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  1. Project Reality Teamwork Community Arma 2 PvP Event! Information: Saturday the 11th of September at 1900 PRT we will host a event on our server with great pride, as the kickoff event for our community, we hope we can bring as much teamwork and awesome gameplay as possible. We strive for realism, and for good gameplay, so if your into PR, we wont disappoint you! We are running a 200 player event, this will require alot of cooperation and teamwork from the players, but we have a large admin team, and a dedicated TS 3 server that you will be required to join! TS 3 IP: Arma 2 Server IP: The Project Reality Teamwork Server [EU] Arma 2; Addons: Quesh Kibrul IP: (Default Port) Map We will be running a map called quesh kibrul so download it here and place a shortcut with it on your desktop: Quesh Kibrul Download Shortcut Tutorial The easiest way to install this is by creating 2 folders in the ARMA 2 Directory , go ahead and navigate through to your ARMA 2 main folder and create a folder called : @QK Now create a folder inside the new folder we just created and rename it to Addons Directory Example : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2\@QK\Addons Now download those files for quesh kibrul and place them in the Addons folder we just created. When that is done go ahead and create a shortcut for ARMA 2 on your desktop if you dont already have one and right click on it , select properties and add this to the target line: [b]-mod=@QK[/b] and the final result should look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2\arma2.exe" -mod=@QK Click on the shortcut and enjoy the game! NOTE: This event is not running Combined arms or Operation arrowhead, just stock arma 2 with quesh kibrul. Rules We have some simple rules on the servers ingame. 1. Follow orders of admins and ranking players. 2. Do not Teamkill 3. Do not waste assets. 4. You are required to be on Teamspeak 3 Teamspeak rules: Do not abuse whisper buttons, do not scream and sing and play off music in the channels. Teamspeak Team Setup Tutorial http://prteamwork.com/showthread.php?p=92#post92 About Us: Please visit our website for further information on our team and if you wish to join our awesome team! www.prteamwork.com // Wicca out
  2. Actually, when i want to play PR with buddies i say. Wanna play PR? not Wanna play BF2 PR. So For arma to i guess it will be. Want to play PRA? or smt.
  3. Im sure there will be, as if we have server licenses, people dont have to download numerous addons and expansion. just PR. Also, usually Public gameplay in PR, is very organized, squads working togheter over mumble. Using veichles transportation and CAS in comms. On some public servers, there is even gameplay close to Tournament standards. This is what we are used to, this is Public Gameplay to us. If people in PR screw up or waste assets, they get raged at, not because we hate newbies, but because we want to make sure all players are up to the same standard, and if you cant take the heat, you cant play the game. IMO.
  4. PR is standardized. It must stay that way. Im not going to play PR Arma 2, if the servers have 10 different setups. I want to be able to choose servers without spending 10 min downloading, and setup a new shortcut, for each server. I play a game, not a server.
  5. Wow. Im new here, great welcome:P Anyways. On topic. Can anyone help me with this script?
  6. Bump. Could do with some help connecting the dots:D
  7. Thanks, ill forward it to some of my guys. Cool to see other norwegians:)
  8. Hello. Im wondering if anyone is able to create a mission script, that enables the veichles to spawn in as more player join. To avoid veichles that was meant for a 100 players, to be left for only 10 people. // Wicca out
  9. Wicca

    Arma 2 event

    thanks for the good feedback. The chopper spawn bug is being worked at, but if you guys want this running every weekend, ill ask Qwertz about that. Ive been able to tweak the mission file, so we can have squads or fireteams or whatever we call them. Now i think we should open to having both TS3 and Mumble, cause i know the plugin works, i just need to code it abit more i guess. Here for hoping we can run this next weekend:D
  10. Wicca

    Arma 2 event

    Im looking forward to this! Getting dropped by hueys from the carrier, assaulting enemy positions by foot with mechanized support:D
  11. Wicca

    Arma 2 event

    The gameplay, is going to be whatever you want it to be, in any game like arma 2, its the players themselfs who decide what the game is going to be like, and if they will enjoy it. But ive tried making this as close as possible with my experience with PR, to PR. So hopefully alot of coordinated teamwork with squads. Gamemode is AAS. To be able to communicate efficently in the battlefield, you need mumble, and you need to set it up properly too. Here is a link to set it up: http://armacalypse.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=63#pid255
  12. Wicca

    Arma 2 event

    Has any of you tried mumble with Arma 2?
  13. Wicca

    Arma 2 event

    Arma 2 Event Information We at the ISAF Admin group would like to invite you all to a pr inspired event, in the arma 2 engine, with 100 slot server we think we can promise a eventfull event! :D With cooperation from Armacalypse we hope we can bring the arma 2 world as close as we can get with stock arma 2, to the PR realm. Event Map: - Quesh Kibrul Which is a island desert map, 3 main islands some minor villages scattered across it, one major city. Each side starts on one carrier each, factions are Russia versus US. Mumble We will use Mumble for the event. This is 1.2.2 Mumble. It has a Plugin for Arma 2, and we will use it also instead of VON, for Command channel and team contacts etc. Mumble 1.2.2 Download Link MUMBLE IP AND PORT IP: 10th-community.com Port: 64738 ARMA 2 PVP SERVER INFO ArmAcalypse PvP IP: Port: 2302 DOWNLOAD PACK: We have something called AAS v. 1.1 addon pack to regular Arma 2. This gives us more maps and enables us to have a more varied gameplay experience. For this event though, only one map to put the size of the file down. You must download this to participate. EVENT FILE DOWNLOAD! Installation: 1) Unpack 2) Move the extracted folder (“@quesh-kibrulâ€) into your main ArmA 2 directory (where the ArmA2.exe is) 3a) If you already have a shortcut to your ArmA2.exe, right-click it, go to properties, and add exactly this to the end of the target field (outside the quotation marks): -mod=@quesh_kibrul 3b) If you don’t have a shortcut to your ArmA2.exe, create one, and go to 3a 4) Start the game with the shortcut. Join us at Saturday 5th of June 1800 PRT/GMT/. See you on the battlefield! // Wicca out
  14. Archer is nice, i wonder since this first map is a 10x10 km, if we will get more maps, and then how large they are?Truly am looking forward to this mod.