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  1. Yeah I downloaded some grass images and tried to setTexture on a "texture" object (apparently there is an object in the editor that is 10x10 and you can apply custom texture to it) Your solution is good, I'm just trying to find a scripted solution for large area Thanks of course
  2. Thanks for your consistency Firewill Definitely great content!
  3. Hello! I want to do a simple thing...Create a large area with grass, in order to develop a big residential park. In the editor there are only tiny grass objects so it will take forever to place tons of them. I tried to set custom textures for platform or infrastructures, Tried SetObjectScale No success for something that looks descent. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Great work!!! One tiny question - Is there a way to holster the weapon? I think I missed it
  5. @tinter Hello!! Any option to exclude a specific area? Why? I want to run your furniture script but I want that a specific house will be excluded so I can make the specific thing I want for this specific house (example: make a specific house a lab for a specific task.) Any way of doing it that I might have missed? Also, second question - What about AI pathing and shooting positions? Does the script take it into consideration? Thanks a lot again!
  6. Damn, 8 years in this game and I somehow missed this awesome script. Any success testing on Dedicated? Great job!
  7. That is absolutely AWESOME news! I saw only the other 2 variations of the F35
  8. Hey man You can check an old composition Iv made https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2257785646 Also check this for Armory stuff https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=107410&searchtext=armory&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems&requiredtags[0]=Composition&created_date_range_filter_start=0&created_date_range_filter_end=0&updated_date_range_filter_start=0&updated_date_range_filter_end=0&actualsort=trend&p=1&days=365 Enjoy
  9. I don't think those are in their road map. Not even in future plans AFAIK According to road map, next release is rotor...So fixed wing is done
  10. Hello! Need some help..I want to take a big area in a map and apply the grass object For example - I tried once to make half of Altis desert a park (in order to build a city there..) but placing the grass object piling up into thousands of objects killed the FPS.. Any easier, FPS friendly way without playing with map configs?
  11. Was kind of afraid to get into this framework, but once you try it and see how versatile it is and how easy is to make things work, you just don't need anything else, really. AND it keeps improving all the time. Awesome work!