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  1. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    AFAIK new production LAU-131 pods have been grey for a while but a lot of them in use are older, so are still green. The AKPWS pod is an extended version called LAU-131A/A, so naturally they all come in grey because they are new The green pod is available but fires FFAR rockets instead of Hydra (only difference is the rocket models). So the different colours of the pods now indicates to some degree what kind of HE rocket is carried. GBU-12 has the Navy style thermal coating because the model we were provided was that way; having originally been developed for a US Naval aircraft addon. I did ask for someone with access to the source substance painter file to alter it to the regular Mk82 casing, but honestly there are better things to do whether Arma related or not. Off the top of my head: USAF: Mk17 and M249 Para AFRF: PP-2000 and just about every AK that hasn't got a wooden stock, the Zenitco PT-3 stock, or a GP-25 SAF: SCAR 17, M70AB2, M92, M21A/M21S and Minimi Para GREF: Vz61 and Vz58V
  2. da12thMonkey

    Adding requiredAddons to a mod

    Indeed. I just read it as "I can use requiredaddons..." The {}; brackets implying an empty array, didn't register in my mind, sorry You should have something in the array if you are inheriting properties from existing BI classes, just to ensure your addon is definitely loaded after all the BI stuff has been parsed
  3. Because class EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_base_F isn't an existing class from the game, so writing class MainTurret; in there isn't referencing the location of an existing class MainTurret. It's just creating a new one with no parameters. When you do MainTurret: MainTurret in EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F it is now inheriting from a completely empty MainTurret. Turrets are one of a number of special class types that behave differently from others in the game, whereby they will completely overwrite classes with the same name rather than merging with them. Which is why you are always needing to do Turrets: Turrets, MainTurret: MainTurret type inheritances to preserve parameters where you want to keep the same name. Just writing class MainTurret; in a new class is effectively the same as writing class MainTurret {}; to empty it.
  4. If you do actually want a EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_base_F central base class for your variants: class Wheeled_APC_F; class APC_Wheeled_02_base_F: Wheeled_APC_F { class Turrets; }; class APC_Wheeled_02_base_v2_F: APC_Wheeled_02_base_F { class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret; }; }; class EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_base_F: APC_Wheeled_02_base_v2_F { class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret: MainTurret { //Your stuff here }; }; }; class EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F: EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_base_F { scope = 2; //placeable in editor }; Otherwise you can move the EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F class up to where EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_base_F is (see below) Alternative inheritance would be class APC_Wheeled_02_base_F; class APC_Wheeled_02_base_v2_F: APC_Wheeled_02_base_F { class Turrets; }; class O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F: APC_Wheeled_02_base_v2_F { class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret; }; }; class EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F: O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F { class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret: MainTurret { //Your stuff here }; }; }; But this is specifically using the ingame CSAT vehicle O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F rather than the Marid base class. So may have some extra desert CSAT-specific properties you don't want to automatically inherit when it comes to making your own branch of the classes (type of crew, edPrev image, texture set etc. etc.) Fundamental idea is that you go backwards along the inheritance tree each time you inset by a subclass to inherit that subclass' properties from a parent. Not start at some class and try to build a whole set of extra classes to fill those inset gaps, which is what you appeared to be doing with the EX3B_O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_base_F and O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F_Clone classes. You can see the difference between the first and second examples whereby the class we are adding stuff to ("//Your stuff here"), branches off one step further down the inheritance tree in the second example (O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F rather than APC_Wheeled_02_base_v2_F) so the starting point is one class down in turn (APC_Wheeled_02_base_v2_F rather than Wheeled_APC_F)
  5. da12thMonkey

    Adding requiredAddons to a mod

    Yeah. Most simply you can use requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Data_F_Enoch_Loadorder"}; Which is the latest cfgPatches class for Arma 3, to ensure your data loads after all the BI data that you are referencing or modifying
  6. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Combat Range != Combat Radius AH-64A's mission radius is quoted as 150km by most sources - that is to fly there with ordnance, perform the mission (unknown duration) and return. Total range for the mission duration was 400km. AH-64D has a marginal increase in total range with similar ordnance ~470km without external fuel tanks. But yes vehicles in the mod generally have a shorter maximum range, partially for gameplay reasons to encourage logistical support, but also because Arma doesn't simulate a number of factors that affect fuel consumption (like tankbuster mentions), and most players don't operate the vehicles at anything less than max speed (which would be bad for fuel efficiency IRL).
  7. They could be carried by many aircraft in British service but the RAF and RN almost exclusively used the UK's own 1000lb and 540lb general purpose bombs made by Portsmouth Aviation etc. There were a couple of different tail kits and fuses used for both types (diagram showing the general shape of the airframe, here with the Hunting designed retarding tail cone. Dimensions of the 1000lb bomb) UK versions of the Paveway II and Enhanced Paveway II (CPU-123/B?) were guidance kits for the domestic 1000lb bomb rather than for the the Mk80 series used by just about every other NATO member. (Enhanced) Paveway III carried by Tornado was with a BLU-109 type warhead. I don't know that the RAF have ever employed the Mk84 version of Paveway III. The other major freefall bomb employed by the UK was the BL755/IBL755/RBL755 cluster munition. American CBU-87 cluster munitions were used during the 1991 Gulf War by RAF Jaguars and possibly Tornado too. Rockets were largely SNEB 68mm with Matra Type 155 (18 round reusable) and Type 116M (19 round disposable) pods in that 1980s/1990s period. Type 155 seemed to be the predominant pod because it was reusable. Though I understand the CRV-7 was first used in the Gulf War on Jaguar, and eventually came to supersede the SNEB on Harrier by the late 1990s or early 2000s, with LAU-5002 (6 round) and LAU-5003 (19 round) pods. LAU-5003 being the predominant one. The Royal Navy were still using the 1960s-era 36 round No.7 rocket pod for 2-inch (50mm) "Microcell" rockets, as late as the 1980s and apparently these are what RAF Harriers also used for the duration of the Falklands War. Dumb bombs and rocket pods could be carried on triple racks only on the Phantom and Buccaneer (a UK copy of the US TER-9 more or less). Harrier, Jaguar and Tornado used dual racks, though it was somewhat rare. Neither are still in use. AIM-120 was also being introduced by the mid-1990s, on Sea Harrier FA.2
  8. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There's not much point critiquing it since the OCP uniform is not accurate almost by design. It's entirely the wrong cut of ACU uniform for that camo As stated before we don't entirely intend to put it in a stable release.
  9. da12thMonkey

    Model between legs

    Your model.cfg is wrong. Arma 3 uses OFP2_ManSkeleton. Take the model.cfg from the Arma 3 samples Test_Character_01 folder. Not the TemplateRTM folder (this one in TemplateRTM has the wrong skeleton - AFAIK it's to provide an example of creating new skeletons for creatures that wont fit the base Arma 3 male character skeleton and move set). Then change this part at the end of the model.cfg class A3_headgear_example: ArmaMan{}; class A3_headgear_NVGslot: ArmaMan{}; class A3_character_example: ArmaMan{}; class A3_vest_example: ArmaMan{}; to simply class ghilie_top_short: ArmaMan{}; and if you additional models beside ghilie_top_short.p3d, add extra classes in that format inheriting from ArmaMan
  10. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It was discussed within RHS right at the start when Jester introduced the project to the mod and we decided no, because there appears to be little actual movement towards the US using A-29 as part of their own operational capabilities in the near future. Most US testing and purchasing of A-29s have been on the behalf of the Afghan Air Force, and more recently a handful for prolonged testing of the Light Attack/Armed Reconnaissance concept. The LAAR program to date, seems to be just kicking the A-29B and AT-6B around in the grass to develop requirements for another competition that may or may not materialise at some indefinite time in the future. The US hasn't fully established if they want a manned or unmanned aircraft for such a role yet.
  11. da12thMonkey

    Night Vision Google - LUCIE

    LUCIE was used by vehicles drivers in the UK's armed forces. Here, LUCIE was not cleared to be used for dismounted combat, but I think the later, smaller MINIE version has been.
  12. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It's not really a compromise, since there will be a whole other set of people who don't like the front sight being up when they are trying to use optics for regular shooting of the rifle (i.e. the way they are using the rifle 90% of the time), and would nag us to change it back to how it works currently. We're largely impartial about which way would have been better. The current way was probably just the simplest to do in terms of implementation since it's already there and done for the non-M203 M4B2s and both are for the most part sharing a common model.cfg animation programming and model setup. We can only pick one way to do it, and which ever way we choose is going to run contrary to the preferences of some people. So it's probably not worth our while deviating from what was the most simple implementation.
  13. da12thMonkey

    Russian Helmets Project

    I thought the post was saying you were updating the old Flora pattern (VSR-98) with a new Flora pattern, and the new image was of the new Flora/VSR-98 version. But I see you meant you were replacing VSR-98 with VSR-93.
  14. da12thMonkey

    Russian Helmets Project

    Isn't that pattern VSR, rather than Flora?
  15. da12thMonkey

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Pattern trialled briefly by some units of 82nd Abn [1][2] and 4th ID [1][2] in Afghanistan in 2009, in an attempt to make UCP less useless in terms of camouflage. The Army saw sense and just adopted a multicam variant (OEF-CP) in the end.