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  1. It's only March, my friend.
  2. Most of the team have fulltime jobs and work on PR:ArmA in their free time. Next to that, the PR team is working on a lot of things they want to get in the 0.1 release. It takes time to get things right. Sure, they can release sooner, but the 0.1 version they have in mind would be incomplete. I don't think anyone would like to release something they think isn't even ready. I agree that it takes a long time (I wanna play it just as bad :p), but I'm confident this is all for the good of the mod. And... you shouldn't rush quality ;).
  3. Haha, I know what you mean. Best to not talk about it :p.
  4. Ah yes, I remember you from back in the days! :D
  5. I understand what you mean, but the unreleased cateogory at moddb doesn't mean "coming soon". There are mods that never get released. I personally see the category more like a "look forward to" category. Don't know why no other ArmA mods are in there, guess they aren't registered at moddb, or don't have many updates, or they didn't make it through voting fase 1 or something. Either way, it's entirely up to the individual to vote or not. I can understand why one doesn't vote. But, I'd say, if you look forward to it, simply put your vote down. And if you think you haven't seen enough updates to "justify" your vote, don't vote :).
  6. Yeah. PR1 has to deal with an "arcade" engine, there are things we'd love to change, but can't because of it. PR for ArmA however should come a lot closer :).
  7. "Correct" is obviously not the right term to use, since the definition of "correct" is different for everybody. It is however an opinion, which is fine, and nobody is forcing anything on anybody. Don't get wound up about it, there are worse things in life than this ;). I've heard good stuff from the people that were on the developers weekend. Too bad I couldn't make it, otherwise I would've been there for sure. It's good to hear that people not playing ArmA on a regular basis - or at all - were very pleased with what they saw. The "PR feel", if I may call it that, has been transferred succesfully to ArmA II variant of PR. Good stuff, keep it coming I'd say :).
  8. You only need BF2 to play PR, no need to have any add-ons installed.
  9. Depends what genre you mean. If you mean 'awesome', then yes, it sure is :D. I've heard a "wip" version of it, it sounds very nice. Can't say much more about it, just that I think you won't be dissappointed :).
  10. It is possible, the Combined Arms mod for PR for BF2 (yes, a mod for a mod :p) from what I know has the best implementation (in BF2 terms) of the Javelin: h8GHWUDzpQE Of course, ArmA is way more suitable for more advanced weapons, yet I think they've done a pretty good job with BF2 :).
  11. Hence I said, let's wait for UK Force to comment on that, before we discuss things that may not even be in PR ;).
  12. Let's wait and see what Craig or the lead dev have to say about it, so we can discuss facts instead of "assumptions" :) (or how you may want to call it).
  13. I know, I was talking about the idea behind respawning ;).