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  1. jgaz-uk

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    Players should NOT have to mess with ReShadePreset preset, just to make thermals look more realistic!! Looks like Bis decided to just ignore their loyal customers, & for long enough, for them to just give up & forget about it. They might just move on to other games...... Bis please dont treat those " loyal customers" with contempt. At least give them the option to roll back thermals to the previous original version.
  2. jgaz-uk

    First time seting up server

    Q. Is there any way to get the overviewPicture to show on a dedicated server when selecting a mission, & yes it is set up in the description correctly, in a picture folder & is a .paa image. Always works if hosting on own PC, but on a Dedicated server always it says its missing. There must be a way as the vanilla missions that come with the DLC can do it?
  3. jgaz-uk

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    OK, but with all the other DLC compatibility mods like vn players who dont have the full version of that can still join the server via steam servers list,(obviously not play those missions) but can get on the server that way, but with the W S compatibility addon installed they can't join via steam Servers list. it might be a server problem? I put a ticket in for it.
  4. jgaz-uk

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    RE; the Western Sahara - Creator DLC Compatibility Data for None owners with that installed on a dedicated server player who dont own the full WS should be able to do the download Addons & join on the Steam Servers list, but even with that installed & running on the server they get A "Full version Required? message & cant proceed? All the other DLC none owners addons work but not the WS Yes I do have the full versions of all the DLCS. It's just new players these days think ArmA3 days are numbered, & dont want to invest in new DLC, even if its less that a couple of Beers!! Any idea why the WS compatibility mod wont work, & all the others do. Cant contact the mod maker no access to him.
  5. Not asking for anything new EO. just to turn the clock back 6 months so the thermal is just as it was before, fine.
  6. jgaz-uk

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    bring back the old thermal vision !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yes I did. still no change after last patch. :(
  8. Still no change! expect the Developers are just waiting for everyone to get fed up of complaining about their screw up. Why they just cant change it back I dont know? how hard would it Be?
  9. jgaz-uk

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    Thermal is just Black & white Night vision, not a patch on what it was, & what it is in real life, i dont want to revert back to the prior build legacy, as will not be able to join other servers that have not reverted. Why cant bis try listening to the outcry of players not liking the change & revert the update for us all??? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2860620749
  10. Whats with the so called improvement of the thermal update, its totally unrealistic now! cant under stand how that could be conceived as an upgrade? No one seems to like it, or understand why they would do that.

    1. Alwarren


      Don't ask me. I haven't actually seen it yet, so I can't really comment.

    2. jgaz-uk


      Others are commenting!


    3. Alwarren


      Ugh, well, I do not, as a rule, read Steam comments


  11. Whats with the Thermal update supposedly temperature related? this was taken in game A3 at 2am 6 Dec. Trees, grass & shrubs dont retain that amount of heat summer or winter do they?
  12. To get back on topic; Apparently the Thermal update was supposed to be ambient temperature related. this image was set to Dec6 2am is there some reason for this obvious thermal downgrade or are the developers too proud to admit they might have got it wrong?
  13. jgaz-uk

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    If they care about their loyal customers the should listen to them & change it back the what it was. Please do Bis. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2854993968 How on earth can you call this an improvement. whats going on here?
  14. jgaz-uk

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    After direct sunlight, rocks, concrete, & tarmac will retain heat for hours (unless it rains) Trees & bushes will retain very little heat & not for very long. & Steam might be hot, but fog/mist is obviously cold. Basically this update is a big retrograde step for thermal imaginary in ArmA3 & I wonder why they have done it? In the second picture (A3pic) down you can see glowing trees way off in the distance, the whole thing looks more like a negative of a daylight picture. Taking into account what you say mickey I set the game to 2am on the 6 of December & this is what you get; just as bad!
  15. I totally agree, the update to thermal has ruined it. I posted on here Myself. It has to be obvious to everyone, inc Bis, that the thermal update is NOT an improvement but just the opposite, the question is Why ruin it? There must be a reason behind it, which is what??? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/239862-update-23082022-thermal/