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  1. Hi All, been awhile since I have raised my head in ArmA world, good to see that this Mod is still inspiring :) people to chat about it. Let me say this that strelnikoff and anyone else is entitled to views, opinions and discussions, this is what this Mod has bee built on and I think that this is why it continues to improve. However rather than focus on negative comments, I like to invite people to take the time and help out to improve, this is what Xeno426 and GossamerSolid undertook with great effect. All your points are valid and will be taken on-board for future fixes. I no longer have the desire to make Mods for ArmA anymore but hand over this chalice to whom ever wishes to continue with its development and invite strelnikoff to join the Mod team and see all the behind the scenes issues that are required to get a Mod into the gaming world, then maybe he might have a better appreciation.
  2. Nice work guys, if there is anything I can help with, jut let me know.
  3. Just updated the @Iranian_Forces_AI_Config, now includes all the latest vanilla weapons. Please note that it does not require the Iranian Forces Mod and will work with any vanilla, old and new Mods, so please enjoy.
  4. The Iran Mod is not tested with ACE, so therefore is not compatible with ACE. Most items will work with ACE, but as you can see there are some features with ACE which are not compatible with non-ACE addons.
  5. version 0.1.7 will be released soon, here are some of the new features addition that will be included fixed gunner bug in IRAN_Vehicles.pbo fixed sounds in F4E updated textures for Safir, Sepher, C-130H, Urals and M-48 new Navy vessels, Patrol Boat and Missile Boat. new Army Mi-8TVK Helicopter fixed many improvements on existing models, including adding recoils on tanks, thermal imaging and re-textures. new Heavy Armor units, T-62 Battle Tank, 2S1 Mobile Artillery and M109A1 Mobile Artillery. new Light Armor units, M113, BTR50 changed to MT-LB, Boragh APC and Cobra APC new CH-47 chopper (reskin BIS) new Artillery computer support for all artillery units (includes Naze'at 6) new NLA (National Liberation Army of Iran) Army, found under OPFOR in editor (This is a comprehensive new OPFOR side). The new NLA side is a big addition to this Mod with many new units, more than can be described.
  6. Thats an interesting question, considering the current events. ;)
  7. Xeno has also made such an addon for other style of groups, mainly converting the Independant Iran to an OPFOR side. As this will not be released as part of the official Iranian Mod, I am more than happy for guys like yourself and Xeno to advertise and promote such things, and even include on the front page of this thread links to the required PBO, or better still include the addon in the mission download.
  8. yort

    Project CDF

    Nice one Goss!
  9. Well actually you would only need two colors, if thats what the camo is made up of and then color code each block to suit where it lays on the tank in relation to the background camo color. It just takes time, thats all!! :D
  10. Great work as usual Rat!! :D
  11. I think my friend here is referring to something ealier he was working on....;) Maybe SupeRat could help out on some of those Boragh models
  12. Working away in the background, if I could work out how to take some screen shots using Windows 7 I would show off my latest addition to the NLA side
  13. The reason for only left to right is that the camera is used to control the TOW missile which is not a fire and forget missile so therefore requires manual adjustments to guide it to the target if required, so its main function is for the missile and not really designed to be used as a gun camera. The early model AH1's only moved left to right, where the later AH1's had a ball camera which has better swivel movements.