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  1. congrats on the release, thank you for the opportunity to test in the earlier versions. Incredible stuff, glad to see that it finally is here.
  2. I addressed that earlier; they don't exist. Don't worry about it for now.
  3. heh, yeah quite a few of them are really bugged unfortunately. When I said "as is" I meant it :) thanks for the screens though. I got OA set up finally, and tried RHS's units.. I'm inspired again, though it will be a while before I start working on my units in depth. I'll try repair the current units though. I have other ArmA obligations.
  4. Fox '09

    Vietnam: The Experience

    What features in particular would you like to be compatible? As far as I'm concerned ACE works fine, I'm not sure about ACRE though. If the only thing that isn't is the maps, maybe we could look into making the maps compatible. Otherwise we won't be making an ACE version.
  5. Thanks. I'll try to fix those problems ASAP. 1. The shadow errors are only visible on normal shadows, I can fix it however changing the shadows to high or very high "fixes" it. 2. Black triangle.. proxy problem, easy fix. 3. Missing textures. I thought that unit had textures working, easy fix as well. As for the 75th rangers, they are hiding somewhere, perhaps in the model.cfg.. no idea. They don't exist in this iteration, nor are they present in config.cpp. I'll try and work on that soon. Thanks for the feedback :)
  6. Fox '09

    Vietnam: The Experience

    It is not officially supported. You can try, but we can't guarantee that they will work together.
  7. Thanks. I have been unable to test them myself, If you can take photos please do so, I would be better equipped then to see what the problems are. There will not be a full release, they are intended for ArmA 3. They will be improved upon however they will not leave this primitive state as far as optimization goes. I cannot guarantee future updates, though I likely will be working on them.
  8. Thanks. I didn't lose anything too valuable, just time. Here are the files: SF 2005 http://www.mediafire.com/?axmi6qvjc2y7v6q CIA (Intended for Lingor) http://www.mediafire.com/?8h7rbdwmi888cyt Read the readme. Don't upload this to websites unless you have permission from me. Let me know what you guys think, and I'll address them once my system is in order. My i7 920 failed on me, the underside turned black. I had to buy a new motherboard, and consequently windows refused to accept it. No data was lost, so all is well.
  9. Well, I was going to upload them, however my computer broke not too long ago and so goes my p drive etc. I don't even have OA installed because of some annoyances, though I will have everything back soon. I'll upload them tonight, all if not most of it as it is. There may be some missing PBOs if you download them, so if there are significant errors report them and I will supply the missing files. They are not to be put on websites however, as they are very incomplete. The files in question: foxus_specialforces_2005 This one includes my most recent work, and contains 3-4 units I think.. a whopping 180 mb or something. Really, this is why I don't release my work until it is optimized. This isn't for playing online. foxus_cia This is a very recent WIP, and accordingly is not optimized. I think it only has one unit, yet is 67MB.
  10. Fox '09

    Rhodesy's Projects

    Nice work, can't wait to see where you take these. nice tower as well
  11. Those were custom made by lennard. It's a great pack, I'm just not sure if he wants to release it yet.
  12. Here is the paraclete pouch set. Included is two 2mag pouches, 1 3 mag pouch, 1 machinegun pouch, 2 grenade pouches, and 1 GP pouch. In the readme you will find full credits. I also included the PSD for convenience. http://www.mediafire.com/?ur1dsmz1grwkrdn They lack proper normals and AO maps at the moment. I do plan on baking some when things speed up with ArmA 3 however. The models are included in their "raw" form, meaning they may have extra edge loops.
  13. Hello, I'd like to make an announcement, more directed to addon makers. I am putting up my models for anybody to use. There are some that are generally finished (model,uv,textures, and sometimes normals) and others that are unfinished. I have at least 40 models that I made over the years, and even though I won't be making more addons for ArmA 2 I still would like to see them being used. I'll upload more photos of models this weekend, otherwise it is anything I have posted in the last 6 months. There are some models that are derivatives off of BI models, others that are made by me, and some that are made by others. I will list credits when I post a larger selection. I will only be uploading my models however, and those that were made with consent to distribute. Models made by bobman will also be shared. Protec (BIS-edited by me), Bolle T800 (model by bobman, finished by me) , SDU-5e is by Deltahawk, but that's not my domain, so don't ask me about that. Paraclete pouch set is by me, which is seen as a drop leg in this image. I have plenty of paraclete pouches,including the MG pouch, 2mag pouch, 3mag pouch, and grenade pouches, made by me. I will upload the gloves for use this weekend as well. They are my first attempt at making gloves, and they certainly aren't perfect, but they may suit your needs. PSDs are to be included with all of my models. The gloves are simply enlarged versions of the BI hands with some slight model modifications and uv edits. The models will be released under a WTFPL liscence unless they are deriviatives of BI models, in which case they fall under their liscencing I assume. As a side note, I am still working on projects such as PMC Somalia, where aspects of my units will be seen, like the protec or AWS vests.
  14. I have a feeling mediafire will be like those sites soon. The original units will not be updated until I finish the DOAV vest, which will take time. I will leave this here: made by Jeffers Pang. (not game mesh but will be baked from this)
  15. Looks awesome bobman, good to see you got around to posting it here.