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  1. adumb

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    Had to login just to make a comment, this is such an awesome project! I wish Arma had more maps like this. It would make me buy a new PC just to play around on.
  2. adumb

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Outstanding work you guys! By far one of the best mods i've played since the ofp days.
  3. Hi, you are online and I do not see the link???
  4. If you guys could PM me a beta link that would be great, I need this mod for a mission I'm making. Thanks!
  5. Hahaha... You have to love this forum. Awesome project guys. keep it up.
  6. adumb

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    Added. It's something we've both been shooting around. It would be neat to bring one of the best mods back to life.
  7. He should do whats wanted by everyone else, not what he wants.
  8. adumb

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    My self and Ebud may be able to help with this.
  9. adumb

    VBS3 snow... in ARMA 3?!?!?

    You have far too many wants in life. Do something about it or move on. By do something, I don't me cry in this topic.
  10. adumb

    VBS3 snow... in ARMA 3?!?!?

    And what have you done to help improve ArmA?
  11. adumb

    VBS3 snow... in ARMA 3?!?!?

    No, 'we' do not. Having worked for them for over 5 years, I can a sure you, It's two totally different companies.
  12. It's called being burned out, not 'keeping it real'. This project started off strong but slowly came to a stop after much of what is being made, has already been made. Or being made by others. That, in its self, took all of the real drive away. The United States Military mod has picked up the ball I dropped and been able to run with it much better. Thanks to Gurdy. I see big things comes from them. But for me, I need to venture into the unknown and look at something up I've never done. Maybe It's time for an island.
  13. Life always comes first! No feel too bad, we've all done it. Get what really matters worked out!
  14. Well, soon. No. At some point? yes. I've taken a big step back and kinda looked at what made OFP so great vs ArmA2 and 3. So much of the same thing is be remade over and over again it all just gets lost in a folder. I'm looking for something original. Something not US based with M4's and Hummers.
  15. adumb

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    With such a large project at hand, will you be going this alone or do you have a small group working on it?