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  1. Hi Achilles, Thnx for the notification! Cheers Tiberius
  2. Thanks for the fast reply! Im going to check out your suggestions.
  3. Hi K-Town, Do you still support the dialog creator? If so, is there any more detailed explanation available on how to use this other than the wiki? I can't figure out for instance how to fill a combo- or listbox :). Cheers Tiberius
  4. Hi, I really like using MCC and it is making ArmA life way easier for a long time now :)! I do want to report some findings regarding the Forward Observer Module; Corrections don't do anything at all. This applies to 'off map artillery', 'AI manned artillery' and 'player manned artillery'. It is tested both with Adjust Fire and Fire For Effect, on a server and in the editor. ACE was used during testing... have not tested it without ACE. The only way to actually give corrections is to adjust distance and direction in the initial Call For Fire. When giving fire mission to a player manned mortar piece it does not consider height differences. It works fine for 'off map artillery'. I am not sure about 'AI artillery' since the Probable Error Range is very high any way, making it hard to check whether the fire mission is alright (is not related to MCC). I hope that the explanation is clear and that you want to consider taking a look at it for future updates. Thnx again for your efforts in this great mod.
  5. Thnx again for your help, I redid the whole thing and got it to work! Problem 100% solved
  6. Thnx for the help! What is the usage for GOM_fnc_gridToPos? Right now I pasted the whole thing in the debug dialog in the editor and tried it, but I have not succesfully got it going yet. I tried: _pos = ["071250"] call GOM_fnc_gridToPos; But it gives me an error in the 'gridto#pos'.
  7. Is there a way to get 8 digit grids working with BIS_fnc_gridToPos? Right now I have a script snippet that works with 6 digits, but as soon I convert it to 8 digit or more is gives me very strange results. I need to 8/10 digit grids as I want to apply it in a fire support script. //OBJ1 is a gamelogic on the player's position; //OBJ2 is a gamelogic that is placed on the grid position; //The hint is the desired product; _pos = ((["071125"] call BIS_fnc_gridToPos) param [0,[]]); _pos set [2,0]; OBJ2 setpos _pos; hint format ["%1, %2, %3", (OBJ1 distance OBJ2), (OBJ1 getdir OBJ2), (round((getPosASL OBJ2) select 2))]; Any advice is appreciated.
  8. Thank you both for your answer :). I have applied the remoteExec. I am going to read up more on the locality subject.
  9. Problems solved. Got it working with [[_talke,"move"], "disableAI"] call BIS_fnc_MP; Although script is still not running on the server,all problems are solved so that's good :).
  10. Engima, apologies to bother you again with the same problem, but i am still having problems with the script. I have tried to use remoteExec but I the units won't spawn with the addaction. This what I use right now: [_this,["Talk", {"talk\talk_init.sqf"}]] remoteExec ["addAction",0]; When using the addaction with BIS_fnc_MP method, I managed to get both scripts to run using bis_fnc_mp instead of execVM. But the disableAI part still does not work... For that I tried "move" remoteExec ["disableAI", 0, _talke], which works in the editor. Probably because the script still does not run on the server. How can I run the script on the server?
  11. That makes sense. Thnx Engina for the advice, im gonna run with this :)
  12. Thnx for the reply. Do you mean that I should run the entire conversation script on the server or only the other scripts?
  13. Hi all, I created a conversation script that is activated with an Addaction. Within that script the conversation partner should 1) stop and either 2) sometimes pull a gun or 3) another script fires that spawns enemies around him. It all works fine in single player, and the conversation runs fine on a dedicated server. However number 1, 2 and 3 don't manifest on a dedicated server. I use Engima's script for the civilian population and the addAction code bit is as follows: [[_this select 0, ["Talk","talk\talk_init.sqf", [true, false]]], "addAction",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; Conversation Script: _talke = _this select 0; ////NPC who has the addaction _talker = _this select 1; ////Player who initiates the conversation _civilianFriendly = (_this select 3) select 0; ////PLACEHOLDER _elder = (_this select 3) select 1; ////PLACEHOLDER _enemychance = 8; _chance = 0; _talkciv1 = []; _talkciv2 = []; _talkciv1 = postalk1 call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; ////All conversation stored in seperate script, no issues there _talkciv2 = postalk2 call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; ////All conversation stored in seperate script, no issues there sleep 1; if (_talke distance _talker < 5) then { _talke removeAction 0; _chance = random 10; /////PART WHERE HE SHOULD RANDOMLY PULL A GUN OR TURN SUICIDE BOMBER if (_chance > _enemychance) then { null = [_talke, _talker] execVM "Talk\Attacks\PersonalAttack.sqf"; _talker globalChat _talkciv1; //// HE SAYS THE LINE, SO THAT WORKS } else { if (_chance >= 7) then { null = [_talke] execVM "Talk\attacks\AttackInit.sqf"; /////PART WHERE ENEMIES SHOULD BE SPAWNED. THEY NEVER DO. }; _talke disableAI "move"; /////DOES NOT WORK, HE KEEPS WALKING _talker globalChat _talkciv1; sleep 3; if (_talke distance _talker <= 5) then { _talker globalChat _talkciv2; sleep 8; _talke enableAI "move"; } else { _talke enableAI "move"; }; }; }; I have used the AttackInit.sqf in other missions on a dedicated server and it works fine there, so I don't understand why it won't work here. Also, I am aware that using execVM is not the best coa for this type of use. I am going to use functions for this. Does anyone have an idea on what I could try?
  14. After the last update, the corrections in forward observer module does not seem to have any effect any more. I tried both AF and FFE fire missions with actual placed- and virtual guns. Any advice on what I could try?
  15. Very nice! Thnx for the continued work on this great mod!