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  1. @Rosso777, Short answer: I don't know. Slightly longer answer: If the function is loaded and the group has the EH it should work. To make it definitely work the EH could just include the whole function. Locality is not my thing. Have fun!
  2. @Rosso777, Not exactly. We're talking about EventHandlers and Functions. The clever use of which can vastly reduce the amount of separate .sqf files required. So far nothing requires an external .sqf-- not even one. This is everything so far, Consider the above is just an example of the logic and your job is to make it presentable. I'd suggest creating common language strings for each hitPart in a separate function. Something like, if (_hitPart isEqualTo "spine1") then {_hitpart = "Spine"}; if (_hitPart isEqualTo "rightFoot" || _hitPart isEqualTo "leftFoot") then {_hitpart = "Foot"}; The function could take all the guts out of the EH and include the above, It's a relatively complicated thing-- no need to complicate things more with superfluous .sqf files. Have fun!
  3. @Alert23, It's a tough one for sure. The basic idea-- if I understand it correctly-- is that we need to simplify the concept of a race so the system can understand. Essentially reduce the logic to "who has made the longest line". Using sectors to create the line ensures you can't get into first simply by driving in circles. Triggers will not work for designing sectors both because of timing and performance considerations (not to mention the design time of networking a ton of triggers together). There needs to be an "onEachFrame" type EH running on each racer to create their "racing line" through the sectors and something to check which line is currently longest. Maybe one of the resident super-coders can take a crack at it. Have fun!
  4. @Rosso777, You have the right idea. Consider you cannot use a regular "hit" EH because damage is disabled (it won't register). The "hitPart" handler I suggested will return the part that got hit-- no need for randomization. In the params listed, params ["_target", "_shooter", "_projectile", "_position", "_velocity", "_selection", "_ammo", "_vector", "_radius", "_surfaceType", "_isDirect"]; "selection" will be an array of "parts" which got hit (can be multiple parts). It will return things like "head" and "rightfoot", etc. Within the EH you could put something like, _hitPart=_selection select 0; [_target, _hitPart] call you_fnc_handleDamage; You_fnc_handleDamage= { params ["_target", "_hitPart"]; systemChat format ["You got hit in the %1", _hitPart]; }; and then handle the pseudo damage the same way we did in the post above. Have fun!
  5. @Cryptdik, What's in the list? Have fun!
  6. @Rosso777, Yes. Here's an idea to get you started, Have fun!
  7. wogz187

    Unit recruitment and dismissal

    @Theo Thalwitzer Here's a repeatable recruitment script which allows dismissal, Have fun!
  8. @Theo Thalwitzer, Let's take another look, Have fun!
  9. @jts_2009, @Gunter Severloh, Likely within the rendered scene and including street lights. The easy answer is stay below the limit. For example, instead of 34 soldiers with flashlights try 12 and spawn 12 more when necessary, etc.. These lights are pretty taxing entities-- you should be trying to come in under budget-- not trying to see how far you can push it. Have fun!
  10. @Theo Thalwitzer, This looks good, Check this out, Have fun!
  11. @Robustcolor, If you can use @Tankbuster line intersect to fill an array of potentially visible targets then sort the array using, bis_fnc_sortBy, this should produce your result. Check out the second example. Remember the final param (optional: code) will remove vars from the array which do not match-- leaving only potential targets in the array. Have fun!
  12. wogz187

    Active Camo

    @marki980908, Cameras are destroyed (or something) when certain menus are opened-- including zeus, I guess. To work around, call the script again. I'd make a function like, and call it whenever necessary. Have fun!
  13. @Alert23, Here's a decent post showing the logic of deciding who's in first. The previous post looks like you're on the right track (racing pun). Have fun!
  14. wogz187

    Task creation in an .sqf

    To make a unit a destructible task, Have fun!
  15. @Alert23 Here's a SP example, To convert to MP the command "time" would need to be replaced with "serverTime" and each racer would need the variables. Also, each racer must be added to the potential end criteria. Check out the test file (drive link). Have fun!