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  1. Hey man. It is not a problem with the os, I found out that you need an arma2 launcher. Make sure that you start @jaylib then @cba then @acre. This fixed all of my problems
  2. Thanks alot for the fast reply. I am getting a warning informing me that I am not connected to teamspeak. Thanks for the info about the app scanner much appreciated
  3. I have installed acre at least 10 times, i have the latest version of teamspeak as well as acre. for whatever reason inside of teamspeak under applications acre flickers on and off. I cannot get it to stay on nor can i even get any of the radios in-game to work. i have tried even in single player. when i hit shift+ctrl+v i get a gray window displaying 3 options on the right and a shaded out left side. as far as teamspeak goes, i have enabled/disabled the plug-in several times but this has not fixed any problems. i have tried the auto-installer as well as manual install but neither has had any progress. could it be an os issue? i read earlier in the posts that 7 machines had some difficulty but is that supposed to be like that? I'm running windows 7 H.P any ideas?