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  1. Problem solved! The choppers do actually have a name after respawn & it's not the same as the editor, if we look in the i_client.sqf we see ["HR1",0,"chopper1",301,"n_air","ColorWhite","1","Lift One"], "HR1" being the name of the chopper before & after respawn so I can now run my recall script (even if someones flying it at the time) ;)
  2. At the moment we run three 20 slots servers 2 of them are public & that's the problem ;) On our members server we have no problems as everyone's in TS and happily plays ball, the Wreck chopper on the public servers was sorted out by adding a second wreck chopper that's locked out to non members by vehicle class, we'd rather not do that to he lift choppers to avoid ruining the game for non members.
  3. What I'm trying to do is have a recall & teleport script for the lift vehicles as they are constantly abandoned in the middle of nowhere, the only way I can think of recalling them is by their name (see script below) I realise that you can use the abandoned vehicle setting, but we have members that use them responsibly & don't need them to respawn if 'abandoned'. ch50 attachTo [a10hook,[0,0,1]]; ch50 setfuel 0; ch50 setdamage o; hint "A10 will be available in a few moments"; ch50 setfuel 1; Sleep 10; detach ch50; hint "A10 is ready";
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to modify the x_server\x_helirespawn2.sqf so it will respawn vehicles with their original name intact? I can't use the simple respawn script as it won't work along side of the lift chopper & MHQ's scripts. I'm using ver 2.60 Thanks in advance Signaller
  5. Signaller

    =BTC= Logistic Script

    I've got everything working with Domination (ver260m) except for the hud error message resource BTC_Hud not found, I checked the path it's correct #include "=BTC=_Logistic\=BTC=_Lift\=BTC=_Hud.h" Any ideas?
  6. Signaller

    =BTC= Logistic Script

    This script is excellent! The demo mission works perfectly but I'm having trouble getting it to work in Domination, error coming up as... =BTC=_Hud.h, line 121:.RscTitles: member already defined Line 121 is text = "=BTC=_logo.paa"; // Graphic Direction Any idea what could be causing this conflict? Whoops, please ignore I should have pasted #include "=BTC=_Logistic\=BTC=_Lift\=BTC=_Hud.h" in the class RscTitles section of the description.ext
  7. Try disabling the desktop composition, to do this create a short cut on your desktop, right click it, properties, select the comparability tab then finally click the check bow with disabling desktop composition in it. Hope this helps
  8. Thanks NoamAdd, your a star! Works perfectly now, updated title as solved
  9. When I load the game up the cursor is present but doesn't move with the mouse,when I right click the cursor changes position. This is making it almost impossible to use the UI any ideas? Tried disabling desktop composition, doesn't work Win 7 x64 Mouse Cyborg RAT 3
  10. @=101AD=Richard your welcome =) Does anybody know if it's possible to alter x_helirespawn2.sqf (or any other sqf) so that it preserves the vehicle name upon respawn? At the moment I'm using a respawn script that does exactly that, the problem is it won't work alongside the domi respawn & you lose things like the chopper welcome screen, load ammo etc.
  11. Had another idea on this, seems to work OK on a dedi server, haven't tested it with JIP though. Place a marker anywhere in the editor called AMspawn then place an invisible helipad named hp1 where you want the ammo box to be. Finally put the code below at the end of x_client\x_playerammobox.sqf _AM1 = "BAF_BasicWeapons" createVehiclelocal (getMarkerPos "AMspawn"); [_AM1] call FUNC(weaponcargo); [_AM1,_box_array] execFSM "fsms\PlayerAmmobox.fsm"; player reveal _AM1; player reveal _AM1; _AM1 attachTo [hp1,[-6,0,1.35]]; _AM1 addAction ["Save gear layout" call d_fnc_BlueText, "x_client\x_savelayout.sqf"]; _AM1 addAction ["Clear gear layout" call d_fnc_BlueText, "x_client\x_clearlayout.sqf"]; _AM1 addAction ["Get Backpack" call FUNC(BlueText), "x_client\x_getbackpack.sqf"]; You may want to add the line _AM1 allowDamage false; although the crate will respawn it will be empty. Remember to comment out the backpack line if your not using the OA version. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks for you quick reply Wiggum, I don't think I can use group unit with a trigger because it needs to work with a respawn script & JIP players, the !(player in thislist) looks right to me but it doesn't seem to work on my trigger, the script seems to trigger when the object is in it.
  13. Does anyone know if it's possible to have a trigger condition of not in this list? Or know how to accomplish a similar effect for a trigger?
  14. Signaller


    Need more info to help you, what script are you using?
  15. This script spawns an ammo crate to be loaded into a helo, although it works, I would like it to just spawn one ammo crate with the condition that there's no other ammo crate in close proximity. This is intended for use on a dedicated server running domination Anybody know how to implement this? amspawner.sqf if (AMActive) exitWith {hint "Vehicle Ammo not Available"}; if (!X_Client) exitWith {}; AMActive = true; publicVariable "AMActive"; _AM1 = "BAF_BasicWeapons" createVehicle (getMarkerPos "AMspawn"); AMActive = true; nul = _AM1 execVM "ammo.sqf"; _AM1 attachTo [hp1,[-6,0,1.35]]; //attach to helipad hp1 to get extact position sleep 5; AMActive = false; Script call via object addaction and has another ammo script attached to it (see spoiler below) this addAction["Unpack Ammo Crate","AMspawner.sqf"];this allowDamage false; ammo.sqf