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  1. craig.turner

    A long time out and suffering a few issues

    Still got a lot to catch up on ingame now ...... lol
  2. craig.turner

    A long time out and suffering a few issues

    The above link, fixed the ACE issue out of interest.
  3. craig.turner

    A long time out and suffering a few issues

    Ok, it was all down to an update of RHS required. However I still have the ace/cup error showing, I have added the optional pbo's from ace ?? edit: I may have found the issue - testing now: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/2788
  4. craig.turner

    A long time out and suffering a few issues

    Ok, looks like I need to check each and every mod for the latest versions. (RHS is out of date actually) Leights Opfor Pack is v1.5 - which I am sure is the latest? As for Ace, I was 100% sure I downloaded the latest version direct from their site on Tuesday: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/releases/tag/v3.3.2 The Mod folder in there is @ace, not @ace3 ? CUP add ons checked and all are up to date, as per: http://cup-arma3.org/
  5. Hi everyone, Its been a while since I have posted on these sacred forums, due to work commitments with BISim and mixing work with pleasure. However I have recently had the urge once more to dig out Arma3 and get back into it all. However ........ I am having issues, which 2 years ago I would have understood, but now it has got the better of me. I have a few issues with mods and errors, hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction, as I am playing catch up as quick as possible. Pics below show the errors, and Mods I am running (Hope I stick within the rules here?): Mods Running: Error 1: Error 2: Error 3: Error 4: ## Error 5: I am pretty sure I have the latest versions, so a little unsure now? Cheers all.
  6. craig.turner

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Small video of the LOD Issues (Jittering is due to the Vimeo conversion from FRAPS, apologies) http://vimeo.com/109628569
  7. craig.turner

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Awesome Terrain, huge amounts of work has gone into this its clear. However for me there seems to be a LOD issue on trees that is taking away the awesomeness of this terrain, I am constantly seeing LOD changes on trees either flying or on foot, and its very distracting.
  8. No Entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/DAR_M1161.scope'. I get this error every time I load up ArmA3, and yes I have a whole host of Mods / addons running (over 20). Before I remove them all and check each one, I just wondered if anyone knew off the top if they knew what it was? Cheers, ---------- Post added at 12:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:46 AM ---------- Resolved it, It was the @Iraqi_Warfare mod, running the 'extra' configs - which in turn required some addons I did not have. Please close.
  9. craig.turner

    HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled - Import

    Thought so, cheers.
  10. craig.turner

    HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled - Import

    Is this in essence its own Mod, ie should this @Folder be dropped in as is, or does it need merging with the old one?
  11. craig.turner

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    As already discussed, have subscribed for latest update to fix config sound errors.
  12. craig.turner

    HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled - Import

    I'm getting this error with this Mod now for some reason??
  13. craig.turner

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    I'm getting the same error in general
  14. craig.turner

    HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled - Import

    Great to hear a fix is inbound
  15. craig.turner

    Zee Identity Pack

    Now that is an awesome and informative post :)