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  1. Thanks a lot TeTeT and the awesome crew for your work! This is almost the only plane I fly in (along with Firewill's ) Good luck finding replacement for YAX, hard work 🙂
  2. Just to think what was Arma without you Thanks man!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isLmWKeB_QA
  4. Thanks Guys!! Back to Arma because of you!
  5. Hey man Can share some screenshots or even better, videos?
  6. Just change 1 to 0 ["lights_em_hide",0]; Should do the work
  7. Thanks a lot guys! Your work surely need to get into the hall of fame for best people and best work!
  8. It's still functional if that what you are asking. The author doesn't maintance it like he did before, as he is in a different stage in life now and doesn't got the time as before. Updates, if will be any in the future, are rare in the last year
  9. I'm 36, a kid also, Waiting for more videos dude, subscribing
  10. You're talented kid. Just don't be lazy to cut our scenes like in the A-10 video , 0:27 seconds, which we can see Gcam interface. But overall nice work with the footage, music and adpating the scenes to the music bit.