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  1. Not anything that isn't part of ACE or RHS by default. Nothing I wrote myself.
  2. Hi! I've been toying around with my own Warlords scenarios lately, and have enjoyed it a lot. However, there is a feature connected with the teleport functionality that drains your stamina completely after teleport, so you'd have to lay down for quite a while before being able to move. It is disabled if you turn off fatigue in the mission parameters, but then the entire fatigue system is turned off, and that's not what I want (besides, that causes a bug with our modlist, making movement speed insane and weapons drift away). Is there a way to remove the stamina drain from teleporting, while keeping the fatigue system active?
  3. I figured it out actually. I ran the mission with the "Fatigue" parameter turned off. Testing in SP or in editor with fatigue on gave a lot of weird effects. Turning it off fixed it. From what I've been able to gather, the issue might have been with ASR_AI
  4. I might change the title though, any suggestions?
  5. It only happens in Warlords though. We've used this exact modset for many other missions, including antistasi. So far we have not encountered it in any other mission.
  6. First bug happens right away, basicly something is messing with movement speed, fatigue or something along those lines, resulting in super speed. Second bug can be seen around 1:07 mark, gun either drifts upwards or downwards and is not linked to the rifle anymore. Note: This is not a result of double tapping ALT. I think it might have something to do with weapon sway, but I am not sure. The mission is very straight forward, only thing different from the tutorial mission from the live stream are the faction settings and asset list with RHS assets. Mods used: Ace Ace_compat Ace_ragdoll Achilles Acre2 Adv_acesplint Asr_ai3 Bloodlust Cba_a3 RHS mods JSRS and compatability mods Miarsenal Project_Opfor Rh_acc STUI Ui_sounds Vcom_driving_ai Pluss some inhouse AI mods
  7. almanzo

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Kimi, I'm really sorry. I did not mean it like that, I must have been in a bad mood at the moment. Allthough a lot of the features of this mod are not that important to me, I do appriciate the effort you have put into it and I do in no way expect you to cater it to my needs. That being said, even though only parts of the mod is relevant for my use, it's still an essential mod for me these days. I didn't mean any disrespect, I'm deeply sorry for offending you.
  8. almanzo

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Second this, it's really annoying, especially the damage part. I basicly use the HMD for a proper aimpoint, nothing else.
  9. almanzo

    How to get mods

    Or playwithsix
  10. So, I just finished playing through this and I would like to summarize my thoughts a bit. I will only talk about it in general terms, so it should be rather spoiler free. I'll use tags after all, but yeah. In summary though, very well done!
  11. almanzo

    ARMA (#) future path

    1.: If there is one thing that is obvious, it's that Bohemia does keep an eye on modders. Even though the relationship between the modding community and BIS could be better, there is no question that this is a focal point of BI. ARMA lives and breathes due to mods, and they are fully aware of that fact. The amount of documentation, the free modding tools and the effort of keeping in touch with modders is quite unique of BIS. I'm not aware of any developer who are more involved with it's modding scene than BIS are, even though there might be room for improvement. Now, the fact that ARMA has spawned new, spinoff titles is great. The fact that someone can make the beginning of their career are independent developers making mods for ARMA is nothing but positive, and it speaks volume about BI and ARMA as a platform. Other modding teams have moved on to commercialize addons and plugins for VBS, and I think that is great. 2: No, just no. ARMA is not tailored towards competative play, and especially not e-sports. ARGO has demonstrated that ARMA is hard to balance, has to much input lag, and has a netcode that doesn't combine well with a competative shooting scene. Large scale operations, maybe... But not e-sport. It's a bad idea to try to cash in on something that's big, when the game itself has it's strenghts elsewhere. Trying to achieve anything on the e-sports scene with ARMA will only move attention away from where ARMA has potential. 3. Dead horse, no need to beat on it. 4. I struggle to see how they are not. The modding community are very helpful, in my experience.
  12. almanzo

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Will the declutter also have an impact on the RHS littlebird HUD? For as much as I love it, the reticle is a bit large, and has a tendency to obscure the target. What have you modeled it after? Are they supposed to be that big? I downright love this mod though, and the declutter option looks to make it even better!
  13. As a representative of the COOP community, I can tell you that there are a vast variety of groups out there, that do different things. Most train their members within "closed doors" as you say, but some groups have a more open approach. A group called "FOLK" (http://folkarps.com/) hosts public sessions each week, with no requirements of membership or much prior knowledge. Then there are other groups that are more closed, and it varies how strict the different communities are maintained and nurtured. Some aim for large scale communities with alot of versitility in terms of gameplay, while others try to maintain smaller and more tight knit communities. Some communities have strict attendance policies, others are more leanient. I do highly recommend trying to find a community though, regardless of your gameplay preferences. ARMA is best served in an organized fashion, and at least for a large part of the community, mods are quite essential. You could try to play with FOLK or other open groups to get a taste I guess, or you could visit r/FindAunit on reddit.
  14. almanzo

    CTD on VTOL showcase

    Had this happen to me twice now while testing at the exact same location. It happens right after escorting the helicopter to the airfield, after recieving the new task and right after turning to fly against it. Where can I find the crash logs so that I can post them?
  15. almanzo

    CSAT Based Official Campaign

    But the APEX campaign wasn't very good to be honest. I can't say that I remember the names of any of the characters, or that the story was in any way coherent. Not a single conversation is memorable, so the motivation for actually doing the missions is just the gameplay. Now, if you take into the account the fact that the missions are designed around respawn, this even furthers the mismatch between how the characters and the campaign is portrayed and the gameplay that is actually on show here. ARMA doesn't care if your player character is a special forces operator or not, you'll die just as easily to a grunt as a regular soldier would (with some exceptions regarding gear, though). So your portrayed as this four man team killing a lot of enemies without even getting a scratch, while the reality is most likely that several of you have either respawned or been downed several times. In addition, with unlimited (or even limited respawn) all of the tension is gone. The entire APEX experience was bland, unimaginative and booring. With a map like Tanoa and a game like ARMA, the potential for story telling isn't even scratched in the APEX campaign. The potential to convey the horrors of jungle warfare, the confusion and the lack of awareness is just begging to be explored. Imagine yourself in the shoes of one of the local rebels, fighting for your life in the cover of the jungle, relying on your superiour knowlege of the rainforest to get the jump on the enemy. Or in the shoes of a regular soldier who is faced with hostile and foreign terrain, who has to fight for every inch of land and that has to live through the loss of his comrades. The mistake done here is that all of the tension is at the global scale, and while that can be part of it, it is at the human scale the most engaging stories often are found, especially in a game like ARMA, whom by it's very nature will be bound to the individual perspective of a soldier. Maybe you just got a child back home that you haven't met yet? Or that you ended up in the military as a result of there not being any other options, and now you are stuck fighting a war you have no real investment in other than to live. A very good example of this is how Cold War Rising approached the global scale. For the first quarter of the game or something, you don't even know who you are fighting and are caught by surprise. All this war is about to begin with is to survive and get home. When General Guba is introduced he doesn't have that much of an impact, but once you meet up with the ressistance you all of a sudden have a personal stake in the conflict, a motivation causing a conflict of interest with the brass. ARMA III campaign has none of this, nor do APEX. And as to prove my point in regards to memorability: "I spy with my little I, something beggining with "G""