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  1. jgaz-uk

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    Basically it seems ArmA 3 thermals, are crap & will remain crap. which is a real shame on you Bis!
  2. Just tested your last beta fix on the DLC SOG maps & everything worked fine just how it should. Even after setting in the AIS_SETUP "heal only if players have firstaid" dropping the vanilla firstaid & using the SOG firstaid item. The only thing I noticed is; I still had the same number of them after healing several units. I can live with that 😉.
  3. Edited AIS_SETUP to AIS_MEDEVAC_STATIONS = []; So medivac heal only is disabled, that removed error messages I got as I didn't create a medivac object. And that last beta update fixed it YAY! Original problem with classname in the SOG DLC seems to be now fixed, as when tested it worked with vanilla firstaid & the SOG firstaid nice work sir! Many thanks Psychobastard.
  4. Created a new mission on one of the SOG maps using beta virsion files & now getting stabilise option, but after only get the drag option & nothing else. had a few error messages come up about AIS_Medivac stations, like Medivac_Blackfish, 10 ? Will try later your latest download.
  5. As it was only the S.O.G. Prairie Fire, where your revive wouldn't work (different firstaid class names) I tested your beta update using that. Did a quick test using an AI squad with DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire, did NOT get the usual "stabilise" option on injured units. not tried with other players yet.
  6. It is strange how from the very beginning of the ArmaA series for the PC there was perfectly realistic Thermal version, taken directly from the original IMS Military training software sold to US, GB, & Australian Armed forces. (VBS1) For Bis to remove it for the current crap version, I suspect is just for commercial reasons, such as making ArmA 3 available for the Xbox & other similar platforms. As it is certainly obvious to all veteran players the change is NOT an improvement. NO SENTIMENT IN BUSINESS 😟
  7. For a mission maker it takes about 30 seconds to open the mission.sqm in notepad, & do a simple find & replace all the vn medical items with the default ones (FirstAidKit. & Medikit) & save the changes.
  8. galzohar has it right. if you start & then cancel the missions & then select it again you will see the "overviewPicture", as it will (if there is one) have downloaded on first selection.. Bis bug for basic client created missions. Overview picture, jpg or paa doesn't matter, all the same problem The DLC missions I believe already have the Overview pictures on the servers so you will see those. There might be some complicated scripting solution, but I think as long as there is a loadscreen pic what does it matter?
  9. will try that OR vn_b_item_firstaidkit for U.S. Tks 1. Tried that, needle in a haystack! 2. Think it would be easier to edit the finished mission.sqm with Find all vn_b_item_firstaidkit for U.S and replace with FirstAidKit. same with Medikit Tried it & it works NP Recommend using solution 2 as the simplest option...
  10. Been using this for years love it, but it wont work with the DLC SOG first aid. if you change loadouts & crate contents (a real pain) to the vanilla yellow first aid it still works as per normal. Is there an update that works with A3 DLC's?
  11. Anyone know the vehicle classname for the SOG vehicles, the helicopters in particular. The Script for Rearm, Refuel, Repair, that has, & does work with Vanilla, & other mods, wont work with SOG, _vehType = getText(configFile>>"CfgVehicles">>typeOf _veh>>"DisplayName"); "helicopter" or "plane" using SOG helicopters or planes, are not recognized? Would adding VN_VIET in there somewhere work?
  12. Would love a Beta version just to try it out! Using the old "VALMONT's lightweight MP compatible Patrol Dogs Script for Arma 3.Version: 1.9" at the moment
  13. jgaz-uk

    co10 Escape

    Hi, used your co10 escapes for years on the HOC server, inc latest Version .10, & again also "still just as enjoyable" there's a BUT. This year the little bird that sometimes follows escapees around used to have just pilot & co pilot on board, but just recently it now has 6 AI, 3 each side snipers, MG, etc, & players cant move around at all out in the open without getting blasted! even with easy selected. Has anyone any idea what's changed? is it a RHS, CUP, or Bis update that's altered things?
  14. jgaz-uk

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    Players should NOT have to mess with ReShadePreset preset, just to make thermals look more realistic!! Looks like Bis decided to just ignore their loyal customers, & for long enough, for them to just give up & forget about it. They might just move on to other games...... Bis please dont treat those " loyal customers" with contempt. At least give them the option to roll back thermals to the previous original version.
  15. jgaz-uk

    First time seting up server

    Q. Is there any way to get the overviewPicture to show on a dedicated server when selecting a mission, & yes it is set up in the description correctly, in a picture folder & is a .paa image. Always works if hosting on own PC, but on a Dedicated server always it says its missing. There must be a way as the vanilla missions that come with the DLC can do it?