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  1. 343rdBadger

    Lowlandswarrior RNLAF AH-64D Apache

    That's fine by me as using the AI is low on the list.We prefer pilot co pilot with human players.As for the target box,I'll try that too but it just seems that the laser is not firing consistently ,therefor no lock and no guidance.Something is deactivating it even though its showing as "on", ie the cross and x symbol.By the way that issue with the missile stutter was in the editor not a multiplayer session if that makes a difference.Testing a mission firing on a RHS Btr-80.
  2. 343rdBadger

    Lowlandswarrior RNLAF AH-64D Apache

    Mod set I can do, I'll maybe get my wingman to make a video as he's using fraps.Mods are as follows RHS Russian and Us forces. Arma map pack (but the map were currently using is stock altis) LLW apache Franz's Ah64 apache arma3 port CBA for arma3 Everon2014
  3. 343rdBadger

    Lowlandswarrior RNLAF AH-64D Apache

    Well we tried it again and still having problems with the FCS...It simple stops working for no reason,again with two people in the helo and single player.The target box seems to bounce and lag when slewing.Also I tried it with an AI gunner and something really weird happened.When I told him to fire a hellfire at an APC the whole screen went into a slide show almost to the point of lockup,once the missile hits, it goes back to normal.Rockets and guns don't have a problem.Dunno what the deal is there.I thought maybe it was a CBA thing and loaded cba3 ,no change.
  4. 343rdBadger

    Lowlandswarrior RNLAF AH-64D Apache

    Ok thanks...will try then again with the advice given...thanks again and mucho thanks for the apache. Now go build us a proper Mi-28...hehe. Oh, one other thing , if your interested I have built a T-90MS tank. I have no use for it nor will I ever probably finish it ,if ya want it just let me know. 3dstudiomax10 version file though.
  5. 343rdBadger

    Lowlandswarrior RNLAF AH-64D Apache

    Ok from viewing the vide we're doing it right...but its not consistent...Also when zooming in ,the second zoom power is "slaving" the optics off target to a 90 degree angle. Could this be a new bug or the fact we're using RHS's Mod? Keep in mind also we're doing two human's to a single helo...pilot/co pilot update...just tried it with no mods accept this one and it still behaves erratic...sometimes it woks sometimes not, In one case it worked then completely stopped once the pilot detected the laser spot as a target(it was close to our helo).Were using 144.130654 NON DEV build.These issues don't occur when using stock arma helos.
  6. 343rdBadger

    Lowlandswarrior RNLAF AH-64D Apache

    Well, two of us tried this helicopter in multi this afternoon and both of us had trouble with the FCS not locking to the target... it seems it works only some of the time, but we don't know what's causing it to fail. We do use RHS assets on our maps so its possible that's the problem??? Any ideas???
  7. 343rdBadger

    Lowlandswarrior RNLAF AH-64D Apache

    Could someone make a video on how to use the targeting system from the gunner seat? I simply can't make heads or tails of this. It just doesn't make sense when trying to target something. I need a tutorial.
  8. 343rdBadger

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Your document webpage will not open so I'll have to ask here...do the tanks have fire control systems and if they do how do they work??
  9. 343rdBadger

    Tanks...are you kidding me???

    Its now 1.2.xx build and TANKS STILL WON'T BACK UP !!!...WTF BI???:mad:
  10. 343rdBadger

    Tanks still won't backup!!

    Its now 1.03 build and TANKS STILL WON'T BACK UP
  11. 343rdBadger

    Tanks still won't backup!!

    With the latest build installed,They just spin around in circles or creep at a very slow pace...that's if they backup at all!!WTF:mad:
  12. what and where is this IHADS storage box???
  13. 343rdBadger

    Tanks tanks tanks...PROBLEMS!

    What ALSO needs to be taken into account is the rounds will also change in 20 years...not just the armor
  14. 343rdBadger

    Tanks tanks tanks...PROBLEMS!

    Then why was I able to see a 2300 meter distant target when set to 3800(divided by 2 =1900)???...numbers still don't add up
  15. 343rdBadger

    Tanks tanks tanks...PROBLEMS!

    Maybe because IN A TANK my object setting was 2000ish and I was engaging at 2300 and target disappeared at 2400 but view was set to 3800...numbers make no sense