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  1. All i did was click add and then when its addeed click apply and close and then spawn him and he stands there not doing anything with hes rifle on hes hand.
  2. Are you sure? I tried making a civilian a hostage and it did not turn well he just stand there
  3. The update worked now i can spawn soldiers! :D Thanks Shay! I spawned 5 American bots in my own zombie server and it was fun! Thanks alot im very happy about this! EDIT: My problem is that....I tried adding something in the soldier init and nothing happened once i spawned it like i tried making it a hostile and it didnt work ):
  4. TacticalRecon

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    Awsome work sir!
  5. TacticalRecon

    [Utility] - Arma FOV Changer

    Can someone please help me with my problem i tried putting it up to 1366 like the screenshot above that dmx posted but i still didnt has it what am i doing wrong?
  6. TacticalRecon

    [Utility] - Arma FOV Changer

    This didnt worked for me at all D: i tried doing anything like puttin git to 1366 and 768 and it wasnt like the screenshot above
  7. TacticalRecon

    Spawning Weapons on a Bench

    Hey,Im also having trouble doing this and im not even that far. My problem is how do i spawn the weapon and rotate it
  8. TacticalRecon

    RH Pistol pack

    Finaly a pistol pack! I love you man!
  9. And please Include Classname for all the Google's sloted Blaclava And google's balaclava :)
  10. Yay I hope The Update Release Sooner or Minutes later :D
  11. I did...And i didn't Find any luck......
  12. TacticalRecon

    Grass Texture Bug help!

    It's Fixed now! Thank you Plus Since i haven't I change my Setting's It has been Setted on Normal And after i reset all my graphic settings! I can make everything Very High Without even having Framing Drop Thank you! Thank you thank you Soo much! This made my day Now i can make Scenario! And Machiniam of Arma2 :D