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  1. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    Sorry, i have had a busy couple of months, progress will start again soon.
  2. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    sorry guys, mod work is taking a back burner right now, real life is taking a heavy toll on my free time, i will keep you guys updated as i get closer to release
  3. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    i guess i could give it a go, i am still working on the bugs right now, i have some weighting issues ( i created the vest from scratch and trying to match it to the sample arma 3 vest for weighting is trickier than it would seem lol) but once i have them out of the way i will work on other items, I am also working on a uniform right now too so lets see how that works out too! (early stages)
  4. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    i made them using O2, i have basic knowlage of how to use 3d max or maya so i stick with what i learned to create mods for the original arma with. ---------- Post added at 06:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:23 PM ---------- i shrunk the size of the goggles to fit the size of the arma 3 head model and then put them back on
  5. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    as requested i modified the helmet (it was a bitch, thanks for that task lol) and i also have some shots of the helmet and vest with the vanilla arma 3 crye gear. there are more pictures in my album if you care to look!
  6. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    thanks for all the positive feedback guys, as far as making the GPS functional i wouldn't have the first idea of how to do that. if somebody knows how to do it then be my guest to step up and and give it a go! i will release more as i have more to show.
  7. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    yes the mesh was done with a normal and specular map. rail looks very similar to this to me?
  8. daveygary1979

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    LMAO awesome
  9. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    I did notice the garmin was too big and i have resized it, i just posted the wrong screens. ---------- Post added at 03:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:00 PM ---------- here are the updated garmins
  10. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    The other OCP uniform was a re skin of another authors uniform and not my work to publish, that is why the pictures were removes from my album. I am not the best in the world at scripting so anything that involves dependencies i have no idea how to do.
  11. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    last few images of the night. i added the garmin wrist gps, i am not sure if i will keep it as you can only use it with short sleeved uniforms but i think it looks cool!
  12. daveygary1979

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    I am working on getting these clean and in game, more content will become available once i get these ones finished.
  13. So as the title says, I have been working on getting some of my old gear put into ArmA 3. Its a slow process and i am losing hair on some of the problems i have been running into but as a whole its not doing too bad. I basically took some of the gear from my ArmA 2 rangers, modified it, re-textured it, tweaked the skeleton attachments and put it into the ArmA 3 engine, the helmet i made from scratch and added a couple of old and some new items to it, overall i am pleased with how they are looking but i still have a long way to go before release. Stay tuned for more details.
  14. daveygary1979

    Disappearing textures

    I have created some new models for arma 3 and they look great, in o2 the textures work while looking through the glass on the goggles I have on the helmet. I sorted the alpha levels so the glass is on top. Once I put the model in game the textures have no problems with the model that they are associated with but lots of other items in game turn bright blue and untextured when seen through the glass. Also I noticed that when i put glasses on the model the helmet has no texture through those glasses, any of the glasses, I tried them all. I have looked everywhere for a solution to this and I remember having the same issue in arma 2 which was unsolved. I will post pics as soon as I can. Any help will be appreciated. as you can see the textures from inside buildings are missing and also when viewed through the eyepro the helmet textures are missing.
  15. daveygary1979

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    where did you get those vests from? they look awesome!