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  1. Ok so i'm getting back into firing back up V3 and buldozer I open up my project and I get and error cannot load material "ede\wardak_region\data\layers\p_016-000_l00_l01_n_l03.rvmat" along those lines. I deleted my layers folder and tried to re-import the satellite and mask then run buldozer the command then finishes and brings that error up. I cant find p_016-000_l00_l01_n_l03.rvmat anywhere in the folder or why it would even call for it? I've seem to double check everything but can't figure it out. check the project textures paths and every path possible. any suggestions or similar fixes?! :confused::confused: Ebanks
  2. Very cool! excited for this:)
  3. Mini Update Wardak Province http://postimage.org/gallery/9g5x48fpk/e4e17b50/
  4. a really large scale, realistic, bosnia map :D and the complete cast of "The Hunting Party". http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0455782/plotsummary jk.
  5. ebanks129


    Haha sorry guys I need to look at the map tonight. Didnt really peep it enough for minor issues as such as rocks in the road. I'll try to get a little fix out this weekend. @Fox- it's a little more updated..kind of. @HebrewHammer- thanks for that intel report lol but we never fully know what goes on in this province so we can assume in these days they've possible made contact in any part of the region by now;) but i will try to implement those names onto the map for the editor. Also sorry if there is any left over OPX stuff. I will try to remove those and replace with OA walls.
  6. ebanks129

    Chechen Rebels

    Thanks for your update colonel. :cool:
  7. this looks too pro!
  8. Shahikot Valley, Paktia Province. http://postimage.org/gallery/a8gfwg6o8/b2b4c5cb/
  9. ebanks129


  10. ebanks129


    I'll recover what I can :/
  11. DC-10 is impressive so far. A KC-46 would be interesting;)
  12. ebanks129


    I'll try my best to get something to preview around hopefully by then bud. Things have picked up around here and this term of classes are done by next week. So hopefully it will free up alot more time:) PS-I also have my other map for PR as top priority atm
  13. ebanks129

    Lcwf mod (rok) - wip

    Awesome!!!! thanks zerg will def check this out after work