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  1.  A decent platform with some good design features,

    The Canadian Armed Forces gave the retired weapons to the Provincial Police. When the police retired the weapons they did not want to sell them into the civilian market in Canada (wise). Instead they sold them to a UK gun club who then immediately sold them back to sellers in Canada. Whoopsie!

    The weapon was ubiquitous in Canada. So-much-so a buddy had one hung on his wall as a decoration (the action was soldered).

    Have fun!

  2. @Samcot, You may need to spawn a little sleep for your HintC, Have fun!
  3. USA Engineer: "To make an invisibility cloak we need to project a distortion field around the subject with an array of emitters."
    Canadian Engineer: "Hey, you know those ribby picture frames..."

    Have fun!



      This is really beyond !

      Can i have a ghillie suit like this please ?!

  4. wogz187

    Grinding Script HELP

    @razzored, This function goes along with the one from above to randomly place the harvest-able resource, Have fun! Thanks to @killzone_kid for the sqrt!
  5. @Samcot, Don't undermine yourself, man. You're doing fine. I super-appreciate you supply all the needful information. removeAction Without researching the script I can't say exactly what's happening beyond what you already deduced: the variables are undefined the first time the script runs. Your lines must work (it goes the second time). I'm sure anybody familiar with the script knows what's up. Check here, Have fun!
  6. @Samcot, If I understand correctly, try this, inspector=this addAction ["Inspect", { ["task1","SUCCEEDED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; [[line1,line2,line3,line4,line5,line6],"CUSTOM",0.15,true] execVM "fn_simpleConv.sqf"; }]; Like @pierremgi said in the previous topic it's way cleaner to use parentheses. Have fun!
  7. wogz187

    Grinding Script HELP

    @razzored, To see how the function works, a) paste this into an object's init properties: this setVariable ["isResource", 1]; b) paste the function into the debug console or pretty much anywhere script will stick (ex. init properties or init file) along with the call. Like this: c) when you use the "isresource" object you will get the reward Note: Once called the function is always running. Any object with "isResource" will be harvestable. Replace "NVGoggles" with needful rewards. Have fun!
  8. Coming soon, MMF_fnc provides a pretty slick interface for mission creation. Need something? Just call. However it still requires a bit of script knowledge to write a mission script. If you like writing missions scripts that's great and that is the fun. But if you don't like writing mission scripts and you just want to play-- that's not fun! And we can't have not fun because not fun is not fun at all. Too bad we can't just make a mission in-game while playing. Or can we? What if the functions were tied to contextually accurate representations of their purpose? What if we had a Fallout 4 style "base builder" with functional pieces each representing a game-play mechanism? With something like that you could design a mission by making choices as you play. That would be fun. And it is.
  9. @Samcot, Check this out, Have fun!
  10. @Samcot, Added sound, params and cleaned up. player addAction ["Inspect", { params ["_object","_caller","_ID"]; ["task1","SUCCEEDED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; _object say3D "01"; }]; Have fun!
  11. wogz187

    Grinding Script HELP

    @razzored, Here's a simplified version of yesterday's idea, Have fun!
  12. @Samcot, Like this, inspector= player addAction ["Inspect", "[""task1"",""SUCCEEDED""] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState"]; Have fun!
  13. wogz187

    Grinding Script HELP

    @razzored, I don't think that block of pseudo-code will compile... The idea was something like, _luck= selectRandom [1,2,3]; if (_luck==1) then { success}; You will almost undoubtedly need something else to determine success though. For example: a "skill" variable. Yeah but totally do-able. Have fun!