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  1. Looking for CWR2 sessions, better coop for east side but interested in others too. It is a great mod, but there is so little activity with it online. Please tell me if you know where sessions are held, maybe even closed ones?
  2. You take your hats off to people that, as engine owners, forbidded modding in IF?) Didn`t you read explanation about modding posted long time ago on ironfront forums?) http://forum.iron-front.com/showthread.php?358-Iron-Front-Liberation-1944-Modding-possibilities-Announcement Modded was disabled in IF by contract from BIS side. And if BIS would want to allow it - they could freely do it for fans (even without changing the agreement), but it seems they decided not to do it.
  3. They? You know that the engine owners allow or disallow modding? You know, those who don't abandon thier fans in style like others do.
  4. Dean Hall and other DayZ developers are working on BIS. Dean worked on them even before he created DayZ mod.
  5. They ARE BIS. BIS don`t need to grant access to the engine to BIS :) They already have it. In fact, DayZ has indirect access to engine while even being a mod. Just look how many significant changes was done in several months that haven`t been done in past 2-3 years.
  6. I mean - it is nothing surprising here - new patch always means newer version of the engine.
  7. In case you don`t know - there can`t be a patch without newer engine version. It just will not set up.
  8. Li0n

    Computer Specs

    Builds can`t be measured in money, one could buy just useless things for 1000$. I recomend you to buy Top i5 ( maybe even K - version ) 1600 MHZ CL8 RAM ( maybe even with overclocking possibilities, if more than 1 module , then in bundle ), SSD ( for the game ofcourse ) I have 3570K, Vertex 4, 560Ti, Corsair 1.6 GHz CL8 and it works pretty smooth.
  9. Li0n

    Weapon recoil

    As far as I know, new recoil system was in OA from the very beginning. But honestly, if you haven`t installed 1.60 - you playing another game. p,s, Recoil can be changed via http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setUnitRecoilCoefficient And yes, IF has the same features, as OA 1.62 including recoil. The difference is that in IF recoil depend on level of complexity.
  10. Li0n

    game support ?

    Didn`t you heard about such thing - "publisher"? In short words - they are the ones who give money to Awar. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_publisher
  11. Li0n

    PMC Ulah-Yuryakh

    Nice one :) But according to tree density it is not a Syberia, it is a town park more like :)
  12. Operation "Diamond Pickaxe" After a huge break I started to work on Ghost Recon style missions again - and here is it. A simple mission inspired by Original GR. You have 8 soldiers in 3 squads under you high command. Your mission is to eliminate bandit leader. Move carefully, the AI is hard. But if you will be cautious - you will survive. Download: http://letitbit.net/download/87608.8d645533d978c5593267a252025a/op_pickaxe.7z.html Armaholic mirror: - Operation "Diamond Pickaxe" (@) Waiting for your responses :)
  13. Strange, I have GTX560Ti, and I have no option to disable PhysX. Available options are "AutoDetect", "CPU","GPU".
  14. Chernarus uses 8 m cell size. Maximum grid size is 8192. Performance good due to test machine specs.