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  1. That's what I thought before I posted but I tested it quick and if you _obj setdamage 0; on a destroyed object it repairs-- kind of. I tested a bit more and the object model is repaired but remains unusable (and is still primed for a secondary explosion). So yeah, It ultimately confirms my first suspicion about this idea-- the vehicle can never be destroyed. @KaidenSmith Besides using handleDamage to determine if player damaged the vehicle, you may want to set a threshold for "disabled" and set vehicle "allow damage" to false at the same threshold. This will make the vehicle unusable after a certain damage level is reached but not allow it to be completely destroyed. Let's try to answer this instead, Have fun!
  2. @KaidenSmith, This gets complicated fast. Post as much information as possible. A killed EH would do it (can detect collision, too)-- but to be thorough I think may want more than one EH. For example: say the object is a truck. What if the player empties a magazine into the wheels but doesn't completely destroy the vehicle? Can they repair that? Besides that the usual: how is the object created? how many objects can there be? Stuff like that. Have fun!
  3. wogz187

    Markers on Death

    @nickaguns this addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator", "_useEffects"]; deleteMarker "Victim"; createMarker ["Victim", position _unit]; "Victim" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "Victim" setMarkerSize [20, 20]; systemChat format ["%1", _instigator]; }]; I'm not sure about the details of your marker but if you add this EH to the civilian init properties it'll place a marker where they died and chat the killer's identity. Each time a unit with this EH is killed it will delete the previous marker and set a new one. Have fun! Same as callable function:
  4. wogz187

    Supply drop

    @avibird 1, Larrow's script is tight. It reminds me of how to make a merchant container in Bethesda games. Check your setup is like this, Have fun!
  5. @avibird 1, What runway are you using, Avi? Drones take off from runways with no problem.
  6. @devildog664 @pierremgi, So make groups of civilians instead of individual units. Perhaps each town has 2-3 groups of known occupants. It totally makes sense and it's a cool idea.
  7. @devildog664, Why are we naming all the civilians?
  8. I'm pretty sure @GEORGE FLOROS GR, already made this for us. GF_anomolySpawner Have fun!
  9. @johnnyboy, It's like units are a black void for this function. Weird. You would think that's the primary purpose. I made example one a toggle-able function for testing,
  10. @johnnyboy, If you see the return array no problem maybe just this instead? lineIntersectsObjs
  11. @black_hawk_mw2_87, May I see the the effects you're talking about? Just link the page.
  12. @black_hawk_mw2_87, Totally do-able. Make a function full of configurable triggers. Use the function call (with random params from array) to call the effect triggers (script). Make a few triggers which represent areas where an anomaly might appear (editor). When the player enters an editor placed area trigger it calls the trigger function using randomly generated params which dictate the state of the spawned triggers. It spawns all the triggers each time but some of them are disabled, some of them have different effects, whatever condition they received from the random params. Triggers delete when player exits the area. params sent to the trigger could be something like, _size, _timeOut, _typeEffect If _size is zero player can't activate. _timeOut could be determined by the effect to spawn (some effects take longer to initiate perhaps). _typeEffect determines which effect is created. Get back to me if you think that's the right idea and I'll help you write the function. You may place as many invisible helper objects as you please. Have fun!
  13. Added, Function Instructions to begin explaining mission script design. This only includes some of the functions users may call. While adding parameters to the functions I also extracted all of the arrays to make them easy to customize. Mission scripts are the main driver of this framework. The included templates, MMF_fnc_sceneType and MMF_fnc_sceneState, are scheduled environments for users to place calls from. If you can write a text message you can script missions in ArmA 3. Here's a useful analogy for a complex call: This means you can write missions anywhere you can write text. And once you have written a mission, it is a spawn-able function. Pre-configured missions for mission makers to use with the helper markers are simply examples of the above mission scripts already filled out. Like this, Function library soon! Have fun!
  14. @xripx, You can paste this into the init properties dialog and forget about the "GET IN" waypoint. When you board the vehicle the group will follow, when you exit so will they. This script will only fire once. If you want to make it repeatable, we'll just rewrite a little bit. have fun!