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  1. da12thMonkey

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    They can be that resolution if they are jpg. But you need to make sure that what ever tool you are packing the addon with copies .jpg directly, without trying to convert it to .paa. Else the images might not be in the compiled .pbo because they're not a valid resolution for conversion to .paa.
  2. Might not be the problem but get rid of the , (comma) at the end of the keybind array Mod_MyActionName[] = { 0x25, "256+0x25", "0x00010000 + 2" }; I know it was in the example on the biki, but it shouldn't be there because it creates an array with a missing 4th bind instead of a completed array with the 3 listed ones.
  3. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    removeMagazineTurret (or removeMagazinesTurret if you want all of them removed)
  4. da12thMonkey

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Something like this happens from time to time when mods are updated on the workshop after Steam has changed the workshop TOS. Usually just requires the author to log in an accept an updated Steam Workshop agreement on the item's page.
  5. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    RHSAFRFDEV already has some redevelopment of soft-kill APS systems on Russian tanks
  6. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    We use these for testing and calibrating penetration Set of targets that use the game's "armor" material in different thicknesses, so one can work out how many mm of RHA steel an Arma 3 projectile penetrates I would have recommended them for your AFV ammunition tests since they're a bit easier to analyse than thick concrete blocks. However the download link there no longer seems to work. Perhaps @x3kj has mirror available
  7. da12thMonkey

    Import basic arma 3 head into Blender

    https://github.com/AlwarrenSidh/ArmAToolbox/releases Will allow you to open the "bust.p3d" head model in Arma 3 Samples\Addons\TemplateRTM, directly in Blender
  8. da12thMonkey

    RVMAT Clarifications (Hopefully)

    You don't really. Arma uses diffuse textures that are supposed to have some elements of pre-baked lighting to compensate. Not use just straight colour/albedo maps that are designed for PBR shaders. It's advisable to bake/generate curvature maps and ambient occlusion maps and apply them over the top of the albedo with an overlay (for curvature) and multiply (for ao). IIRC most PBR texturing aps like Substance and Quixel contain a "base" material that generates these overlays from input maps and applies them in albedo/colour, specular etc. maps for creating these kinds of stylised textures.
  9. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thought it already had one, just not configured in the config.cpp for the RHS rifles to be honest since there was already a "cloth" selection in the model for those parts. Have added it to the model.cfg sections[] array now
  10. da12thMonkey

    Textures cause extreme FPS lagging

    How many "sections" does the model show for each LOD in object builder? Some parts of the model may be creating separate draw calls even though they use the same texture and material, because the texture is divided in different sections
  11. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Not entirely. reyhard's was already in the process of MASSIVELY overhauling the FCS and optics on Russian tanks, so it seems to be quite fortunate timing in some ways. As an observer it appears to have streamlined expanding the feature set a little - like being able to add actions to dump range or go to a battlesight zero on appropriate FCS, and not having to worry about how players should interact with it, where it fits in with the existing Arma 3 control scheme, or how it's tucked away in a menu somewhere. Everything can be there in one organised RHS - FCS Keybindings subset of controls specifically for interacting with the FCS. It's also motivated refinements to the weapon/attachment interaction scripts. For a start they work equally on secondary and pistol slot weapons as well as primaries now. reyhard doing that has in turn allowed me to config the picatinny rail slots on the SMAW, MAAWS and M72A7 to be open to more attachments (in fact can use the same universal joint-rails type slots we have on rifles), instead of having a limited "whitelist" of optics and lasers masking things that were obviously not functioning the same as they could on a rifle. Simplified additional binds offered room for expansion of the system to have both previous and next states in attachment cycling. So it's a bit smoother to cycle directly between states on attachments that have more than two modes: Like the AN/PEQ-16 or AN/PEQ-15+M952V combo now that they have an additional IR illuminator setting on top of the existing IR laser and white light (that's another thing BI have added on the A3 dev branch in recent months: IR flashlight/spotlights). Again, all this is in its own little RHS - Weapon Keybindings nest in the keybinds menu, so folks hopefully have a better idea of where to look to tweak it to their liking.
  12. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Commander's positions with RWS etc. use the vanilla FCS (because they just have a rangefinder or simple MG), while gunner positions have a scripted FCS that's far more realistic in terms of laying the main gun. So they operate differently in general and that's why you have a disparity between gunner position on RHS tanks and things like BI's tanks. Is this an issue for you using the RHSDEV mods, or current 0.5.6 stable release? At this moment in time, the RHSDEV mods requires Arma 3 dev branch because the mod's keybinds are being transitioned to a new feature that BI are adding to Arma 3 where mod keybinds can be set in Arma 3's controls menu, independently from standard game controls or fully scripted keybinding systems. The binds through "RHS - Game Options" menu are being phased out and FCS scripts rewritten; so you need to have Arma 3 Dev Branch and set your binds through Options>>Controls>>Show: RHS - FCS keybindings dropdown. The default lase key is [T] under the new keybinding system. Not inherited from A3's "lase range" action. ^^Eventually this will be the case with stable releases, so it's worth everybody noticing^^ Infantry weapon laser/light attachment, stock folding, safety-catch etc. script binds are likewise getting this treatment. You can bind things to mouse button actions now too. If you're using RHS's stable release then I can only guess that something is blocking the FCS scripts from running. Like an addon/mission conflict or corrupted rhs(usf)_optics.pbo or rhs(usf)_main.pbo
  13. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Honestly I think you'll likely end up hating it and wish we did an Mi-35M instead 😄 Have you tried using the MCLOS missiles on the "early" Mi-24D we have in the mod? It's nightmarish before you even consider that Hind-A would have those paired with an even less effective gun turret
  14. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    All the visualisations I have seen of the Hind-As flown by 280 ОВП show the aircraft in Afghan colours. And my understanding of their initial deployment to the country is that even thought they were a Soviet regt. they were conducting missions at the behest of the Afghan government in aircraft destined for the Afghan Air Force. Then were later flying missions supporting the larger Soviet force using the Soviet Union's own, more modern Hind variants Things like this book illustration and the plates of the Zvezda Mi-24A kit depict the Hind-As flown in Afghanistan by 280th pilots this way, and I can't discern a Soviet Air Force star in the photo you showed. Whether those are accurate depictions or not is of course debatable, but they're from Russian publishers/manufacturers so I am inclined to trust how they present the aircraft flown by the 280th at that time. In any case, what I was talking about was whether it was believable that a region like Chernarus within the Soviet Union would have still had Hind-As around as late as the 1990s when the USSR was dissolved, and keep them operable until the 2009 conflict and beyond - i.e. whether a Hind-A would be something high on our wishlist for RHSGREF
  15. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yes they were flying the Hind-As that the Soviets were supplying to the Afghan air force. The helicopters delivery was accelerated after violence in Herat, and there weren't sufficiently trained Afghan pilots. It's understood that Soviet advisors flew missions in VPAF Hind-As during the Vietnam War, and Ethiopian Hind-As during the Eritrean War of Independence as well