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  1. @Grumpy Old Man, @sarogahtyp, thanks, this works, CabLight.sqf if (Plight == 0) then { playSound ["click", true]; cockpit = playerJET; CPlight = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [0,0,0]; CPlight setLightBrightness 0.1; CPLight setLightAmbient [0.0, 1.0, 0.0]; CPlight setLightColor [0.0, 1.0, 0.0]; CPlight attachTo [cockpit, [0,5,-0.5], "vez"]; addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { CPlight setVectorDirAndUp [ (cockpit selectionPosition "pohon") vectorFromTo (cockpit selectionPosition "otochlaven"),[0,0,1] ]; }]; plight=1; } else { deletevehicle CPlight; Plight=0; }; Connected to a GUI button to toggle, action = "_nil=[]ExecVM ""CABlight.sqf"""; Actually it works really, really great! Thanks!
  2. May I have some help to compile this script, if (Plight == 0) then { playSound ["click", true]; cockpit = playerJET; CPlight = "#lightpoint" createVehicle [0,0,0]; CPlight setLightBrightness 0.1; CPLight setLightAmbient [0.0, 1.0, 0.0]; CPlight setLightColor [0.0, 1.0, 0.0]; CPlight attachTo [cockpit, [0,5,-0.5], "vez"]; addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { CPlight setVectorDirAndUp [ (cockpit selectionPosition "pohon") vectorFromTo (cockpit selectionPosition "otochlaven"), [0,0,1]; Plight=1; ]; }]; } else { deletevehicle CPlight; Plight=0; }; It reports "Missing ]" but I don't know where it is. Before the "else", likely. Thanks!
  3. Hi community! My name is Paul and I am an illustrator, designer and author. I am also an amateur mod maker with ~20 years of experience beginning with Operation Flash-point all those years ago. Over this period of time the mods, maps, utilities, textures, concepts etc., that I have made were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. This is not me trying to brag but to demonstrate that when I commit to a project I see it through to success. It's been a while since I wanted to commit to such a project and now the time has come. The Eden editor is a fun tool, and so I've come to join all of you. There are two projects I currently have in progress. These projects are very different but serve as a learning environment to develop future goals. Both of these projects use a GUI "toy" which is a major element that I want to incorporate in the final project. Ultimately I'd like to release these projects as "modular plug-ins" (a combination of in-engine assets and the scripts to run them), which fit easily into any existing or future scenarios. Here, my first goal is to post sample missions of the two current projects for others to try out and to show my participation with the community. Project 1: Sasha Ashe Companion Module A long time ago on a NEXUS far-far away I released a mod titled "187gurlz" for Fallout 3. The primary character, named Sasha Ashe, was an ass-kicking wasteland warrior devoted to assisting the player restore hope to the capital waste. The first modular plug-in will be a companion mod very much like the ones we're familiar with for Bethesda games. The first part will be the GUI toy connected to a generic character (which you can assign female assets to if you have them). The second part will be the same with custom assets for the female model. That's where you come in. I need the model assets to make this module stand-alone. Necessary is the Female model/outfits. Potentially custom weapons, too. Download link: Coming Soon Project 2: Jet Toys The balance of flight mechanics in ARMA III, somewhere in the middle between Battlefield and DCS, are very appealing to me. With the same GUI toy philosophy in mind I am creating a mission control interface which can be slotted into any existing and future "flight oriented" scenario. Although I've had success getting all the elements to work, surely my scripting is poorly executed and, if nothing else, not optimized. That's where you come in. If you're interested in examining and potentially editing these scripts I'd be excited to see your feedback. Download link: Coming Soon My intention is to submit these projects to the community as a demonstration of participation and aptitude. And to potentially find like-minded modders of all different skill sets to work on a more ambitious future project. As a participant in the community I'm happy to offer script editing (dialog and prose, not SQF), concept art and to answer design questions of any kind. Designers make stuff fun, in case you didn't know. I'm honored to be here among service members, grumpy old men, and some alarmingly proficient computer science majors. Thanks for having me in your community, Paul
  4. @gc8 In the meanwhile, I attached this script SQF to a button labelled "WARN" on my Mission Control GUI to toggle the system on and off, if (ALTwarn == 0) then { hint "Warning System ONLINE"; ALTwarning = []execVM "ALTwarn.sqf"; ALTwarn=1; sleep 2; hint ""; } else { hint "Warning System OFFLINE"; terminate ALTwarning; sleep 2; hint ""; ALTwarn=0; }; And called this "ALTwarn.sqf", if ((getPos playerJET) select 2 < 50 && Alive PlayerJET && ALTwarn==1) then { playSound ["vtolalarm", true]; titleText ["WARNING", "Plain", 0.1]; sleep 1; titleText ["ALTITUDE", "Plain", 0.1]; sleep 2; ALTwarning = []execVM "ALTwarn.sqf"; } else { ALTwarning = []execVM "ALTwarn.sqf"; }; It's not as cool as tying the on/off action to the landing gear but it works for now. Thanks again, all!
  5. Shows how often I play online. I might just have to buy the Steam version. Thanks for your help. We can shelve this for now, I have your script to test after updating.
  6. @gc8 Yeah, I know. Version 1.78.43717. Not Steam.
  7. @gc8 Thanks for all your hard work on this. When I run the mission as is I get an error: "Undefined variable: AltitudeWarning" After that I copied the init.sqf text into the editor init field and received: "Generic error in expression". After that I removed "JET call AltitudeWarning" from the INIT and added it to a radio trigger which returned no errors but still didn't work. I don't know what I could possibly be doing wrong.
  8. Thanks. I'll check it out now.
  9. @gc8 Thanks again for all your help. Since we're using the same script and I'm getting an error, I am trying to consider what else might be different. there's this line, _plane setVariable ["altWarn", !(isTouchingGround _plane)]; the plane in my mission starts on the aircraft carrier. I'm going to try your script in a fresh mission, which is what I should have done in the first place. Talk to ya tomorrow.
  10. @gc8 "sure but I'm unsure if there needs to be more changed with playSound" In regard to CFGsound? That was yesterday's problem! LOL! As far as I can tell CFGsound class config is unnecessary with game sounds like "alarmVTOL". My script above works without sound class config, if that's what you mean.
  11. I tried the opposite of what you said. I removed everything else from the init.sqf and ran this code alone. I still got: missing ) on line 22. All I changed was "jet" to "playerJET". I'll try the, execVM "altWarn.sqf", method you suggested. I can't really read your code because I'm not very good at this. Can we add the "VTOLalarm" effect in addition to the text prompt? Like in the LowALT.sqf above?
  12. @gc8 So I should be able to paste this in my init.sqf, and is it okay to change JET to "playerJET"? As many other things reference "playerJET". Does the block need to be separate from the rest of my init text? Should it be the first thing in the init text?
  13. @gc8 I'm sure your code works. Likely I've used it incorrectly because I'm bad at this. When I tried your code I first tried to change the final line to "PlayerJET", instead of "JET" like you said, because that is the name of the vehicle and it is referenced many times. That didn't work for me so I tried it exactly as you said, "JET". Also that didn't work for me. Should I try to make what you wrote as a script that runs from the init?
  14. wogz187


    My bad. We can delete this whole thread, I don't think we accomplished anything either than the realization (for me at least) that CFGsounds is unnecessary for adding simple sound effects.
  15. @sarogahtyp Thanks for your help! I put this EH in my JET init, this addEventHandler ["Gear", { params ["_vehicle", "_gearState"]; if {_gearState} then { if (!isNil "ALTwarn") then { terminate ALTwarn }; } else { ALTwarn = [] execVM "LowALT.sqf"; }; }]; I think it says, if gearstate = 0 terminate ALTwarn, else ALTwarn = execute script. It didn't work as posted but I think this is the right idea. Below is my warning script, a hybrid of the two is probably better. Will you take a look at this because I'm befuddled. @gc8, Thanks for your help, too! I pasted your code, which I can't read at all because I'm bad at this, into my init.sqf and renamed my vehicle to "JET", but I got an error: missing ) on line 47 (including the existing lines in the init). Here is the script from "lowALT.sqf", don't laugh, I'm sure it's terrible-- but it works. It will probably work better if we put the landing gear restriction into the script itself, no? if ((getPos playerJET) select 2 < 50 && Alive PlayerJET) then { playSound ["vtolalarm", true]; hint "Low Altitude"; sleep 2; nul = []execVM "LowALT.sqf" }; if ((getPos playerJET) select 2 > 50 && Alive PlayerJET) then { hint ""; nul = []execVM "LowALT.sqf" }; So, regardless of anything so far, how to restrict the above based on gearstate?