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  1. Any chance of a fix for Dedicated servers? or how to make the existing fix "Global" ?
  2. Sadly the fix works if you host it your self, but on a Dedicated Server still have the same problem of the upside down body attached https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2346993071 I tried changing the line to setobjecttextureGlobal but that stopped it working completely 😞 Only solution at moment is to do the..... "null = [this,"Alsatian_Random_F",1,false] execVM "vScripts\vDog\vDogPatrol.sqf"; (will fix the bug)"....... again which looks OK but the AI dont react..... until the scripting genius's can find a solution 🙏
  3. Thanks Guys for looking it this! The dog would be grieving 😪 Happy new year.
  4. LSValmont Any chance of taking a look at the problem? Would really like to get this back to how it was before the last Bis ArmA 2.00 update please please.🙏
  5. Just discovered with "false" set not only will the AI not react to the dog, but in Coop Multplayer the dog wont attack enemy, just follows the dog handler around.....
  6. Turning to false will get rid of visual bug but, then AI will not react to the dog which is a pity. Just have to hope LSValmont will find a way to fix the bug.
  7. If the visible bug can be fixed & the "false" turned back to "true" AI should I think react, they did before.
  8. I hope LSValmont will take a look at the new bug, as the script had the dogs being able to be detected & shot by enemy AI by attaching an invisible unit, which now after update 2.0 can be seen! Any chance of taking a look at the problem sir?
  9. Hi do you know how to get an AI to turn on the new CUP searchlight? players can turn it on but the AI dont turn the light on.

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    2. Gunter Severloh

      Gunter Severloh

      Cupdate, lol i like that, its very fitting.

    3. Alwarren


      Hehe yeah we came up with that after repeated saying "CUP Update" on the discord 🙂

    4. jgaz-uk


      Hi I found a way to do it & with triggers also its


      this turretUnit [0] action ["SearchLightOn", this];       In the light init.


      And named instead of "this" works in a trigger, as it the alarm goes off the searchlight comes on Yay!


      light1 turretUnit [0] action ["SearchLightOn", light1];    in a trigger.

  10. YAY sorted it! I un pbo'd the example PatPgtips sent me & eventually found what as different & found a way to fix it. If you have the same problem, the visual bug, check the init script of each player or AI who has the dog script in the init, & change the true to false e.g. null = [this,"Alsatian_Random_F",1,false] execVM "vScripts\vDog\vDogPatrol.sqf"; (will fix the bug) If like me you see the bug then your dog handlers init script will read null = [this,"Alsatian_Random_F",1,true] execVM "vScripts\vDog\vDogPatrol.sqf"; just change the true to false & problem solved. The colour not needed, just used in this post. Dont know why the ArmA3 2.00 update caused this to happen? & not exactly sure what the true/false refers to?
  11. Same problem its not the dogs that are upside down, but some of us are seeing a "Survivor" AI unit stuck upside down in the dog & moving around with it. This only started after the last Bis A3 update to 2.0, was fine before??? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259581893 Tested the mission you sent me, running all the usual addons & that worked fine just like previously! Tried a different mission with the Dogs in (without the Horses Addon in it) right after testing yours & still the same problem? Weird or what? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2264093489 I'll un pbo your mission & try your scripting to see if that will fix it. Thanks for your time.
  12. Anyone know how to fix the problem? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259581893
  13. Senoj, That started this week with the ArmA 3 update to 2.0 previously it was working fine. I have used the dogs in half a doz missions this year with out a problem. hope it can be fixed.
  14. Yes GM was loaded, I'll try it without. Only get that error with the CUP C130 & Dakota C47 aircraft. Thanks for your answer..
  15. First, thanks for all your hard work! Dont know if its been mentioned, but all of the C130 Hercules aircraft give the "Hit point error" when used in a mission. dont suppose there is a way to fix this?