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  1. sethofchaos

    ARP 2 - Objects pack

    Good work so far ! by the way would it be possible to have some kind of hiddenselectiontexture for the big wall map like in arma 2 for some signs ?
  2. Gameplay: The ability to change gloves and new types (fingerless, leather etc..)
  3. sethofchaos

    Cz 83

    Really good work on this CZ 83 Kiory ! Appart from the disappearing mag, the rest looks good !
  4. sethofchaos

    [GSC] Green Sea Conflict - WIP

    It's good to see these guys on Arma 3 ! good job, I'm looking forward to it ! by the way have you uploaded the textures resolution or it's the same as arma 2?
  5. sethofchaos

    RH wip Thread

    This may be a stupid question but if some of these 3d models come from CSS conversions, is it possible with the new arma 3 to convert the animations from these models too like reloading, holding etc ?
  6. Great work on this SAM ! And the idea of gear selection from arma 3 for that mod is awesome. If you need help for texturing or art conception, I've got a couple of camo templates and a huge amount of special forces pictures from the Vietnam war era.
  7. Hi everyone here's the first update of the campaign: v1.1 http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/403517/SFTD-V1-1-pbo.html This update fix a lot of issues. Thanks to everyone that have reported these. By the way I'm still working to fix other issues and to finish this campaign before moving on arma 3. Changelog: -Minor fixes -Intel floating in the air on mission "red dusk" -End trigger not working on mission "through the jungle" -Conversations errors
  8. sethofchaos

    ARP 2 - Objects pack

    that laptop looks very good !
  9. sethofchaos


    You should contact the CAA1 maker(s), maybe he's working on a new version.
  10. sethofchaos

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Can't wait to see this mod on the new engine !
  11. sethofchaos

    ARP 2 - Objects pack

    Maybe two versions, one big and one small ? By the way this looks very good !
  12. sethofchaos

    ARP 2 - Objects pack

    no problem here's the list with a few links Old tv (http://fs399772.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/old_television-photoshop.png) pile of documents Desklamp ashtray old telephone desk clipboard book printer writting machine pencil cup old computer cigarette pack recorder http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_gRrjc3uxExI/SiLnjZfH_kI/AAAAAAAABLs/GcamRUAY6Hw/s400/magnéto+Vivre.JPG and for the modern things USB key Mobile phone Pile of money passports Laptop
  13. sethofchaos

    RH PDW pack

    I have tested it. You did a great job robert !
  14. sethofchaos

    ARP 2 - Objects pack

    This is what I was looking for, thanks thedog ! By the way here's what I would like to see in game: