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  1. Civilian_88

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    Well im back after a long journey.... two things guys Im joining the Air Force pretty soon, ood thing they accepted my college hours and maybe i get a pass to officer school. the other one im going to get back on working with the island, i know im pretty behind but dont loose hope,
  2. Civilian_88

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    Is there any mod out there that has Sea oil rig platforms?
  3. Civilian_88

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    Yes, I guess it will depend on the player, whether they want to attack the port of entries or not (sounds tempting). South East island: will be a resort South West island: Private Island North West Island: Las Vegas Island Resort North East: will let the public choose what function should it have.
  4. Civilian_88

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    Hopefully, they look perfect for the mexican towns. take note: island name changed to Aurora ==OFFICIAL MAP FOR FIRST ISLAND== 4 islands 2 mainlands USA north Mex South added a canyon in Mexican side the river in between both mainlands, (might be bridges ,though i doubt it Fox09 told me Ai have problems with ithem.)
  5. man have they ported this into arma2?
  6. Civilian_88

    Script / Tool suggestion box

    ok here goes nothing, this how it looks on L3DT. I added a Canyon South East, The Border North of the southern Island. Desert, Jungle, temperate, and Artic type of climates :) Im going to see if I can Transferr it to V3
  7. Civilian_88

    Script / Tool suggestion box

    I got a 10 x 10, it was less stressful. Anyways, is this bigger than Nogova?
  8. Civilian_88

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    the finish light for this mod is far ahead, specially with work and school for me. I really want to finish the map, but I will not release it until we have finished The OPFOR and BLUEFOR and INDEP units. Il post a WIP pic of the island, though im having trouble converting it into Visitor3
  9. Civilian_88

    Script / Tool suggestion box

    I already created the island in L3DT now im stuck on sending it to Visitor, I set up all my island info in a folder. Though i dont know what image to send to Visitor the: PNG, JPG. Im working on a 41 >< 41 island, for the mod we are creating, it gets fraustrating that theres no tutorial or anyone that could help me out at least by advices on how to; (the tutorials that exist, are to narrow, they need to expand; which i know its hard) On my free time i spend about 4 hours max, I had to smooth out many parts of it using L3Dt but i cant managed to import it to Visitor :( anyone knows how i could do this?
  10. Civilian_88

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    The FX-05 (scope version) is ready for: texturing and config anyone who could help do that?
  11. Civilian_88

    Script / Tool suggestion box

    not exactly is that all isalnds would look the same, if it was easy to use. Im trying really hard to learn L3DT and Visitor3 but school and work dont leave time to be 24/7 on it. especially with 12 - 16 hr shifts at work and finishing my BS(not bull s**t) degree online :( in my spare time. Thats why it be good to just have a tool, that would allow you to sketch your island, pass it to one that will add the detail of mountains etc, and then pass it to Visitor to add stuff to it (houses, roads, trees). That be bad@ss, but i doubt theres a tool that exists out there that could perform such. Or just do blank terrain islands and work with them with mission editor, to add buildings and stuff to it, but how would they remain permanent is the question?
  12. Civilian_88

    Script / Tool suggestion box

    how about a tool that would be easier to create an island, with out the use of going through many steps. A tool that can also help texture the ground and allow us to place objects in the island. Smething that is not so suffisticated, :)
  13. Civilian_88

    World Tools 1.4 released

    this is used to put objects on map right?
  14. thanks I got help already and fixed it all :)
  15. can someone help me fix this problem? using ELiteness: extract pbo>> cannot make folder