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  1. After the last update, the corrections in forward observer module does not seem to have any effect any more. I tried both AF and FFE fire missions with actual placed- and virtual guns. Any advice on what I could try?
  2. Very nice! Thnx for the continued work on this great mod!
  3. Hi Rober, Apologies for the late reply. Do you still have the same issue and are you still interested in the script? If so I need more information on the problem. How did you set it up?
  4. Hi Diesel, thnx for your quick response. Unfortunatly the link you send is dead. It appears the file is not hosted anymore. Do you still want to share the scripts to for the RHS vehicles? Is it possible (for me) to also add the huron containers to that?
  5. I am also having problems with loading the Huron boxes properly as they rotate... Is there anyone with a modified version of Igiload that can handle the Huron boxes?
  6. JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    Im really looking forward to use this mod :)
  7. Glad you like the script :) I do have a solution, but its not a pretty one... set them as captives. [UNITNAME, true] call ACE_captives_fnc_setHandcuffed; The benefit of that is that you will always have control over them. For instance, if you load a patient in a chopper as a patient and he wakes up.. you cannot unload them. If you load them in as a captive, you will always be able to unload them. advertisement: You can could also check out this mission, revolves around evacuating patients back to base.
  8. Hi dude, I'm having difficulties getting it to work, so it will take longer. Apologies ;)
  9. Due to being on vacation I react so late ;). I'll upload the newer version tonight as I have to test it on a dedicated server with some mates first :) Thnx for your interest in the script.
  10. Although I have not done a dedi test with more players, I think the issue is that with the severe patient I refer to 'player' as his spawn position. If you assign the same spawn position as the minor patient it will work. I will upload a new template soon were I use addaction as the default method for spawning instead of the radiocalls. Alsop, patients spawn at an object instead of the player and they all have an action assigned to them to remove them (So no longer need to get a certain distance away).
  11. Thanks for the video and the good explanation for the issue. I will definetly look into this and I hope to come up with a solution on a short notice :). To make clear: the failing cardiac arrest patient who dies on the spot is related to modules. And the minor injured person seems to spawn consistently. The severely injured person does not spawn right. Thnx for the feedback!
  12. Sorry for the late response. It is posdible to activate the script via an add-action, also on dedicated server. The way that works best for me is to combine the Addaction with an trigger. The trigger would have a boolean variable that you set to true with the addaction. Other methods gave me locality issues I could not fix. I will reupload the mission with an example if you need more help.
  13. [COOP-15] Tanoa MedEvac Mission

    New version of the mission available.
  14. Hi Creech, Thnx for your response and I'm glad you like the script! As for the issue with dead cardiac arrest patients, what ACE medical module setting do you use?