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  1. Nice work with the Harpoon as well!
  2. Yes!! Thanks a lot Firewill!
  3. Hello! If anyone needs
  4. Looks AMAZING! Join the Apache Discord, we are waiting for you :)) https://discord.gg/rB6yDDy
  5. omri2050

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  6. So basically this will keep him down [this, true, 5, true] call ace_medical_fnc_setUnconscious; this relates to the unit itself, true - Set unconscious, 5 - Minimum unconscious time, you can set it to 0 to ignore, true - Force wakeup at given time if vitals are stable, so change it to false if you don't want him to wake up... Notice though, on dedicated server, for some reason, you can't drag or carry him for some reason if he is unconscious which is annoying. But on SP\MP is works.
  7. omri2050

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  8. Before TMS UP lock, don't forget to move the "diamond" (keybind = insert) to your desired MFD (in our case, the AGM-65K/G camera). Although as for the last BETA update, you don't need to lock with TMS UP, it will lock automatically when your TGP points a target.
  9. With ACE? Put this in his Init field [this, true] call ace_medical_fnc_setUnconscious;
  10. Arma logic.. Thanks for the clarification! Much appreciated
  11. If it's a moving target like a tank and you want to lase it, it won't work as far as i know, because the CAS module can drop bombs on specific location, unless i missed something
  12. I think unconscious is the way to go, it's a merge between the two options And then a timer to kill him after he'll be loaded.. Thanks man!
  13. Hello guys Please a bit of help I'm making a mission where we need to rescue a captive soldier (AI), alive or dead. When the AI is dead, I can't carry / drag / load him with ACE. options don't show up on a dead body.. Mission should end when: 1. Captive is alive and inside a trigger (easy part) 2. His body inside the trigger (this is the problem) I can't seem to figure out how to make 2 possible - first allow carry and load body to a vehicle and then that the trigger will fire when it is inside Any suggestions?