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  1. okay cool, thanks for the fast response. I will be looking forward to the next version.
  2. Is this addon compatible with the GLT Missile Box and GLT Real Air Weapons? I just want to make sure GLT mods are not conflicting with the accuracy of this addon. I do see all the action menus and the hud information appears to be correct, but I'm still not 100% sure they are compatible. Thanks for the hard work.
  3. I too am very interested in knowing how to make a friendly vehicle into one that can be targeted and fired at... with stingers etc. For example... if enemies are in a friendly helicopter, how can another helicopter belonging to the same side lock onto it and shoot it down? Any help would greatly be appreciated. thanks.
  4. Thanks for explaining that out for me, that makes perfect sense now. ---------- Post added at 10:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:10 AM ---------- Thanks, this really helps me out, considering I am looking for ways of optimizing my script. So are some of those macros predetermined in ArmA? like "QUOTE"? I know the "syntax" is a derivative of C, but that's about all I know. Are variables that are placed through GVAR(variable) outputed as a global variable? Can you call them at any time from any script? Also, about FUNC(someFunc), can you call a function at anytime from another script using this method? Of do you use __cppfln to store them in memory for a later time? Sorry if this is nonsense.
  5. Is there a specific reason why x_macros.sqf and x_setup.sqf are replicated in every subfolder of the root mission folder? Just curious. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, I am actually in the works of testing that out on our dedicated server. You may possibly be right. Works fine so far on a client host. Thanks.
  7. When a new player connects to the server and joins the game, the script runs for that player, which is exactly what I am trying to do. The problem I am having is that the script I created is SUPPOSED to figure out which playable unit the newly connected player has selected, and then set a certain position and direction parameter based on the array the player belongs to. I believe the problem is the use of "isPlayer" in my script. But I am unsure of another command I can use that will check which unit the newly connected player has selected. Script excerpt: waitUntil {!isNull player}; sleep 5; // ------------------------------------ // --- Main Deck Spawn --- // ------------------------------------ _mainDeckSpawn = [har_pilot, har_pilot_1, har_pilot_2, har_pilot_3, vip_pilot, vip_pilot_1, vip_pilot_2, vip_pilot_3, ven_pilot, ven_pilot_1, ven_pilot_2, ven_pilot_3, ven_pilot_4, ven_pilot_5, sar_pilot, sar_pilot_1, sar_pilot_2, osp_pilot, osp_pilot_1]; { if (isPlayer _x) then { player setPosASL [position _x select 0, position _x select 1, 16.4]; player setDir 180; }; } Foreach _mainDeckSpawn; Instead of figuring out if the connected player belongs to any playable unit in the array, it checks which playable units are currently being played (from all players in game) which is causing the new player to spawn at other player positions.
  8. Okay, yeah originally I did use editor names, Like this: GVAR(only_pilots_can_fly) = [ "av8b_pilot_1", "av8b_pilot_2", "av8b_pilot_3", "av8b_pilot_4", "ah1z_pilot_1", "ah1z_pilot_2", "ah1z_pilot_3", "ah1z_pilot_4", "uh1y_pilot_1", "uh1y_pilot_2", "mv22_pilot_1", "mv22_pilot_2", "kc130j_pilot_1", "uh1h_pilot_1", "uh1h_pilot_2" ]; These were the unit names I gave each playable pilot in the editor. Sorry for the confusion. And for some reason that didnt work.
  9. okay, so for the pilots, it's unit classnames I am looking for? is that correct? That would definitely make the difference right there. :D As for the ToD issue, I think its only the same time at missions start and then when others join the game later it starts at either a completely different time or it resets their time to the defined time in the parameters. Either way it's definitely not synced, and a restart would probably only make the time offset even worse.
  10. Speaking about "time of day" issues. I noticed the time is not synced properly in 2.57. Many players are loading into the game at different in-game times. Does anyone know of a way to resolve this? Also, the "only pilots can fly" option seems to not be working either. I added the player names to the array of possible pilots in "i_client.sqf" under "only_pilots_can_fly". It seems as though anybody can still get in aircraft. Thanks
  11. Thank you, very helpful indeed!
  12. VirusLIVED

    Changing uniform

    okay, well thanks for all the help. I appreciate it.
  13. VirusLIVED

    Changing uniform

    Yeah, my mistake, I downloaded the wrong version. So everything works now, except there is my old body standing next to me when i change clothes... is there a way to eliminate this problem?
  14. VirusLIVED

    Changing uniform

    Thanks for the help, here is what I am using for the uniform change execution: _null = [this,"FR_Assault_GL",["empty"]] execVM "f2f\uniform\uniformExe.sqf"; Does the array format look correct? I am noticing when the unit changes clothes, the original unit is standing right next to me after the swap. Is there something I am doing wrong?