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  1. Sad news Meshcarver although totally know where your coming from with regards to free time and that evil thing called real life. Id love to model again but have rarely time to do anything other then work and sleep :S Your works and vision have been awe inspiring and i really hope that in future you can continue! Be nice to win a few million just so you can work on your dreams eh?
  2. Just a random idea that popped into my head whilst i was sucking up all the cool stuff you have posted :D (excellent work by the way) Just imagine running into your buildings and having the ability to block the door or doorway with a piece of furniture or a large item that is sitting near the door. It could then trigger a script that makes the door take longer to open and play a nice sound snippet of "banging, scratching and screaming" Would give you a few minutes more to compose yourself. reload and either find another way out or defend yourself. That would scare the hell out of anyone!!!
  3. Alright mate, yeah all good in the world of Jeff! Ooooo tempting back into the fold eh? :D Im a bit rusty with o2 when i fired it up a few months back but i have been playing with Modo for a lil while. If you need any help on some lil things let me know yeah? You still unwrapping in o2 or does modos uvunwrapper now do all that evil work? Enforcer is looking lovely by the way ;)
  4. Bonjour guys, thought id just pop on to say hi and have a butchers of what being done :D Glad to see your still busy beavering away on the projects and even Dans back to doing what he did best ;D Everything is looking great chaps nice one! ;)
  5. Nice work Rock good to see your still working on with your models, Modo's a good program mate quite a few using it now, didnt think it was that good for bakes though i always found it a bit of a pain to do, have you any good resources for high poly modo bakes?
  6. To be honest though i do wanna see great things with this game and i think the people moaning are doing so because they mainly care about this game and bohemia! I wanna see great things and want the game to do really well! Some do just moan cause they can but others do have a passion for BIS and their work!
  7. Gnat made some brill vids to help guide new members within the modding community http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=83921 You may find them useful Jedra!
  8. I think a big issue with mods is that there wasnt much help with regards to bis sample models. I personally would have loved to see a example model in each catergory. 2 wheeled, 4 wheeled, tanks, boats ect. Its far too hard for beginners to pick up and start placing a model into arma2 compared to ofp days...
  9. jtec

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    A better fire from cover system! http://www.giantbomb.com/cover-system/92-55/
  10. jtec

    VBS2 to ArmA2 Feature Wishlist

    Its all down to money my friend, otherwise the military would only need to buy Arma 2 and not need to buy the slightly more expensive VBS2.
  11. I voted yes. All i can see are plus points for BIS and for myself. Cost will be so much less for BIS which would help hopefully in development of either new engines or advancements. Piracy would also be cut due to the signing in of steam and verified data. Hopefully hacked games would also be limited due to the game actually being bought and activated via steam making multiplayer a much more happier experience. DVD's are fastly becoming a thing of the past, look at the music and film industry now, everything is moving to digital format. I seriously dont understand why people like hard copies :confused: You could say "well i get a hard copy of the manual, a map or whatever" but all those things are easy to print from pdf formats. Come on people Digital copies are the future :D In the longrun we the customer will reap the benefits of this decision. I dont care for cd, dvd or blueray and feel all they do is clutter. Steam all the way :D
  12. BY eck great work there guys! All very impressive work! I had to double take at first! ;)
  13. jtec

    A game we need

    I suppose the amount of research needed in terms of story and reference is what would be off putting for anyone to create a ww1 game. Its bloody hard getting reference even for modern day stuff let alone ww1!
  14. Its a small independant company too where id rather see my hard earned cash go to. May have to purchase this when im home. Nice find, loving the barricade of the doors :D