _pos; It also does damage so be careful! Have fun!
  4. @jandrews, The dev link has been updated. This test version will launch in MP and SP. The file MMF_design was intended to be an easy place for novice SP mission designers to customize their mission. However, contingencies to allow this document to function hampered the typical load order which the system expects and therefore made MP setup a complicated workaround. I replaced MMF_design with initServer and initPlayerLocal. These files serve the same purpose of initializing the mission and players respectively. Please note that this does not guarantee all features will work correctly in MP and significant testing is required. Addressing the locality of individual functions will be my first ambition after a brief holiday break. Merry Christmas! Have fun!
  5. @jandrews, That's essentially what the demo is. For call examples the best place to look is in the two startup functions: startup and startPlayer (located in MMF_core/scripts/S) and MMF_design in the mission root folder. These files initiate all the functions used in the demo (which is most of them). For a while I was including call instructions in each version release but with things rapidly changing I decided to save this until the functions were closer to final-- which they now are. Comprehensive call instructions are coming soon. Call instructions will be inline (in the function script) just like the latest helicopter scripts. There is a format for calling the functions and most parameters are optional. You might be surprised how much you can accomplish with empty / minimal calls. I am always around to help configure calls. Thanks for your support! @D45H__, Do you mean the companion character? I never considered companions in MP before-- that function is the only one which referrers to "player" directly. If it was initialized locally, it might work. We start a companion with, [_this, side _this] call MMF_fnc_startCompanion; or [player, WEST] call MMF_fnc_startCompanion; The companion requires all the framework files because he calls various functions. I'd be interested to hear the result of this experiment. Have fun! @D45H__, Additionally,
  6. Updated page files (version 7a). changeLog Demo (drive) DEV (drive) Added helicopter insertion and extraction for players and AI groups. Added performance friendly dynamic post-processing color space determined by time of day. Helicopter scripts are WIP. Both scripts work and are straightforward but can fail if called at an unsuitable location. Make sure you place your camp where a helicopter can land. Make sure you request reinforcements and extraction in a place helicopters can land. Have fun!
  7. wogz187

    Arma 3-style Desert Combat

    @GrigorisN, Ah, the induction ceremony. I too remember that tragic night when the admins showed up at my house, clad in balaclavas, and forced me to agree to the terms of services at finger-gun point. Besides this forum, Arma 3 is well represented on reddit and discord. You'll be happy to know that most of your list can be accomplished with just in-game modules. Here's a link to the Sector Control wiki, and @Larrow has interesting posts here, here and here Further reading, bis_fnc_bleedTickets Have fun!
  8. wogz187

    Color filter in mission

    @He'sCalledTheStig, I should've just posted this, Have fun!
  9. wogz187

    Color filter in mission

    @He'sCalledTheStig, Here's the wiki page for post process effects. I set it to green by changing the values for the "color for colorization" array (select 2 select 2). Have fun!
  10. Released MMF_v7 Updated MMF_vX_test (dev) Check out the readMe and change log to see what's new! Have fun! @foxhound All of the links above are permanent and will always link to the latest version.
  11. wogz187

    Color filter in mission

    @He'sCalledTheStig, Paste this in your player init to get started, Have fun!
  12. @Larrow, call { [group this, getPos player, 100] spawn BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; group this spawn { waitUntil{ waypoints _this findIf { waypointType _x == "CYCLE" } > -1 }; { _x setWaypointSpeed "FULL" }forEach waypoints _this; _this setBehaviour "AWARE"; _this setSpeedMode "FULL"; }; }; Perfect, thanks!
  13. All fixed as per Larrow's suggestions, Have fun!
  14. @redarmy, There was an attempt made 😄 Have fun!