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  1. Cabbagebasher!

    SAM / Nordin addons

    sorry be a pain, fallujah map for my location grid for N is off, say my grid is E06564 N99460 which is just SE of the industrial estate but on the support module it reads E 06564 N 05669, so what have i done worng? using ace version with ace on in game many thanks
  2. Cabbagebasher!

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    Really love this mod, but cant use any form of bino"s with ace lol so cant use the SAM support Mod with out adding a default soldier to use a range finder. but apart from that it a fantastic mod always like OFrP since OFP days :)
  3. quick question, inf have shades and divers have goggles, but i cant see them on the list are they not added yet? just wondering for a sp mission im making. i have not found a simple way to pack my rucksack so i i pack the inf fatigues then put wetsuit and rebreather on, but no goggle so cant see as well. thanks in advance
  4. like most i been a fan since ofp. so for my opinion for A3 alpha. so far so good. i have a medium range pc ddr2 mother board 6gb ram duel core processor and GTS 450 grafix card. i stuggle to run BF3, but not had any problems so far with the setting. at the end of the day it still wip and there gona be bugs. today was is i command a AI diver to drop his weapon (rifle and pistol) he end up swimming on the spot no water and does not move. one thing i will always take into consideration about arma games is it may suck at the beginning, but then isn't that's why we have a kick ass community who put there time and effort in to bring us wonderful addons/mods which in turn make ArmA series so much fun to play! i happy to pay for alpha, we as a community get the chance to input our feed back and slowly improve the game to our liking. it a cruel land in the world of business, company are always going to find ways to make money to support cost and more. well this is my opinion so far. Regards and stay safe :)
  5. Cabbagebasher!

    SAM / Nordin addons

    @RavenDK thanks i had a another look, and to be honest i knew it was something i did wrong. thks for the help now got it to work case "favslev": {10240;};
  6. Cabbagebasher!

    Favslev 2.0 Alpha

    Thanks for a fun map. now my training ground for BAF, im using SAM Support mod http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12309. any chance for the map height pls? so i can add it to call in support. i tried it today, had a CH47 fly past my pick up point and strait into a wind turbine. was funny to watch tho.
  7. Cabbagebasher!

    SAM / Nordin addons

    how do you work out map height, i would like to use Favslev map. ran in to a problem when i called in a pick up and the helo over flew the HLS and and strait into a wind turbine lol.
  8. Cabbagebasher!


    Nice, now i know what to look for, i did try read all this but was lost lol thanks :)
  9. Cabbagebasher!


    rgr understood. sorry bro, i misunderstood the question
  10. Cabbagebasher!


    Hello Gents @Fruity_Rudy i would think so, as one of my old clan added there own addons and ones from Armaholic, as long as your not changing Insurgency its self and i guess give credit to the mod makers. but to be honest i like to know the same thing too so i know for sure. but also i need help im using Fallujah 1.5 ACE works like a charm with US, but when i change the US to BAF AI will not show in the red Squares and idk how to change that or where to look. i have kept the Hitman name the same only thing i changed is the description. many thanks
  11. Cabbagebasher!

    RQ-11 Raven A

    thanks gents, i using TF86 1.2 it may be an ace conflict idk, now i have i idea where to look i know i sort something out, thanks again.
  12. Cabbagebasher!

    RQ-11 Raven A

    Hello, First this is a sick mod, fun to play with. congrats! also not directing this at feint as it may not be his fault/problem, but does any one use TF86 seal addon and not able to pick up rucksack but still get the option to assemble? is there a fix? or do i go find a different mod? many thanks
  13. Cabbagebasher!

    Addon Developer Workshop

    thanks Bad Benson yep that make sence as i looked into a few videos my self, well i decided to go with a Royal Fusiliers capbadge and hackle, making slow but good progress so hopefully have some thing to show at least soon
  14. Cabbagebasher!

    Addon Developer Workshop

    i thought it be good to post my very earlie stages of my WIP noob attempt at making a addon, atm i have a few capbadges and a pretty decent beret. my plan is to make a Royal Marine addons ace friendly but a bit more old school with combat 95 uniform and webbing. but atm now i figured out the best way to make capbadges its my main objective to make a collection of them for relese. so here a few pics http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx296/DK717/ParaCapbadgeRender.jpg http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx296/DK717/RAFCapbadgeRender.jpg http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx296/DK717/RoyalMarineCapbadgeRender.jpg these was mapped in 3ds max with the help of adobe programs. i can get them imported to O2 but its a program i not figured out yet. any way feedback on the idea is welcome,