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  1. Guys, author haven't maintained this mod for years. This mod is practically dead. It was great, really, one of the best, but it's over unless in a miracle way he'll be back.
  2. This mod was not maintained for few years now.. It was great once, that's true, still is in some cases but yes, lots of bugs that will probably won't be fixed.
  3. Hi Firewill! Hope it's ok that I'm bringing this topic up again, It feels like the only thing that's missing in your great project
  4. You're awesome! Not many people, if any, has the same dedication you have Cheers!
  5. 1. Thanks 🙂 I know that the Super Hornet mod (the standalone by TETET) has it, I hope it's an easy implementation. Should be quality of life feature 2. Make sense indeed. Thanks again!
  6. Another thing if I may.. I have 4 GBU-54 But when I designate targets, I can see only 2 bombs. Might be a bug or I missed something? / /
  7. Hi Firewill! Is it possible to add TGP location symbol to the HMD? When I set a target and slew my TGP to the target, I can't see where it is via my HMD. So if possible to add a diamond or any symbol, it would be great. In this image I look where my target is and my TGP is slew to this location, but no symbol, its a little bit difficult to look at the right place Maybe even make the marker bigger, some kind of diamond. Would be much clearer Hope you understand me 🙂
  8. omri2050

    RHS: Status Quo

    Hello guys! Thanks for the work in Reforger! I have a little question...I load your RHS mod in Reforger, but the arsenal show no weapons whatsoever. I did use it once, all was ok, So I think something went wrong with Reforger updates? Any solution? I also tried the dev version of RHS, but still, nothing
  9. omri2050

    OPCOM - Operations Command (NEW UPDATE)

    Thanks for this! REALLY like it
  10. Hi @firewill🙂 When trying to drop bombs (specifically the bunker buster, laser \ GPS ) I get this error message