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  1. jgaz-uk

    GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    Ive just downloaded it again from your collection, I'll let you know. Re tested & this time NO errors showing this time Yay!. Thank you for your time & your addons! sorry to disturb ✈️
  2. jgaz-uk

    GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    In the test mission, now started getting a string error line 30 message. this is since recent CBA & big CUP update. something to do with markers?
  3. I'll try that. The thing is it seems to have started working again weird or what?
  4. Did you ever find a fix for this problem? works in Viewer but not out of it! they just flop down & then get up again, even the civilian. with either "playMove" or "switchMove" With further testing I found if you use both the "switchMove" & the "playMove" in that order it works! and on a dedicated server. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836697296
  5. does anyone know of a way to get a mission to automatically end (one that is using Psychorevive), when all players are injured & down, & there is no one uninjured left to be able to Stabilise/First aid . CONCACT update has Broken what previously worked.
  6. Yes from the init, also tried an "initServer" works with vanilla civilians, but not the CUP civs. tried using faction names, still nix. Looking to prevent players NOT PIDing targets & just blasting away from a distance in missions. WIP.
  7. I copied it directly from your "This should do the trick" previously Posted September 22, 2016 MyCivKillCounter = 0; addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled",{ params ["_killedUnit","_killer","_triggerMan"]; if (side _killedUnit isEqualTo civilian AND side _triggerMan isEqualTo west) then { MyCivKillCounter = MyCivKillCounter + 1; if (MyCivKillCounter >= 3) then {endMission "End4"}; }; }]; ====================================== I changed the scripting to the "side group _killedUnit" & with default civs it works fine. But using the civilian module spawning in CUP Takistani civilians. nothing happens, is it a name problem, or because they're spawned in by the Module?
  8. =========================== The scripting's not working anymore?; MyCivKillCounter = 0; addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled",{ params ["_killedUnit","_killer","_triggerMan"]; if (side _killedUnit isEqualTo civilian AND side _triggerMan isEqualTo west) then { MyCivKillCounter = MyCivKillCounter + 1; if (MyCivKillCounter >= 3) then {endMission "End4"}; }; }]; Seems to have stopped working? is there an 2019 update. Its not differentiating between civilian & any other faction, East, independent. CUP or vanilla. Seems once any unit is dead they're civilians & as soon as 3 (or whatever # set) enemy units have been killed mission also ends.
  9. Since "CONTACT" missions don't end when all units are down, as in all players need reviving. a trigger with this in {alive _x} count playableUnits == {captive _x} count playableUnits; always ended the mission when all players were down. but not any more?
  10. Got to say it all looks brilliant already! Please don't get hooked on perfection, like an artist who just cant finish his painting. People cant wait to try this, honest!!! 📣
  11. jgaz-uk

    [Request] Counter-arty script

    Did you ever manage to create a script to do this? I have been looking for one.
  12. jgaz-uk

    co10 Escape

    Hi, we use your escape all the time on our Dedicated server, but this last week (since the last @CBA update) the Admin selections in Parameters is not being recognized or accepted by the mission, nothing cahnges at all! Any idea why that might be ?
  13. BUT: There always seems to be a But with A3! Dedicated server, scripting for injury now works, but getting a dog for every player who joins (dedicated) the server, so you can get one guard with 10 dogs! Anyone know a way to stop this? Since the last bis update " if (!isServer)" seems to be buggy or not work in scripting for coop & dedicated servers. Trying various changes, but so far its either damage working & a dog for every player, or it's 1 dog & no damage (on a Dedicated server that is)
  14. Think I've found a solution it worked once on our Dedicated (just one player so far) dog brought me to the ground, & second dog bite the need heal came up. 💃 Will let you know if it works with other players on the server.... Solution I tried was; changed the first line From; if (!isServer) exitWith {}; To; if (!isDedicated) then { enclosing all the remaining original "vDogPatrol" script as is putting the removed } in at the end of all the script. }
  15. Any further thoughts on the Dedicated server problem. The dog does all the right things, find, chase, bite, with the sounds, its just that the player is not injured? Not the first time things don't work on dedicated, which is a pain in the Arse!