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  1. I've been trying to make a quick sqf for the last waypoint of your old Convoy script, where all the drivers & commanders get out (& stay out) leaving the gunners still in their gunners position, & one that will work for coop on a Dedicated server.


    Any chance of some advice?


    Other than the obvious  😉


  2. @.kju - I'm also amazed by what you and your team have achieved with the IF conversion since way back in those early days many moons ago. This mod makes it so tempting to dip my toe back into the ArmAverse. Keep up your fantastic work, norrin 🙂
  3. norrin

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Version 4.0 is out and in my opinion the graphics and immersion have come on in leaps and bounds, plus all of the crew stations on my old favourite the M60a3 are now accurately modelled. If I could just get an M60a1 RISE with Passive armour I'll be in tank heaven. Something about Steel Beasts Pro, be it the UI or the new top down view in version 4.0, makes controlling small combined arms groups really intuitive and exciting - the new view almost adds an RTS aspect to the sim although with much higher functionality when it comes to on-the-fly waypoint behaviour and individual unit tactics. Its never going to better ArmA when it comes to infantry simulation but the improvements in this area of Steel Beasts over the last few years have been fairly staggering. Here's a pic I posted on the SB forum a couple of days ago showing off version 4.0, albeit with some help from Reshade v 2.0.
  4. Don't worry kju has been patiently negotiating with AWAR, Deep Silver and BI for many, many months now to allow this project to proceed and for that we are truly grateful. Thanks must also be given to all the other parties involved as well for allowing this to become reality.
  5. The convoy script is now compatible with the current developer build of ArmA3 (1.05111581). This was an easy one to fix - only one undefined variable I could find in the cam script and just needed to update the class names in the mission. See first post for download details. @Vegeance1 - hiya mate :) norrin
  6. I had a few moments this morning so fixed a few more undefined variables (including the one you mention) and made sure that the bandage action works, by the way dev build bug reports are fine. Note: bandaging is for stopping bleeding which is an option/feature of these scripts and does not heal damage so the unit you bandage will still be covered in blood. See first post for download details. @Foxhound - thanks for the mirror mate.
  7. Thanks for the bug reports, I'll update to the latest dev build on the weekend as I've noticed that there's been several hundred megs of updates since I updated a week or so ago and I'll see if I can track down the problems. @Phantom - glad to hear you've got the first problem sorted, I must admit due to my time constraints at the moment I didn't check whether the bandage code was working so I'll sort that out over the weekend or early next week. I'll also update the _medVclArray. In future can you please let me know what build and version you're using 'cause the nice people at BIS are making updates faster than I can change the code. @R.Flagg - Can you please make sure that there are no enemies near _Base_1 or that you have accidentally left the mobile spawn option enabled. If this isn't the problem maybe post your entire revive_init.sqf so I can check whether there are any conflicting entries as this was working fine in my tests or maybe pm me a link to your mission so I can track down the bug. Once this is sorted I'll start on the Chopper Taxi and the convoy scripts. Thanks again for your bug reports. Cheers, norrin
  8. Hopefully, I've fixed all the undefined variable errors and a few other bits and pieces to boot so the revive should be compatible with the ArmA3 release. See the first post for download details. Of course let me know if you run into any probs. norrin
  9. Hi guys, I've been away from the forums for some time. All the converted scripts were set-up for the alpha release. Since then there have been heaps of changes to the class names and new ways to define variables etc. that's why you are running into the problems described. I'm still away for the next week or so but once I'm back I'll update everything so that they work with the current release build. norrin
  10. The two errors may both be related but I'm not entirely sure. The first error is fairly simple to fix, just add a semi-colon at the end of the line that reads server execVM "revive_init.sqf" should read: server execVM "revive_init.sqf"; @ninjaFalcon - the scripts aren't designed to run on huge number of AI as the scripts need to run for each unit, therefore if there are a lot of AI running the scripts your computer may slow to a crawl. Having said that I seem to remember that some groups run missions with up to 32 players, maybe more, using these scripts.
  11. See first post for details Fixes version 0.5 * Drag and carry functions should now work and animate correctly on a dedicated server (Tested with one player on a dedicated server with team mates not local to player) * Fixed the call out function * Simplified the unconcious animation * Rationalised public variable eventhandlers @INVICTUS - there is a built in function in the scripts but I haven't tested it yet for ArmA3; however, this only allows a single custom load-out for all units following respawn. What would be better is to write your own loadout script for each of your classes and then use the NORRNCustomExec4 in the revive_init.sqf as described in the ReadMe.
  12. See first post for download link v0.43 Fixes * Definitely fixed the pvEH.sqf error on a dedicated server * Error in revive_player.sqf fixed - this was causing a multitude of error reports in the dedicated server log @Foxhound - sorry for the rapid update mate.
  13. See first post for details Version 0.42 Fixes * Hopefully fixed the server bug related to JIP and respawn following death identified by [KH]Jman. * Fix for group members rejoining leader's group following revive identified by Southpaw51.
  14. See first post for download details. Version 0.41 Fixes: * Multiple errors in the vcl_respawn.sqf * The carrying action should now work as it did in ArmA2. @[KH]Jman - thanks for your diligence mate, that'll learn me to not check all the functionality before releasing. :) Turns out there was quite a few errors in that bit of code. Also thanks for getting me up to speed on some of the new fangled commands introduced back in ArmA2. :o
  15. See the first post for download link. v0.4 Fixes - removed the remaining setVehicleInit and other obsolete commands - added a check to determine whether the player is onboard a vehicle at mission start as per Scorpiomidget's post. Note: Due to the difficulty of running multiple instances of ArmA3, short of buying a second copy (http://feedback.arma3.com/print_bug_page.php?bug_id=3288), I have no way of knowing if the changes work on a dedicated server, its not throwing up any errors I can see in local MP so fingers crossed. Our dear friends at BIS aren't making it easy for us scripters just at the mo.