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  1. What's everyone up to nowadays?

    1. chortles


      Taking a look at Arma 3 lately to catch up

    2. rye1


      Same here! Been away for a while.

    3. zonekiller


      Working with ARK but looking to get back to ARMA soon

  2. Haven't been here in a while. Holy shit.

  3. It has been a while since I have been here, sorry. I am currently trying to offload onto a good project manager. I'm stuck in work, girlfriend, etc. The team is still making models on and off. If anyone is interested in pushing this project forward, shoot me a message. I've asked around to quite a few people.
  4. rye1

    Terrorist attacks in Paris

    That was not the point. Free training is free training - for Law Enforcement and Military alike. These courses can go for $1,500 upwards! http://www.highthreatsystems.com/#!ht-cqb-info/cy6z In the comments section. "This is an old video studying a U.S. law enforcement hostage rescue mission" post. "High Threat Systems LLC Any of our friends in law enforcement or military near Paris looking for training. I may have a group ready to volunteer to bring some High Threat CQB to you for free. Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:41"
  5. rye1

    Terrorist attacks in Paris

    This is a long shot but anyone who is Police or Military in Paris, a company called High Threat Systems LLC is offering to train you for free on CQB. Contact here: https://www.facebook.com/highthreatsystems. I vet these guys. Ran by ex and current SWAT and ex and current Green Berets who are at the pinnacle of CQB TTPs and teaching all kinds of units around the world.
  6. rye1

    Close Quarter Battle Articles

    Part 4. https://www.spotterup.com/article-one-anatomy-of-the-room-part-4/
  7. rye1

    Soldier's Height?

    Shit I used to do a bunch of calcs for sniping based off 1.6m. I still hit a good percentage. I guess I suck at maths.
  8. rye1

    Close Quarter Battle Articles

    Part 3: https://www.spotterup.com/article-one-anatomy-of-the-room-part-3/.
  9. rye1

    Close Quarter Battle Articles

    https://www.spotterup.com/article-one-anatomy-of-the-room-part-2/ Part 2.
  10. I'm writing a series of articles you may enjoy. May or may not be applicable to ArmA. For the most part, these concepts should be easily transferable to ArmA. https://www.spotterup.com/article-one-anatomy-of-the-room-part-1/ Part 1. Enjoy. Rye.
  11. Of course we're still alive. This was a longer term project for all of us. We estimated that early-mid year would get busy for some of the Aussies with TAFE, Uni, work, etc. We're still progressing but at a slower rate. We have most of what we need to get in game. I have handed over the reigns to Lewis in the mean time, I will be free in ~10 weeks and back to it.