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  1. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Arma's loadouts system is rather limited in that the launcher loaded on the station/pylon proxy is defined by the magazine, and magazines can only have a single ammo type loaded or weighted probability that the next round fired will be one of a listed type. You can't really do any mixing of munitions on the same pylon/station without hard locking that station to a particular launcher per vehicle class
  2. da12thMonkey

    How to animate Rocket flames

    For most of our missiles and rockets in RHS _fly is a variant of the model that is the projectile seen when fired (cfgAmmo model). And the other version is the model seen when the rocket is in the pod (cfgAmmo proxyShape) - it disappears once fired and switches to the model. _fly is the one that will typically have a model.cfg and animations for rotating the flames, fins etc. where the other model is usually static and has no model.cfg and may have some parts missing if the full rocket is not visible when inside the launcher But in the case of the grad rocket model we use _fly for the submunitionAmmo created when the artillery simulation type reaches its terminal phase So we have the rhs_r_m21OF_in model for the rocket as displayed in the GRAD barrel, the rhs_r_m21OF model with exhaust flames modelled for the firing phase, and the rhs_r_m21OF_fly model for the terminal phase with no exhaust flames (rocket motor should have burned out by then so no point modelling it) IIRC projectile models always use the lowest LOD, so those model tend to only have one. But proxyshape might want several to aid performance when displayed on the carrier vehicle m21OF_in has 3 resLODs, m21OF and m21OF_fly just have the one They do have a very basic shadowLOD but IIRC the game doesn't render the shadow for the projectile so they're probably optional. We might just have one for the sake of firmly establishing that the game should not attempt to use the complex resLOD mesh for shadow generation by forcing it to use a simple svLOD instead if it ever does cast a shadow. However I guess a shadow can be useful if someone is spawning the model for display in a mission using createSimpleObject etc. Obviously the flame part is not in the shadow meshes - just the body of the rocket Rocket flame model is a sort of cone-shaped 3D mesh on our grad rocket rather than just 2D planes, but on a lot of other things like R-77 missiles etc. it's a series of 2D planes. I'm not sure where the flame model originated for the grad (and other rockets like S-24, S-13) but it's probably based on something we found in Arma 2 data
  3. initSpeed, is as the name suggests, the speed the bullet has when it is initialised. It does not accelerate to its muzzle velocity, it is created with a velocity defined by initSpeed internal ballistics are not something that BI bothered with simulating in Arma's projectiles. Any delay between mouse press and the bullet's initialisation at initSpeed will be the result of user/hardware specific factors like input lag, frame rate etc. Bear in mind that the base magazine initSpeed can be overridden or modified by the initSpeed parameter in the weapon
  4. Arma's ballistics is extremely generalised. Deceleration is determined per ammo type by looking at velocity and time of flight data from comparable real-world ammunition. Just look at some data and pick a time span (i.e. particular range/distance and the round's time of flight and velocity for that range), and work out the change in velocity over that span of time - that's the generalised deceleration. Then BI just plug that value in to the formula and come up with the airfriction value
  5. da12thMonkey

    NIArms Release Thread

    AUG doesn't have a fire-selector IRL, it has a two-stage trigger. Pulling it to the first stage fires once, pulling it all the way to the second stage and holding it down fires full-auto. So the addon does single-fire by similarly just clicking your mouse button once instead of holding it down
  6. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Targeting_config_reference#incomingMissileDetectionSystem
  7. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It does. BMP-2 commander's position has two optics: First one is the 1PZ3 sight slaved to the main gun so the commander can see what the gunner is pointing at - Commander can override the gunner while holding the Alt key (I think it's Alt anyway) in the 1PZ3 viewmode. The other is a movable TKN3 periscope same as the BMP-1 (but with the cupola mounted on the turret rather than the hull). Cycling between the different optics is done with the NUM+ and NUM- keys used to zoom in and zoom out.
  8. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    In general, all the Hind and Hip camos draw from modern Mi-35M and Mi-8MTV-5/Mi-8AMTSh references as those were the "2014" scope envisaged for the mod, but models themselves are lacking such modernisation. Soviet era stuff wasn't so much within scope until more recent years of development. The camo4 is based on a modern Mi-8MTV-5. I've not seen the beige/gray shades used on Soviet era aircraft - closest I've seen is a beige/olive used around the Afghan war period. But fair enough it seems the Mi-8MTV-5 was in the midst of the transition to blue-edged stars and standardisation on the dark grey or modern green/tan/blue camo, and this scheme had an older red star. It's a similar situation with the orange/green MVD helos I mentioned before. Soot patterns are indeed inspired by aircraft from the Chechen war, but they're applied on the colourway of modern Russian helicopters rather than Chechen-war period ones. Green hinds were from a regiment that was equipped with Mi-24Ps in the 2010s IIRC, but I can't find the reference.
  9. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    No plans to do that. Authentic historical Mi-8/Mi-24 liveries would warrant retexturing the aircraft entirely anyway. The Mi-8/Mi-24 livery colours are modern ones (or semi-fictional ones to match another aircraft in the mod or past BI games). AFAIK the all-green Mi-24 is the only authentic pre-2010s camo and IIRC already has the older red star. The Mi-8 MVD orange/green camo is probably the only livery where the aircraft has appeared with both kinds of star IRL.
  10. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Which ones? The red stars on the fuselage or the ВВС РОССИИ titles on the tail boom? Red stars are part of the vehicle texture. Titles use the tail_decals named selection (6th index in the hiddenSelections[] array) - AFAIK we haven't included any alternative insignia (e.g. МА ВМФ РОССИИ, ВКС РОССИИ etc.) for that so far
  11. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Accessory scripts only run for players. Otherwise they might be checking hundreds of AI throughout the mission and cause unnecessary overhead. Grips for AI units are done by assigning the corresponding weapon class for that handanim, as SterlingC says (the normal weapon classname with a _grip/_grip2/grip3 suffix). The grip attachment is not "baked in" to the weapon but the handanim is, so far as AI is concerned.
  12. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Using the RHS dev branch? IIRC when the PEQ script was rewritten for the new keybinding system and to add support for secondary and launcher weapons, the rhs_fnc_anpeq15_rail function call wasn't included yet. I've mentioned it to @reyhard so it'll probably be fixed at some point.
  13. da12thMonkey

    Secret Weapons Reloaded (WIP)

    Engine cowling on the model seems to be the early Curtiss Model 81 "Tomahawk" (P-40 to P-40C) type on top, with the round carburettor intake scoop and nose-mounted machinegun ports either side. But the wrong radiator intake arrangement for an early P-40. Along with the two nose-mounted .50 cal MGs, they had four wing-mounted .30 cal MGs (or .303 for British ones) The enlarged radiator scoop below the engine was a feature of the later Curtiss Model 87 "Kittyhawk"/"Warhawk" series aircraft (P-40D onwards). As shown on the picture above, the Model 87s had a redesigned carburettor intake scoop and no nose-mounted MGs since the aircraft changed to have all armament as wing-mounted .50 cals (usually 6 of them, but the first production runs of P-40D and P-40Ns had only 4). Pic above is a P-40E or later, since the carburettor intake was a little further back from the prop spinner on the initial P-40D. Merlin-engined versions like the P-40F didn't have a scoop on top of the cowling at all.
  14. da12thMonkey

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    They can be that resolution if they are jpg. But you need to make sure that what ever tool you are packing the addon with copies .jpg directly, without trying to convert it to .paa. Else the images might not be in the compiled .pbo because they're not a valid resolution for conversion to .paa.
  15. Might not be the problem but get rid of the , (comma) at the end of the keybind array Mod_MyActionName[] = { 0x25, "256+0x25", "0x00010000 + 2" }; I know it was in the example on the biki, but it shouldn't be there because it creates an array with a missing 4th bind instead of a completed array with the 3 listed ones.