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  1. Outstanding video and work on that huey ! can't wait for the release of the 2.5 ! by the way are you planning to fix the m16 glitch ? the left hand position is getting through the magazine
  2. Kiki

    Mana Island Fiji

    Outstanding work ! my favourite one ! you did an awesome work on these ambient sounds too, It's really impressive !
  3. get to the choppa ! Awesome work on that model !
  4. thanks, I'm testing every mission to make sure everything is running fine ;) and sorry but this is not compatible with ace 2
  5. Here's the User Mission thread for the persian hammer campaign ;) Synopsis: In October of 1988, In Takistan, Salem Yussef, a dictator and military general sends troops to attack the US embassy. All communications are broken between the Embassy and Washington. us troops Settled in the Island of Malden and who fought during the Everon conflict in 1985, Send several ships in the Green Sea and deploys troops in Kirstan, a country near Takistan. After a few days of tensions, The operation called “Persian hammer†is started, it consists of sending US special forces behind the enemy lines to destroy all the communications to permit the USMC invasion at different key locations. At the same time, Yussef Send mobile missile launchers “SCUD†on Israël. Their allied being attacked, The USA must answer fast. Operation Persian Hammer 1.2: part1 part2 thanks to armaholic for mirroring my campaign Known issues: ph_troy_c3.desert mission crashs because I wrote it wrong in the description.ext of the campaign. It will be fixed in the next release of course but you can fix it by yourself until that release ;) to resolve it : unpbo the ph campaign file, edit the description.ext and replace the ph_troy_c3.desert by ph_troy_c3.desert_E, save and repbo the whole thing. Required Addons p85 config p85 vehicles p85 units p85 weapons We need you !: modellers texture artists Translators
  6. it's because you need arma 2 and operation arrowhead Here's the User Mission thread ;) :http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1778347#post1778347
  7. are you using any other addons than the ph one ?
  8. Thanks for reporting that issue; According to what you wrote it's because this mission is listed as ph_troy.c3.Desert instead of ph_troy_C3.desert_E in the description.ext in the phcampaign pbo. A small keyboard mistake that caused an epic crash. if you want to fix it by yourself simply unpbo the phcampaign file, edit the description. ext and replace the ph_troy.c3.Desert line by ph_troy_C3.Desert_E, save and repbo the phcampaign thing.
  9. All right I post the V1.2 of the campaign, v1.2 This is a stable version, meant missions will end up normally now. I fixed all the end triggers, I tested them and they worked for me. I'm going to polish missions as much as I can now, and I'm also going to work on the coop version of that campaign to make it work properly. Sorry for the inconvenience
  10. As soon as I have Fixed the huge issues list yes ;)
  11. Here's a hotfix for the campaign: Ph Campaign Update I loved that one :D
  12. I'm uploading a hotfix for the campaign, I'll post the link when it's done. thanks all for your feedback Here's the most important things in the changelog: _Improved cutscene in the first mission "A strange meeting" _End trigger in mission "escape" fixed _Blackhawk that crash in mission "eagle wing" fixed if you find other issues don't hesitate to report them ! _the US pilot is now coming with you in the mission "Save our souls"
  13. you need all the p85 addons yes By the way, here comes the coop version of the campaign: Persian hammer campaign coop version Hope it works more multiplayer coop missions coming soon ;)