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  1. jgaz-uk

    co10 Escape

    Hi, we use your escape all the time on our Dedicated server, but this last week (since the last @CBA update) the Admin selections in Parameters is not being recognized or accepted by the mission, nothing cahnges at all! Any idea why that might be ?
  2. BUT: There always seems to be a But with A3! Dedicated server, scripting for injury now works, but getting a dog for every player who joins (dedicated) the server, so you can get one guard with 10 dogs! Anyone know a way to stop this? Since the last bis update " if (!isServer)" seems to be buggy or not work in scripting for coop & dedicated servers. Trying various changes, but so far its either damage working & a dog for every player, or it's 1 dog & no damage (on a Dedicated server that is)
  3. Think I've found a solution it worked once on our Dedicated (just one player so far) dog brought me to the ground, & second dog bite the need heal came up. 💃 Will let you know if it works with other players on the server.... Solution I tried was; changed the first line From; if (!isServer) exitWith {}; To; if (!isDedicated) then { enclosing all the remaining original "vDogPatrol" script as is putting the removed } in at the end of all the script. }
  4. Any further thoughts on the Dedicated server problem. The dog does all the right things, find, chase, bite, with the sounds, its just that the player is not injured? Not the first time things don't work on dedicated, which is a pain in the Arse!
  5. Ok will try & do that, think I've copied it all. ====================================================== Copied & replaced the script in the vDogPatrol.sqf with the above contents, and no Dog spawned in at all, either in the editor when testing, or on the server when I uploaded it.😧
  6. jgaz-uk

    MP missions on dedicated server

    OMG! how crap is that! if GM does not show up in that list (it has no @ in front) as an available Addon, then you are screwed, your Provider will have to do it. Not an advert but Fragnet gives us; https://www.dropbox.com/s/zco7xaxecm33dgr/Fragnet.jpg?dl=0
  7. jgaz-uk

    MP missions on dedicated server

    First you don't have to actually upload anything just "activate" it in a web interface. You said you DO run addons on your Dedicated server, so someone at sometime some how must have added/activated them to the server start up for you to use! So go through the same process that you did to be able to use your current addons & have the 2 letters gm activated. That will have all the new GM DLC missions showing automatically! for example @isladuala;gm;@Lingor3; etc, etc, just the 2 letters added in there is all it takes, as I said nothing to upload. If you are not running any addons (you did say previous you were) then fair enough your are out of options sorry m8 😧
  8. It was Patrol Dogs on the new GM DLC, using AI border guards. One AI guard with the Dog Patrol scripting, the dog found & injured player, me, when I tested it on my PC hosting, but on our Dedicated server the injury part did not seem to happen everything else did inc sounds. Will do some more testing.... =================================================================== Re tested & it does seem to be a Dedicated server problem. worked fine when hosted, was injured, required a heal. On the dedicated don't seem to be hurt/injured at all by the dog.
  9. Excellent work sir! love it thanks. been looking at this a while. One possible hitch, the damage to player by dog worked fine when hosting, but on a Dedicated server the dog attack & sound effects worked OK, but player did not get injured? may be a dedicated server problem.
  10. jgaz-uk

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Kasimir Activate gm exactly the same way you do any other mod, that has to work.
  11. jgaz-uk

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Kasimir Wow! no access to server start up? not good. Who edits the commandline/startup to include your addons? Ask them to add gm; for you. We rent a server from "https://fragnet.net/?page=gameservers" Admin (4 of us) has full access to edit mods, update steam, upload addons edit the inits pretty much everything. not too expensive we share the cost between about a dozen of us.
  12. jgaz-uk

    MP missions on dedicated server

    So you don't run any mods at all then? I would have thought all dedicated Servers have to have a commandline to start the game up?
  13. jgaz-uk

    MP missions on dedicated server

    YAY! simple solution Kasimir if the maps are showing on your dedicated server then simply add gm; to your command start line. if you are not running any other mods then add -mod=gm; and the missions to go with the Summer/winter maps should now show. 🕺
  14. jgaz-uk

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Anyone know where these missions are in the DLC? cant find them as yet.
  15. jgaz-uk

    Area 51 'Groom Lake'

    How to create keys;