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  1. Damn, 8 years in this game and I somehow missed this awesome script. Any success testing on Dedicated? Great job!
  2. That is absolutely AWESOME news! I saw only the other 2 variations of the F35
  3. Hey man You can check an old composition Iv made https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2257785646 Also check this for Armory stuff https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=107410&searchtext=armory&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems&requiredtags[0]=Composition&created_date_range_filter_start=0&created_date_range_filter_end=0&updated_date_range_filter_start=0&updated_date_range_filter_end=0&actualsort=trend&p=1&days=365 Enjoy
  4. I don't think those are in their road map. Not even in future plans AFAIK According to road map, next release is rotor...So fixed wing is done
  5. Hello! Need some help..I want to take a big area in a map and apply the grass object For example - I tried once to make half of Altis desert a park (in order to build a city there..) but placing the grass object piling up into thousands of objects killed the FPS.. Any easier, FPS friendly way without playing with map configs?
  6. Was kind of afraid to get into this framework, but once you try it and see how versatile it is and how easy is to make things work, you just don't need anything else, really. AND it keeps improving all the time. Awesome work!
  7. Hey Firewill Hope all is great! I have a question When I fly the viper and have a lock on a laser target, I don't have a symbology on my HUD to be able to align towards it before I drop bombs. On the F15 though, once I locked the laser, some square appeared on my HUD, indicating the location of the laser target. It's missing in the F16 I think..Any guidance in case that I'm wrong would be super appreciated! The + symbology on HUD is really not accurate.. So bacially a TGP location indication :)
  8. Hey guys I had some S.W.A.T like missions in the past with hostages, but I knew something is missing So I created a composition of 2 civs injured with ACE medical system and also prevented the AI from healing itself, so the players actually need to heal them. This is the composition https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2512673636 So: To prevent AI from treating itself, paste this into his init field this setVariable ["ace_medical_ai_lastFired", 9999999]; And in order to apply ACE injury to him, check this ACE function with it's arguments this is an example: this = Your unit [this, 0.5, "body", "stab"] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; Those are the arguments to play with: * Arguments: * 0: The Unit <OBJECT> * 1: Damage to Add <NUMBER> * 2: Body part ("Head", "Body", "LeftArm", "RightArm", "LeftLeg", "RightLeg") <STRING> * 3: Projectile Type <STRING> * 4: Source <OBJECT> * 5: Non-directional damage source array (Optional) <ARRAY> * * Return Value: * Successful <BOOL> * * Example: * [player, 0.8, "rightleg", "bullet"] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit * [cursorTarget, 1, "body", "stab", player] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit And I made a short video about it, Enjoy!
  9. Hello! Is there a way to know when an AI is NOT bleeding anymore (ACE)? Trying to set a task to treat wounded civilians that should tick when they stop bleeding Thanks
  10. Ha, the eagle works but the Falcon is missing its tail wing with this mod, weird :) Thanks!
  11. Any future plans to make IDF skin for the F16 and F15?
  12. Hello guys some of you may find it useful. Shared the script + composition of the tunnel. Teleport scripts WORKS also on dedicated, only AI can't use it.
  13. That tunnel was my first attempt, only CUP CORE and vanila assets. No CDLC of any kind.. Also didn't take it too far with removing the map OR GPS although I get the logic behind it of course.
  14. Cool. How can I send you some compositions?
  15. Hello guys, some help.. I tried to create a trigger with Civilian present condition. The trigger fires even if an animal is there - Activation - Civilian Activation type - Present This is an image of it where you can see that an animal (Agent) enters the trigger area and trigger is activated.. Even trying to define the code with this this && ({_x isKindOf "Man"} count thisList) != 0 ended up in the same results...Any ideas?
  16. omri2050

    Civilian trigger fired by animals

    It works, finally Such a simple thing (allegedly) with a complicated solution Thanks guys for the help!
  17. omri2050

    Civilian trigger fired by animals

    I guess the EnableEnviroment takes effect on the whole map Nice, at least that, I'll try Thanks
  18. Yep. I used it on dedicated once
  19. omri2050

    JBAD Release Thread

    Sorry for my late response, timezones :) I used SMA weapons but also with RHS vehicle. For the building to be destroyed, I fired 3 full magazines on it with the M4, and 100 bullets with the M2 mounted on the Humvee My group just LOVE this map and we are following the updates so we can quickly get it back to our modset :) Waiting for the next update! Thank you for doing that and keeping this alive Thanks again mate