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  1. omri2050

    Bomb Defusal

    Might be useful I used it in MP, it has a nice GUI, also with timer if you need. But probably as a temporary solution till others can help you with your code more.
  2. One more suggestion If I may 🙂 A button to allow TGP camera to move to default position (with the nose of the plane), So once the targets destroyed, I have the option to restore TGP default position and search for new targets Great work with slewing the TGP to map position!
  3. BI should really give you 50% of their company lol Never seen one man doing so much great stuff for so long THANK YOU
  4. Thank you! Looking forward to it 🙂
  5. It would be great! Useful case - AddAction of slew the TGP --> map opened, pilot click location on the map --> TGP is slewed Thank you again, if it will be possible, it's a quality of life feature :))
  6. Hello @firewill! Hope all is well Do you have an option to slew the TGP to some coordinate? So you won't have to search the target mid air, just to slew it way earlier Thanks
  7. @firewill Hello 🙂 About this - There's no option to change TGP view mode, only to activate it (TV) Does it need the DEV branch with the new Vanilla thermals?
  8. Relentless! Thanks you for keeping your mod up and running!
  9. Great. A friend added the new WS buildings to building.HPP (I think this is the name of the file 🙂 ) and it worked. We're making a good use of your script in our missions 🙂
  10. I was actually going to edit my question as I found a pool for AI crew...If it's not filled, crews will not spawned 🙂 My bad. One thing though, the spawned vehicles drive very fast. Any way to limit their speed? I checked the patrol SQF file, and it is set to "LIMITED" yet I think I'm not looking at the right place...any idea?
  11. Hello! Can anybody tell me why vehicles are spawned without a crew? I changed the AIPool (#5) and added Western Sahara units. It spawns infantry as it should, but vehicles are spawned without infantry, so empty vehicles.. Spawning the default: null = [["EOSinf_1"],[2,2],[2,2],[0,0],[4],[0],[0,3],[1,0,600,WEST,TRUE]] call EOS_Spawn; works great. Any idea?
  12. No worries. I'll try something in the near future with my buds and let you know how it was Thanks man