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  1. Hey Firewill! Great change to the I-TGT! One question please cause I think I'm missing something.. I want to drop JDAM-31 DSG a location, goes to LIST, select both and I have a message that the location is saved. While dropping it, it says NO GPS LOCK (or something like that..) Now I went to the EDIT and apply GPS and still same message. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Thanks guys :) The intent is that a human player will chase the missile and intercept it with an air to air missile I'll try to look into it more and maybe find a work around
  3. Is there a way to allow planes to intercept cruise missile (launched from VLS for example)?? Thanks in advance
  4. Alright. Waiting for the release, i'll follow you on steam :)
  5. and what is the Ghost Recon winter wildlands you got there in your signature? :)
  6. That is way over my pay grade but i LOVE the idea!
  7. Add this to any object this addaction ["Get In",{(_this select 1) setpos [markerPos "exit1" select 0, markerPos "exit1" select 1, 0]}]; "Get in" - change it to whatever name you want "exit1" - name of marker. Change as you see fit. "0" - height Example of script use
  8. Again, i'm not a pilot as well, and the flight model is not precise at the moment. But the flight model is being tested by the real apache pilots in our discord, so i guess they know better than you and me. The next update about the AFM will be more accurate though, it had some tweaks that one of the pilots made. And yes, looping was made by one of our testers (no ammo) so it is possible.
  9. RHS Apache flight model is arcade. It's not real in any way. The whole purpose of the Official Apache mod, is to get as close as possible to the real thing. That is why we have a RL Apache pilots in our discord, as they help and guide the developers about how things should be. Apache without ammunition will fly much easier than a fully loaded one. So the flight model of this mod is pretty close to the real thing.
  10. If this helps to anyone
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