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  1. jgaz-uk

    Area 51 'Groom Lake'

    How to create keys;
  2. jgaz-uk

    Area 51 'Groom Lake'

    Any chance of a bikey for Area 51? cant use it on our Dedicated server without one. 😧
  3. jgaz-uk

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    If we run all our addons in the dedicated server command-line (we have been using them for all for 2 years or more) the server does not show up at all, so there is no error shown' & nothing in the rpt file All the keys are correct, addons are the latest from Steam, server updated every time. the players get subscribed addons updated by Steam automatically. The only solution we found after hours of searching & testing was to remove one of the 2 RHS addons (does not matter which one) from the dedicated server command line then the server shows & can be used, & as long as players are using both RHS addons even missions using the omitted RHS will still work, if just a bit lagger. which was a supprise!. Yes plenty of servers are working correctly but obviously a lot are not. As I and so many of others have said, its the 1.9 update that has caused all our problems. It seems everyone has different addons etc that are affected by the 1.9 update So why not simply scrap it & roll everyone back? why the reluctance for a simple fix????
  4. jgaz-uk

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Sadly one again for our Dedicated server today's (21/03/19) new hotfix didn't work, still the same problem. Please would you consider scraping the 1.9 completely, & simply put everyone back to 1.88 where every thing worked fine.
  5. jgaz-uk

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Sadly today's update re; Security has not made any difference at all to our dedicated server, still exactly the same problem, & having to use the same workaround as before. No information on the server report file as to why we cant see the server at all with all the addons loaded. Sorry but the bugfix didn't.
  6. jgaz-uk

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    News on a hot fix would be very welcome!
  7. jgaz-uk

    ASR AI 3

    Hi not sure how the 2 take cover distance settings work or what the second one means. what would you say would be the most realistic settings anyone know? first setting logical enough, but the second one not so sure.
  8. jgaz-uk

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Well lucky you Stanhope, there are numerous long time ArmA, A2 & A3 & ofp customers of Bis that cant use their dedicated servers as they could before update 1.9.
  9. jgaz-uk

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Ran the Steam update on our dedicated server today all files just "Verified" nothing new? Then tested server with all addons running, & same problem the server not showing. So back to the workaround, remove one of the RHS addons ( @RHSUSAF) from the commandline & the server is showing & playing again. Weird thing is as long as clients are running all the RHS addons then missions using units from @RHSUSAF still work !?! I have to say JasonTheRed is spot on with his post ,you really screwed things up for so many of your loyal customers with 1.90 & you need to unscrew it, just put thing back the way they were for us with another update, job done......
  10. jgaz-uk

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Tried all the suggestions in spotrep 00085 & no luck, don't see how or where you can rollback to version 188? Its not something we are familiar with, only ever run stable version A3
  11. jgaz-uk

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    ====================== Client A3 game is updated by Steam automatically & on a dedicated server you have to shut down & then run the Steam update. Quote "These options are already available" Please please tell us how to roll back the Server & the game to previous version!
  12. jgaz-uk

    Bushlurker's Carraigdubh Terrain

    We loved this map on A2 tried the ported version on our Dedicated server but as piptpipt says it keeps crashing players. Also when trying to make missions in the editor for it you get a lot of things not working. Sadly the original map maker is no longer with us.
  13. A simple yourvehiclename setFuel 0 in the trigger init, will work along with yourvehiclename in thislist in the trigger condition. activation whatever force vehicle is, or anybody not present trigger size 0. Also useful if you don't want a vehicle or aircraft to move until something else happens (eg, as in escorting attack helicopters with an extract helicopter, they hover in formation all the time) Thevehiclename setFuel 0 in the vehicle init & then Thevehiclename setFuel 1 in a trigger, waypoint or script.
  14. Simple basic solution to get rid of the Alpha1-1 & have squad name is; Put in players init (all playable is best) eg; Raven=group this;group this setgroupId ["Raven"] then in the trigger init for a message (leader Raven) sideChat "Whatever your message is here.";So instead of Alpha-1-1 stuff you should get Raven & then the message. If you say put in the init of the AI pilot that you have scripted for a pick up Taxi=group this;group this setgroupId ["Taxi"]; then a radio message scripted in a waypoint init say (leader Taxi) sidechat "HAVE YOU IN SIGHT STAND BY TO BOARD"; should say Taxi then the "Have you in sight" etc message. If you want sound try using the Waypoint effects sounds with the trigger, RHS have English & Russian radio voices. Tested on Dedicated & it works.