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  1. Sorry to hear it doesn 't work on a dedi. Did you make any changed, and if not, did it work for you with version 3?
  2. New version uploaden and initial post updated. Patient class names are now randomized. Other class names can be added via the initServer.sqf file. All patients will spawn on the civilian side. Cheers Tiberius
  3. New version uploaded and initial post updated. I've added a Cardiac arrest function, as that seems to fit the request from Verentalpha. I am looking into KAT Airway Management. I am not sure if I am going to include it and if I do, it might take a while. > Decided not to implement this, because it would require me to maintain separate script versions (which I don't want). I am willing to advice when you're tinkering with the script. Cheers Tiberius
  4. Hi Verentalpha, Sorry for the late response. For the unconcious question, that should be possible, I will take a look this weekend and post a new version of the script. As for KAT Airway Management, I will have to dive deeper into that because it's a separate mod. No promises for that one. Cheers Tiberius
  5. Thank you both for the answer. This will certainly direct my search better.
  6. Hi all, Is it possible in ArmA to get the distance between two objects divided into two axis, relative to a known direction? The picture below shows what I mean: Link to picture What I am trying to achieve is the distance between two objects spread over 'line a' and 'line b'. I am at a guess on how to start figuring this out. Any tips and or tricks are highly appreciated. Cheers Tiberius
  7. I will be AFK until around the summer.
  8. Updated the script. See inital post for details
  9. Hi all, This is the first version of a simple CBF (counter battery fire) script. It is designed to make the artillery or mortar role more challenging by adding a threat. When you fire your artillery piece/ mortar, there is a chance of enemy fire support shooting at the location where you fired from. Package contains: 1) Example mission; 2) Script folder; 3) initserver.sqf file; Usage: Have a mission available or save a new mission to create the mission folder; In the editor, place down any object and call it "Tib_CBF_radar" (this object will serve as a radar to detect artillery shots); In the editor, place down enemy artillery or mortar units and name them (keep their minimum and maximum range in mind when placing them); In the editor, place down a own/friendly artillery piece or mortar and add the following code in the unit's init: this addEventHandler ["Fired", {null = [_this select 0, _this select 1] execVM "TibCBF\cbf.sqf"}]; Copy the "TibCBF" folder into your own mission folder; Copy the "initserver.sqf" file into your mission folder, or copy the content from that file into your own initserver.sqf; In the "initserver.sqf" file, put the name of the enemy guns in the "TibCBF_nmyGunList = [];" array. In the "initserver.sqf" file, set up your preferences as desired. Comments on the functions are provided. Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3ggseg2tleivx/ The folder is inside the example mission. Required mods: None You are free to use this and expand on this script, as long as you give credits ;). I hope it has some use for people! EDIT: I am no longer able to support this script. It will remain available for download. Apologies for any inconvenience
  10. The resolution of the map tools is low on my computer, making it hard to get accurate readings. Does anyone know what setting I can change to get better a resolution?
  11. Tiberius_161

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    kMaN175, I have a similar problem. When I press save it ends up giving me a 'database deleted' message and is not saving progress. What caused your problem and how did you solve it?
  12. Is the Discord still operational? All links to the discord are not valid anymore... can you provide a current invite link?
  13. When setting up a gun in the bty setup, you can choose the gun type from the drop down. I noticed it often puts it automatically back to the first option. Due to this you cannot select the right munition when assigning a fire mission. Resolved
  14. Really great how you guys potrait artillery more truthfully! Great mod! Suggestion: 1) adding the possibility to enter meteo data (both admospheric as local meteo for smoke). I think ace supports this for mortars at least. 2) Making the gun magazine changable during the mission so you can change yoir loadout to suit the situation. 3) Allow troughloading for during static shooting. 4) Add circular and Rectangle as shape to shoot. One question though, is there a direct download solution? Thnx again! This mod is absolutely fantastic.