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  1. @sarogahtyp My favorite line from the script above, _down_start > 0 and (diag_tickTime - _down_start) > _down_time now that's how you return bool like a pro! Thanks, man!
  2. wogz187

    Issue with script

    @BluBoi, This topic reminds me of myself. Here is your script running without errors, However there are still a number of problems (I don't think it does what you want it to do). Like was said before, 1) system chat stuff to debug your script 2) read the wiki 10x for each command you use 3) make little experiments instead of full blown scripts (then compile successes together) Have fun!
  3. @Dyeg0, Check this out, Have fun!
  4. @Nemanjic, If you must use a trigger consider @pierremgi's solution below. Otherwise, forget about the trigger and just loop for a condition (area distance?), null=[_veh, "m1", _area] spawn { params ["_veh", "_mark", "_area"]; waitUntil {sleep 1; if (_veh distance (getMarkerPos _mark)> _area || !alive _veh) then { if (!alive _veh) exitWith {"vehicle is destroyed, exit loop"; true}; "vehicle is out of area, exit loop"; true }else{ "vehicle is in area, continue loop"; false } } }; Have fun!
  5. This version update includes tons of new functions and significant tweaks, improvements and optimizations. Check the changelog for an overview of new content or download the test scenario to try it out. Install v8 to a custom mission: MMF_v8_extract_to_mission_root.7zip Join the discord channel for tutorials, script help and discussion. Request features, provide feedback, share screenshots and more! Have fun!
  6. @olegreyghost, We learned how to use removeAllActions but maybe there is a different solution. BIS_fnc_guiMessage will create a Choice Menu from which you can run code based on the selection made, comment "use params to transfer variables into the spawn scope"; null= [player, talon_1] spawn { uiSleep 0.5; comment "required sleep for menu to load"; private _result= ["Menu Title", "Select", "Accept", "Decline"] call BIS_fnc_guiMessage; comment "menu title, subtitle, button OK, button CANCEL"; if (_result) then { //accept code } else { //decline code } }; Have fun!
  7. wogz187

    track a moving enemy

    @CN-bbdnmd, Try bis_fnc_stalk, [stalker_grp, stalked_grp] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk Have fun!
  8. I added you to the credits (playtesting) on the MMF topic page,

    Thanks for all your help!

  9. @GaryTheNoTrashCougar, @stanhope, Simplified, Have fun!
  10. @thy_, I checked by copying and pasting the script above (my post) into an open scenario and it worked as expected. You can check by pasting the function into the unit's init along with the call. It does not have to be the leader of the group. Or call it on your player character from the debug menu! Have fun!
  11. @codeivo, Event handlers are very important. General rule: if you can use an EH then do use an EH. Since event handlers only fire at the event they are almost always the most performant solution. See also: mission event handlers and MP specific MP event handlers Your while loop will be running continuously throughout the mission which, in this case, is totally preventable. Use parameters, [] spawn { _fleet = []; _limit = 3; By defining your parameters outside of the script you can customize the function with a spawn/call array instead of just leaving it blank (useless). [[], 3, player] spawn { params ["_fleet", "_limit", "_caller"]; // code } And by defining default parameters the script will fallback to that variable when nothing is provided, [[], 3] spawn { params [["_fleet", []], ["_limit", 3], ["_caller", player]]; _caller sideChat "I'm the player!" } Instead of bool for your loop condition use a variable you can control, missionNameSpace setVariable ["_do_loop", true]; while {sleep 1; missionNameSpace getVariable ["_do_loop", false]} do { //code}; missionNameSpace setVariable ["_do_loop", false]; //to exit above loop You can use waitUntil in a similar way, waitUntil { sleep 1; if (missionNameSpace getVariable ["_do_loop", false]) then {//code; true} else {false}} // return false to continue waiting, true to exit I didn't do this in the script above because the loop will exit within a few frames of execution. Instead we rely on the event handler to reinitialize the function when needed. This could have been an iteration instead of a loop. Since we could have used any of 3 methods (while, waitUntil, for _i) perhaps somebody else wants to weigh in as to which solution is best for this situation, or perhaps it really doesn't matter. Have fun!
  12. @codeivo, Here's a working example of your request, * maintain number of vehicles at center * default number = 3, default center = player Have fun!
  13. @thy_, Using a script function allows us to skip creating a new .sqf file. Paste the function in init.sqf, in the init field of a unit, object, helper, or directly in the mission init dialog field. Call the function any time with a single line, // in a script [_grp] call you_fnc_addIR; or // in a unit init field [group this] call you_fnc_addIR; This iterates through each unit in the group. The event handlers are necessary. Otherwise units will leave their IR beacon behind when boarding vehicles or upon death. To remove the lights, { deleteVehicle (_x getVariable ["you_IRlight", objNull]) } forEach units _grp Have fun!
  14. @Kamber, Add to initPlayerLocal, Or to try it in the init field of a unit, Have fun!